Kantar's latest smartphone market report mostly shows declines for Windows Phone

Research firm Kantar Worldpanel issued its latest report on the smartphone market share numbers, this time for November 2014. Unfortunately, its numbers shows that the market share for Windows Phones went down in nearly all of its territories.

According to its research, Windows Phone's share went down in the US from 4.6% in the three months that ended on November 2013 to just 3.0% for the same time period that ended in November 2014. Even Android's share went down from 50.4% to 48.4% in the same period, but iOS jumped up from 43.1% to 47.4%. Kantar said the sales success of Apple's iPhone 6 was the reason for the increase.

Windows Phone's market share went down overall in Europe from 9.8% to 8.3% between November 2013 and 2014. Only Germany saw an increase in Europe, from 5.7% to 7.1%. Australia also saw an increase for Windows Phone, from 6.9% to 8.0%. China saw a decrease in its Windows Phone share from 2.7% to just 0.6%.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

  • Better things to come with Windows 10 for Phones.
  • We were waiting for this from 8,1. Let's wait a bit more
  • Gonna be the last hope..If it doesn't satisfy me..Am really switchin like DJCBS..!!
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  • The light side has privacy.
  • The "light side"?  Are you talkiing about BlackBerry?
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  • And all our data are belong to Google! Yay!
  • LOL DJCBS but no thanks :)
  • Do you have more apps there..?
    Frequent app updates too..?
    Faster devices with more customizations..? More support from Devs..? Much better processors and RAM too..????
    I would taste one today and forget all the darkside's drawbacks..it's slutterin..RAM consumption and everything else..!!
    But mah girlfriend doesn't let me switch..Due to lack of good cameras (she wants nice clicks)..And....Privacy (you know girls)..!! So..It's a big NOOOO till WP 10 DJCBS..!!
  • My phone is very fast and has 2GB of RAM. With all the apps I need for now. Customization? My start screen is my own, with all I need at a glance. With custom sounds for everything from text messages to individual app notifications. I still haven't figured out what else Microsoft needs to do to get users and developers onboard... I mean... Are the dev tools that bad?
  • "With all the apps I need for now"
    You're not the only WP owner in the world..Apps are surely less..!!
    Well do we have a 'RAM Monitor'..? Or a 'End-All Processes Button'..? Background Animation Start-Screen (Yes it's yours cause you own your WP) Or something simple like 'Pop-Up Notifications' for WhatsApp..? Oh..Do we even have more than 100 apps which updates themselves before 30 Minutes..?? List is long bub..If you're satisfied that doesn't mean others are..!! WP still has a long way to go....
  • I'm satisfied, and don't understand your need for an "end all processes" button or a "ram monitor"... If you want to fk around with all that bs you are on the wrong platform. A background animated start screen? Are you mad? Animated tiles with animated background? I don't think you thought that one through... Toast (pop up) notifications for WhatsApp work for me.... I guarantee nobody has the same start screen as I do also...
    Actually... I wonder if you actually own a Windows Phone?
    If you do... I'm guessing you have recently purchased one after being on Android for a while and don't know how this OS works yet?
  • I'm probably using WP before you bub..And I suppose you don't know the difference between Pop-Up Notifi and Toast Notifi..!! And really I can't understand your 'I own..I have' shit and your guessing is bad too..!! I want some features and you are no one to question me what for..?? Maybe to fk or for some bs..Anyway not your place to poke in your dirty nose..
  • You didn't answer any of my points?
  • I said I need em and you are no one to question me..Need a RAM Monitor to see which apps suckin how much..A lotta things are opened at once so don't wanna keep swiping em down so a need for a single click-End All Button..!!
    There is no pop-up notifi for WhatsApp FYKI in WP..!!
  • Windows phone OS will shut down apps not being used if more ram is needed... But you knew that right?
  • Many a times 1 outta 2 is closed..Why is that so..?? (no games)
    And you didn't answer the rest of my points..??
    EDIT: It's required by Devs too..!!
