Connecticut-based WhartonBrooks plans to launch a Windows 10 Mobile phone

A Connecticut-based company called WhartonBrooks has announced plans this week to release a Windows 10 Mobile phone sometime later this fall. The details of this device have yet to be revealed.

The company's press release offers some broad info on their plans, which they claim will "radically change the mobile computing industry." WhartonBrooks seems to suggest that their phone will target the business and enterprise markets, much like the HP Elite x3, with plans to offer a wireless display adapter so that the phone can connect to a large screen and be used like a Windows 10 PC.

Hopefully we will learn more about WhartonBrooks's Windows 10 Mobile phone in the near future.

Press release

WhartonBrooks Set to Launch Windows Phone

Ground breaking technologies from WhartonBrooks coming in the Fall of 2016

Disruptive technology breaks the mold of current technological thinking to create a new path. WhartonBrooks is bringing new products and services that will radically change the mobile computing industry. WhartonBrooks' disruptive technologies and innovative approach will define the future of computing. Coming this Fall, WhartonBrooks will bring customer-centric advancements that will enable computing to be more personal, flexible, and secure. We accept the challenge to bring forth the loyalty and excitement that has been historically a description of the Windows Phone fan base.

The current approach to balancing work, home, and play is to just add more and more devices. That raises the question… Is "more" better? Not always. There are times when less is more. With less devices, a person's balancing act (multiple devices) can be simplified. We aim to simplify the computing you do at work, home, and while on the go. Fluid computing is our vision for helping you be productive, be creative, and have fun. We have the one device that takes care of all your needs. It changes with you throughout the day to meet your office and personal needs in every Moment. With our products, coming this fall, we have teamed up with Microsoft and Qualcomm to develop technologies that will allow you to use your smartphone as a PC, a tablet, and even make phone calls.

When connected to our wireless display adapter, your phone can stream its content to any screen. This opens up a whole new level of Modular Computing, allowing your phone to serve as the only computer you will ever need. For desktop computing, you can wirelessly connect to a keyboard and mouse and have a full PC experience. Now you have the capability to duplicate your enterprise environment while at home or travel. On any size display, browse the web, develop software, create that killer pitch with PowerPoint, send an email, and have a remote session with your desktop applications at work-all from your smartphone. The apps on our platform are built to work with any screen size because they adapt to the mode of work or play. For us, Modular Computing is at the heart of our new products. It is quite simply, your phone functioning as the hub of all that connects you to the world around the corner or around world.

With your phone as the center of your professional and personal world, consistency and security are critical. WhartonBrooks' smartphones are built with Windows 10, which features the latest in whole disk encryption, secure email, secure boot, multifactor authentication, and multiple biometric methods to authenticate device access. In addition, access to enterprise systems is further protected with VPN and secure remote desktop access. Using these technologies, the corporate data doesn't touch the smartphone and never leaves the facilities of the enterprise.

The innovations we are bringing to our devices will be the most disruptive since the advent of the smartphone in 2000. The key to our success is the incorporation of your feedback into our products. We want you to love our products and enjoy the experience. Our customers (current and future) have direct access to our engineers, developers, and support teams. This technological disruption (our new path for consumers) is guiding the development of WhartonBrooks and our Cerulean smartphones. With an unbelievable drive to succeed, WhartonBrooks strives to create the best devices for our customers.

