UC 235

UFC 235 is this Saturday, March 2. Second-ranked Jon Jones is back, taking on No. 3 Anthony Smith in the main event. Both fighters are coming off wins. Both weigh 205 pounds. Both stand 6-foot-4. Jones is favored to win — but that's why we have these fights, right? Anything can (and often will) happen.

The question, then, is how are you going to watch UFC 235 if you don't have cable. This one's on pay-per-view, with the early prelims starting at 6:30 p.m. Eastern. The full prelim slate kicks off at 8 p.m., with the main event at 10 p.m.

And even if you're no longer overpaying your cable company for the pleasure of being able to pay extra for PPV events, you can still watch Jones and Smith this Saturday through three of the most popular streaming services.

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More important? These services work on nearly any device you have at home. Amazon Fire TV. Apple TV. Roku. Android TV. Your Android phone. Your iPhone or iPad. Your Xbox.

If you don't have cable or satellite and watch to watch Jon Jones and Anthony Smith in UFC 235, you absolutely can still do it. Here's how.

Watch UFC 235 on Amazon Prime Video Channels

You know Amazon Prime Video — it's all that free stuff you get alongside your Amazon Prime membership. And it's great. But there's also Amazon Prime Video Channels. That's the subscription end of things — and it includes pay-per-view events.

So you'll watch through your Amazon Prime Video app, and pay through your Amazon account.

Order UFC 235 on Amazon Prime Video Channels

Watch UFC 235 on Sling TV

Sling is still the most popular streaming TV service, and this is another reason why. You're able to order UFC 235 right from your Sling app.

And that could give you another reason to give Sling a shot if you haven't already. Enjoy the free seven-day trial over the weekend, pony up for the fight, and see how things go from there. It's a win-win situation, basically.

Order UFC 235 on Sling TV

Watch UFC 235 on ESPN+

ESPN+ has quickly become one of my favorite streaming services. It's maybe not for everyone — if you don't care about sports, then there's no reason to sign up for it, right? — but it's also inexpensive at just $5 a month. And you get all kinds of stuff that there simply isn't time or room for on traditional television.

Soccer. Boxing. MMA. Cricket. Baseball. Basketball. Football. Every other sport that's televised probably will show up on ESPN+ at some point. Plus they've got a bunch of original content you can find anywhere else.

And this Saturday you can use ESPN+ to watch Jones and Smith do their thing.

In addition to the fight on pay-per-view, ESPN+ will feature the exclusive UFC Fight Night Pre-Show as well. It'll be on site in Las Vegas and on ESPN+ at 7 p.m. ET March 1. ESPN+ will also feature the exclusive UFC Fight Night Post Show immediately after the event.

Order UFC 235 ESPN+

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