Halo 5: Guardians makes over $400 million in first week as the biggest Halo launch to date

Microsoft is promoting the launch week revenue numbers of its Xbox One exclusive shooter Halo 5: Guardians. The company stated that the launch generated over "$400 million in global sales of Halo 5: Guardians games and hardware, pushing the franchise to over $5 billion lifetime".

Microsoft did not reveal just how many copies of Halo 5 were sold during the first week, nor did it break down what it meant by "hardware". It's possible that the company included sales of Xbox One consoles that had Halo 5 bundled with it, along with sales of its Halo 5 themed Xbox One controllers. The company did say:

"With the highest week one attach rate for a Microsoft first-party title on Xbox One, the game was the most played of any game on Xbox One, as well as the most played on Xbox Live. Fans have logged more than 21 million hours of total gameplay, including 12 million hours in campaign mode alone. The widely praised multiplayer modes have also led to 9 million total hours played with nearly 7 million multiplayer matches played across Arena and the all-new Warzone mode. In addition, Halo fans are taking to the new Requisition System in a big way, with over 45 million REQ Packs acquired, totaling more than 568 million REQ Cards."

Microsoft added that Halo 5 was also the best-selling digital game in history from its Xbox Store for an opening week.

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John Callaham
  • Wonderful
  • Is the game any good? My Atari 2600 just broke. Time to upgrade.
  • Multiplayer is phenomenal. Campaign has some great qualities too.
  • Read stuff about the campaign leading up to release, unfortunately it was true, the campaign was a bit empty and lackluster to me.  Hopefully it is just a lead into what is to come in the next couple games. 
  • I was expecting to be disappointed by the campaign too after reading online opinions. It wasn't a 10 in my opinion, but a solid 8. The visuals were a 9.5, story 7, Gameplay 8.5.
  • Campaign left something to be desired Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The game is amazing..and this is coming from a Destiny 'fan'... Anyone interested in playing coop campaign on legendary?
  • Yeah, get an Amiga :)
  •     Baby steps. First you need to go on Ebay and get yourself a Sega Master System along with a few games and work your way up from there.
  • Truthfully I'm feeling a little bit of buyers remorse with this one. Campaign did not live up to the marketing hype at all. The whole Locke vs Chief was very anti-climatic. At no point in the game did I get the sense Chief was being implicated as a civilian killing traitor. I'm trying to get into the multiplayer aspect but so far I'm not feeling it. Perhaps that will change if I give it some more time.... I really enjoyed the Spartan op eps from 4 and think they should have continued exploring this route further. Tying into the Hunt the Truth pod cast would have been interesting. Here's hoping now that they have the engine built around the Xbox one they can put more resources towards story development in the next one.
  • Be interesting to know how much the game cost to produce. I imagine the marketing budget alone would be bonkers... Congrats to MS - great game!
  • Good!
  • Now imagine those numbers if it opened up to at least being included for PC.
  • No
  • You mean the same because pirates wouldn't pay for shit.
  • Yeah, because nobody pays for anything on Steam /s
  • No one cares about pc master race
  • Too many bots on PC. Stay away.
  • That equals about 6.67 million copies. I'll round down to 5 million to account for special editions.
  • Not if they're including console bundles.
  • Hence why I rounded down.
  • As far as a halo game goes this is under performing but great nonetheless, because I believe halo 4 made near this amount in the U.S alone. Can't expect it to replicate that with Xbox one so early in the life cycle though I guess.
  • Well that's why they included console bundles to manipulate those numbers! lol. I wasn't there for Halo 4 launch; did they have Halo 4 hardware bundles and include that in sales numbers too?
  • They did have them, but I don't recall how they dealt with the numbers.
  • Not bad, I'd love to see a comparison of each launch to date... =p
  • I wonder how they calculate digital preorders as mine was paid for and installed more than a week before launch if I remember.
  • HA! Halsey Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And im not one of them yet
  • I'm still sad about Cortana.
  • I loved that twist, especially since they explained how Halsey's fascism is in Cortana too. The idea that the end justify the means with the Spartan program and the Guardians both.
  • Dude, spoilers are not cool.
  • I'm sad she was uglier this time.
  • They toned down her jugs.
  • Haha! You said "jugs". That's very Al Bundy of you.
  • The best game ever
  • I really need halo 5 but the problem i have a 360 and i cant by xbox one...this is the saddest thing in my whole life...am really sad that it is not available for 360..why isnt it available for 360
  • Watch the You Tube play throughs and save yourself some $
  • You seem so, so sad.
  • I played every halo game from 1 to 4 and reach i need 5
  • I don't like halo or destiny, just jump here and there, hide, unhide, shoot and then a cut scene,same story again. Boring and bogus
  • Thanks for your constructive criticism.
  • Congrats to them, the game is fantastic, next step is to survive through the fall...its a crowded space
  • I'd have loved it if you could do a campaign over xbl. The same way multiplayer is setup. Join a mission in progress. No need to invite friends. Random people would be great.
  • Campaign match making... Yes yes yes
  • This game is bringing in more cash than WP ever will. No wonder shareholders would say 'kill wp'...
  • What's sad is how much money is made on inferior mobile games.
  • Liked fall of reach sadly its missing from my halo CH. dlc install list when I moved to elite but yet nightfall is still available