  • I must say, on paper and with press releases like this I am really liking the direction MS have started to push W10m... In the background I must add, looking forward to some descent marketing from them in 2017 :)
  • The news release was so positive and life changing, I take back anything bad I have ever said. When that phone is released, Utopia will automatically arrive with it. :). On a serious note, I say, please, please, please, let MS get their act together.
  • Let's welcome :) the future of unified experience. That's what the OEMs that could see things forward wants to happen and to be a part of.
  • That's what we need - a 'disruptive' phone.  They put Apple and Samsung on notice.  :-)
  • Now in the Forums:
  • There's been too much "descent" marketing from MS recently, we're as low as we can go ;-)
  • great, more choices for windows phone users and enterprise companies
  • I've not heard of this company. Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but I do hope they deliver something good and not just some half-baked device that will just make WM10 look bad.
  • Yea, my first glance thought was, why is Walden Books making a phone? Then I read more carefully. :)
  • They sound like a firm of lawyers.
  • Yeah baby.
  • Way to go MS ❤
  • Yeah, they are really attracting some quality manufacturers. They are really going to turn it around now. /s Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You never know ;)
  • It would take more than a miracle at this point.
  • But miracle does happen :)
  • L
  • As usual, any article that says anything positive will attract the haters.
  • Yeah, obviously -.-
  • Positive would be a relevant phone manufacturer creating a device with Windows Mobile. These unheard of manufacturers are going to have no impact. Obviously they didn't see NuAns's Kickstarter. They will have a hard time selling more than a couple hundred. Why does Microsoft continue with this failed platform? It has no chance.
  • The only relevant phone makers left are Samsung and Apple. They are the only two companies making any money at all from their smartphone businesses Making a Windows device on HTC or LG will have no more effect then this company making one since nobody cares about HTC or LG or most others If Samsung doesn't want to make a Windows Device, then so be it. At least there are companies left willing to take a chance and present choices to the consumer.
  • You are right, even Samsung could help. What is the point of giving the consumer a choice they have already resoundingly rejected? It is time for Microsoft to truly go back to the drawing board.
  • Windows 10 is the "back to the drawing board" effort. Seems you missed that memo.
  • So they went back to the drawing board and drew the same thing for the third time in a row? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I suppose Samsung and Apple are satisfied with the sort of duapoly they had some time. But are the smartphone war realy over? In my area I see many now buying Huawei smartphones. OnePlus 3 and others making attention to. Even the struggling Sony actually made a small profit in phones again. So much still can happend in the smartphone industry.    
  • As long as people keep buying smart phones, the war will never be over.  There is never a finish line when it comes to technology.  It just keeps evolving.
  • Agree
  • Let me ask you this ass hat, how does it hurt? What impact does it have on your life if some "unknown" company decides to make a Windows Phone? Why do you feel compelled to comment if it means so little? What are you nervous about, is your little world closing in? Maybe you should take some advice based on your name and bleach your brain, the new clean brain may be open to more things in life... moron!
  • I have been a Microsoft fan for 20 years and am sick of seeing them waste time and energy releasing the same garbage that has failed miserably in every way. I want to see them make a compelling product and actually innovate. WM10 is no different than WP7 in any meaningful way. It has no chance in the market. Maybe you and this website want to see Microsoft fail? That is why you cheerlead them down this failed path?
  • UWA, Continuum and Live Tiles are just a couple things that MS had innovated. Even Android/iOS has taken a page off their playbook, so how are those not compelling?
  • All those things have been available on Android for years. Not one of them is new or unique.
  • You really think you are helping? That is really funny. Than be constructive with your feedback. What should be the next step... Do not say "make everything better". Tell us what exactly and how it can be done in a reasonable way. And just to mention it: MS knows where they stand at. They dont need you or us to see what they do right or wrong. At the moment they do something very different from before. Very much different than before. One core, making it easier for developers and for other manufuctureres to join in, attracked devs with other wider excepted products to make the one core a succes, refocusing their target market and so on. Let us hear of your great masterplan please. If it is great, lets discuss it instead of being negative about other people's ideas all the time without having own once.
