Chief WMExpert hits up CNN

We'll have to forgive the boss for not getting a Windows Mobile phone into the conversation (note to HTC, Samsung et al: It's past time to get something new and cool out in the U.S.), but it's still great to see one of our own getting a few minutes of face time on CNN.

Dieter talked smartphones with CNN International's "Quest Means Business," giving some love to the Palm Pre and, yes, the iPhone. We have just one question for el jefe: You couldn't sneak in a shot of the watch?

Hit the pic above to check out the interview. Oh, and Dieter isn't the only one making the media rounds. The iPhone Blog's Rene Ritchie landed a spot on National Public Radio.

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  • I thought the exact same thing. Where was the watch! :D
  • Cool, good for you Dieter!
  • Nice job Dieter - being on TV is not easy but you did a nice job!
  • In the very beginning there was an oh-so-brief glimpse of the watch, but not long enough to really make it out
  • You fell into the media trap "The iPhone was the first phone to bring the internet to people". And you agreed. Tsk tsk. Opera was around well before then, as were others. I guess the real point it the definition of "true web browsing". Safari is great, no doubt but the fact remains that it (or any other "phone") is not good for viewing a "full web experience". Mobile optimized site, absolutely. There are many iPhone optimized sites...which look just fine in Opera Mobile (or Iris or UCWeb). They are great for that. But for "real web", you need a netbook like interface.