Win a free Windows Phone at your local Microsoft Store this weekend

Microsoft Store

Live near a Microsoft Store? Then you might want to swing by your local retail store this weekend if you want a chance to win a free Windows Phone. There’s a promo going on this weekend called ‘Opportunity Rings’ where you might find yourself walking out of your Microsoft Store with a new phone.

Details are a little scarce on how exactly you win the phone, but we do know a few things about the contest. Every Microsoft Store (full and specialty stores) is participating in the Opportunity Rings event. Eight phones will be given out per day, per store through the ‘Opportunity Rings’ instant win game. No clue on what the game will be like, but we’re sure you’ll find out when you swing by a Microsoft Store this weekend. It does say available in all U.S. stores, no word on the stores for our friends in Canada or Puerto Rico. 

Anyone heading to their local Microsoft Store this weekend? Full even details at the Microsoft Facebook page linked below.

Source: Opportunity Rings (Facebook)


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Win a free Windows Phone at your local Microsoft Store this weekend


Dadeland Mall in Miami.....coming from Fort Lauderdale...maybe I'll swing-by, even though I already have my Dream Phone - Lumia 1520.

Oooh we've got one right here in Jacksonville, FL! I think I'll swing by on Saturday and see what's up with the contest...

Damn, none where I live in the rest of the world. Apple stores practically everywhere, MS stores practically nowhere - genius!

Lol, I live in Colorado too, but my closet one at Park Meadows and that's about 50 min drive one way.

I live in boulder and we are too good to have a Microsoft store. Ain't driving to centennial so looks like I don't be getting in on this

Need one in Fort Collins/Loveland! Sam - you need to fix the article, you put sing by, instead of swing by.

Thats because the Bolderites love their iphones...

I live in Northglenn, and work in Boulder.  I have been to the Cherry creek Kiosk store, but not down to Park Meadows full store.

But wasn't it announced here that we might get one in Flatirons?
Nice to know that there are some WP fans in my area!

I'm in Littleton and have been to the Park Meadows store. In fact, everytime we're in the area I want to swing by the MS Store. But it's nice to see so many WP fans in the area! The only WP I know are the people I got onto it. We need a Colorado WP group for something... somewhere... ;-) 

I'm all for it. And if anybody is a craft beer drinking WP user a meeting at any brewpub in Denver or Boulder area would be start!

We run down to Park Meadows every once in a while for a change of pace from Flatirons (live in Broomfield). I can not leave that mall without running into the Window's store. Although, I've got a new Icon that will be in my possession tomorrow. Perhaps, we'll need to make a trip this weekend though. The wife loves her 928, but I'm sure she'll be plenty jealous of my Icon once I get it.

It would be ironic and bad to be a journalist for Microsoft products, and not even be near one.

-- Bam --

Well according to the article you could sing by a store. Which probably would be good. I could sing I need a hero :-o

Hey Sam, how's that WordFlow keyboard working for you? Look before you send buddy! There is a Microsoft store here in Cincinnati... I may sing by as long as they don't scare me!

WPcentral needs to proofread their articles. If English is not your first language you might not be able to figure out he meant "swing." Sorry, but this is lazy writing and there's no valid excuse for it. Not to mention there is another similar mistake in the article. I let it go every day with a sigh, but it does get tiresome.

I suppose I understand the frustration but swing by is more of a colloquialism and wouldn't necessarily translate. As for me the more important update to the article will be availability in Canada.

It's a phrasal verb not a colloquialism. There are thousands in English. And yes I agree anybody making a living from writing shouldn't make mistakes.

English isn't my first language and it doesn't bother me at all. Everyone makes mistakes and with users ready to correct every mistake in the comments im sure if someone couldn't understand the article they would get the answer here...

