IFA is the next big consumer electronics trade show, taking place this September once again in Berlin, Germany. We know that Acer will be there with new products, but a rumor today suggests that among any new PC products and Android devices will be a total of four Windows Phones.

The word comes from Winfuture.de courtesy of Roland Quandt:

"Acer has a new Windows Phone coming for IFA 2015."

"Actually, Acer has FOUR new Windows Phones coming. Launch probably at IFA 2015."

Acer came back into the Windows Phone family at Mobile World Congress with the launch of the budget targeted Liquid M220. But, even back then, the Taiwanese manufacturer made a commitment to update that phone to Windows 10 Mobile. All that left us wondering what could be down the pipeline.

Of course, take this with the necessary precautions. Acer will be in Berlin will new products to show off, that much we do know. The rest, we'll have to wait and see.

Windows Central will be live from IFA 2015 in Berlin throughout the show to bring you everything you need to know.

Source: @rquandt

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!