Gates becomes world's richest man again, Microsoft stock keeps a-rising

Bill Gates

Bill Gates doesn’t have anything to do with the day-to-day operations of Microsoft. Since stepping down back in 2008, he’s been full-timing it at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - the largest transparently operated private foundation in the world. But he’s still an important figure in the tech world, especially for anyone following Microsoft. He’s also back on top as the world’s richest person.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Bill Gates is back on top with a net worth of $72.7 billion. The previous number one was Mexican telecommunications mogul Carlos Slim, who now sits in the number two position with a-nothing-to-scoff-at $72.1 billion.

How did our man Bill take the top spot? Two things. First, Carlos lost about $3 billion due to his primary company, America Movil, dropping 14% in value after a bill was passed in Mexico to break up American Movil's monopoly. Second, Microsoft is trading at its highest value in 5 years. That helped give Bill his number one spot on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, a position he hasn’t held since 2007.

It’s worth noting that Bill Gates has contributed $28 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. And has plans to donate up to 90% of his fortune by the time he passes. Without donating, he could easily have been the wealthiest man.

So Bill Gates is number one again. Big deal, right? While it won’t really change life for you, me, or Dupree, it’s worth nothing that Microsoft is doing well as a company. A company that could be doing much worse in this “post-PC” age.

A lot of pundits have questioned Gates’ business tactics while in charge of Microsoft. But it’s hard to ignore the amount of good he’s done with his fortune so far and what can be accomplished over the next few decades. I’m just hoping he’ll never lose his ability to jump the standard office chair. Bill Gates: billionaire, philanthropist, and most importantly - slayer of chairs. 

Source/Image: Bloomberg


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Gates becomes world's richest man again, Microsoft stock keeps a-rising


How does one become that wealthy? Whew! Bill Gates is the man and it's admirable that he is donating so much money to a good cause. And he has "ups" as we say.lol

Sam, you wrote "it's worth nothing..." did you mean " it's worth noting..."? 4th paragraph.

I just don't like how Microsoft gets some of its money patent trolls are destroying the small bussiness, but at least Bill Gates uses his money to help others

Its worth noting that there is a difference between patent trolls and Microsoft. Patent trolls often don't have any real operations and merely exist to buy and license patents which they often didn't even invent. Microsoft pumps $10+ billion into R&D a year to develop their patents, so for them, its a way of recovering the cost of the work they do. I'm not saying I like patent licensing of any kind, but Microsoft Research does do a lot of amazing trail blazing work, and often even if they do license the patents, they publish white papers and research information for others to use and build off of. I guess my point is this, patent licensing sucks, yes, but Microsoft contributes to scientific advancement and actually invents patents, unlike most patent trolls...so that's something I guess.

If you make something you want to own it? And all patents aren't Microsofts, they are also in the position to protect partners.

With android becomes #1 in mobile os, that means more money coming in for MS due to licensing fees they get for each android device by doing nothing.

They aren't getting money for "doing nothing", they're getting money for "having done something."

Its something Android folks don't seem to understand. They have this innate belief that everyone is entitled to other peoples hard work (open source).

Microsoft is probably one of the most reformed evil companies over the last two decades.
There was a time where they were crushing the small fry left and right. Pure evil.

Bill Gates just like Steve Jobs will be remembered as one of the world's biggest tech geniuses. And it is also note worthy how much good he is doing for so many with his foundation and after he passes how most of his fortune will go for such a great cause. You're one of my role models for sure.

Steve Jobs will be forgotten in 10 years. Bill Gates will never be forgotten just because of his philantropy

Bill Gates...see I did it...bc polio hasn't been eliminated yet but Bill Gates is working on doing it by 2018

Jonathan Ives has been extremely humble about his role. He might become more of a star now, and there might be a lot more appreciation of his importance.
Arguably, the modern success of Mac, OSX and iProducts is a UK success story rather than a US one. Every UK government of recent years has been stupid not to shine a spotlight on him.

Jobs will never be forgotten. Like it or not, he changed a lot of things in the industry. While he didn't invent anything new, he did change a lot of things to what they are now. He didn't just give us Apple, he also gave us Pixar. I'm not a fan of Apple products, but you can't deny that the man was a genius.

And Bill and Melinda has given us a philanthropy that continues to change the world for the better. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation >>>> Pixar.

Two tech geniuses, very true.  Gates will have the better legacy IMO since his philathropy is directly impacting millions of people.  Jobs was just bent on destroying the competition.  If only he'd had more time in this life, he might have gotten around to it.  Oh well.  Gates is awesome.

I completely agree, Jobs was a genius and a jerk. He will be remembered for being a genius, and rightfully so, but Gates will be remembered for being a genius and changing the world multiple times, through his technology and through the work of his foundation which will likely continue on long after he is gone. Some of the work the Gates foundation does is amazing.

I just checked out the website of his foundation and some of the things they do are just simply unbelievably humane and amazing..