  • I have said it many times. They need to allow OEMs to modify the UI. Maybe not give them deep hooks like Android does, but allow them to at least create a launcher that doesn't prevent Microsoft from updating the phone directly. That would greatly help get manufacturers behind the platform. They need to change the branding. Windows isn't relevant to phones and certainly isn't hip. XBox might have been a good choice, they certainly could have pushed gaming as well. That doesn't mean it isn't running W10m, they just don't need to focus on that. I think just those two things would help a ton. If they could get features out faster and widen hardware support, that would also help a ton. They have gone the locked down Apple way and that just isn't how you get OEM support. They should went more of a hybrid. Not as open as Android but much more open than Apple. They could have the best from both worlds instead of what they have now. It is kinda late for this stuff though. Not sure if there is anything they can do without making a breakthrough as big as the iPhone was in 2007.
  • It is quite obvious that you come here only to troll.  I see you in almost every post replying to almost every comment.  And it is obvious from your signature that you are an android user.  Spare us from all your negativity.  Don't you have anything better to do.  
  • By your logic, Apple should have given up on the Mac in the 90s, but look at where they are now.
  • Apple truly innovated with the iPod and then the iPhone. That is what put them where they are today, not the Mac.
  • They didn't innovate with the iPod. There were plenty of other unique, even touch screen mp3 players before it. Where they succeeded was making deals with the music industry to sell music at $0.99 per song. It had very little to do with the actual iPod itself until they became a little more advanced.
  • That kickstarter was about a blocky phone with low to medium specs, why would I have supported such a bland thong? Because of a stylish gimmick?
  • Hmm... People said that about Kia vehicles in the USA years ago. Same with Hyundai and they stole quite a few sales from the major players.
  • I now realize what your problem is. You sound like Nokia when Steve Jobs suggested they release a touch screen phone. They could only see what had been done, but not what could be done. That's why you think that only a Windows 10 metal phone produced by an established cell phone manufacturer like Apple or Samsung will increase WP market share. You are either too young, or you have drank too much of the world media's kool-aid. If that was the case, then no other cell phone manufacturer stands a chance of existence, but we know that's not true. You are currently thinking on mid and low level, and very bad high level, management levels. You lack vision. It's this kind of thinking that got Nokia in trouble. They couldn't see the success of the iPhone because it hadn't been done before. You can't see the success of a W10 phone made with corn husk polymers produced by former children actors because it hasn't been done before. You might consider catching a vision before you speak a negative opinion. The world is still full with possibilities.
  • Not sure where you have been, but Windows 10 Mobile has been done before. It is functionally identical to WP7 and WP8. The differences are minimal. Nothing about it hasn't been done before.
  • As I read your comments it is very clear that you do not have all the information nor do you understand the vision. There is a Paradigm shift occurring away from the current "Smartphone" industry. Modular Personal computing is what is next. Microsoft is ushering this in...Apple, Google and others see it too. People who dont understand the transition usually spend their time criticizing the past which clouds their vision of the future. Thats ok to be afraid...when you finally get it, come on over and enjoy! :)
  • You are going off topic, which is, you having no vision. Also, your logic, smartphones have been done before. Every iteration of any software is growth and takes vision, be it small like adding split screen, or revolutionary like self charging battery. Many people are impressed by the iPhone, but today's iteration is just an update to the iPhone of 2007's version. WP10 is the updated version to WP7. Otherwise you would have been happy with the HTC M8. It's metal and according to you is the same as W10. ;)
  • That was amazing STXVI.
  • Don't be such a pessimist.  It's a great operating system.  We just need more manufacturers to see the potential and even a no-name company is a step in the right direction.
  • You're an idiot.
  • Negative attracts the commons massively than the haters on positive.
  • Yep
  • Can't... resist...
  • Connecticut, represent.
  • There's an recently abandoned (former Nokia) cell phone factory in Fort Worth. Would be awesome if this was made here in the states
  • Part of our mission is to be good to our communities and that means creating jobs here at home.  We already employ veterans and as we grow our hardware products and software services so will our team.
