Can't play Halo: Reach on Xbox One? Microsoft is working on a fix

Microsoft added Halo: Reach to the roster of backwards compatible games for the Xbox One earlier this month, but it looks like the game is suffering from framerate issues on the console. Several users have taken to Reddit to state that the game is "unplayable," with framerates going down to less than 10fps during battle sequences.

Microsoft has informed Kotaku that it is currently looking into the issue:

We're aware some users are experiencing issues playing Halo: Reach via Xbox One Backward Compatibility. The Xbox engineering team is currently looking into the issues and are working to address them.

We'll share more information as we receive it. Are you also facing issues with Halo: Reach on the Xbox One?

Source: Reddit; Via: Kotaku

  • Yup I am having serious framerate issues. Btw first commenter!!!!!!!!!
  • Glad I had non of these issues when I was playing a day after it came to BC. Completed it with no hiccups.
  • That's weird. I installed and beat this game earlier today, had no problem with anything other than audio. At some points during cut scenes the audio would stutter. Pausing, hitting the home button on the controller and just going back in an unpausing would fix it.
  • Pls fix mass effect 10fps issue... And gow3 and gow judgement...
  • Nothing wrong with GOW, 2, 3 or Judgment.
  • Well there is for that guy
  • No you're wrong
  • How is this even possible? Something as powerful as the xbox one, which should have around 3 times the power of the 360 be having frame rate problems?
  • Software problems Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You don't dev, do you?
  • i like that one :) +1020
  • Ha-ha gg Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • Welcome to how things work.
  • This is a bit like saying well a car can drive thousands of miles; why can't we take one to the moon? Software is less tangible than most things, and if you don't understand it, you can't properly predict things about it.
  • I always here sh!tty developers and programmers say that.
  • Maybe because it is true, and because they are actually good developers
  • Remember, Microsoft basically built a 360 in software to do this. We have to expect bugs from time to time.
  • Agreed, and that is probably why only a few games are released so far, mostly less demanding games. What Microsoft has done with bringing BC to Xbox One is amazing, but fairly new. There be bugs for sure, but taking it slow, adding games in stages let's Microsoft identify problems fix as they come in a more controled way Give a year and I'd bet BC will amazing
  • the issue is that it is running off an emulator, so not everything is going to be perfect.
  • Play it on 360 damnit ! Halo reach is best to be played on its original console ! PLAY THE LAST GOOD HALO HOW IT WAS MENT TO BE PLAYED ON XBOX360 No but srly. Love that Bungie finds its way to join the xbox one and beat the crap out 343. Halo reach was perfect and ended halo with a great firework and gosh the fire fight mode and the multiplayer *-*
    Really microsoft, you should have left the series there as Bungie intended it to end.
  • Get off of Bungie's "D" already. Or go play Destiny if you love them so much. 343 have been doing a good job with Halo. And Microsoft wouldn't abandon one of the most iconic franchises in gaming to please your poor judgment.
  • Halo 5's gameplay is the best in the series. Destiny's mediocrity indicates that Bungie is past their prime.
  • Most of the Halo's Bungie guys are what makes up most of 343. Bungie pretty much divided between those that wanted to keep making Halo and those that wanted to do something new. Just look at the credits from Halo Reach and Halo 4. 80% of the names are the same.
  • What's mean can't play??? Microsoft halo halo people pay too much for you isn't?
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  • Hooked on phonics worked for me.
  • Obviously didn't work for this guy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why play Halo: Reach when you can play Halo 5?
  • Because Halo 5 has no local multiplayer
  • Not everyone has played Reach and sometimes it's just good to revisit games. Reach was an amazing game, so its definitely worth revisiting. 
  • Because you can get it for a couple of quid from the charity shop
  • Been looking forward to being able to play reach. I downloaded it today(1-2-16) and immediatly had some serious frame rate issues playing online. Then when trying to play co-op with my wife the game would lose audio and then freeze about ever 15 seconds for about 10 seconds, along with the frame rate. Hope they get it fixed. 
  • I'm having trouble just starting the game. The game always crashes on the cutscene right before you get to the main menu. I'm uninstalling it and reinstalling it to see if that works, but if it doesn't I won't know what to do
  • Hey did the reinstalling work? Mine gets passed the xbox 360 load screen and then goes a little making the blue symbol then kicks off back to xbox one home screen?