Is Microsoft readying a Lumia device that runs Android?

Nokia Lumia 1520 running Windows Phone

While most leaks concerning the Lumia series fall under the purview of Windows Phone, a recent rumor by @evleaks suggests that Microsoft may be considering launching a Lumia branded handset that runs on Android.

There is no further information regarding the handset, when Microsoft intends to launch it. Nokia had previously launched Android powered handsets under the X series, but those devices ran a forked version of Android with Nokia's own digital store in lieu of Google's services.

It is unlikely that Microsoft would kill off the X series and bring all devices under the Lumia branding considering the most recent entrant in the series, the Nokia X2, launched just a few weeks ago.

That being said, a handset running a full-fledged version of Android from Microsoft seems even more strange. That would be like Google deciding to launch a Nexus smartphone running Windows Phone. One reason that Microsoft may have for doing so might be the idea that Android devices command a more significant market share and user interest than Windows Phone.

Given the lack of any concrete information, we suggest you take the news with a grain of salt. But what do you guys think of the idea?

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Is Microsoft readying a Lumia device that runs Android?



Microsoft may as well scrap windows phone. This is conceding defeat. If Microsoft does not trust its own OS, why would fans? Hope eveleaks is wrong on this one

Exactly. I don't know whether I should stay with Windows Phone or not. Despite Windows Phone's weaknesses, I still loved it for what it was.

I love Microsoft product. The true king that supporting it's rival since 1980's. I remember how i ran IE on Linux (my first OS).
But today, i can't even change my default search engine on Google's Android browser.
Sooner or later, Google's tyranny kingdom will be destroyed by Karma.

What are you blabbing about? If there ever was such a thing as an evil company MS would be first for all the crap they pulled or tried to pull in the 80's- 00's.

I know everyone hates ME, but for me it was just a Windows 98 that booted quickly and didn't BSOD once per day. So I liked it, and used it until XP RTM came out.

Well said. Fortunately at this point in time, it's just a rumour and nothing more. Would be stupid of them to do so.

Could be a designed based on the Lumia but an X series phone, Nokia X2L? Maybe this is what they were referring to before which would upset the world...

MSFT isn't exactly scraping WP with this move. If you looked at what they did to the android in Nokia X platform they are trying to advertise WP to android buyers.

Since the low-end Nokia Xs isn't quite doing well in this job, using a higher-end Microsoft-kanged android should draw more crowd. Anyway MSFT is profitting from their cloud services too right? Whatever it takes.

But if you ask me what i think of this.. God please, no lag-droids please.

As much as I love my Lumia, Android hadn't been a lagdroid in a long time. It's not perfect but its smooth 80% of the time

Yeah, sure it does.

I used to use this as my number one defense against android for a long time, "But it lags, look, mine doesn't", until I realised android has matured quite a bit over the last years. Sure, there's a bit of lag occasionally, but I'm starting to see the same on my 820 as well (especially when launching the camera).

I agree it is still a tiny bit smoother than android on an average, but this seems a huge price to pay for the awesome features, apps and phones they have that we can't get our hands on.

What "awesome features" do you need? With 8.1 I think the feature gap is pretty much closed.

Don't fool yourself here. There are even bigger gap than before. Lots of new games are not released on WP. Many banks in North American does not have WP app available. what about offical Starbucks app? Even for existing app, many of them weren't updated for long time. To name a few: Groupon, Linkedin, Mint, Waze. The list can be very long.

I dont know a single developer/company that will invest money into a phone that is about to revamp all of it's API. So if you are thinking that there is a gap, there is. But that gap is being closed off by introducing all the features of WP8.1.

Pretty fucking sad that so-called "app gap" will probably doom this OS. And that's all anybody cares about. Despite all the great features of this OS and how different it is from the other 2 all anybody cares about is apps. I personally have all the apps I need and if there isn't one available the mobile websites of a lot of services and companies work just fine.

I agree the 'app gap' is BS. When it comes to APPS, I do have "all I need". But theres also a saying that it's better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it, and WP, at the moment, leans toward the former.

