This customer service training will teach you how to create the happiest customers in the world

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If you're running a business, you should have the understanding that your consumers don't just want to purchase something — they want more. Instead of merely buying an item or availing your service, they want a stellar customer experience that comes with their purchase. Customer experience (CX) should be at the heart of what you do. In addition to delivering a great product, you should also make sure that the experience you're offering delights your consumers, leading to a long-lasting relationship with them.

In case you're just starting out, you may not too adept at improving your CX just yet, which is why the Online Training & Certification: Customer Experience 101 (opens in new tab) exists to help you create the happiest buyers in the world.

Entrepreneurs who are new to the concept of CX will get their much-needed primer with this expert-led course. Taught by Jaakko Männistö, a startup entrepreneur, founder, and award-winning customer experience professional at a top-rated app, this class will equip you with the skills to know and serve your customers better. You'll have a deeper understanding as to why CX is so important to business and learn everything there is to know about creating the happiest customers that would keep coming back for more.

While the course starts with teaching you the fundamental customer experience theories at first, it will quickly transition into filling you in on the basics of building a winning customer experience strategy, so you know get to grips with everything from planning to implementation. Plus, you'll also learn how to create and manage CX programs, measure CX success, and get hands-on lab lectures where you'll get the chance to build surveys and map out customer journeys. At the end of it all, you'll receive a certification in CX, which proves that you're ready to instill delight in customers.

Usually retailing for $599, you can gain access to the Online Training & Certification: Customer Experience 101 for only $59 (opens in new tab) — 90 percent off the usual cost of $599.

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