  • Suspends processes as needed... Not sure if I can you help any further, Which point did you need assistance with?
  • Not sure if trolling or serious.
  • Actually dev tools are better than competition.  The problem with Apps is plain simple low marketshare. Apple marketshare although not huge still have people with more money to spend than android´s so it attract developers.  But WP marketshare is like Android, +80% of the phones are low cost phones with people wanting free apps only but their marketshare is 10x bigger. I dont get how people complain about a "flagship" ? If you have a 1520 or 930 what else do you want right now?  Our cameras are still the best in the market (although iPhone 6 phase detection is amazing!), hardware is amazing (really, 99% of us would not see the dif from a Snapdragon 800 to a 805)... making a "better" phone right now would not raise marketshare at all. Microsoft is on the right path.  Lumia 535 seems the perfect low cost phone. We need a better ecosystem right now and thats what they are doing. And please, once again, FIX ONEDRIVE SPEED! He have about a year before needing a new flagship.  From the rumors, iPhone 6s camera will be a beast... the only thing i care about my WP is how the camera is better than the competition, i hope they can keep with it in the future.
  • sony z3 + cyanogen is what you need
  • Sony has that Bootloader unlock shit..So I prefer a M8 + Cyanogenmod KitKat 4.4.2
  • And laaaaaggy fragmented UI's all over the place. :D
  • I can't select other OS even if I want. Because IOS is very closed and has many strange things (example: Every version of IOS makes old phones to be less fast), but its better than unstable Android(I have seen Lollipop ,and know what I say)
  • I was answering Aman, though I don't blame you, this new comments layout becomes confusing after 3 replies.   Lollipop is a mess, you're absolutely right. But KitKat is working smoothly as did Jelly Bean 4.3 before it. Android has a problem currently though: Google f*cked up the SD card functionality.
  • Android full stop, wouldn't be bad if people knew how to manage it... The problem with that statement is, people shouldn't have to!
  • IOS is about as open as Windows Phone
  • Apple is a closed shop and android is a little pedantic. Windows phone is the only drag and drop phone out there. And since I have upgraded to the 1520... I have the best phone I have ever had. That's from owning apple, through Samsung to windows.
  • IOS can at least jailbreak and semi customizable after the jb... Nothing for lumias right now... :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And they said that iPhone 6 would be difficult to break..!! Ha..The whole process took less than 15 minutes as compared to iPhone 5s which took about an hour..!! iPhone 6 is really fast..!!
  • Haha well said bro.
  • Early market research is suggesting an increase in December for Windows Phone, though. Lumia activations were stronger than unusual over the holidays, according to some market research. It'll be interesting to see if Kantar finds the same.
  • I'm not switching. I don't feel like I'm missing anything really. I'm campaigning for apps but that's because others want apps they've had on other platforms.
  • True wp fan Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Spot on!!!
  • Better things did come with 8.1 - I love most of it. Overall, its a much better system. What did you expect 10% market share overnight? Didnt the same things happen last year between phone releases, then it bounced back with the next report after new devices hit the market?
  • *sigh* True. Even basic things like Third-Party App notifications still have no consistency/reliability. Windows Phone 8/8.1 was a step in the right direction in bringing modern functionality, and I was certainly excited that maybe they were finally going to get ahead of the curve, but they weren't able to even get something like that nailed correctly. Presumably the lack of any real movement since is due to the work being done on Windows 10, but it's pretty depressing being a WP user in the meantime.  I don't know how many times they can keep starting over. :( My next phone, when I'm eligible for an upgrade in April, is almost certainly going to be an Android-based one. I'll miss my 1020, but I don't think I can keep a straight face and say I'll miss the WP OS. 
  • Not surprised by the decline. MS to blame
  • Yeah, last chance and probably the last choice.
