Samsung ATIV S gets more hands-on and shows off call blocking feature?

WP Central ATIV S gets more hands on photos and shows off call blocking feature?

Samsung hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with showing off its ATIV S device so it’s good to see others getting unofficial hands on time with it.

We get some nice shots of photo and video backup options, as well as the text message backup. Interestingly in this revealment we see a new option for call blocking functionality in the system settings.

WP Central ATIV S gets more hands on photos and shows off call blocking feature

Call blocking feature, we like the look of that!

We’d love to get this kind of hands on with the ATIV S but Samsung are so far remaining very cagey about their latest Windows Phone. The call blocking functionality is certainly new to us and as this is likely a engineering sample we’re unsure such a feature will make it to production, but who knows? Also listed in the apps is the zLocation Diagnostic which could be further proof of an engineering sample.

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Showing above in the apps, Diagnosis, Family Story, Feedback Hub, Music Hub, Now and zLocation

We’d certainly like to get a hands on ourselves but so far Samsung hasn’t been overly keen on showing the device off to the press. While many have complained about the almost direct reusing of an Android device for their Windows 8 hardware we’re still excited about its specifications. 

Source: Dave Stork’s IMHO; thanks, @NairobiWP7, for the tip!


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Samsung ATIV S gets more hands-on and shows off call blocking feature?


It is an OEM feature, look at the location in the list - everything below "feedback" is OEM's stuff.

yup these are definitely OEM extensions....too bad too cause every WP8 device should have this stuff.  Those are some compelling features though for the ATIV S. 

Do you guys think this phone is coming to T-Mobile US? Like, I know they don't support WP much, but its still a nice device. This might be my 2nd option, as Nokia is the first.

Don't support windows phone much? Both Samsung and T-Mobile have been very supportive of Windows Phone? What are you on about?
BTW, the Ativ S is only rumored to be coming to T-Mobile.  Let's hope it comes true.

No the rumor was that Verizon getting wp8x, ativS, and lumia 920 and tmobile getting wp8x and ativs

This is a sexy beast. My first choice on Tmo.
If the rumors are true it'll be on Tmo.
If not I'm gonna hire a Navy Seal team to liberate it by any means necessary to get it.

Mmn call blocking... yesssss let's make this happen.  Block by # and block by caller ID, please!

I just want a carrier, date and price announcements for this phone. $99 definitely isn't out of the question for this phone, but most likely $199 out of the gate.

I'm talking about a two year contract on a US carrier. The GSIII (pretty much what this is) is currently $199 on verizon and AT&T. Verizon has had it for $99 on contract recently.

Call blocking is such a primitive feature. Don't know why this isn't baked into WP. This along with the physical home button may make me choose the ativ. Anyone else getting spam calls?

Samsung did release an app, yes, this could just be tied into a similar app installed on this device. Still a nice feature.. :)

I think your assumptions are off. Out of the box, it has 14.68gb. Looks like 1.32gb is being used for OS and OEM specific OS enhancements. The 5.62gb is installed apps, photos, and music that could all be deleted.

I own Samsung omnia w / focus flash which has this feature built in since i bought it .. It is also there as a separate app in samsung zone of marketplace ...

What is the name of the app?  I don't see any such thing in the Samsung Zone from my Focus S...

Man, looks like a huge device in these pictures. Must just be the angle.
Every time I get my mind set on Nokia, I see some pictures and read some forums and swing back to the ATIV. Then I read some 920/820 and exclusives and I am back to Nokia. Then I remember how great my Focus S has been, and I am back to the ATIV. Then I play with a 900 in a store, and I am back with Nokia. Then I see this......

Lumia 900 was so so until you figured out that it has better signal reception, call quality, and outdoor visibility than any Samsung phone that you have ever used.

Call blocking could be handy, but wouldnt work atm for me, cos everyone I want to block call from different numbers instead of the same one, also if private calls still come though, not much gain..
Anyways, those damn telemarketers never have the same number to block them...

Just checked Wireless Manager on my Focus S w/ AT&T.  It only has options for call forwarding, call waiting, and APN.  Does it have more options for other people?

I got to play with a GS3 this last weekend and......drool.  That along with some of the recent leaks about the ATIV has made my hardware choice very difficult.  Now let's see some carrier announcments so I can actually know what my choices are!

Something funny that i got that "Call blocking " feature with my OLDEST phone, the sony ericsson T290i, its a great feature. 
Btw i still using this phone till now, waiting for my Ativ S to come. 

Why would people complain about the reuse of the technology from one of the best Smartphones out there today? I'm seriously considering the ATIVE S for my WP device.

+1, I think all they need to do is to start advertising, provide some apps (doesn't need to be exclusive but hey the Nokia kool aid is strong), different color options like the GSIII and the WP market will be theirs again.

Though not as flashy as the other WIndows Phone 8 handsets, the Ativ S will be a viable alternative for many. I would be willing to bet that Samsung will port their "S-Experience" apps from the SGS3 to the Ativ, to counter the impresive suite of Nokia apps. It will be a hard decision choosing btwn the 3 high end phones (Lumia 920, HTC8X and AtivS), escpecially since I will be buying the phone unlocked.
P.S. Why are people up in arms about the similarity between the Ativ and SGS3?

zLocation isnt some brand new app.  Its a mini app thats still in development, hence the naming convention.  putting 'z' at the beginning of a file name drops it to the bottom of an alphabetical list.  common practice among programmers.

I want text msg blocking, 'cause upon getting WinPhone8, I'll never get text messaging again. I tested all many other alternatives, they all work well, and are free. Sorry Granma...

I'm surprised no has talked about the "advanced text message"option. Does anyone know what this is/has heard of it? Does this mean we can add swype keyboards?