Microsoft is getting really good at giving us clues as to the future of Windows Mobile through its job listings. That's how we first learned of Windows Marketplace for Mobile. That's how we first learned of plans to finally fix over-the-air updates. That's where we learned of some mobile plans for Halo. And now, a biggie.

One of the worst-kept secrets in the mobile world is that Zune software is likely to play a big part in Windows Mobile 7. And a new job listing for a software developement engineer confirms this.

Responsibilities - Deliver core platform technology to internal and external partners. Effectively design, schedule, build and deliver on a v1 product and existing products. Collaborate with partners such as Outlook Mobile, Database, Zune, Shell, and OS. Deliver detailed specifications for the technical architecture of the system. Help mentor other members on the Dev team.

This looks like a job that will involve tying the room together, much like a nice area rug. Full job listing's after the break, but it's summed up here:

The Communications Foundations team is the engine room that powers these social experiences - the team builds the connectors and Unified Storage models that power all the social & communications experiences for WM7.

Via I Started Something