Italy-based Miia to release new 4.7-inch Windows Phone device

Yet another new OEM has joined the Windows Phone ranks. This time, it's Italy-based Miia who will launch the 4.7-inch device with a rather dull name, the iimotion MWP-47.

The hardware specs on the phone are also not exactly speculatuary. Inside there's a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage, along with an eight megapixel rear camera and a two megapixel front facing camera.

The company's website does not show a price tag or a release date for the Miia iimotion MWP-47, but claims it will have a price of 209 euros. Are you glad there's yet another OEM joining the Windows Phone family? Thanks to Jasmeet for the tip!

Source: Miia via Apothetech

John Callaham
  • Too expensive I think
  • I agree! For 249 you can get the lumia 735 witch is a superiour device in any way. So why pay 209 for a white label OEM with a very low spec phone? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Because it features spell check?
  • Come on now.. Give him a brak.
  • I see what you did there, did you?
  • Yes. Yes, I did.
  • This is the same device as the XOLO Windows phone
  • I wanna have me one of them low spec/prize phones. There's something unique about them.
  • This is costs too much to offer any bang for buck though.
  • This should mean a lot to Microsoft, because obscure OEMs like this usually bring Android smartphones only...
  • Yes. Tears of joy streaming down Microsoft's face.
  • Yes, exactly! Welcome to the Windows Phone family!
  • This service has a quite beautiful design!
  • Hey look an iWP
  • LOL you made my day
  • iiWP* much more advanced :p
  • If there are so many OEMs joining the WP family then why we still don't see an increase in market share? It's because those OEMs already produce an identical Android device so people go for that instead of WP. We need OEMs that would ONLY produce Windows devices, like Nokia was doing.
  • There will be at least a 3 month lag in reporting numbers. If the releases, like this one, appear in the middle of a quarter, then the first retort would only show a fraction of the eventual bump. Basically, we may not know the impact, or lack of one, until next spring.
  • Too early to tell...
  • WP has shown growth if you pay attention to the statistics. It is just slow growth witch is still growth. WP will keep gaining market share but not in the shock and all kinda way android did that was a different time in mobile Microsoft was late to the mobile game and got beat there by android. Now that MS has returned full force to mobile. They will continue to gain ground market share wise buy it will be by grinding it out not the explosion that happen with android because the market is alreay so saturated with smart phones but ms will grind it out little by little just watch and see
  • Many of these OEMS phones are still not out yet. There are probably like close to 20 now. The market share for WP is likely to climb higher over the coming months. Chill...
  • 209€ and the device has a snapdragon 200 processor?? For that price i think they should be including the 400 one.
  • Agreed.
  • Sounds like a rifle's name.. ;)
  • Microsoft knows what they are doing. Flood the market to gain market share. Plus if they actually deliver the integration with Windows 10 that they've been talking about for years, then I think we will start to see some major increases in market share. They should offer a free Windows phone with certain computers for the launch of Windows 10. I think that would be really smart.
  • Not that horrendous capacitive button again
  • What's with the dot-circle-dot pattern on the keys?
  • A lot of new WP devices have this.. Saves money for the company.. Some of their Android devices have the same buttons.
  • 200 Euros is too much for such a device
  • All those 'new' OEMs use the Qualcomm Reference Design to make it as cheap as possible. In this phone they don't even use the standard WP-Buttons (at least in the picture shown).  There ist nothing unique about all those phones and though they add more 'manufacturers' to WP they don't add much value. 
  • Neither are all those cheap android phone of real value either but google like Microsoft know that the more you saturate the market the more market share you gain look at how pcs and windows beat out apple and mac Os in the PC market Microsoft and PC OEM flooded the market with cheaper PC running windows apple couldn't compete cuz they were so few in the market and more expensive.
  • The more the merrier, but we urgently need more well-known OEM's to join. We need mid-range HTC's, Samsungs at all price levels and beautifull Xperia's, all released globally! Those small OEM's don't attract enough attention to quickly raise WP's mindshare.
  • SONY won't come to WP...
  • Considering buying an iPhone until Microsoft figures things out.
  • Boring.
  • What's with all these low-end devices making the rounds? This is even worse, not even a S400 -_- STAHP
  • WP is doing well in Italy so I read
  • This same phone is available with different names in different countries
  • Too expensive
  • In Italy we have a WP market share that's around 14%. It's more than iOS. That's why a lot of obscure OEM are interested.
  • Well you sure slammed the phone in the article. Why not just mention what the phone is and just leave it at that? Instead of saying it has a "dull name",and "not exactly speculatuary" in regards to the specs. If someone who reads articles like this to help them decide on a WP,you don't instill any good hopes for them. WP does perform well on specs like these. As for the price,most of the comments are saying that it's too high,but the price isn't even official. Can't we just be happy that WP gets another choice? I thought we were trying to grow our user base. This should possibly help.
  • you can coat shit with sugar. will still be shit in the end.
  • Um, shit in the middle, I think.
  • lol touché
  • Lots of talk about price and spec. Its not a phone for you spec junkies and development / manufacturing costs have to recovered. Look at the growth and spread of the ecosystem rather than showing you are really android users on the down low.
  • Who's to say it will be shit? You don't know that yet. Besides,that's for the end user to decide.
  • shit
  • Hope that makes you feel better...
  • the snapdragon 200 running a 720 screen has already shown how horrible the lag has been and running on a previous phone with the same specs for 8.1 and this like the same recycle phone that two other OEM announced with the O home key. This is nothing but a masked Xolo Q900s   So based on the specs of this phone and other reviews of the Xolo. Shit 
  • The price is set to 199 euros, actually. I've heard this from a presentation by a responsable om Miia marketing Italy. It's a quad core, 1Gb ram, 8Mpxl camera with flash led. I believe that the price is in a little expensive. Maybe at 129-149 euros could be competitive.
  • I brought the blu win HD and everything is smooth as all the other windows phone I had. What are you people doing on your phone editing 4k videos lol
  • Yeah and viewing it on my 1080p TV hhahahahahha
  • oh hey look. the Xolo Q900s...
  • Awesome! This is great for mind share!
  • Anyone have any clue as to the success of all the WP vendors as of late?
  • I wouldn't mind buying a higher spec, up to date one of this brand. Having a Lamborghini of Windows Phones would be neat.
  • Ohh am glad and am also glad it has A GB of RAM hurrayyy Edit: Windows phone market share will increase in the holiday
  • Might as well just get a BLU win HD for 189 usd