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Windows does a great job of keeping your PC and its drivers updated, but the best Windows 10 driver update software might come from a third party. This is especially true if you're often working with old hardware or outdated systems. Drivers help your PC communicate with various hardware components, giving you a seamless user experience at the front end. If you have a PC setup that isn't very common, or you want to ensure that you have the latest drivers, read through this list of the best driver update software for Windows 10.

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DriverFix (opens in new tab)

Drivers For Everything

Not only does DriverFix offer scans of your PC to find and update old Windows drivers, it also boasts a collection of more than 18 million drivers for hardware and previous Windows systems. Signing up for a DriverFix plan will get you full access to the database and driver updates, as well as driver backups and corruption fixes. Plans include Personal for one PC, Family for three PCs, and Extended for 10 PCs.

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AVG Driver Updater (opens in new tab)

Trusted Tool

AVG has earned a solid reputation when it comes to helping your PC run well. Its driver updater scans more than five million drivers to optimize your system, as well as offering driver backups and custom profiles. AVG has worked with more than 1,300 major brands, including Microsoft, NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD to ensure you get what you need.

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Driver Booster 8 (opens in new tab)

Free And Functional

This piece of software can automatically scan and identify out-of-date, missing, or faulty drivers. It offers a collection of more than 3.5 million device and game drivers. There is a free version of Driver Booster with limited functionality, but there is also a $23 Pro version that delivers a ton of benefits, including backups, priority downloads, and a larger driver database for more hardware.

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Driver Genius 21 Platinum Edition (opens in new tab)

Clean And Clutter-Free

This tool automatically scans the status of your drivers to determine which ones are outdated or wrong for your system. It can delete outdated drivers from your PC to help reduce clutter. You can also use it to back up your drivers as an executable file. It pulls from a collection of more than two million drivers and it's compatible with the latest versions of Windows 10.

Which driver update software should you use?

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The best Windows laptop can't run properly without a whole host of drivers. The first port of call you should go to when it comes to managing drivers is the built-in setup available through Windows 10. It offers free driver updates that are current and relevant to your system. Whether you need AMD driver updates, Intel driver updates, or NVIDIA driver updates, chances are you will receive the right stuff. Check out our guide on how to properly update device drivers on Windows 10 for more information.

This might cover your needs just fine and won't cost you anything extra. If you do, however, have specific hardware that needs a driver updater, there are some excellent options in this collection.

DriverFix is an outstanding resource that boasts a collection of more than 18 million drivers, allowing you to get exactly what you need for old hardware and outdated version of Windows. Backups are available to ensure your drivers are close at hand, and you can even schedule updates and backups. Plans start at about $1.66 per month, paid annually.

AVG has earned a solid reputation for helping PCs run well, and its AVG Driver Updater can help you update and manage your PC's drivers. AVG has a large library of drivers and the company works with more than 1,300 tech companies including Microsoft, Intel, and AMD to help keep things up to date. You can get a year's service from AVG Driver Updater for about $3.33 per month, paid annually.

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