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Daniel Rubino, Editor-in-Chief

Daniel Rubino has been writing about Microsoft since 2007, back when the site first launched under the banner of WMExperts. In 2010, he took over duties as Editor-in-Chief. His responsibilities include running the site daily, managing the staff, directing content and overseeing its expansion to all things Windows.

Prior to working on Windows Central, Daniel was a polysomnographer at Weill-Cornell Medical College and NY Presbyrtiaran in New York City, a movie theater projectionist for 17 years, Emergency Medical Technician in Connecticut, and was studying for a Ph.D. in linguistics in the neurology of language. He has studied at Sienna College, University of Connecticut, Boston University, and the CUNY Graduate Center with degrees in Political Science and Linguistics.

After living in Long Island, New York for 13 years, Daniel currently resides in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Derek Kessler, Managing Editor

Derek Kessler is Managing Editor for Windows Central, making sure the content train runs consistently and on-time. Previously, Derek ran webOS Nation (formerly PreCentral.net). He also contributes towards numerous special projects across Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Central.

When not juggling a dozen phones Derek is a Staff Sergeant in the Ohio Army National Guard, design nerd, armchair pundit, professional ranter, smither of words, and Star Trek fan-fic author.

Mark Guim, Video Editor

Mark has been writing about phones since 2006. He used to write and make videos at The Nokia Blog, but when Nokia went to Microsoft, Mark went to Windows Central.

When Mark's not writing or making videos about phones or laptops, he likes to play basketball and soccer. He also has a dog named Google. Don't ask.

Jez Corden, Xbox Editor

Jez joined Windows Central in 2015 as we sought to further expand our Xbox offering. A keen Lumia and Surface user, Jez discovered the benefits of the Microsoft ecosystem via Xbox, which has gradually moved into convergence under the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform.

When Jez isn't writing about games, he's most likely playing them on Xbox. His favorite Xbox franchises include Mass Effect, The Witcher, Battlefield and Deus Ex, with a side order of Overwatch. Say hi to Jez on Xbox Live: Jezorz.

George Ponder, Reviews Editor

George joined Windows Central in 2007, back when it was still called WMExperts. He's been around mobile gadgets since the days of Windows CE devices and still has his first Casio Cassiopeia with dial-up modem. As Reviews Editor, George is responsible for finding and covering the best of the best of Windows apps and games.

Based out of Alabama, when George is not testing out the latest and greatest from Microsoft, he works as a supervisor at the local Sheriff's Office. In his spare time, George is an avid photographer and believes you can never have too many cameras, lenses, or apps.

Mobile Nations

Windows Central is part of Mobile Nations, which also includes the Android Central, CrackBerry, and iMore communities. As of December 2015, Mobile Nations has over 40 million monthly readers and growing.

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