Acer, who entered the smartphone market this year, has launched ten phones so far: nine for Windows Mobile and one for Android (that would be the Liquid). Not too bad.

However, in 2010 Acer is looking to "balance" their offering, meaning more Android and less for WinMo (they will continue to offer between 8-10 devices).

No doubt, as the article points out, Android has a lot of momentum going behind it right now (cough, marketing, cough), so we can't really blame Acer for scaling back and going where the money is flowing.

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Still, Acer is taking a nice, measured approach to the business and not biting off more than can chew.  Windows Mobile doesn't so much need more devices as a few really good ones--so we'd rather see a company like Acer concentrate on that latter part.

Plus lets not kid ourselves, while WM6.5 is a decent upgrade, it's really the calm before the storm that is Windows Mobile 7 late in 2010.

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