  • The condition of WP is similar or little better than webOS... People love it in someone else's hand but don't want to buy it as they are stuck with their iOS or droid. The only reason WP is still available and didn't go under like webOS is because MS has cash to burn on a failed product for decades until it's profitable unlike Palm which couldn't survive the rejection. Or like Nokia Maemo 5. SE P990i, Palm Pre, Nokia N900 were and still are my all-time favorite devices. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • that's what people said with 8.1
  • They said that already with WP8.0 :)
  • It was being said since Mango (7.5)
  • Third time's the charm ? like surface pro 3 ?       probably not
  • Well with the Surface Pro 3, the third time WAS the charm. Starting to gather my own personal doubts about Windows Phone, coupled with the wonderful MS services on both other OS's is giving me thoughts about switching. I'm waiting to see what CES and MWC bring to Android.
  • Don't you mean WP7? ;)
  • it was being said since Nodo (first update to WP)
  • What did people say? That 8.1 would be better. Yes, yes it was. So was 8.0 and Mango. Are we going to see a miraculous spike in users with 10? Of course not. We wont see user base go up until the apps get there. It will be a slow build if it succeeds - at least until 10-15%. It could accelerate rapidly if it gets that far, but it wont be this year.
  • I'm predicting the updating of mobile web pages to become more predominant across the industry... Companies will get fed up with spending thousands on apps for each different platform and seek the cheaper route which covers all platforms and reaches more users ;)
    Apps are designed to be light and cover basic functions and simplify tasks.. But in doing that they limit usability most of the time and people end up having to use their PC to complete tasks...
    Just my two bob ;)
  • I hope so.
  • Lets hope the carriers stay on board with MS mobile WPs until that time comes! With Verizon apparently dropping all MS phones, I am a little concerned.
  • Was it better with 8.0? 8.1? The smartphone moves too fast to keep saying things will get better. I miss WP. Ut have since moved on back to better app support. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Unfortunately for iPhone there's nothing new for them to introduce. They went bigger and slimmer and that was their last idea. These next few years I can't see any interesting new ones coming out. RIP
  • Even if every new iphone is the same as the previous, while it keeps being a trend and people keep being hungry for iPhones, it will continue with good sales.
  • Lol
  • It worked though... 10m sales in one day... I was in nyc last week and didn't see a single windows phone....except mine!! Microsoft need flagship devices.... People pay for good stuff... Iphone 6 is over £600 and people buy... All MS seem to be doing is focussing on low end.... I'm loyal to the bones but its hard to support a sinking ship!!
  • There are bound to be dips as well as rises. The long term trends are more important.
  • We Keep saying better things to come but the fact is for 2015 WP really did not bring any "wow" factor to the platform.  There need to be a cordinated effort for the platform and apps combined otherwise its all down hill.  i love the WP but sometimes it feels like a losing battle.
  • I hope you mean 2014, unless you have a crystal ball. :)
  • I don't know if it will be better (I hope, as I hoped with 8.1), but I'm sure of 1 thing: W10 will be the last try.
  • I'll be getting the note 4... Will definitely come back if they come out with a 1020 successor... Have 1020 right now and will continue to use it for pix and vids though... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The Note 4 is impressive but actually prefer the design of the Note 3. Windows Phone needs the equivalent of the Surface Pro 3 really. Just a phone that is leading edge. imho anyway.
  • Good choice. Any platforms other than Windows Phone are much better. And smarter.
  • And we still don't have denim
  • This^^
  • Same when everybody was supposedly waiting for 8.1
  • I'm a "bring Android Apps to W10" supporter. That should drive up sales and market share. Yeah, MS will lose fan boys, but probably gain more converts.
  • MSFT needs to do something major to get the numbers up.
  • Where are the flagships?
  • You forgot the '/s'.
  • I'll be there for Windows on phones as long as Microsoft keeps supporting it. If not then hopefully I'll be rich enough by then to justify wasting money on overpriced iPhones.
  • That ship already sailed...Microsoft is too late...and too ecstoic .... There is no chance that this OS will reach double digit marketshare. EVER!
  • Windows phone 10 to be unveiled on 21st Jan - is this rumour or real?
