Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 customizations

Nokia has done some under the hood tweaks to Windows Phone 8 to enhance the user experience. For instance, that Super Sensitive Display that some of you were worried would turn on or cause issues? Well, you can just switch it off. Or if you really like music, why not toy with the seven-and graphic equalizer, 18 custom presets or turn on some Dolby sound?

Yes, Nokia has done a few changes to the Windows Phone, similar to HTC. They're not dramatic by any means but they are certainly welcomed. Speaking of, the changes fall under an app called Nokia Extras that will update via the Store (it happened to us once already). Because of that, we're certain that Nokia could add more things in the future to their device.

One example of that may be a Start screen/Tile organizer as seen in a recently posted "hands on" Lumia 920 video. That device is running the same OS version as ours (9903), which tells us that maybe a Nokia thing if what we are seeing isn't a 3rd party addition.


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Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 customizations


Nokia was granted ability to even customize the UI when they joined Window Phone and made the deal with Microsoft back in 2011. There's a lot of interviews about that by Elop and Ballmer. 

That is an app called new group+ that allows you to create live tiles, pin to you start screen. It's already available in the store.

Nothing fancy, just a tile with text and then organise the tiles around it, looks better with the new startscreen.

It seems like that large clock that HTC pushes on all their phones would be a simple double wide app as well. Put current weather on it and BAM! Son! Instant money!

Large clock? HTC Hub is a double-wide weather tile. I don't have a clock, nor do we need one as the time is on the lockscreen

Never thought about it but the Organizer looks like a great addition. Glad I'm going with Nokia 920 to replace my HTC Surround

Customization I'm looking for is custom ringtones for incoming text or email messages. Does the 920 do this?

That would be an OS level thing I think, Haven't heard anyone mention it so I'm guessing its not in wp8. I don't get a lot of phone calls so custom ring tones don't matter to me.
But I do get  ton of texts and notifications on my phone so I would love to customize those sounds.

Yes, the new thing in WP8 is a folder in the phone called "Ringtones". Every mp3 (other formats as well?) file you put there will be shown in the ringtone menu. No need for cropping tunes anymore :) (Confirmed by Anon Ymous (the youtuber) who has got his 920 yesterday(?)

I requested Microsoft to group the tile like that in windows 8. Its looks much more organize and better. Thank you Nokia :)

I saw another site reporting about the tile organisation. In the comments a guy who was there said that the phone in question had MyTiles installed and that's why it was grouped up. I dont know if this is true or not...

I bet the Tile organiser is the same as 7.5 where you download an app (or use a web app which is pinned to the start screen) which makes that tile and you just put it in between your other tiles.

I much rather see this style used with apps instead of the alphabetical apps list. I don't see the point in putting a title and a space in-between groups of live tiles you customize for yourself.

I agree. Although the jump lists are nice, I would like the ability to group the applists in more ways than one. Also, recent apps could be nice too!!

It'd be great if we could get a comparison between the sound capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X.

"Nokia Account" ? Eww. I'm sorry, but I HATE when companies do that. (i.e. EA, Ubisoft) I just want everything offered up front without the loggin in b.s.

Thats what I really like about nokia they really know what they are doing
wp central is relay a great websit from the time I'm seeing it but now it more like cleanby look I really love it just like WP
nokia lumia 920