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The Windows Central team

Zac Bowden, senior editor

Source: Windows Central

Zac joined the Windows Central team in 2016, and his primary objective is to bring you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, and more. He started out writing about leaked Windows 8 builds back in 2011, which eventually led into creating a popular "build walkthrough" video series on YouTube that deep dived into upcoming features Microsoft had yet to announce.

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He's also an avid collector of rare devices, as well as unreleased or canceled prototype devices from Microsoft. He's one of few people in the world who owns a Surface table in his home, uses a Surface Mini for note-taking, and at one point even used a Lumia McLaren and Microsoft Band 3 as his daily phone and smartwatch.

Matt Brown, staff writer

Source: Windows Central

Matt kicked off his time at Mobile Nations in 2016, furthering scaling Windows Central's coverage across Xbox One and Windows PCs. He's devoted to written features, how-tos, and other gaming coverage, diving deeper into Microsoft's Xbox platform, alongside its accompanying software and accessories. And from a background of art and graphic design, Matt finds the creative side of any project.

While away from writing, Matt catches up on the latest game releases, or explores the creative side of art and music. U.K. born and bred and naturally a tea enthusiast, he now resides in London.

Jez Corden, Xbox editor

Source: Windows Central

Jez joined Windows Central in 2015 as we sought to further expand our Xbox offering. A keen Lumia and Surface user, Jez discovered the benefits of the Microsoft ecosystem via Xbox, which has gradually moved into convergence under the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform.

When Jez isn't writing about games, he's most likely playing them on Xbox. His favorite Xbox franchises include Mass Effect, The Witcher, Warcraft, Resident Evil, Battlefield, and Deus Ex, with a side order of Overwatch. Say hi to Jez on Xbox Live: Jez.

Richard Devine, reviews editor

Source: Windows Central

Richard first joined Mobile Nations back in 2011, responding to a Twitter ad from Android Central looking for another Brit to add to the ranks. Having worked across all Mobile Nations properties at some point in the years since, he's found a home on Windows Central getting into all kinds of hardware and gaming.

Richard hails from the one true Lincoln (no, not Nebraska), and never really moved away. Away from the day job, he enjoys yelling at total strangers on Xbox Live, flying drones and will one day find enough money to go racing again.

Rich Edmonds, staff reviewer

Source: Windows Central

Rich first started out at Mobile Nations in 2010 after effectively seducing Executive Editor Dan Rubino via email. Growing alongside Windows Central as the website eventually became what it is today, Rich now creates content covering all things PC — be it games, hardware, water cooling or software.

Prior to joining the MoNa squad, Rich was at an SEO Agency based out of London. There he was tasked with tinkering around on office PCs and servers, visiting data centers to check on company hardware hooked up to the online world, and ensuring consultants had adequate access to data before checking in with clients.

Growing up in a military household, Rich moved around the world in the early stages of his life, but now travels far and wide in games and online. After building his first PC when he was 13, he continues to evolve his skills in the hope that cyborgs eventually become reality.

Sean Endicott, news writer

Oculus Quest closeupSource: Windows Central

Sean started contributing to Windows Central in 2017 and became an official part of the team after just a few months. Today he focuses on all things news in the world of Microsoft. If it runs Windows 10, is made by Microsoft, or affects our audience, he's on it, along with the rest of the news team. Sean also leads our Oculus Quest coverage and reviews Windows 10 apps. When he's not covering news or writing about the latest tech, Sean is an avid American football fan. He coaches a team in Nottingham, England and even uses Microsoft Teams to share his playbook and study game film.

Mauro Huculak, contributing how-to writer

Source: Windows Central

Mauro's primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He's been writing for Windows Central since 2015. He has an IT background, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

When Mauro isn't typing a new tutorial, he's always trying to learn something new so he can share it with YOU.

Cale Hunt, staff writer

Source: Windows Central

Cale joined Windows Central in 2016 to help with how-tos, reviews, and general coverage surrounding laptops, tablets, pre-built PCs, and accessories. Since then, hardware has been piling up behind him, and there's no shortage of exciting new tech to test out and pull apart.

When not writing, Cale enjoys tinkering with his PC (and, of course, gaming), reading, playing guitar, and drinking coffee. Some of those hobbies carry over when it's not winter, but not all. For those sweet three months of Canadian summer, it's all about music festivals, cottages, and patios.

Asher Madan, contributing gaming news writer

Source: Windows Central

Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing. He resides in Washington, D.C.

Daniel Rubino, executive editor

Source: Windows Central

Daniel Rubino has been writing about Microsoft since 2007, back when the site first launched under the banner of WMExperts. In 2010, he took over duties as Editor-in-Chief. His responsibilities include managing the staff, directing content, YouTube personality, head-reviewer, editorial, and podcast co-host.

Prior to working on Windows Central, Daniel was a polysomnographer at Weill-Cornell Medical College and NY Presbyrtiaran in New York City, a movie theater projectionist for 17 years, Emergency Medical Technician in Connecticut, and was studying for a Ph.D. in linguistics in the neurology of language. He has studied at Sienna College, University of Connecticut, Boston University, and the CUNY Graduate Center with degrees in Political Science and Linguistics.

After living in Long Island, New York for 13 years, Daniel currently resides in Worcester, Mass.

Al Sacco, managing editor

Source: Windows Central

Al Sacco manages the writing and editing teams and all editorial operations for Windows Central, making sure the content train runs consistently and on time, and always ensuring high-quality standards. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Al covered enterprise IT and mobile technologies for IDG, CIO Magazine, and CIO.com, working his way up from editorial assistant to managing editor over 13 years with the company. He is passionate about reading and writing, eating and drinking (coffee and Belgian lambic), and the Red Sox. He resides in Boston.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster, news editor

Source: Windows Central

Dan joined the Mobile Nations family in 2014 as part of the newsroom team, covering all the things fit to print about Google, Microsoft, and Apple. In 2016, Dan took on the lead news role for Windows Central and has been blogging solely about Windows, Xbox, and the broader Microsoft ecosystem since.

Before joining Mobile Nations and Windows Central, Dan cut his writing teeth at Illinois State University. He graduated in 2013 with his bachelor's degree in English Studies and a keen interest in linguistics, rhetoric, and overanalyzing the minutiae of every novel he's ever read.

Dan grew up in a small central Illinois town and was hooked on tech at an early age after getting his first taste of computing from an old Windows 3.1 machine. Dan currently resides in eastern Iowa but hopes to get out of the Midwest one of these days.

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