It isn't about mistakes or even if someone can or cannot understand what is meant... It is about professionalism and the lack thereof... It is the same mentality that drives idiotic posts on those autocorrect sites... People send messages without looking at what they wrote, and then wonder why they've been posted to the internet, making them look like the idiots that they are... Why can't a journalist or blogger proofread their writings before they post them? These mistakes are so pervasive on the internet that it is infuriating... The professionals that we rely on don't care about being professional... Hell, even my word flow keyboard gives me problems if I don't know how to spell the word I'm looking for!

Dude, you are either overreacting or you are a grammar nazi. WPCentral is the most professional WP site ever.i don't know why you guys are overreacting to a simple grammatical error.Get over it -_-

You are correct. They are way overreacting for sure. They talk about proofreading and professionalism, I say how about relaxing and breathing before they post, and boy oh boy if that's relaxed..

If it was just one error we're talking about then sure, we should let it go. The reality is that the vast majority of the articles have these kinds of simple basic mistakes, let alone bad writing. I've been reading this site for years and while I do appreciate and enjoy the content the crap writing does get tiresome for those of us with some standards. Speaking for myself, I am bringing attention to this in hopes that they will improve because I do like the site and come here regularly.

You still do understand what the content creators(Daniel,Sam,Paul,Derek,George, and others) are talking about right?despite their grammatical errors?Then what seems to be the trouble? :/

I've said it multiple times: it's tiresome. Someone else said unprofessional and I agree with that also.

If it's anything like the Surface 2 launch, there will be speed typing (swiping) competitions and memory quizzes.

Nope, all you had to do was answer where Cortana originated from. ;) You know the answer to that huh?

I don't think you are allowed to give things away in Canada - everything has to be a competition or something.

Yes you can give things away in Canada. You might need to answer a simple skill testing question. Plus we also don't tax winnings. You win 50 million in a lottery, that is the amount you get to add to your bank account. No paying fifty percent to the government.

The reason why we have to answer skill-testing questions is because without them a contest is considered a lottery, which is illegal without a permit.

Damn just 8 per day. I was hoping for a repeat of the Spring 2012 giveaway. They were literally handing out $500 phones if you gave them ANY smartphone, even shitty 4 year old ones that have been sitting in a drawer. Got an HTC Titan. Ended up not being for me as I liked the keyboard on my DVP so I just resold it after using it a week.

All nokia care store should be converted to Microsoft store. This is an easy way. It will be very easy for Microsoft to open their stores.

Hmm, would like more details first before I head out. While I do LOVE my local Microsoft Store, it's such a pain to get too. Not to mention that I'm very busy this weekend. So we'll see, based on if/when more details arise.

I wonder if this will be like the windows phone challenge they did before the first Hunger Games movie came out. That is how I got my first Windows Phone.

My nearest Microsoft store is 3000+ miles away. My nearest Apple store is 12 miles away and there are six within a reasonable driving distance. It's a big selling point amongst my friends (particularly the older generation) that if they buy an iPhone and have a problem then they can just pop into the Apple store and get it sorted. I hope Microsoft are planning to open stores in the UK, I'm sure I'll be able to persuade more people to go WP if they do.

Sam, Puerto Rico is a part of the US (a territory) much like Guam. or like Alaska and Hawaii prior to statehood shortly after ww2.

It says something about getting tickets on their facebook event page, but the redirect takes you to the microsoft store to look at windows phones buying options.... Sam - any additional info here ?


I don't understand !?


Sidenote: there's a FIFA14 gaming league happening at my store this Sat at 7 pm so.... WIN :D

Hmm....possibility of free Windows Phone...but is it worth the 45 minute drive to gamble?  For all I know they're just giving away 520/521s...not worth my time or gas money if I wanted to just buy one.

They were giving away 928s,1020s & 1520s.
It was Very worth it.
I took a trip there on my road bike this morning (45min) and won a Beautiful new Lumia 1520. ;)

I think WPCentral needs to implement a spell and grammar checking system, or spend 30 seconds proof-reading. It's frustrating reading these articles with so many mistakes. I don't ever see errors on sites like Engadget or the Verge and it makes those sites seem much more professional.

