China Mobile to sport the Lumia 920, China Telecom to release other Windows Phones

Lumia 920

China Mobile, the country's largest carrier, is looking to stock and offer the Lumia 920, according to Huang Guoqiang, director of sales at Nokia China. The manufacturer (and Windows Phone as a whole) has punched through a hole in the wall in China with marketshare surpassing the iPhone just after the Lumia 710 and 800 both launched earlier this year.

The Nokia Windows Phone sports the Qualcomm MSM8690/8260A chipset that reportedly supports China Mobile's TD-SCDMA (GSM) standard, and will bring PureMotion HD+, PureView and other features to the Chinese market. China Telecom on the other hand will take up other OEM partners, including HTC and Samsung for its Windows Phone 8 lineup.

Availability dates, as well as details surrounding what hardware is going where, have not been released yet so we look forward to see how Nokia and other Windows Phone partners plan to rollout new hardware worldwide in supported markets.

via: winp.cn; thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!


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China Mobile to sport the Lumia 920, China Telecom to release other Windows Phones


WP will be even bigger in China as time goes on. While this is great news for the platform, I wish I could filter apps in the Store. There are days when the list of new releases are in a language I can't read. Growing pains when competitors are more mature hurt even more. WP8 can't come soon enough.

Well, I am glad that the Nokia Lumia 920 variation for China Mobile will support TD-SCDMA (3G).
While China Mobile currently sell the Nokia Lumia 900, it only support China Mobile's EDGE/GSM.

This is a great opportunity for Nokia and WP while Apple doesn't have a handset in China Mobile...supposedly Apple is looking at spring of 2013 to get the iPhone 5 placed there.  Great chance to get WP and Nokia to soak up and create a social buzz to encourage others to buy it.

I agree because once they see and use WP, I think they would be bored with Android and Apple due to the static interface. Once they've used it, the only thing in my opinion that coud detour them to one of the others is app selection, but let's hope MS/Nokia are being mum because they're continually negociating with developers to bring missing apps.

Why are they releasing the 920 with the S4 Plus chips instead of the S4 Pro chips with the Adreno 320 GPU? The MSM8960 is nothing compared to the MSM8960T.

If Nokia could convince china mobile to throw its weight behind those lumia, it would spell a big trouble for apple, or even Samsung