Windows Phone snubbed by Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger blunder

Here's an awkward oversight by Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger. You have an ad for the Live Messenger app for the iPhone and it lists all the platforms Messenger will reach out to.

You have the iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry devices and the PC. Wait... what's missing?

We all make editing blunders but to forget your own mobile platform? Microsoft is gaining momentum with Windows Phone and really should be missing any opportunities for exposure. Especially when they are advertising their own services.

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Windows Phone snubbed by Live Messenger


Altough I agree with you it does't cause any harm to advertise that it works in windows phone. Someone who doesn't know WP would have assume that you can't have IM working in windows phone. It's integrated so what? But it's not the first time, go to the msn.co.uk and they systematically advertise any other phone except for windows phone!! Is msn website not part of microsoft, am not saying they should make propaganda, but since you advertise the iphone, samsung s2 and htc sensation, put a windows phone there as well nobody will criticise you.
I find especially msn.co.uk pathetic for mini-promoting some microsoft products.

@matthew, my thoughts as well. You dont have to "get" msn on windowsphone. However I still agree that they should be marketing windowsphone here.

He is not saying that this is an ad for the mobile version of messenger for Windows Phone. I am sure he knows it is built in. What he is saying was that Microsoft left out the fact that WLM interfaces with Windows Phone while listing every other platform that it works with.
BTW the iOS version of messenger is all but worthless because it signs you out as soon as the app is minimized. Want to carry out a conversation? Don't leave the app or else.

doesn't matter, the ad is talking about the platforms you'll be able to communicate with, not those you have to download it for.

True.  Live Messenger is part of our Windows Phones.  The omission is with the platforms Messenger can chat with.  Windows Phones should have been listed.

And thanks for the catch on my blunder.  Long day on my end.

Jeez, George.  Don't understand why you're getting so much heat on this. It's pretty obvious what you said is correct.

It is? Live messenger doesn't seem to be enabled in Mango on my Samsung Focus at all...
I don't have the option to chat with any of my friends on live messenger, just Facebook and Texting. I know for a fact some of my friends are signed in on Live Messenger, because I can see them in the PC client signed in with the same account that is the primary Live ID on my phone.
My status is set to "avaiable" in my "Me" hub, so what gives??

There is a stupidly non-obvious thing users must do to make Messenger on WP work: for each person you want to chat with, you have to "friend" each other using web-based Messenger.

Totally screwy, and when I asked MS support about it they nearly acted like I was an idiot for not seeing what they assumed to be obvious to everyone.

You know, I was going to write a comment here defending Live Messenger and Microsoft.  I stopped and realized that it doesn't take much for this group to talk with the Windows Phone team (or vice-versa), and to promote Windows Phone at a much more visible level.  But, this group is focused on adding more users to their service, and to keep folks from switching to say GTalk.
Microsoft really needs to get Live Messenger and Skype merged, and then core features of Skype added to Windows Phone.  We might not see that until Apollo (doubt it would be in the Tango release), but that should be later this year around the Windows 8 launch.

Stop looking too much into things. It wasn't there because there is no windows live app for windows phone to be downloaded. Its already built in, not to mention also that's an OLD ad that's been around since before WP was even released. SMH, what a slow news day that nonsense like this has to be made up.

OMG i just saw a Blackberry Bold Ad on my hotmail... damn, microsoft is giving up and killing Windows Phone! /s
these kind of news are so ridiculous, i mean, do you think Microsoft will update something like this OLD tip, just to add "windows phone"?
this is so silly as these people saying "oh Microsoft didn't say windows phone first and they said it after iphone or android, microsoft is bla bla"
my point?, its not like because of an OLD tip, not many people read, people will start using Windows Phone. if next release they dont include it, you can complain all you want though ;)

it cant be an OLD ad before windows phone because theres a picture of a new iphone device on the page
anyway, it may not be an oversight as I hear microsoft are re-classifying everything as a PC, be that a tablet, laptop, phone.. everything will eventually be categorised as a PC apparently :/ and seeing as it does mention pc...
but agree with the article, microsoft should be using this real estate space to advertise windows phone more effectively, any opportunity they get to advertise it they should exploit!
They should start to drop it into splash screens for loading windows 8, in the bottom corner of adverts on TV for other things, on the packaging of xbox live games, on the packaging of windows hardware - anywhere! why not..
it would be rude not to!
I went to Microsoft HQ in reading a few weeks ago for a conference for the day and they had Lumia 800 balloons lying around and cardboard displays for WP7 either side of the entrance secure fob gates.. But we need it out there more!

Come on guys and gals.  This is not a silly thing to take offense to. All of us are Windows Phones fans, or you shouldn't be here posting.  Doesn't mean Microsoft is above criticism.  Sure, we know that we do not need an app, but why in the name of Bill Gates Mansion would you NOT put the Wondows Phone name front and center anyways?  The chance to associate your platform should be a no brainer.  How many times have we all agreed the WP needs better carrier support and more effective advertising?  Then a simple Chance like this goes by and so many of us blindly defend them?  It was stupid.  Push your platform.  BRAG that all those others need an app but it is already on WP.  What is there to defend with this?  It is a symptom of the problem, and why our favorite platform sits at less than 5% sales and Android gets 700,000 activations a day. 

OK, been using a Samsung for over a year now with no Microsoft provided Live Messenger client.  I have tried Miyowa and others but want the real deal.  Where are you folks finding the Live Messenger client that you are refering to as "native"?