Official: Mango rolling out Internationally too

And there we have it! International carriers have the green light from Microsoft. It's as though Joe Belfiore has pressed his big red button of doom in the office to set wheels in motion. Like the US rollout, be sure to have a bakcup handy should you be on a dev build or RTM. All carriers are launching except Telefonica who are still testing.

Once again, let us know when you receive the updates! Please note that SFR and Deutsche Telekom are not rolling out the update to Samsung Omnia 7 handsets according to the update page.

Source: Where's My Update?, thanks everyone for the heads up!


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Official: Mango rolling out Internationally too


Me too!!!!!!!!I'm on step 7 of 10: ...29%wow its slow, or am I being too impatient ...33%O2 UK, HTC HD7 ...34%

so am I,after reading this I decided to plug my HTC HD7 in and when Zune popped up I went into my settings and clicked "update" (not expecting anything to happen) and it started updating.

Updating now. Samsung Focus on Rogers in Canada, running Mango Beta and updating straight to full release. Awesome!

AHHHH I want my focus rogers update!!! I asked the rogers online agent when it was rolling out earlier today and they were useless!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!

I know it is probably crazy talk but I swear the screen looks better after the samsung update.Did you notice that?

Got a Samsung Focus, Rogers canada. Updating from mango beta, version 7712. says its installing straight to the final version. Ill update when its done, but not update b4 the mango update when installing

Weird, finished the 7720 final update, but AFTER that it had the 'beta clean up' thing, and now there's another update :S this ones called 'Samsung update for windows phone'and now its backing up my phone :S not sure why

Still waiting for my omnia 7 update from Orange Uk, cant wait!! Microsoft have truly raised the bar in terms of delivering this update, class act!!!

Lame ... it updated to 7392 but then once the update is done, it says the phone is up to date ... no Mango :( .... Really Verizon??? Updating to an update that should have already been updated a while ago does not count as a Mango Update!!!!! Verizon has ONE Windows Phone, how hard can it be???????

Same here :/Did the 7403 network pull trick and updated around 2pm. If you haven't gotten it yet I suggest you try the trick...

"Deutsche Telekom are not rolling out the update to Samsung Omnia 7"why???? whyyyyyy???? :_O why the things I choose to buy are always "negatively special"????

No updates on my AT&T unlocked Focus v1.3I am living outside USA, in Europe.Anyone can confirm that has a similar phone and it's not living in USA and got the update?

Anybody know if and when the HTC HD7 will get the update in the UK? and does it matter that my phone is unlocked ?

Unbranded Omnia 7 located in the Czech Republic counts as open market phone or is it considered the Deutche Telekom group?

I have a Samsung Focus, 1.4, which has Mango Beta Dev 2 on it, and it's updating just fine via Zune as i am typing this right now.

Weird, finished the 7720 final update, but AFTER that it had the 'beta clean up' thing, and now there's another update :S this ones called 'Samsung update for windows phone'

Yeah I got that too on my Focus, probably something to do with the whole "Not having to revert our phones back" Process

So it seems they are starting the rollout outisde the US first again. Cant wait for my Mango Madness!! Focus v1.3 AT&T Branded (no update yet)

Germany, Vodafone branded LG Optimus 7, just received the update :) !!! Cant believe everything went so smooth....

Please someone answer my question: if i unbrand my DT-branded Omnia 7 will i receive the update? Which firmware do u recommend? Thank you

Focus rev 1.3 running 7720 (leaked) got Samsung update - Austin, TX. Camera (tapping on the screen will focus where I tap and shutter) and WiFi (hidden SSID support) have been updated for sure. Still checking for additional features...

**** My phone is telling me an update to 7403 is available. My backup file is in another country. Think I'll be able to update to 7712, then on to release?

started at 1:23 AM 28-Sep-2011 Singapore time zoneCarrier M1, Singapore... yeah yeah... from 7712.Installing Mango ISV Beta Mango 7720 (process completes)updates installed:1Installing Mango ISV Beta Bundle: Clean upupdates installed:2Installing updates: HTC Updates for windows phonefinish time 2:05AM...done YAYYYYYYYYYY i am on 7.5 now woooohooooo

HTC HD7 O2 UK, plug phone in excited and its says its update? even though others are downloading it now?

So yet again the Samsung Omnia 7 on T-mobile is left hanging. Last time I buy a Samsung phone, they've had exactly the same time as everyone else - no excuse.

Ok, the best bet I have is that those carriers are probably adding extra customization to the Omnia 7. Perhaps wifi hotspot or some other custom addon.

there does seem to be Portuguese language support. You first need to select Portuguese from the region format field, then change your display language

My girlfriend's Omnia 7 got the 7720 update, THEN got the cleanup update for the BETA?That's still happening at the moment, so don't know what's next if anything?! Strange :)