  • WP7 user: "Just wait for 7.5 - THAT'S going to be the one!!" WP7.5 user: "Just wait for 8.0 - THAT'S going to bring it all together!!" Lumia 900 user: "What about me??!?" WP8 user: "The 8.1 update will FINALLY be the one!!" WP8.1 user: "I can hardly wait for Windows 10..." Anybody else noticing a pattern here?
  • Pattern: MS says: "It's all going to be better/faster/shinier! Promise!" End users: "When?" MS: "Soon." It's like waiting for the new Half Life game.
  • This is the same old saying since WP7. We are always hoping for the better WP7 -> WP7.5 -> WP8 -> WP8.1 -> WP10. I'm getting tired of how boring the platform is. 1520 is my last phone with Windows Phone, especially Nokia is no longer around and MS is not even giving a damn about the platform beside their cloud services. Denim is not even here yet for high end phones while all the low ends are already updating. Apps are always subpar as compared to Android / iOS. Not interested in how good 3rd party apps are because I prefer official ones. Windows 10 for desktops are wonderful. But for phones? I only hope that the Resuming / Reloading nonsenses will be totally eradicated by Windows Phone 10.
  • Don't care. WP 4 life. Never going back to crapdroid or iShit
  • [CLAP][CLAP][CLAP] well said. I am on the same boat! :D
  • So we are two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five ;-) But please MS board kick out nutella before it's too late, his management is pure cr%p
  • Agree. Nutella is a twit!
  • Yeah... let's not do that. Nadella is doing what's best for Microsoft. Yes, the current plan isn't saving Windows Phone right NOW, (Windows 10 is where Nadella's direction for Windows Phone might come in?) but it IS much, much better for Microsoft's services.  The wonderful thing about it is it no longer really matters what OS you're on, you can still support the company you love. That opens you up to a host of hardware choices to find the phone whose design you like the most, coupled with the services of the company you support the most.
  • Why shd I as a WP user care abt whats good for MS services, I'm not a shareholder,
  • well..better hope the boat is not going to sink if you want to stay on it
  • +830
  • Why exactly is it 'iShit'? Good hardware, well designed (albeit staid) software and top notch apps. Don't understand the blind hatred
  • I agree it's not bad; just boring maybe..
  • ^^^this...plus restrictive in the media area too.
  • This too^^ lol
  • Good hardware, that is a hard argument to make when the phones are basically featureless, no removable battery, no sdcard, small screens until recently, etc
  • Good hardware haha, well iphone 6 match the specs of an old Nexus 4 and the battery are still crappy 6-7 hours if you're lucky !!! I put my Lumia 1520.3 on charge every 2 days (unless i play games too longer) and i use it a lot !!! Still waiting for Denim update...
  • Same here.. It's a shame we have been waiting for a while now for this update..
  • There are certainly valid arguments against iPhones, but their specs are generally very good. http://www.anandtech.com/show/8559/iphone-6-and-iphone-6-plus-preliminar...
  • Who cares about the amount of RAM and cores as long as the phone is lightning fast? I went from an iPhone 5S to a Lumia 930 and I have to say that the 5S ran a lot smoother (with IOS 7). And several speed tests on YouTube shows that the iPhone 6 is performing just as good as a top notch Android device with twice the amount of cores and three times the amount of RAM. I love WP and my Nokia, but don't talk bullshit.
  • Well this is where you are wrong, more core use in a Phone or computer less energy he take because he dont need to push the processor all the way up when you open an app or when you do multitasking this is one of the reason why the battery of any Iphone do not stay alive longer, yeah with a good dual core processor you can run whatever app or web browser as fast and smooth as a quad core but for how much time ?? It is the same for multitasking if you got a dual core on your computer did you think you can do a video rendering, use Utorrent, burn a cd and whatch a movie in the same time without any lag ?? No, they do not create better processor for nothing, more core you have more thing you can do with less energy with a computer or phone... and of course if you got a dual core you dont need a lot of Random-access memory because is useless !!!
