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Google Search

Google has just published a new post on the official mobile blog detailing a redesigned Google Search app that is available on the Marketplace, which sports the following features:

  • Google Autocomplete: As you type in your search, our autocomplete feature offers search predictions that often match your intended search term making search entry easier and faster.
  • Voice Search: With our voice feature, you can avoid typing all together. Simply press the microphone and begin speaking your query.
  • My Location: With your permission, Google can use your device location to provide nearby results easily and accurately. For instance, a search for “coffee shops” quickly displays the nearest places you can go to for a cup of coffee.

This is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Although it appears the app is only available in the U.S. You can download the Google Search app from the Marketplace.

Source: Google

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Just a couple days after the Lumia 900 showed up for sale on a Czech site, it looks like the its brethren Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 are headed that way too. is reporting that the two Nokias are coming to the Czech Republic on February 1.  They will be available on all of the country's carriers (O2, T-mobile and Vodafone), along with the Electroworld retail chain and e-shop.  Word is that the 710 will fetch about 7,990 CZK and the 800 an estimated 12 490 CZK. 

The two handsets will come with the Nokia Collection, Nokia's own app marketplace, as well as a twist: a choice of search engines.  Users will be able to select the factory-installed Bing search or opt for Czech search engine, 

" is a Czech company focused on the Czech market. We are glad that we got the opportunity to offer our users the Czech search. In cooperation with the Czech representation of Nokia, we modified the home page as searching and displaying results specifically for phones Lumia, to the best possible user experience, "says Ivan Mikula, product manager for mobile services (Please forgive the Google Translate)

The search engine option is surprising, given its tight integration in Windows Phone and Nokia's close relationship with Microsoft.  However, it's also a great way for Nokia, and Microsoft for that matter, to break into smaller smartphone markets around the world.  A similar strategy was taken up by T-Mobile who had Google as their default search engine and later offered a selector to choose between Google and Bing.

Source: ComputerWorld; Thanks for the tip, petibear!

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We may occasionally riff on Google around here due to their Android OS, but there's no doubt many use their search services. And while they have not been the most friendly to our OS, it's still news when they do make something a bit more Windows Phone friendly.

So at least according to their Facebook page, the new Google search page has been reformatted for Windows Phone 7.5, which we take to mean has HTML5 elements on board. While not earth shattering, it does seem a lot nicer (see our screen shot to the right).

Notice anything else? Let us know in comments. Thanks, David W., for the tip!

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Well, we admit it is a little unexpected but Google has indeed launched a Search tool for Windows Phone 7. They say it's available now in the store, though we don't see it.  Just give it a few hours. Busy day, ya know.

It's nothing fancy, just your basic search engine for websites, images, local, and news. It also has that new fangled Google Instant, where it gives you live results as you type instead of typing the whole word/phrase and hitting search. Cool.

Now where's Maps, Latitude, Buzz, Voice, etc?

Source: Google Mobile Blog; Thanks, Phil Nickinson, for the tip!

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