Alleged Windows Phone multi-window images

Update: It's now been confirmed that these images are indeed fake.

Original story: Images that allegedly show a Lumia 930 running a version of Windows Phone that allows for more than one window to run on the screen have been posted onto the Internet.

The photos come from, and show what looks like a version of Windows Phone 8.1, rather than the upcoming Windows 10 for phone. In theory, this feature would allow Windows Phone users to run more than one app at a time. There have been no announcements by Microsoft of any such feature being added as an update to Windows Phone 8.1, so everyone should take these images with a big grain of salt.

Rumormeter 5

The article speculates that the multi-window support will only be enabled on Windows Phones with 5-inch or larger displays. If this feature is indeed in the works, we should learn more about it in the very near future.

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