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The $150 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB is a great SSD going for one of its lowest prices ever

Update: The 250GB version is down to $90 from a normal price of $105.

Linksys WRT32X Wi-Fi router review: Prioritize your PCs for gaming dominance

Linksys teamed up with Killer Wireless to bring a new Wi-Fi router to the gaming masses. Here is what you need to know in our fresh review!

Best 5.1 Speakers for PC Gaming

Surround sound takes your gaming experience to the next level, but which speakers are the best for PC? Here are our picks.

How to add USB-C to your desktop PC on the cheap

Want to add USB-C to your existing desktop PC? It's neither expensive nor very difficult. Here's how to add a PCIe card with that new connector and some superfast data transfer speeds.

Best Gaming Desktop PC

If you're looking for the best gaming desktop PC that you don't have to build yourself, then check out the Alienware Aurora R6. It's got something for everyone.

HP DreamColor Z24x G2 review: A monitor that prioritizes color accuracy over everything else

When it comes to monitors, it's important for graphic artists, photographers, video editors, designers, and other creators to have accurate colors. HP targets that market with the DreamColor Z24x G2 Display.

Don't ignore weird clicking noises coming from your PC

A weird clicking sound might be a sign your hard drive is about to go bang. So don't ignore it, act to protect your data!

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 520S review: A space-saving PC that doesn't break the bank

Sure, it's slim and attractive, but does the performance stand up? Read our review of the Lenovo IdeaCentre 520S to find out.

How to pick the right PC upgrades for you

Does your PC feel sluggish when you perform demanding tasks? You may be able to solve that problem with a component upgrade or two. But what should you replace to get the largest gains?

Should you buy an ergonomic keyboard?

Here are some buying tips and advice if you are considering swtiching to an ergonomic PC keyboard.

Best Gaming Desktop PCs Under $500

Looking to get into PC gaming on a budget? Check out some of these great desktop rigs under $500.

Intel Optane memory: Everything you need to know

Intel's Optane memory is a remarkable development that could shape the future of PC hardware. Here's what you need to know.

Alienware Area-51 desktop gets a boost from AMD, Intel powerhouse processors

Alienware's already powerful Area-51 is getting a hefty boost from some new processor options with the latest powerhouse CPUs from both AMD and Intel.

ASUS VivoMini UN65 review: This tiny PC packs a big punch

This little box of PC goodness is all many people will ever need from a PC. It's called the VivoMini, and it shrinks down the desktop PC to something really, really small.

5 Windows all-in-one PC alternatives to Apple's new iMac Pro

Apple recently announced a powerful all-in-one. But guess what? Apple wasn't first to that party. Here are four incredible all-in-one PCs that run Windows 10.

HP's new OMEN X Compact Desktop packs a ton of VR power and is wearable too

Remember HP's VR-capable backpack PC? Well this time it's for real, and it's packing some serious power.

The new OMEN X Desktop from HP is a beastly PC with dual GPU options

HP's new OMEN X Desktop rocks 7th gen Intel i7 chips, dual-GPU options and a whole lot more.

Amazon takes an extra 20 percent off some great high-end gaming gear

Amazon has a coupon code for an extra 20 percent off some great gaming gear, aimed at the gamers eagerly awaiting the start of E3

MSI Trident 3 PC review: A powerful gaming rig that deserves a spot in your living room

MSI should be proud of what it has done with the Trident 3, packing powerful hardware into a compact form factor that really works.

How to tell if your mini PC supports 4K — and why that matters

If you're looking for a mini PC to act as a home entertainment center, you probably want to know which of them will support 4K video. Here's what you need to know.