So Zune Marketplace only works with the Zune - not Windows Mobile - despite that fact that both the Zune and Windows Mobile share the same underpinnings. With any luck, though, that may change in November. In November, Microsoft is going to make approximately 1 million of their 3 million song catalog DRM-Free.

It's still unknown whether or not Microsoft is going to change their policy regarding the strange and obscure incompatiblity between Plays For Sure and Zune's PlayReady (my guess: not likely). But we might have another non-subscription option for buying music for our Windows Mobile besides what's available on iTunes or the new Amazon Music Store. In this writer's humble opinion, Amazon is your best bet right now -- let's see if that changes in November.

Here's the bit from the press release, though I suspect nobody is really feeling any real "shockwaves" just yet:

Sending shockwaves through the industry and the crowd of the Digital Music Conference in Los Angeles today, Microsoft became the latest and largest music retailer to offer DRM-free digital music. Today’s announcement comes less than two weeks after launched its own DRM-free digital music store. The Microsoft Music Store will offer consumers more than one million DRM-free songs.

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