Magic Jigsaw Puzzle for Windows 8, a collection of picture puzzles to pass the time with

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to pass the time or with the larger puzzles a fun project to tackle over a few days. Tackling a jigsaw puzzle can help you relax and clear your mind.

To help fill your jigsaw puzzle building needs electronically, XIMAD, who is known for their colorful Windows Phone and Windows 8 games, has released Magic Jigsaw Puzzles for Windows 8.

Firework Apprentice, an explosive Windows Phone puzzle game

Firework Apprentice is a relatively new adventure game for Windows Phone 8 where you play the role of a firework apprentice who must work his way to the Emperor's Palace for an annual firework contest.

The game takes place in a world full of floating islands, which are filled with puzzles, colorful characters and explosive fireworks. You also have magical moon dust that can be collected and used to enhance your fireworks.

Available for low-memory devices, Firework Apprentice comes across as an enjoyable adventure/puzzle game for Windows Phone but may take you a few turns playing the game to get used to the controls.

7 Pips, a simple math puzzle for Windows Phone that can drive you nuts

At first glance, you may think 7 Pips is a 2048 clone but it's not. 7 Pips does have a slight 2048 appearance but once you get into game play, you will realize the two game styles are vastly different.

7 Pips combines simple math skills with strategic placement to create tile combinations that equal seven. When you create those combinations, the tiles are removed for points. This may sound simple but you have two tile colors that can either add or subtract from the value of other tiles.

Available for 512MB devices, 7 Pips is an entertaining, casual paced puzzle game for your Windows Phone gaming library.

The Ingenious Machine, a frustratingly challenging Windows Phone game

The Ingenious Machine is a Windows Phone puzzle game that is very reminiscent of the old board game Mouse Trap. Instead of designing a contraption from assorted gadgets to capture a mouse, with The Ingenious Machine you are building a device that will guide a ball across the screen to trigger a light switch.

The game has strong potential but is hindered by a difficult user-interface. The minimal graphics and animations have appeal, the concept is challenging but tiny gaming controls and odd game piece selection can be very frustrating. It is best to take advantage of the trial version before taking the plunge with The Ingenious Machine.

Ballance Resurrection review, a Windows Phone game for those not afraid of heights

Ballance Resurrection is a fun, challenging, wonderfully drawn-up puzzle game for Windows Phone 8. The game is a Marble Madness styled game where you have to navigate a ball through a series of platforms, rails, and other obstacles.

The gaming platform is set high in the clouds and one wrong move will send your ball plummeting to its demise. Ballance Resurrection is a multi-level puzzle game with a bit of an arcade feel about it. The game requires a gentle touch, steady hand and a good bit of patience. In playing Ballance Resurrection for a short time, it comes across as an entertaining option for your Windows Phone.

Unroll Me - an addictive, challenging Windows Phone game that keeps on rolling

Unroll Me - unblock the slots is a puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 that has you solving a puzzle, which in turn creates a path for a white ball to travel safely to the finish point in the gaming levels. The game can be rather challenging in that you need to stay one step ahead of the rolling ball as you solve the puzzle or you'll see the white ball crash and burn, ending your hopes of completing the puzzle level.

The game has had a decent amount of success of on iOS and Android platforms and in playing Unroll me for the past few days, it should do well on the Windows Phone platform.

Oponki, challenge your reactions with this Windows Phone puzzle game

Oponki is a simple Windows Phone game that will challenge your reactions. The game's layout is uncomplicated and calls upon you to tap the left or right side of your Windows Phone screen bases on a series of instructions that will vary from level to level.

Oponki is an easy game to pick up but don' let the plain appearance fool you. It won't take long before you find yourself tapping left when you should be tapping right or see the game timer run out before you figure out which side of the screen to tap. If you're looking for a way to test out your reflexes, Oponki is a Windows Phone game worth trying.

Disney releases two new Windows Phone 8 games, Lost Light and JellyCar 3

Disney seems to be on a roll lately releasing several Windows Phone 8 games over the past week. We've seen Maleficent Free Fall and Disney Solitaire already hit Store shelves and today we are seeing the Disney gaming titles Lost Light and JellyCar 3 arrive in the Windows Phone Store.

JellyCar 3 and Lost Light have been available for a while over on iOS and Android platforms and it is nice to see Disney giving the Windows Phone platform more attention. Both games look interesting and if you prefer your gaming from a larger screen, both have Windows 8 versions available as well.

AE Cap Mania, a bottle cap matching game for Windows Phone

AE Cap Mania is one of the more recent releases from AE Mobile for Windows Phone. The game is a match-3 styled game but instead of working horizontally or vertically to create the matches, you are moving puzzle pieces diagonally and vertically.

You have your customary bonus caps that will help you reach your gaming goal with bonus rounds scattered about to keep things interesting. AE Cap Mania is a well presented, casually paced Windows Phone game and not a bad option for your gaming library.

Duet, a frustratingly challenging Windows Phone game

Duet is a relatively new Windows Phone game that is insanely simple to learn but frustratingly challenging to master. None of which is bad.

The game has you spinning two colored dots around a circle in an effort to dodge objects that are falling from the top of the screen. Duet has over fifty levels scattered about nine chapters. Duet will test your patience, speed and reactions. While Duet can be painfully irritating at times, it is a fun game to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

Another Case Solved, a fun mystery game for Windows Phone 8

Another Case Solved is a challenging mystery game for Windows Phone 8 that is a collection of puzzles, riddles and matching games. You play the role of a detective working to get to the bottom of a curious candy conspiracy. Along the way you can pick up small jobs to generate experience and cash as well as tackling the mysteries of the main story line.

