In a move that would make the Dewey Decimal System proud, Google has digitized 1.5 million public domain titles in a small screen format. If you're in the mood to do some reading, just point Opera Mobile 9.5 or Skyfire to and you'll have access to titles such as "Treasure Island," "At the Back of the North Wind," and "My Life at Work." Pocket IE warns that "Some content cannot be displayed due to Pocket PC security settings" then returns a blank page.  Just what security setting needs changing in order to make it work are, sadly, still a mystery to us.

Admittedly, it may not be the most stunning literary lineup but with 1.5 million titles to choose from, everyone should find something of interest. In trying Google Books I learned that I had to increase my browser's cache to download the books and you can't read the books without a connection. Loose the data connection and you loose the book. If you've been curious about eBooks or just have some time to kill and you're tired of playing Bejeweled, Google Books is worth a look.