  • Yes!!! Hartford Connecticut in the house!!!
  • Its all talk until we see it. After the Windows Phone we had this past year, I'm not believing anything until we see it.
  • I have said as time goes by we will start to see more and more support for WM as we all know that MS don't just think of now they plan a few years ahead. We know WP was not the hit MS wanted it to be but I think looking at WM Microsoft are going the right way about it. The mobile world may get its buzz back next year.
  • How is WM any different than WP? It is identical in every way and still has all the same limitations that held WP back.
  • Apps are the main limitation. Other than that what's left? They kept adding features we requested.
  • If apps was the only issue then WP7 would have gained a following and apps would have come. It never received any attention and as such, apps never came. Apps are a symptom, not the problem.
  • Ok so add launchers and rebrand it... Ok so why don't LG and HTC have more of a following again? How does a launcher attract local banks and state agencies to the platform? Contrary to popular belief, consumers didnt ALL try Windows Phone EN MASSE and then reject it. Some people did, but the MAJORITY have never even heard of it. When they went to get a phone they said "Should I get an iPhone or an Android?" If they HAD HEARD about it they were turned away from it. This is when 8.0 was perfectly functional and on its way up. In any case, the OS itself is fine. In its current state its useable and if the apps were here I'd recommend it knowing its getting better rapidly(at this point). Not getting attention is likely on Microsoft for not advertising what it did well in a compelling way. They let word of mouth from uninformed sales people dictate the image of their product.
  • I think it's tactical... Windows 8 was never their end goal. They've built up a relatively small fanbase from it which theyve turned into insider to get that critical user feedback on new features. But their end goal has always been so much bigger. Think about if windows phone 8 had taken off and had 30% of the mobile world, then they dropped a bomb and said "well, we're evolving every year to meet our end goal"... Can you imagine the uproar? It'd be like the windows 7 fans backlash of windows 8... I honestly think their lack of marketing is tactical. They'll get to the "one device for all your needs", which'll eventually involve installing desktop apps on your phone to use when connected to a bigger screen, and then they'll market the hell of it to say "this is our end goal and It's fricken awesome"! I think we're another year or so away from that.
  • It's a complete rewrite, maybe the biggest change ever done to any OS in just one version. Go, get your facts right, or drink some bleach. Seems like you like it anyway :D Or maybe you already drank so much, that you became this crazy as*hat guy, we all know today :D I'm not sure...
  • It is still the exact same polarizing UI with limited customization options at best. Even the phone manufacturer can't put their own spin on it. Rigid features and hardware options. Again, even the Manufacturer has no ability to add their own features or use some hardware. Poor branding, the Windows name just isn't a selling point. It is quite the opposite for many people. This is just a start. There are so many other little things that add up to a sub par experience.
  • Sub par experience? Like what I experienced on all of my droid phones before I bought my first Windows phone last October? :D Sluggish performance, OEM bloatware, boring UI, and endless tweaking just to make my phone usable, and running Clean Master multiple times a day? :D And there's more, like terribly designed apps, endless ads, lag, google advertising you new rooters for months when you just searched for a place where you can buy LAN cable (for example), no floating keyboard, no double tap to sleep, the "screen breaks into half" when you press and hold the Windows button is also lacking etc etc etc... And no consistency with my Windows PC at all.
    And for the UI... A can of Pepsi can't look like a can of Coca Cola. The UI is the mark of the OS. Period. No OEM bloatware-launcher is needed (I'm looking at you, TouchWiz :P :D ) And if the Windows brand isn't a selling point, why are more than 90% of all PCs in the world running Windows? :D
    P.S.: I'd rather switch to iOS instead of lagdroid if I'd have to...
  • Maybe you had a bad Android device, but that hasn't been my experience or the experience I have heard from many people around me. Obviously, with 80+% of the market and growing, people are having a good experience with Android. With .3% of the market last quarter, the exact opposite is true with Windows phones. People are obviously not enjoying the experience. I hate OEM launchers myself, but they are easily replaced and I see the value in them. If you are making a device, you are more compelled to market and push one that has your own spin on it and is differentiated from other manufacturers you are competing with. It becomes your phone, instead of Microsoft's phone that was just manufactured by you. This is a big reason why you see OEMs supporting Android and not Windows Mobile. This isn't the PC market. The Windows brand is not that relevant. I still think Xbox would be better branding.
