HTC reaffirms its love of Windows Mobile

Every so often we see headlines exclaiming "Cell manufacturer abandons Windows Mobile for (insert cool new OS here)!" HTC has no such pretensions, despite all the attention being paid to Android this year.

HTC France exec Frederic Tassy spells it out in an interview with Mobinaute:

"For HTC 2009 is the year-off system Android. By the end of the year, we remain a strong player in this market. For other brands, there will be I think a lot of bluff with products that are likely to be delayed. We will always be more flagship products on Windows Mobile. Our best selling smartphone in Europe is also the HTC Touch HD Windows Mobile. "

So fear not, WinMo fans. HTC isn't going anywhere on us.

wmpoweruser via Android Central

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  • Too bad HTC isn't abandoning Windows Mobile. Bad business move.
  • Oh? What would you prefer?
  • Diversification is a good thing. It helps a company meet the needs of multiple customer types - which obviously leads to more sales. Also, Windows Mobile has helped HTC become the company they are today - the popularity of their phones isn't based solely on their hardware designs. People like Windows Mobile in the business world, myself included.
  • Historically, splitting your resources among multiple platforms is not the greatest move, but can be done... HTC's already got their feet in the water with Andriod, what more do you want?
  • Who abandoned windows mobile for other? Motorola? They sucked anyway.
  • The day HTC abandons WinMo is the day WinMo dies... which hopefully won't happen anytime soon. HTC makes great phones, and they would be more popular here in the U.S. if they had their whole lineup available for some/if not all major carriers. When WM7 comes out, HTC's phones will be incredible. I can't wait to see what else HTC comes up with. My only suggestion is to keep the dpad... like the Touch, NOT like the Diamond's!
  • Hi - has anyone heard any rumors at all about when Sprint will release the Diamond2?