Best Windows 10 apps on sale Windows Central 2020

While many great apps are free or only cost a few dollars, some more powerful apps can quickly creep up in price. Thankfully, the Microsoft Store features frequent sales so that you can get these apps on the cheap. This week you can get Penbook for 50 percent off and grab a deal on a couple of great apps for customizing your taskbar.

A new Start: StartButton

Staff favorite

Start Button makes it simple to replace the default Start Menu button. You can choose from a selection of included icons or upload your own. It's half price at just under $1.

$1 at Microsoft

Adding transparency: Transparent Taskbar

This app allows you to make your Windows taskbar transparent, blurred, or any shade of transparency from a set color. It's a great way to extend the Fluent Design of Windows 10 to the taskbar. It's half price at just over $1.

$2 at Microsoft

Taking notes: Penbook

Penbook supports a variety of digital paper, including graph paper and notebook paper. You can use it to sketch, take notes, or calculate math equations. It also can be used to import PDFs that you can then mark up and draw on. It's a great tool for keeping a variety of content organized. It's normally $20 but is currently on sale for $10.

$10 at Microsoft

Keeping memories: Diarium

Diarium is one of the best diary applications on Windows 10. In it, you can attach recordings, locations, drawings, and more to enrich your digital diary. It also syncs across devices with iOS and Android. It's normally $20 but is on sale for around $6.

$6 at Microsoft

Enjoying media: Scorpio Player

This media player supports a long list of file formats and has an impressive feature list. You can control your content using touch, gestures, your phone, keyboard shortcuts, and the Xbox One media remote depending on the device you're using. It even supports advanced subtitle features including bilingual subtitles and the ability to copy and paste subtitles. It's usually $15 but is on sale for $3.

$3 at Microsoft

The Microsoft Store has at least a few good apps on sale just about every week. Penbook is a nice app for note taking that's currently half price. StartButton and Transparent Taskbar are both great tools for customizing your taskbar and are around $1 each, so you really can't go wrong.

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