  • I didn't have one bad android device. I had many of them :D And Xbox branding for phones? :O Xbox is everything that's gaming, not an OS.
  • I had a crappy experience on Android also. Yes they ran Touchwiz and Sense, the other was stock Android. I get calls daily from people unhappy with their Android phones. Very unhappy. And they keep buying the next model up hoping it will.fix the problems. The Windows mobile ecosystem isn't ready for all of them to jump over yet but a lot of them would be totally fine here if there was a decent phone for them to upgrade to. Right now there isn't much to choose from depending on your carrier of course.
  • Android N is godlike /s
  • What about all those diehard Playstation fans. Would it sell to them if branded XBox?
  • You could have had a bad windows mobile device, but that hasn't been my experience or the experience I have heard from many people around me. We could say that the percentage of people who have a bad experience on android compared to windows mobile could actually be the same. I'd bet android might be worse though, as there are more factors affecting them: Device fragmentation is a bigger problem, the OS requires more clout within the phone, google make their money through advertising so push this more frequently, there are a VAST amount of crappy apps on android that ruin peoples experiences, there are VAST more OS versions and OS hooky versions formed by other companies which could be detrimental (can't get that app on my unsupported version, or , my new device OS is completely different to my last one as It's a different manufacturer with It's own flavour but I wanted the same experience).... Etc. The list goes on.
  • I had:
    Samsung Galaxy S2
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Samsung Galaxy S4
    Samsung Galaxy S5 My 950XL is far superior. A few more UWP apps and some changes I hope are coming with RS2 and I'll start recommending it to everyone.
  • Any manufacturer can put their mark on a WP. They can add it through hardware or software. Nokia has already proven that. It was wireless charging, pure view camera, mix radio, to insta with love that made Nokia standout over Samsung's and HTC's WP. Only the core of what is WP can't be altered, but everything else is open game...Not to mention all the ways you can design the start screen, with and without start screen apps. The problem with you is that until someone does it, you can't see it, but it doesn't take away the options...they exist.
  • HTC and Samsung had their own software added as well. Like Beats Audio and HTC ZOE
  • Precisely. Any company can make WP their own. I don't know why people keep thinking that phone manufacturers can't put their own mark on WP.
  • I so miss the brick, the 920. That was art. I loved it, and I really mean it.
  • This spin that phone manufacturers put in their Android phones, adding features and customizing the UI of stock Android, is half the reason why new versions of the OS released by Google take so long to be released to old phones, the other being carriers. No thanks, I'm staying with Microsoft in this one.
  • Correction. Some version of OS are "never" released to old phones.
  • Yep, my "flagship" LG G Flex 2 had one update, and it will never get past Lollipop. Sad.
  • "Again, even the Manufacturer has no ability to add their own features or use some hardware." Look at what HP put about double tap to wake (NEW AND UNIQUE DEVICE'S FEATURES)
  • continuum is the difference between WP and WM. People also forget that ms has a big business market share when we had windows mobile but MS changed the way it was going to work in the mobile world and tried to take on IOS and Android. This failed and MS have gone back and had a rethink with a new plan. Look at the surface line for example. Business is where MS are very strong and this is what type of company they need to be. If MS work with 3rd party's and they make the right hardware it will sell well but everyone needs to work together which has not happened in the past for some things.
  • Would you be Ok using a gimped version of Windows RT at your job?
  • I'm puzzled... You do know that this version of continuum isn't the final right? It's obvious that this is an step on the ladder to bring desktop apps being installable on mobile devices to use on a bigger screen, driven from your one device, right? So are you just being a dick because It's not here yet? Or are your comments out of fear that you'll eventually fall behind with your android device?
  • You are incorrect.  W10M is VERY different than WP.  WP was a developer's nightmare..  it was it's "own" platform.  The development environment was so limited so as to impede the development of major apps.  W10M is antithesis of that model.  It is ONE and SAME platform as PC and now Xbox.. the developement environment has vastly matured. As well the tools have made it much more attractive to developers on other platforms.  MS still has a