We've been wondering for a long time whether Microsoft would end the Zune Player line of devices sometime in the future, and finally it looks like that future has come. The company has made two small changes on the Zune.net website today to reflect what looks like the immediate removal of the Zune Player from their sales channels. No longer is there a mention of the Zune Player on the homepage, and even if you try digging to find the device for sale, you'll see that it is out of stock and not available to be purchased.

This isn't the end of the Zune software or service, by any means, but it certainly does show the shift in focus for Microsoft's mobile division. Zune will continue to live on in the desktop environment, Xbox and on your WP7 devices, but if you were looking to buy a Zune Media Player any time soon, you might want to start looking elsewhere. You were good to us for what you were, Zune Player, but it's time we move on to bigger and better things.

Update: Michael Yaeger, who works on the Zune team has noted that this was a mistake: "Zune HD product page is still on Zune.net - publishing mishap when we pushed out the CA work."

Source: Zune.net; Via: Neowin.net; Thanks, Cori, for the tip!