Omnia W hits Swedish/Norwegian carrier Telenor

Omnia W now available on Sweden's Telenor

The Samsung Omnia W is now available at Sweden's Telenor.  For 219 Swedish Krona ($33.00) you can get one on a 24-month contract, which comes with free data.  If you choose to go contract-free, the Omnia W will run you 3600 Swedish Krona ($533).

The Samsung Omnia W is nice handset, sporting:

  • Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)
  • 3.7 inch Super AMOLED display
  • 1.4 GHz processor
  • 5 megapixel camera

Source: Telenor; Via: WINGadget.se (Thanks for the tip, Peter!)


Reader comments

Omnia W hits Swedish/Norwegian carrier Telenor


1. What major problems are those? Apart from one update hanging and which I recieved help from WPCentral forum to resolve I have had no problems with my Omnia 7. Then I can agree that Samsung Support people sound and act a bit indifferent when you call them. 
2. Wholeheartedly concur with Bruno H that if you are set on Lumia, your best shot for a Christmas present is to go to NetOnNet and purchase the Lumia 800 from them. For clearification it is simfree but with a start screen for T-Mobile and is pre-set to German. However NetonNet has been kind enough to launch a note on how to change that.
3. To return to the news that Telnor is offering Samsung Omnia W on a 2 year contract for SEK 219/month. They are the only carrier that offers a gen 2 WP mobile. Hopefully that will change once Nokia officially releases Lumia 701, 800 and other versions on the Swedish market