But... Moving outside of apps... Games on WP just outright sucks. People can promote indie devs all they want, those are NOT the games I want. The games I want are available on Google Play TODAY.

And there lies the real problem: Because the app gap has closed, it now boils down to the little things. I can have Pandora on ANY phone... So what OS gives me Pandora AND Plants Vs Zombies 2? Shoot man, Watch Dogs has a cool mobile game where players on mobile devices play and interact with Watch Dog players online... This is a game on Xbox 360/One,nyet the mobile app isn't on WP. That's sucky and sad. And we get Moga support for how many games? While there's all kinds of Bluetooth peripherals for the competition.

Hardware is a different story. I have very specific wants for hardware features. That I literally cannot find a WP that fulfills these wants isn't a reflection of WP, far from it, but I'm dropping $400 - $600 for hardware, I should be getting what I want. Every WP hardware is a compromise. Oh, you can have an SD card, but have to take the budget phone with lesser display, RAM and camera. Oh, you can have that kick ass camera, but have to compromise not having an SD card or wireless charging. Well, I hate to admit it, but there is a non-WP alternative that gives me ALL the options I want.

Even more: I checked out Google Play... And hey, look: Official Bing, OneDrive, Office and Skype apps. Well hell, that means I can jump to Android and not miss anything (other than the awesome WP UI).

So yeah, is it unfair to this great OS? Its like Zune all over again (a device I love and still use today). I'm glad you have "everything" you need, but you're not me and I'm not you. You probably don't give a crap about Pinball FX or Scribblenauts or Worms. I do. I made a lot of compromise for Windows Phone for FOUR years and find myself still falling short. Its the choice I made, but I also made a solid attempt.

The OS and UI are wonderful and when I can find ALL of the above on a WP, I'll come back.

I agree with you on the hardware front, but when it comes to missing apps, how is that the fault of Windows Phone? Isn't that on the developers to create adios for the platform? Microsoft shouldn't have to beg. Android was small once too. And over 50 million users is not "no market share" or "nobody".
If I could create an application that reached 1000 users I'd consider it a success. If each of those 1000 told one other person about it and so on, it was definitely worth my time and money. Especially when smaller devs put out quality apps in a matter of days.
Big fish in a small pond in this sense is ideal. They should be reaching to Windows Phone, especially when their current apps are mature and rarely get updates on the other platforms unless the OS itself requires one.
You've been extremely loyal and should have everything you expect but that's not your fault or Microsoft's. Its the lazy devs. (edit: Microsoft needs to complete the OS and give the devs the APIs they need so yeah it is part their fault). If I had the know how I'd spend my weekend porting to another platform for the chance at a few hundred or thousand users.

oh so now blame the devs :P then forget that WP will ever get the apps.Since when  are we hearing the app gap, MS has been very very slow in getting the APIs a new OS interests devs and they do try to see what it is but soon realized missing APIs now if MS slowly releases them and expects devs to keep waiting it wont happen when ios n android are dominating


How many WP devices can you name that have an IR blaster, curved screen, fingerprinter scanner or IP67 certification?

You and I may not care for any of these, but it doesn't mean no one else does. 

Missing apps are one thing (which, by the way, is still HUGE), but WP also needs phones with hardware features at par with android.

Some of these newest android flagships are pretty darn cool, one must admit. 

the lagdroid to me isn't like lagging in everything i does. when i used android it is smooth too... but not as smooth as WP ;P

I call it lagdroid because Android to me just isn't ironed out. neither in 2.* nor even the so-called Project Butter. If you look into how android works, OEM has to make a lot of right settings to make things work perfectly which doesn't happen 90% of the time. It is as hard for anyone to get the right tweaks to run things fine. Android is just a big flaw requiring a huge patch to me.

WP on the other hand we don't have to, or of course we can't see anything. Because its already buttery smooth! *I'm tempted to give KK a try, ART seems good.*

Yeah but that 20% of the time is when I'm doing something important. My Lumia is running WP8.1 dev, and I see lag because I put my apps in the SDcard. Once I put them back on the phone I don't have any lag.

