Samsung Focus Flash takes over YouTube

Focus Flash on YouTube

Now here's some mainstream advertising that should catch people's attention--the Samsung Focus Flash, a great mid-range Windows Phone on AT&T, is being pushed hard on YouTube right now.

Heading to the main site and you are greeted with a banner ad and the popular commercial for the device. One thing is for certain, of all the new Windows Phones, AT&T and Samsung are sure pushing the Flash, even more so than the Focus S or HTC Titan which is a bit odd. But hey, we'll take any Windows Phone exposure we can get and the Focus Flash is a slick little device (see review).

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Asher B., for the tip!


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Samsung Focus Flash takes over YouTube


they're probably pushing it more because the 99 cent price is a lot more attractive. And because they have a commercial for it, as oppose to focus S which doesn't seem to have a commercial

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too, only I didn't know they were $0.99 right now.  That is definitely an attractive offer for such a surprisingly great looking device.  It looks so thin and sleek, I actually didn't like it until I saw it in person.
I'm disappointed that there is actually no Focus S commercial.

My thoughts exactly.  It's the sweet spot of Very Good Phone, which they can offer at a Very Good Price.  As much as people claim to care about spec sheets, number of cores, number of G's, etc, what they really want is a sexy phone they can get for next to nothing.
The Flash gives them that, and much more! 

My sister just got two of her sons Flashs for Christmas.  I really like how thin it looks, it's a pretty nice device.  I have the first-gen Focus.

Put it this way, if you were looking to switch from your $500 iPhone, would you pay $200 for the focus s or $1 for the focus flash? It doesn't make sense to advertise the focus s for us, heck probably all of us here have a windows phone. They need to do this advertising for new users, not existing. Existing customers all ready know how awesome the windows phone o.s. is.

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I didn't see it either.  Perhaps YouTube tailors ads based on your subscriptions, or something?  I have 3 subscriptions, all phone tech sites, but no Focus Flash advert.
Oh well.  The regularly viewing YouTube crowd will see it eventually, I suppose; will the television viewing audience see more of the adverts, is the burning question.