Google Mobile app updated, gets new features

Good news for those of you using the Google Mobile App: Three new features have been rolled out.

  • My Location is now on board and returns local search results without having to manually input your location.
  • Search options are now suggested as you type, as are URL suggestions. Very cool.
  • If you have Google Maps on your phone, it'll launch when you choose a local search suggestion.

Get the CAB here, and check out more at the Google Mobile blog.

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  • For once the graphics look okay on a Treo Pro/800w. They're still needlessly huge, but at least not "blocky" anymore. My Location pegged me in NYC aka about 60 miles off. Not too helpful. Yet this feature works flawlessly in Google Maps . Best bet on Treo Pro/800w: Skip the Plugin and assign it to one of your four Opt + Button features, to call it up whenever needed. It's pretty cool like that.
  • I use Bing for stuff like this the auto locate works great. I will have to try this and compare. I have noticed Bing auto locate does not work on Sprint devices, Anyone try this on sprint?
  • it seems like google is trying to emulate what microsoft has going here...that's weird. bing is awesome though and i think it is way too late for google to catch up.
  • I agree about mobile Bing. I really think right now it is better. However if Google ever adds the voice input option, there will definitely be a difficult decision to make. Google still returns better overall results for web search IMHO.
  • I usually use Sprint Navigator but occasionally use Google Maps.
  • badersk - I've also noticed that the "Locate Me" feature doesn't work on Bing, although built-in GPS seems to work fine on my Sprint Treo 800w Honestly, while I find both Bing and Google Maps to work very well and be designed very well, they still can't compete with the ease that the built-in Maps program offers on my Treo 800w. For a while though, it wasn't working, and I'm betting that Sprint, Palm, and/or Microsoft turned off the spigot on whatever link or databse provides the directory information/POI's. However, after rattling their cages a bit, it seems they have managed to fix it and it now works again!
  • mbressman
    The locate feature of bing hasn't worked on any sprint WM phone I have checked it must be something to do with evdo.
    I download the google app and google maps and I don't think it has anything on the bing interface or the features except for the social networking or youtube part which i don't use anyway. I think it is just going to depend on what you do most as to which one suits you. I really like the traffic app in bing mobile and there is not one in the google app. They both do auto locate well and business search, but you have to download two apps with google and only one with bing.
  • While I like many products and services by Google, I am not willing to blindly call something good if it has nothing new or better to offer. First, while I was installing it on my phone, it did not ask my if I want to install on my storage card and installed it on my main memory. Second, after installing and several resets it still says "Location is unknown". Am I supposed to have GPS phone for this to work. If yes, why this was not stated? Finally, is this any better than Bing?
  • There are some things I use WM Bing for and some I use Google Maps for. I'm starting to use Google Maps a lot more now with the feature changes. This is a healthy battle for us users.
  • I recently discovered Waze... And that's pretty much all I use now. Anyone think that Google Maps and Bing (Live Search) will start dueling it out on WinMo anytime soon? Where's my 6.5 update?
  • I recently discovered Waze... And that's pretty much all I use now. Anyone think that Google Maps and Bing (Live Search) will start dueling it out on WinMo anytime soon? Where's my 6.5 update?