So 20% lag 100% of the time I need it, or 2% lag 100% of the time I need it.

Let's just hope that it's that forked version they are putting in that device. If it is stock android, they might kill WP right now rather than seeing it suffer a slow death

I would bet serious money this would be an Amazon style approach. 100% forked and deeply customized OS that would run the NTkernel as the source and android apps in an emulated sandbox.

A lot of good it has been doing. From what I can see, most are buying the Nokia X phones and wiping the OS to replace it with whatever version of android they prefer.

Its become one of those phrases you see on msgs boards, "just root it". But anyone who's gone through the process of doing this to their smartphones knows how complex it is. There isn't a "root it" button. Not to mention you've voided your warranty. Most people who own androids, I doubt, even know you can.

This is pretty much conceding, WP already has low marketshare and issues with growth in major markets.  If putting android on your own hardware isn't condeding, i dont jknow what is. 

Conceding i agree is a bit of a conclusion, but if you want people to adapt to your mobile oS, you dont do that by putting your competitors oS on your Hardware. 

While it make be betteri n the long run for MS in terms of hardware, but not in terms of software. 

Overall, not saying this is a bad thing overall, but it is a bad thing for Windows phone. 



I visited a phone shop in Hong Kong and mentioned the Nokia X. He said at that price range he'd recommend the cheaper Windows Phone - more stable.

I personally think its not a phone per se but WP using the Android market. "Something pretty amazing"is coming to WP, remember the rumor well that's my opinion.

Call me a skeptic. But I believe Microsoft releases their own rumors just to see how WP users react. If there is no reaction then said rumors will happen. If there's a big reaction then puppet #whatever will make a statement we were never going to do that. Trust us. ;)

I hope EV Leaks is wrong here as well... It just doesn't make sense to give up on WP... Essentially that's what MS would be doing here... None of this makes sense.

Cannot agree more. MS has the best mobile OS out there, IMHO. I cannot see myself reverting to iOS. My Android tablet experience was meh at best - sure it was early Android 4 tablet, but it was always a bit more glitchy than what I'd find acceptable, and Asus never delivered on Jelly Bean promise (never came to that tablet even if it was "in works").

Yeah, it's more likely that they are prepping windows phone OS that can run both windows phone and android apps.

No matter what anyone wants to admit, the last couple of years should have made the point that developers don't or can't put out a separate version of most apps for windows.


OS2 most definitely *did* run Windows programs, as well as DOS programs.  This was one of its attractions to businesses - it could run OS/2, Windows, and DOS apps all at once, and with a much more robust multitasking model than Windows could manage at the time.

Windows NT started out as an IBM-funded rewrite of OS/2 (it was OS/2 New Technology which is where the "NT" came from).  When Microsoft and IBM split, the terms of the divorce agreement gave Microsoft the perpetual rights to the new codebase (now named Windows NT), and in exchange IBM got perpetual free distribution rights to Windows.  Unfortunately for IBM, a judge later ruled that "Windows" meant "Windows 3.0", thus excluding Windows 95 and Windows NT itself.

Whether they ran natively or not didn't matter.  They ran in a virtual environment, isolated from each other, at very close to native speeds, and much more reliably than they could were they run natively.

This technique was common in the mainframe environment IBM was experienced with, though it had only recently been used in the PC world (by both IBM and Microsoft - Windows 3.0 also ran DOS apps in a virtual environment similarly to how OS/2 did it).  It was also why OS/2 ran Windows apps better than Windows itself did - because OS/2 kept Windows 3.0 apps from taking each other down.  This technique of virtual runtime subsystems became common within a few years.  If you have a 64-bit Windows system, then it actually runs 32-bit windows apps in a virtual environment.

LoL. No. In fact OS2s marketing was: "Runs Windows programs better than Windows" and it actually did for the most part. The reason it was stupid was that it meant there was even less reason to write native OS2 apps.

So running Android apps on WP would work about as well. Its not like most people are dieing to get Windows Phones and the lack of apps is stopping them. If that was true, the Android boards would be full of complaints about how bad Android is compared to WP but people were stuck with Android because it has so many great apps.

