HTC European boss Florian Seiche reportedly jumping ship to Nokia

EMEA President at HTC, Florian Seiche is reported to be joining Nokia as head of European sales from June 15th, according to Bloomberg. Seiche has been at HTC since 2005, prior to which he held the role of Director of Devices at Orange. The Bloomberg report suggests that Nokia's own EMEA head Shiv Shivakumar is leaving the company and will be replaced by the VP of smart devices for the Americas, Arto Nummela.

While Nokia has recently returned to profitability, both the Finnish company and HTC are still in the midst of rather difficult times. The mobile phone market is a competitive one, which Samsung and Apple are governing comfortably. What Seiche bring to the table for Nokia is yet to be seen, but since Nokia has already kicked off a strong push in Europe with Windows Phone, we'll look forward to more of the same.

Source: Bloomberg, via: Android Central

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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