HERE maps departure from Windows 10 is a blow, but don't let it stop you finding your way around.

As of June 30, 2016, HERE apps will cease to operate on Windows 10. While Windows Phone 8.1 users will still be able to use them with limited future updates, those on Microsoft's newest OS will be left looking for an alternative.

It's a big blow, but the sky is not completely falling. Microsoft recommends using its own Maps application for mapping and routes but if you prefer, here are a some third-party apps that might be worthy replacements for HERE on your Windows 10 device.


Sygic is a great navigation app that has been properly built for Windows 10 and is available for phones, tablets and PCs. It uses TomTom map data underneath, so you can certainly trust its accuracy.

One of the nicest things about Sygic is just how smooth it is to use. You get some fantastic looking transitions as you zoom in and out, colorful and clear maps and a very clean overall look.

It's also got some neat features like lane assist which actually works. Many navigation apps say they have lane assist but it's not always as good as it sounds. With Sygic it is, and it's a genuine help in those hard to navigate places.


It supports offline maps stored on a microSD card as well as being able to work completely without a cellular data connection. It'll handle your routing just fine with only the GPS. Add in millions of POIs pre-installed, free updates and a ton of countries supported, and you've got everything you need.

Sygic is free to download and use for basic mapping and route planning, with in-app purchases for premium navigation and features such as a HUD to project on your windshield and live traffic reporting.


Download Sygic in the Windows Store



Having been around for a little while on Windows Phone 8.1, the developer of this handy, free mapping application launched an updated version for Windows 10 in late 2015. You've got a couple of options to use with it, too.

If you're a more casual user, then there's a free maps option with monthly updates using OpenStreetMaps data. You just download the areas you want into the app when you want them and off you go.


For a fee you can upgrade to premium navigation and get yourself a bundle of TomTom maps. The Windows 10 version also added features like height and weight restriction information, more accurate speed profiles, advanced lane warnings and overhead motorway signage.

It's not as polished perhaps as Sygic, but it's still a solid choice for phones, tablets and PCs.


Download Mapfactor in the Windows Store

GPS Voice Navigation

GPS Voice Navigator

GPS Voice Navigation is an old face to Windows Phone fans, having been around for a fair old time now. It uses Google Maps to power it, which for some is the clincher on its own. Google's maps are pretty fantastic. But, you also have the choice to use Bing or MapQuest, if you so wish.

The user interface is still firmly planted in the pre-Windows 10 era, but while it may lack in modernity it doesn't fall short in functionality.

GPS Voice Navigation

It's got tons of languages that it supports, a handy 'at a glance' view of important route information, full voice directions and even some neat touches like alarms for speed cameras, red light cameras and more. It'll even operate in the background and give you voice instructions

You can try it out for free or go for the full, paid version which costs a reasonable $6.99. It is only available for phones, however, so sorry tablet and PC users.

QR:GPS Voice Navigation

Download GPS Voice Navigation in the Windows Store



CoPilot is a respected name in personal navigation and what we have here is a full, premium navigation app for Windows phones. You can download the app for free and try it out for 7 days before deciding whether or not it's worth your money.

Once you've paid you get unlimited access to the voice and turn-by-turn navigation. CoPilot also includes things such as ActiveTraffic, a live traffic information service and routing features to help you avoid any serious build ups, as well as speed camera alerts and speed limit information.


CoPilot also offers free map updates as well as the ability to take them offline, so you need never be lost no matter where in the world you find yourself. And it even has a complete street-level map of India.

You can continue to use it for free after 7 days for basic mapping tasks, but you'll need to pay up to use the premium navigation. Prices vary depending on which maps you want to download. It's also only available on phones.


Download CoPilot in the Windows Store

So, those are some of our favorite navigation apps to use on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone. If you've got a personal favorite we didn't highlight, hit the comments below and give us the what and the why! Better still, hit the Windows Central Forums thread we've set up on this very topic right here.