Some like to believe that the lack of apps is WPs biggest drawback but its not. Its the biggest drawback to people already on WP or people actually on the fence but that is still a tiny percent of people. The vast majority just buy what their friends have and have no clue or appreciation of what's under the covers.

More apps is necessary but not sufficient for faster growth of WP sales.

Agreed. I also want some kind of "Continuity" Apple style on windows devices. Its very handy specially when you work between devices.

I think this will be it exactly..... They are making an Android Hub, that can download and install any android app that has been compiled for the Nokia X store, or the Amazon store....i don't see Google play services being allowed.............. Unless MS and Google have come to an agreement of some sort, maybe Google will support W9, if MS allows android to run natively within the OS.

Why can't they just focus on one thing and make it perfect? Having divided attention and resources will never make WP grow. C'mon Microsoft, always think outside the box and fucking up. You know sometimes I think and we as WP fans are being used and considered as fools by Microsoft. These guys don't have faith in their products (WP, Xbox etc) so why should we? I think they themselves know they can't make it so need affiliations and trial and error...it's a pity and really sad, smh. Now I just saw a tweet from Tom Warren about importing Android apps to WP...how is that gonna help WP? Someone tell me.

But we're windows phone users. We're ready to commit suicide over our devices everyday. Why shouldn't we freak out over every anonymous rumor on an enthusiast site. /s

Microsoft is very focused on their products. They've but a lot of time and effort into their products, and they realize that those of use who support their products would lose interest and anyone who would have considered them. As they have mentioned, they are software and services company first. Hardware is something new for them, considering their long history in developing software.
With that said, I love WP enough to not be shaken by mere rumor.

Choice is Always good. Giving wp users more app choice is good.

Becouse we all know that "its all abouth the apps, stupid" ;-)

No seriously, the main argument for Windows Phone haters/Android lovers is that WP lacks 'the apps'.

I would love a high end Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. But the fear of missing the 'hype apps' drove me right to the HTC One.

Thinking when this contract has runned it's cours (2016) Microsoft would have Windows Phone up and running and the appgap 'problem' solved, making it for me so much easier to get on the Windows Phone train ;-)

I hate Google (and there lack of respect for my privecy) so I use outlook, onedrive, office, Bing (despite the fact that it is a crappy app, Microsoft needs to fix the lack of a proper Bing app on android) and Firefox on android (and my Windows desktop).

But I know for sure that I'm not the only one that did'nt had the guts to choose Windows Phone over Android just becouse of the fear of missing out on some great apps.

Even the sales people dont see Windows Phone as a serious choice. There is to little choice in devices and the plain out tell you don't do it, they don't have the apps, you will regret it.

So nobody picks up a Windows Phone becouse "it's all about the apps, STUPID!'

Making Windows Phone run Android Apps is not so bad. As long as you can buy them only from the Windows Store.

Taking away the problem for developers to have to make different apps for both WP and Android but just having them write one code and a play them to both GooglePlay and the Windows Store.

The avarage consumer wouldn't know the difference (so allowing Android Apps to run on Windows Phone this way would not hurt the OS at all, it would only make it stronger)

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There is not a whole lot to perfect. They need the main stream apps, they just cannot compete with Play Store and iOS app store. Now that they own the hardware end of it, if they wish to advance then releasing Android on the solid nokia hardware base flagship would be a smart idea. I would be keen to see what they could do with Nokia hardware and a solid stock android like 4.4 or 4.5.


I could imagine that its a dual boot device, only to show OEM what is possible.....Maybe they want to show OEMs how easy it is to make one device for two Operating systems.

I though dont like the idea.

Oh boy this is one thread that Microsoft needs to read from top to bottom...all of the comments. Dear Microsoft, the loyal users of your OS are speaking out their frustrations....it's emotional.

Satya Nadella's strategy is strange. Always prioritizing other platforms. Even with their own services with quality and quantity of features.

Why? I don't understand the hatred for Android. Is it because Android phones are now at around 80% market share? Have you tried a flag ship Android phone? I have a LG G2 and even at nearly a year old... I would only trade it for a G3.

