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Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne, HERE Maps and 6tag for Windows Phone receive minor updates

Three popular apps in the Windows Phone Store have each received small updates. Gameloft's free-to-play racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne has a new version to download, as does HERE Maps and the third-party Instagram app 6tag. Asphalt 8: Airborne's new version number is and it only lists...

6tag for Windows Phone updated with Instagram's Direct messaging improvements

While the official Instagram app for Windows Phone might have been recently updated, the client of choice for users of the platform remains Rudy Huyn's 6tag. The app has been updated to version 5.7, which adds a beta of Instagram's recently launched improvements for its Direct messaging feature...

Some users of Instagram BETA for Windows Phone cannot refresh feeds

If you are still using the Instagram BETA app for Windows Phone that has not been updated since March 2014, you might be experiencing an issue where the app is not refreshing your feeds. A number of users of the app have sent in reports on this activity to Windows Central over the past few days,...

6tag update adds support for Instagram's new portrait and landscape image formats [Update]

Update: There's yet another new version of 6tag in the store, with the version number It fixes the bug that was causing the app to crash when users were encoding a video during the app update. Original story: Earlier this week, Intstagram announced that it was updating its iOS and...
Instagram Image Preview

How to automatically post your Instagram photos as Twitter photos

I love sharing photos on Instagram, and 300 million other users feel the same, but I don't like the fact that my Twitter followers can't preview the images directly from my timeline. They need to click the Instagram link to view the photo. It used to work a couple of years ago, but Instagram has...

Grids is a beautiful, but limited, Instagram app for Windows

If Instagram on the Web isn't your cup of tea, you might want to check this new app for Windows – Grids. Grids is a Windows app for Instagram – It's not a modern app, but a desktop app, which is an odd choice since more and more Windows developers are moving to Universal apps these days. Grids...
6tag 5.0 for Windows Phone released with video uploads, new filters and more

6tag 5.0 for Windows Phone released with video uploads, new filters and more

It's been well over a year since Instagram updated its official Windows Phone app, but thank goodness we have developer Rudy Huyn on the job with his impressive third-party app 6tag. Today, he updated it to version 5.0 with a bunch of new features and improvements, including a way to upload...
6tag non square

How to upload a non-square photo to Instagram with Windows Phone

Sometimes the best Instagram photo isn't square. However, the popular photo-sharing service forces users to upload images in square aspect ratio. There are workarounds, and we'll show you the best way to do it on your Windows Phone. We'll use the popular third-party Instagram app, 6tag. Follow...
Video Upload to Instagram on Windows Phone

Windows Phone users can now upload videos to Instagram with this new app (Update)

Free code for the first 200 posted below! Although 6tag is the de facto Instagram app for those using Windows Phone due to its advanced and unique features, one thing it cannot do is upload pre-recorded video. Instead, users need to open the app and record directly. This limitation is...
How to back up all of your Instagram photos automagically using IFTTT and OneDrive

How to back up all of your Instagram photos automagically using IFTTT and OneDrive

The first video in a series of "60 Second Productivity Hacks, Tips and Insights on How to Get more Out of Our Everyday Technology Tools and Platforms" appeared today on the official Microsoft Lumia youtube channel. The series of BrainCandy videos is being produced in partnership between...

Instagram launches new app for iPhone else after a year of abandonment on Windows Phone

Today owners of the iPhone, had something new from Instagram. Layout is the popular photo sharing service's take on the collage, allowing you to group together a bunch of your favorite images and share them with your friends and the wider world on your favorite sharing service. And it came a day...

We go hands-on with the cool new features on 6tag 4.0

The official Instagram app for Windows Phone hasn't seen an update since March last year. It's still lacking features offered by the official apps on iOS and Android. The good news is that 6tag, a popular third-party Instagram app for Windows Phone, continues to add new features that are absent...