HTC Schubert gets shown with WP7; features unibody design

Well, here it is folks, just in time for Monday morning--the HTC Schubert, which is expected to be one of the first GSM phones featuring Windows Phone 7 to hit the market.

Part of the device's sexy looks comes form the aluminum unibody design, much like the Android-based HTC Legend (see more on that here).

Unfortunately while we have pictures, we don't have any specifications for the device, though you can bet on at least a 1GHz processor and ample RAM like all WP7 Chassis 1 devices.

Watch the full video after the break and here are some screenshots below. Our quick impression? We likey. Your thoughts? Lets us know in comments.

[247 Windows phone via Solo Palmari]



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HTC Schubert gets shown with WP7; features unibody design


Pretty good I think, I'll need more info on specs and also get a chance to hold one before I can make up my mind.

That looks terrible, thick, gaudy and tons of wasted space at the bottom. HTC isnt even trying, looks like all they care about is android.

Depending on specs I am still debating between HTC and Samsung's offerings. Although in the back of my mind I wonder if it would be wise to wait for the CES timeframe to see what they come up with then. They should be at Gen 2 handsets around that point. Although my Fuze is growing old fast.

All of the handsets that we have seen from HTC for WP7 have been very poor. I think that they are doing this to lash back at Microsoft for not allowing them to customise the UI.

I'm not real impressed. Where is the HTC Sense modifications they claimed they were going to include? It also looks a little thick. No front facing camera? Well those are my first impressions based upon a few photos and a very short video. I will give you my full review once I get my hands on one.

Could the blurry top corner be a (much over-rated) front camera?

I think it actually looks good and pretty sleek in design with just the three capacitive buttons. Everything iss basically the same when you have a 4" or so screen and a few buttons (iPhone, every Android phone known to man, now WP7). Blackberry and Palm really have the only relatively unique designs anymore, assuming Palm will have a Pre replacement in the near future. Not that I mind, since most anything top end from all of these smartphones this fall will get the job done well.

The circled Windows button at the bottom really makes this look an iPhone now. Oh well.. I guess there's only so much design innovation one could do w/ a black slab.

Business in the front (Touch Pro 2), party in the rear (Incredible). I'm not in love with the two-tone back to be honest, but here's hoping the other launch partners pick up the slack in terms of design.

I love it, specially the back. It's quite an original design there.

I don't know what people are saying it reminds them of an Iphone, to me is more reminiscent of a Nexus One. And since HTC built Nexus One is all OK.

Though I wish it would pack a 4.3" screen and not a 3.7" :(

i think the blurry spot must be a carrier logo and I think the back comes apart in three different ways...thus all the color coded puzzle design back there. This may not even be a final retail ready version...may just be a tester or one sent to the app developers to play with.
I thought there were certain minimum specs that had to be met and i thought a 4" screen was one of them? And a 1ghz minimum chip.

I personally am holding out for the Dell Lightning.