Sure the lumia phone is awesome. Solid reliable phone but it lacks, mainly the app store, which is developing but not at a rate needed to make the hardware line profitable. Release a flag ship phone running kit kat 4.4 or lollipop 4.5 and you are likely to have a very successful sales year. Far better than they are currently. That is money that can be put back into WP phone dev. Get the name out there, get it as a trusted brand under the Android label, then start the ad blitz for WP phone.

What makes this all unlikely is that the point of android and WP with bing services is the advertising that comes for these products. A MS Android phone does not bring much to MS, all the Ad revenue goes to Google. If they load the Android phone down with Bing and its services... That would kill it. One thing android users hate is bing on their android phone. Bing based android phones generally do fairly bad sales wise.

Its not about hating andorid, thing is if all fingers in your hand are of same size then may b you"ll never need a smartphone. So its of no use to have all 100% smartphones with android some people like differentiation from others

You know.  They don't mind to do that as long as they can make up with the sales on MS services or subscriptions.  That's why they have released the Office for iPad and will release the Office for Android before long.  They have come to realize now that they will never beat IOS/Android, so it might as well to join them.  Nokia X and other MS Android devices will certainly hurt their low end WP and Asha device sales.  But they don't mind.  As a WP owner, you have to understand clearly what you like about WP and why you have closen WP.  Otherwise, it makes no sense to stick around because even MS might not down the road.  Business is business.  It is a cold hard fact.

And just a few weeks ago there was an article saying they were "dead serious" about their dedication to Windows phone. So far, I haven't seen such dedication anywhere. This includes thinking about giving Cortana to other platforms, rumors about Android phones, and making the smartwatch cross platform, just to name a few.

Why need the competing manufacturer to make your Android device if there are already a billion Android models available?

Because the cream rises to the top. Galaxy Series, Nexus Series, LG G2/3, HTC One, MotoX, why not add the Lumia L to that rather small list. Yes hundreds of different android phones but most suck, and not because they are android but the hardware is crap. Build a Lumia out with AOSP Android... Id give up my G2 for that, if the hardware is good. 2.2+ Quad core, with 2-3 gig ram, 32gig storage, 1080p screen, Kit Kat with full Google play services... mixed with the lumia camera and call audio quality... Winner.  

I'd much rather stay with WP, a fresh take at operations in the process of refinement, than go back in time to an unsecured outdated os that has a patch sewn on it each year! Just because it has candy crush, or 5000 car racing games... Hopefully the Droid suckers buy it so 3d touch can develop into holographic controls for WP ;)

Bringing Droid apps won't bring malware to our system. Microsoft checks whether application is safe from virus or not. If not then the app wouldn't be submitted in the store. On the other side google doesn't do any such stuff. They do it when virus catches their OS

Google does the same on the Play Store. Android malware normally comes from those shady third party stores that you can install on Android.

Google's so called "scanning" is bullshit.Recently there was this fake antivirus uploaded on the play store which locked up the device and would only unlock if u paid for it.It remained on the store for full 15 he's before it got pulled

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I hate to concede, but if they do, as much as I dislike the other platforms I too will be leaving and converting my city with over 300 employees using windows phones/windows 8-8.1 desktops, tablets, hybrids, and laptops over to iOS or some other platform. And everyone here was crying for Satya Nadella..... Ballmer would never have let this happen. What do you guys think of Satya now????

I think he's doing what is right for Microsoft, which is opening all avenues of revenue generation, and not isolating themselves on Windows.

Agreed. Money is Money. Share holders don't care one bit as long as a profit is being made. Ballmer lacked the vision of a mobile world. Window 9 is already a step in the right directions. Install based on hardware, meaning the OS tailors itself based on if the device is a tablet, laptop, PC, of if it is touch based, etc... This whole one camp mentality is behind the times. I have an Android LG G2, love the phone, would not trade it for WP ever, I also have a surface RT which I would not trade for an iPad or android tablet. Love my surface. What I would love is to be able to tie my Android phone into my MS account and have all relevant data backed up and shared amongst my other devices, like my tablet, PC, and Laptops. Being able to tie the old android phone smoothly into that would be killer and a huge selling poing to a Lumia Android phone.

