Cut through the noise with a .tech domain name

(Image credit: Stack Commerce)

One of the biggest hurdles a tech entrepreneur needs to clear is finding an available domain name that's actually on-message with their brand and mission, since virtually every clean and simple .com or .net name has already been snatched up.

.tech domain extension will finally put an end to all of your online branding woes by allowing you to land a domain that's clean, available, and meaningful when it comes to your unique industry.

You'll be able to choose from a variety of short and snappy site names that fit your project's tone and message—all while using an extension that's far more relevant to your brand and style than a generic and overused .com or .net extension.

A .tech extension is also far more memorable when it comes to engaging new and future visitors to your site, and the much shorter and more relevant domain you end up with will help your pages climb to the top of Google's coveted search engine rankings.

You'll even be able to expand your brand's visibility and appeal overseas, thanks to the universal recognition of a .tech extension and the respect it brings within the industry throughout the world. It's even being used by major players in the tech scene including CES ( and Intel (, and hundreds of thousands of developers, startup founders and tech enthusiasts.

Give your project or brand a leg up over the competition by ditching those irrelevant and clunky .com domains for a far more streamlined, clean, and memorable .tech domain extension. You'll even be able to knock 80% off the cost of 1-year and 5-year subscriptions when you use code TECHNOW at checkout.

WC Staff