Best Windows 10 apps of January 2018

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In January, I reviewed some great apps from the Microsoft Store, including a new arrival, an app that received a major update, and some familiar favorites. Here are my picks for the best apps I looked at in January 2018.

Two great Feedly clients

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This month I looked at two solid Feedly clients from the Microsoft Store. Both have well-designed interfaces and provide reasons to use an app over Feedly on the web.

First up is iNi Reader, which looks a bit like Microsoft's MSN News app mixed with a Feedly client. Its best attribute is that it does all the little things well. It syncs across devices, has a customizable interface, and is inexpensive. There is a free version but the full-featured version only costs $1.99.

Take your Feedly articles anywhere with FeedLab for Windows 10

Next is Feedlab, which received a major update recently. With that update came an extremely useful offline mode for when you don't have access to the web. It also has a customizable interface and fits in well on Windows 10 devices. The pricing is a bit trickier for Feedlab, as there are multiple options to unlock different things within the app. These options range from $1.49 to $4.99, but you don't have to pay for the highest option to unlock all of its features.

iNi Reader for Windows 10 is the Feedly client after the news junky's heart

Both of these Feedly clients are very good, and deciding which is better is a matter of preference and what you need from your news reader.

Mixer Go

While Microsoft purchased Mixer (then Beam), there still isn't an official app for the service on Windows 10. Luckily, Mixer Go fills in the gap with a native-feeling design and a great set of features. You can browse your favorite content, watch live streams, comment in real time, and do many of things you need to while watching your favorite streams.

Mixer Go has some issues when it comes to quickly jumping between different streams but performs much better if you tune into your favorite stream, like Windows Central's own channel, and just relax and enjoy the show.

Mixer Go is a magnificent Mixer client for Windows 10

From a design perspective, Mixer Go is extremely impressive. If you didn't know that it was a third-party app, you might confuse it for an app made by Mixer itself.

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Screenbits provides an easy way to record your screen. It has customizable shortcuts and a minimalist design. It is an app built for doing one task, and it does that very well. When you're recording your screen you can add voiceover and set your mouse to highlight where your cursor is pointing.

The app is available for $8.99 on Windows 10, and in our testing it was extremely easy to use and created quality recordings.

Screenbits is an easy way to record your screen in Windows 10

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Fitbit Coach

Fitbit has a good history of supporting Windows 10, and that continued this month with the release of Fitbit Coach on the Xbox One, Windows 10, HoloLens, and Windows 10 Mobile. The app is built to help you improve your fitness through a large set of guided workouts. The app looks good on Xbox One and Windows 10 and can add motivation and a plan to a workout regime.

In my time with the app I was very impressed with how well it laid out the workouts and that there were so many to choose from. If you've already invested in the Fitbit ecosystem, and especially if you already have a premium account, Fitbit Coach is an app you have to try.

A fat guy's review of Fitbit Coach for Windows 10

The app itself is free, but the free version is limited. To unlock a full set of guided workouts you'll need a premium subscription that costs $39.99 per year. It's important to point out that the app works very well even if you don't have a Fitbit device. Some features, such as your heartbeat appearing on the screen while working out on the Xbox One, require a Fitbit device, but the guided workouts could easily be done in your living room or gym.

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Your thoughts ... ?

What were your favorite apps that we looked at this month and what are the apps you're enjoying using the most right now? Let us know in the comments.

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