I'm more worried on how short-sighted and negative people are/have become on these forums. If a rumor is all it takes for somebody to dump an OS or phone, or make a self-proclaimed conclusion based off a tweet without a source to back it up, then I weep for this community.

Its not just this. Like with the calendar app screw up, the games app screw up, the music app screw up. Its death of a thousand cuts. Money can't buy loyalty.

To be fair, the app screw ups were in the context of the WP 8.1 Developer PREVIEW (aka beta).  Granted the Lumia 630 which is the first official device running 8.1 is right around the corner (already available?), so one would hope they get things in order quickly.

I have been with Windows Phone since it's launch in 2010. After nearly four years of abysmal market share, meager growth, few useful non-game apps, and prioritizing iOS and Adroid over WinPhone (regarding MS app development) I do not hold out much hope for Windows Phone 10. Even if the one Windows concept becomes reality, the future for WinPhone is bleak.

I'm not sure the problem is Android, it's the Google services attached to it.  Every Nokia-X gets users to sign up with a Microsoft account and the MS services are default and baked in.  Despite the option to change services for search and default emails etc, the vast majority of people don't change.

The Google Play store however only benefit's Google, so I'm thinking this is just a way to get people to sign up with Microsoft accounts.  Phones are very temporary devices but user accounts can last many generations of mobile devices.  I think this is a way to essentially buy user accounts, and get as many default BING users as possible, especially for emerging markets (the Nokia X range).

A full fledged Android Lumia device?  I'd be curious to see what that would look like.  Kinda doubt it would happen, but who knows.

I just don't know where to go. There is no where to get away from Google, other than Apple. What a load of nonsense... I know MS is all focused on services now, but I don't understand why they seem so determined to destroy everything they have built in the process.

No idea, there just scared...idk why they are also planning to move Android apps to WP, because then devs wont hve a purpose and that ruins everyone's time that have spent making a WP app, look ay how much it has grown

I love WP because of its good looks and it is faster and virus free. If it allows me to install Android apps without any Malware then it will be a very good thing for me and it will also help MS to sell its product. Believe it or not MS will have the chance to take its OS to No.1

let's all just calm down and breath.  These are just rumors.

If I had a nickle for every rumor that turned out to be hogwash...

I'm not sure.
It sounds like they are updating Visual Studio's to be able to program for iPhone and Android. MS is embrassing development for other platforms and increasing there SAS models. This might be the direction they want to focus on. I don't think they'll give up on WP but I think they also want to make money on other platforms.
Many devs for Linux and Mac are envious of MS developer tools. I have a friend who says the MSSQL is great because of all the tools at your disposal and wished that he had them on Linux. 



Updating visual studio to allow for all platform development can do nothing but help Windows Phone. When a dev just needs to select three checkboxes (oversimplification on my part) to get their app into all three markets, it's a no brainer for them.

Perhaps its just Windows Phone having access to Goggle Play store? I can't imagine a full on Android device.

That's not happening. To access the Play Store you need to follow Goggles guidelines. Not only run Android but have Google services installed and displayed in a certain way.
Microsoft wouldn't go that far, I think. Nor would Google play along that idea.

Microsoft could have a heavily curated store with only the specific apps they need for visibility in the public eye (the instagrams of the world). They could put them in the normal Windows phone store, and people wouldn't even know the difference except that the app is available now.

I don't know if that's true. Blackberry has a cut down version of the Play Store. They didn't have to do all that other stuff.

BlackBerry, as far as I know, uses Amazon's Android store. They do not have access to the Play Store.

I suggest Rubino speak up on this critical issue rather than having a staff writer cover it. No offense to you, Harish. But this is Editor-in-Chief business.

I don't see the problem. I mean come on, what else could be said about it -- it's a rumour for crying our loud ;-)

Tom Warren has addressed it already. And Rubino has been silent. I don't know if he's on vacation or what. But he has more inside knowledge than anyone else. There's no rumor meter. There's no alternatie source or inside knowledge here. This is a joke.