Actually, Steve Jobs gave a lot to charity and education, he just wasn't as ostentatious about it as others. Not knocking gates, just sayin'. Personally, I think Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will both be big parts in the history of computers.

That's true. I never really heard of a situation where Steve gave back... I'm sure he did but I have my doubts he did as much as Bill is doing, making a foundation solely dedicated to help others...

I don't think Jobs ever gave to charity and was not a fan of Gates philanthropic work as He mocked Gates in his biography that "Bill is involved in philanthropy now because he's lost touch with technology". To me that was a very unfortunate statement from a man of his status knowing how many lives Bill and Melinda are saving with their foundation.

Doesn't matter Job gave or not, there are many people who just give money to some organization because they have lot and they will not loose much. It is difficult to give your time.
Gates on other hand gave his money, his whole time and he believes on results..That is clearly new defination for Philanthopy.

yeah, that was a stupid comment from Steve Jobs.

While Jobs may not be a genius in the traditional intelectual sense, he was a visionary when it came to product.  But I think this comment from Jobs illustrates the key difference between him and Gates. 

Both were rutheless and often abrassive when it came to the success of their companies.  But Gates didn't just out-give Jobs in charity money, Gates fully invested his energy into the very process of making his charity work effective.  He took the Foundation as an engineering challenge, applying engineering and inginuity to the field of phelanthropy with some of the same passion he directed to his earlier efforts in the technology sector.  Gate's didn't just sign a check.  He went all in.  The Foundation is his new life's work.

It's a shame that Jobs didn't have the time to do more for phelanthropy.  But it's comments like this that make you wonder if Jobs would have ever moved beyond the tech visionary role.

This is mostly true actually... He didn't even design half the things he is credited to creating, just approved the designs is all... He had vision, a good eye and was an awesome salesman, managing to sell you something you didn't know you needed!

Steve jobs wasn't a tech genius, Wozniak is, Steve was a designer at best, and a salesman in all reality, who died with his money... Bill will be a legacy for people to strive to be like philanthropically for the rest of time.

Cheers man... By the way Bill is the hero of our country India. He did lots of social work not only donateing money but working in real for the poor people. We never forget him... We salute you man...

This makes so happy... Besides The fact that I love Microsoft and Gates as well, he's a good man that invest in great things (the Foundation). And if part of the money that I spent with W8 and WP8 has helped to that, the more happier I am.

More like more money less problems he's contributed to reducing diseases like polio in several countries.

Yeah, Gates also did a fascinating TED talk on energy and some of the work his foundation is investing in. If something like that works, it could be one of the biggest advancements in history. Definitely worth a watch.

^^^100%  Gates knows its not about him and he has wealth for a reason. This is why he's blessed.

He did, I got myself 2 windows 8 upgrades and a new win 8 tablet.... and I'm willing to give more for a lumia 925!

Wow, just wow. I'm just casually wondering...like how much would Bill be worth now is MS stock price was anywhere near the levels of AAPL's??

A lot but he couldn't carry it . The important thing is if AAPL needs another bailout like they did in the 80's I'm sure Bill Gates would be happy to rescue them AGAIN and be a nice enough guy not to make a big deal out of it ;)

Best thing about Bill and Melinda having all that cash? They only do good with it. 8)

Good to see you back up there Mr Gates.

This is hopefully my first and last 'Spelling Nazi' comment but I think the article meant noting and not nothing, AND DAMN GATES GOT HOPS

Respect and honour for this man. The PC era was a revolution and today we cannot imagine our lives without a computer. He well deserves the richest man title. Respect and love for you Bill Gates :)

After reading this article, I think he might be giving away money to charity not out of altruism but survival.  With the amount of money his investments earn he'll be drowning in gold if he doesn't find a way to get rid of the extra *pocket change*
That cartoon where a duck swims thru a vault full of gold?

It's not worth "nothing" that he's donated so much to charity... It's worth "noting"!

Maybe he can donate a billion to the WP division? A "small" influx of cash like that couldn't hurt. Lol.

Who's fault is it that he is giving back so much? Glad its him that has so much and gives so much back rather than other individuals who don't give much back at all.

It's good that he's acknowledging his responsibility, I'm not arguing against that. The world has a limited amount of resources, and for one person to be able to own so much, thousands have to starve and work as economic slaves. It's basic mathematics.

Jesus you wrote "it's worth nothing" instead of "it's worth NOTING" twice in the same artcile. Once is a typo, twice is a fail.

This is the man that inspired me to go CompSci all those years ago. Microsoft affords me the living I earn now. Smart, rich and a very generous philanthropist role model - not often they describe the same person.

Bill Gates through his Bill & Melinda foundation gave 48,000 free polio vaccines to people in India that paralyzed childrens! This was made on purpose! This was in the news you can look it up. This man is really dangerous.

"While it won’t really change life for you, me, or Dupree, it’s worth nothing that Microsoft is doing well as a company."  ??
I am sure you mean "worth noting..."