From the Forums: Xbox Live essential to WP, the future of Nokia

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Kicking us off is TransitStop with an interesting debate about whether or not Xbox Live is essential to Windows Phone's survival. It certainly makes an interesting an addition to the 'highlighted features' of any Windows Phone on display in a store, or on a website, but is it essential?

I just sold my Xbox last month and recently saw the beautiful lumia 920 for Rogers coming, my question is without a xbox account will I be missing a feature of the new wp8 os? I've never owned a windows phone I've had iPhone, blackberry and android and I'm looking for something to allow me to personalize my phone for me without the lag I.e android.

It's an interesting question, if you fail to have a profile for Xbox Live and make use of a competing video game console, would there be issues with gaming on Windows Phone? Not entirely so, which isn't always clear when looking at Windows Phone and not being aware of the ins and outs of Microsoft Accounts. These accounts, previously known as Live IDs are tied to not only Xbox, but all Microsoft services.

There's a free Xbox account and subscription-based Gold. Your Microsoft Account will qualify you to a free Xbox profile, which will enable one to take advantage of gaming on Windows Phone. A Gold subscription will enable premium features and is a must-have should you want to take gaming to the next level with an Xbox 360 console. It's entirely down to the preference of the consumer, but Xbox Live is an important selling point of Windows Phone, and is a great experience for those on the move.

Be sure to head on over to the "Xbox Live essential?" thread to add your opinion of the service.

Frustration with Nokia and the company's future

There has been a number of articles and threads here at Windows Phone Central that have covered Nokia's current doomed situation, and how the company has to perform better with Windows Phone 8 to survive the cold and harsh winter. With the frustration that comes with waiting for Nokia's hardware after an early announcement of what's to be expected, does this frustration turn into hate for the OEM? Steve_w_7 created a thread to discuss just that. 

"Whether you like Nokia and believe that the 920 is the flagship WP phone or not – the fact is, Nokia has to succeed for Windows Phone to succeed. Success in the marketplace relies on consumers ‘voting’ with their wallets. I realize that this is nothing new, but when a certain population is not given an opportunity to ‘vote’ and decides to sit this one out or settle for second best or leave the ecosystem altogether, that’s frustrating."

There is much love for the brand, and Nokia used to be the mobile phone giant back in the days where bricks were favoured over fashion when placed next to the ear. Unfortunately, the company failed to advance with the industry and found itself behind the times and had to jump ship to Microsoft's Windows Phone. We've witnessed innovative services and hardware from the company thus far.

With the announcement of Windows Phone 8 handsets being made so early (for various reasons), it may have caused further frustration with consumers who are still eagerly awaiting release. Still, does this automatically turn to hate? We believe not. While many publish their anger, it's still love for the company that has produced so much.

Check out the "Nokia frustration does not = hate for OEM" thread for more opinions and to add your own in a response.

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  • I'll admit the wait has been long and I am looking forward to owning a 920 but I don't think it should lead to hate. I do disagree with the statement that WP8 won't succeed without Nokia succeeding. Yeah Nokia has done well with WP7 but don't forget there are other OEMs making WP8 products. HTC and Samsung have good devices. Their devices can match up with iPhone and other android devices. WP8 needs all the OEM to succeed in order for WP8 to succeed.
  • Nokia also needs to stop giving exclusive 900/920s to carriers for extended periods of time. I am in Canada and absolutley loathe Rogers, where the 900 is  exclusively sold.  Even after unlocking and moving it to a different carrier legally, Nokia is handcuffed into not being able to support the phone with little extras like the 'network setup' app, because of the exclusive with the carrier.
    Nokia would be a lot better if it was available to every carrier which inturn allows all users access to the full lineup.
  • Count me as one who expressed frustration at the 900's camera and inability to be updated to wp8. However with the reported features of the 920, I once again have a big ol' Nokia Kool-Aid stain.
  • "Nokia used to be the mobile phone giant back in the days where bricks were favoured over fashion when placed next to the ear. "
    I love how people act like it has been ages since Nokia was at the top of the phone world.
    Nokia lost their top place in smartphones sold in 2011
    Nokia lost their top place in mobile devices sold in 2012
  • It does translate to a little hate... imo but I'll still get he 920 LOL