Every time an article with this many mistakes is published, the errorists win. Please help support the fight against errorism by proofreading your work.

Just talked to a Microsoft Retail Rep, You have to answer some questions, then they enter those results and send you a text message if you win. This is Directly from Microsoft

yep and I won :D ran off with a Lumia 1520 in Black, i was the 3rd person to enter for the day and won the Phone. As soon as i saw Get excited i freaked out. Anyhow, im from Ohio and was at the beachwood store!

Two people won while I was in the store but I didn't :/ on the upside, one of the people that won had just shattered his Motorola phone screen so looks like we'll have a new Verizon Icon user very shortly :)

Also, to answer some of the above questions: It's *any* phone and *no* contract. It's an online sign-up in-store and a digital instant win game.

Stopped by the beechwood oh store just now. They'd already had 5 people win.

I was a loser though unfortunately.

Are the questions survey based or Microsoft based. I mean I assume we are tech geeks and we should be able to answer tech questions. If it is a survey I bet it is completely random.

I won! I won!! I won!!! lumia 1520... yepieeeeeeeeeeee.. now someone please tell me how to unlock the device so i can use it on t-mobile..

I won a 1520 at the Kenwood location in Cincinnati Today. Helpful hint... The answer to the question is "Halo". lol

I won a 1520 at the Seattle store and my wife won a 1020! Thanks for sending the info out. I wouldn't have known this promo was running without wpcentral! So awesome to get a new phone for free!

Yes thanks To WPCentral, I couldn't believe my eyes and had to go!
Walked away with a New 1520!!!
Congrats to you two, that's awesome!
Btw Seattle is my hometown! ;)

I won at mall of America! Got a lumia 1020! Would've taken the 1520 but the AT&T version is neutered and sucks.

Won a 1020 this morning to start off the festivities at Mall of Millennia. (already have a 1520) 4 more winners before I even checked out of the store... It was going quickly! Congrats to the other winners!

I went in saturday morning to La Cantera in San Antonio & 3 people had already won so of course I didn't. Next day Sunday I tried again but again I was rejected! But my wife won! She walked out with a kewl 1020. Sales staff was very enthusiastic & happy to help. Gonna head on over to AIO, wife just signed 2 yr contract with sprint, boooo.

Yes I WON a Lumia 1520 (I chose Red) this morning at the Houston Galleria!
First one in, first to win!
One guy won right after me and we ended up picking out the same phone and color lol.
He jumped from a Yellow 1020 and I jumped from a Black 920.
I am so happy!

Grrr! Was that you? I think I saw a guy win a red one right before me. I tried the dumb thing and did not win. Neither did my dad who came an hour later. I hate this contest and I really needed a new phone because the 810 won't be getting the dumb update.

Oh lol really, I was wearing a black hat and a black under armour backpack. I was literally the first person to play as soon as the doors opened.

I guess not. I came in around 11:20-something and I think the guy I saw had a red cap/backpack/shirt. I don't remember. Or maybe a red Nokia phone. Lol. Whatever. It was a bit annoying to take the bus for almost an hour from UH, and I wish I had woken up earlier to arrive there at opening. I'll do better next time.

I hear you, that's how I did it that Saturday waking up late and taking the bus took me over an hour and I lost.
The rep I was speaking with there told me to show up early the next day with a very serious look in his eyes so I took heed and and said to hell with the bus and took to my road bike early the next morning and arrived there from W Airport in 45 min and won so I be the first to show and I'm pretty confident you will win!

I WON A LUMIA 1020!!!!
Where: Microsoft Store Scottsdale AZ
The game was simple one question.
"Where din Cortana come from?"
Spain, England, US, or Halo?
Had a choice of a 1020 or 1520. Everyone in my house already has a 1020. Love the camera. Shipping tho 1020 to my brother in Baltimore.