In a continuing effort to revamp and modernize the Zune Marketplace in anticipation of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft will now allow you to purchase songs with just a credit card. This is evidently the follow up to this story we did a few months ago, talking about the Xbox. This is especially useful when searching for an artist or song via Bing, where you can now be taken to the Zune Store to buy the song directly, similar to or iTunes.

While this sounds extremely obvious, up until now you had to buy into the "points" system of Microsoft, which like Xbox, would allow you to transfer those for songs. Yes, it is overly complex and at times leaves you with a useless 'balance' of points, requiring you to purchase more points in bulk.

Of course Zune Pass users won't notice any changes but for the soon to be throngs of users who are new to the Marketplace, it will be a big step. Yahoo News also notes these interesting figures in terms of marketshare: Zune is at 2.6 percent to iTunes’ 69.1 percent and AmazonMP3’s 7.6 percent.. Got a long way to go baby.

Anyone else really dig the ad-free lyrics service in Bing provided by LyricFind? We would still love to see this implemented directly on Windows Phone 7 and Zune HD.