We highlighted Another Case Solved last week when it was released and have been able to spend a little time with the game sense. The game made a nice first impression and after playing the game for a few days, the impression hasn't faded by much.

WMW? XYY, the latest Where’s My Water? installment for Windows Phone 8

WMW? XYY is the latest installment to the Where’s My Water? series of Windows Phone games from Disney Mobile. It features the Chinese TV cartoon character XYY who is on a medieval adventure through China. Game play has you solving puzzles to help XYY find his way through an underground city and save his friends.

The game also features the Big Bad Wolf, who has his own series of puzzles to solve. Where previous installments of the Where’s My Water series involved physic based puzzles featuring water mechanics, WMW? XYY adds oil and fire mechanics to the mix. While WMW? XYY is an appealing gaming title with nice graphics and mildly challenging puzzles, the game may come across as too easy for some.

Witch Potion, a challenging matching game for Windows Phone 8

Witch Potion is a match-two styled puzzle game for Windows Phone 8. The game premise has you seeking out these matches to make potions. A black magic is surrounding the game’s realm and hurting the creatures within. The potions you help to create will go towards defeating the black magic and restore harmony to the realm.

Witch Potion has 120 puzzle levels that will create potions to help eight different creatures that include a Yeti, Ogre, Mermaid, Leprechaun and more. Each puzzle level has a set number of moves and some levels include additional challenges such as not matching certain elements.

Witch Potion is from an AppCampus alumnus, has nice graphics, challenging game play and comes across as an entertaining puzzle game for Windows Phone 8.

Robot Bros, a Windows Phone 8 game with a puzzle twist

Robot Bros is a relatively new Windows Phone game that plays like a platformer but has a puzzle plot. You take control of the Robot Brothers and have to navigate from start to finish while negotiating around a series of obstacles.

The challenge comes into play in that you can only control one robot at a time and both robots have to cross the finish line. Robot Bros has 90 levels with six robot types. In just tinkering with the game for a short time, it comes across as a challenging game. Robot Bros has recieved some nice reviews over on iOS and has the potential to do the same here on the Windows Phone platform.

Numolition, a fantastic number puzzle game for Windows Phone 8

If number puzzles are your cup of tea, you need to check out the new Windows Phone 8 game Numolition.

The game’s premise has you working with a crew of demolition experts and need to flatten as many puzzles by creating combinations of two or more of the same numbered blocks. You can add or move these blocks to create the combos, which in turn can be demolished by tapping on the group. It sounds easy but harder than you may think.

Add attractive graphics, three challenging gaming modes and Numolition turns out to be a solid gaming title. Numolition was released on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone last week and in playing the game over the weekend, it is a very appealing addition to the Windows Phone 8 gaming library.

Think, a simple and addictive puzzle game for Windows Phone 8

If you are in search of a minimalistic puzzle game for your Windows Phone, take a gander at Think. The Windows Phone 8 game is a word association game where you are presented with a series of drawings that you have to correctly identify what they represent.

The drawings are minimal and often include multiple items that you have to combine to solve the puzzle. Think reminds me of Pictionary just a little but with the illustrated clues already drawn-up. Think isn’t a fast paced game with a lot of bells and whistles. It is, however, a well drawn-up casual puzzle game for your Windows Phone that is a fun way to pass the time with.

Run the Shadow: Alcatraz Escape, a stealthy Windows Phone puzzle game

Run the Shadow: Alcatraz Escape is a relatively new Windows Phone puzzle game that has you escaping various puzzle levels and staying one step ahead of watch guards. You stick to the shadows to remain unseen and elude the spotlights that scan the puzzle.

You will also need to avoid a handful of traps and collect stars along the way that will boost your score and earn you bonuses. Run the Shadow: Alcatraz Escape makes a nice first impression and comes across as an entertaining action/puzzle game for our Windows Phone.

Pudgy Penguin, a feeding frenzy of a game for Windows Phone 8

There really is not much to the Windows Phone 8 game Pudgy Penguin. It’s a puzzle game of sorts where you have to make sure Pudgy is fed enough before the clock strikes zero.

Unfortunately, the fish randomly drop from the top of the screen and it is your job to guide them to Pudgy. It isn’t a complicated game but include the time constraints, the fast pace the fish drop and a few obstacles to direct the fish around and Pudgy Penguin becomes a challenging, casual game for Windows Phone 8.

Crazy Horses: Match Maker HD, a casual puzzle game for Windows Phone 8

Crazy Horses: Match Maker HD is the latest Crazy Horses gaming installment from Nice Touch Games. The Windows Phone 8 game is a 3D version of the original Match Maker game that hit the shelves a few years ago.

The Windows Phone 8 game has five thousand puzzles that fall into three difficulty levels (easy, medium and hard). In addition to the core puzzle library, Crazy Horses: Match Maker HD has daily challenges for each difficulty level.

The pace is casual, the puzzles can be challenging and overall Crazy Horses: Match Maker HD is an entertaining game for Windows Phone 8.

Ruzzle lands in the Windows 8 Store - get ready to battle with the power of words

The hit word puzzle game, Ruzzle, has finally landed in the Windows 8 Store and is available for download today. There are already 40 million players worldwide battling out their word game knowledge and now you can jump in yourself. And don’t worry about the $3.49 price tag – that's for the premium version.