Daniel doesn't have as much inside knowledge as you'd like him to have. He has more than us regarding Microsoft but these plans I doubt he can access.

Calm down mate before you blow a blood vessel. For on who cares if Tom Warren has addressed it and Mr Rubino hasn't -- no big thing. End of the day, one of the jobs of an Editor in Chief, is to say "yay or nay" about stories. Therefore, he has already given the go ahead for the story to run. Until there is more evidence, I don't see the point in Mr Rubino having to say anything. It's not like he hasn't got more important things to do than, to clear up, what is basically a "none story" mate ;-)

If Rubino gave the "yea" for this peice to run, then WPC's standards for addressing rumors has plumitted. A leak from Evleaks, who has been called a somewhat reputable source by WPC multiple times, about the future of the Lumia brand is not a none-story. I don't think it's unfair to ask for clarification.

Then what does that tell you then mate? That the rumour can't even be classed as a number 2 -- excuse the pun -- let alone a number 1 ;-)

Go back up and look at the article. There is a huge pink banner with the rumor meter: 5/10.

To be fair, you are correct they have only just added the rumour meter. So I hope you are happy now they have done that ;-)

coip -- And you obviously didn't read the article before it was edited. Anyways, my point still stands based on the original article. It doesn't matter because 5/10 might as well be 0 -- it's like saying "it may or may not rain tomorrow". No big ting mate, it's still a rumour ;-)

I agree. Just look at the comments. People getting pissed off over most probably nothing.

Hopefully Daniel will speak up before WPCentral becomes WMPoweruser v2.

EIC is an important role with many crucial responsibilities. Rubino has done a fantastic job to make WPC the site that it is. Policies regarding addressing rumors and fact checking absolutely fall under his job title. He needs to speak up here, and I expect him to. I just hope it's sooner rather than later.



Most likely they are. But the Lumia name shouldn't be with android that should be with windows phone. They need to differentiate. But it makes sense for them to make an android device. They are trying to take sales from Samsung,HTC, and LG. The same company that flood the android market and bring lack luster devices to WP. I don't fault them for doing this, I can see them making a lot of money from this. People want Nokia but not windows phone OS. Ive tried to persuade so many people but it never really works. Ima die hard windows fan

Only way this makes sense is if the OS isn't called Android; call it Symbian X with Bing and Cortana and Skype and Office as the only apps...

You mean 6 windows phones in 2014?

Expect a timely release of WP8.1 with cyan for all the nokia phones.

And there is a comunication gap from MS to public which is a pointer that MS is busy in making android devices as the title of this thread says.

Problem is source of rumors. Evleaks was preety acurate till now. I hope this will be missed shot cause I wouldn't like to see Android under Lumia's branding. MS is doing good job with Lumia and with keeping Nokia brand live. I think they'll just screw everything up if rumor was true. Fingers crossed hoping they are avare that there is enough bugdroids on market and that there is no need for Lumia to join them.

If Microsoft switches from Windows Phone to Android, I will switch to an iPhone if development of WP ends. I do not need Android apps on WP either.

RJ Priest -- same here mate, especially if it's true that Apple are making phones with larger screens. However, some how I think this rumour is full of hot air -- hopefully.

I knew it.  Damn you Satya! You are the real trojan horse.  This is not only the white flag but surrendering while dumping right on the faces of the people who believed, used, bought WP.  I do hope this is not true.  MS should be putting end to such kind of rumors quickly coz their image needs some hard work.  I DID'NT KNEW IT WILL BE IN MY LIFE TIME THAT MICROSOFT WILL BE DEAD WHAT A LIFE.

Well bro, you may be wrong here...people ditch Windows Phone for one main reason (app-gap). Now a Lumia running Android out of the box is, as you said surrendering with the white flag.....but how about having Android Runtime Environment? You can install Android apps (.APK) files through a 3rd party app store like Amazon App Store on Blackberry... Does that make sense?