While many great apps are free or only cost a few dollars, some more powerful apps can quickly creep up in price. Thankfully, the Microsoft Store features frequent sales, so you can get these apps on the cheap. This week you can save big on a professional DJ app, a modern file explorer, and more.

Simple creation


Spirality is a creative app aimed more at relaxing and making simple art than intensive tasks. You can use mirror effects and its pen support to make doodles that you can color in. It's usually $4.99 but is on sale for free until March 15.

Free at Microsoft

Disc scratching

dJay Pro

This application has all the tools required for a professional DJ. It integrates with Spotify, can handle up to four deck mixing, can automix music, and has advanced DJ tools like scrubbing, slip mode, and beat grid editing. The Windows 10 version also works with touch, keyboard shortcuts, and the Surface Dial. It's normally $50 but is on sale for $35 until March 17.

$35 at Microsoft

File managing

Files&Folder Pro

This modern file explorer allows you to access and organize your files and folders using either touch or a mouse and keyboard. It integrates with clouds including OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can also use the app to edit documents or view media without jumping into another app. It's on sale for $2 until March 16. It usually retails for $10.

$2 at Microsoft

Idea mapping


FreshDiagram allows you to map out your ideas using a flowchart. You can use a pen or touch to draw out your notes and thoughts. It has a familiar layout to those who have used Microsoft Office and supports different shapes and layouts to let you organize things in a way that works for you. It's $5 until March 30 which is half price.

$5 at Microsoft

Document marking

Scrble Ink

Scrble Ink allows you to import PDFs or images to mark up with a digital pen or touch. You can also take basic notes, create basic shapes, and use tools such as protractors to create notes. It's on sale for $7 until March 15 compared to its normal price of $17.

$7 at Microsoft

Video editing

PowerDirector 17

PowerDirector 17 is a versatile video editor that supports multi-layered editing and more basic videos such as slideshows. It has a range of features that will cover both basic and advanced video creation. It also has built-in support for action cameras and 360 videos. It's on sale for $49 until March 15, down from the usual price of $70.

$49 at Microsoft

The Microsoft Store has at least a few good apps on sale just about every week. dJay Pro is a powerful app for professional djays. It brings the features from its popular iOS sibling and adds Windows 10 integrations. Spirality is also worth trying out because it's free compared to its normal price of $5. You can try it out for free and have it forever.

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