  • Lumia 930 have removable battery, SD card? At least iphone have a 128gb version. LOL
  • I don't like their devices or their ecosystem. Tried out an apple device back with the 3gs and hated it and the ecosystem. Clunky to get around their software. Not blind hatred, we all have our reasons.
  • iShit means, overpriced bend-phone, super locked os, easy breaking phone, no colors choice, no Bluetooth, no the same charging adapter like every other os. I don't care about a billion apps. Im good with what we have right now on WP.
  • My iPhone 6 Plus costs no more unlocked than the direct competition, the screen is equally hard (or easy) to break as the competition, has Bluetooth that allows all functionality other than file sharing, has a reversable charging adapter unlike any of the competition, and I carry it in my back pocket all of the time and it is not bent. I like WP and I like Android, but I don't like misinformation like your post is full of. I look forward to WP 10, but it had better be compatible with all existing apps and it needs to attract new apps.
  • So we are four
  • +1520
  • @rm6224, ridiculously overpriced and advertised, thats what makes me unlike them
  • No need to be insulting about it.
  • Oh I'm sorry did he insult your favorite product?
  • I've owned iOS, Android, and WP devices. I'm a tech omnivore. If there's something I don't like, I say so, and I say why. Namecalling is just a disguise for ignorance.
  • I can insult everybody and everything. It's easy. Fun. And I can :)
  • It would carry a lot more weight if you added your reasoning though. For example, the last time I tried Windows Phone I thought it was boring and terrible. My reasoning was that there was barely any app support, the apps that did exist were janky at best, there was no API support for simple things like background audio (I know that exists now), and no notification center (also fixed now). Of course, in spite of the things that were fixed the market share is still shrinking, so my suspicions are that it is still boring and terrible.
  • So why are you even here?
  • Because I still like to keep up. I was this close to buying another (unlocked) Windows Phone the other day, but decided against it (for now).
  • +920
  • Same here
  • I love the Windows platform and having just one ecosystem. And with Windows 10 we'll finally have the only true operating system that is available on every type of device.
  • Or so they say. The fact that there still isn't even any mention of a beta or preview of WP running Windows 10 makes me think that it's not as easy as they make it sound. Microsoft has had this vision for a long time now and Apple is beating them to it with the whole continuity thing (or whatever they call it).
  • Psst, the ship already hit the iceberg.
  • it sunk long ago. the plan is to build a new one.
  • they already did once, WP7.5 to WP8
  • Today...tomorrow...any day i am with my windows..
  • I like iOS and Androd and think they are fine systems, but WP is my favorite. I've never been a heavy app user on even iOS or Android, and I like the OS better on WP.
  • I am sticking hard with it through all the roughness and dissapointment... The only thing im griping about is the stuff they messed up in the upgrades, mainly.... XBOX frickin MUSIC! damn I miss the WP8 version...
  • Right, a lot of my music doesn't even come over to my phone, and somehow got erased..
  • Me too! I have 2 920s, a 925, 1020, & 525. I'm gonna use them til they die
  • Sour grapes on your part.
  • I'm stickin with it to the end. Still a far better UI than the other two, 8.1 brought all the missing features people complained about for 3 years, got all the apps I need.
    W10 is not going to bring anything that is going magically make market share go to 20%.
    Amazing reading some comments here that this or that feature is still "missing", MS brings it then there are 15 more things the OS needs.
    Yep there's plenty of issues with marketing, no single flagship for all carriers, piss poor and missing apps etc. Still no way I'd go with the other two-I'd go BlackBerry if WP tanks..
  • Good thing kantar is not a trustworthy source.
  • I love how they become untrustworthy when its bad news
  • Lol
  • Its not really bad news though...its just market share...WP is consistently selling more devices than previous quarters or YOY....the only thing they are not selling more devices than their counterparts ( IOS or ANDROID). IOS and Android are selling at a faster rate than WP so of course they will pick up Market Share and WP will loose it... eventually WP will again be on the plus side of Market Share....Android lost market share overall because of the onslaught of the IPHONE6.  MS needs more product penetration and then numbers will increase....
  • Lol
  • LOL
  • What is kantar? Lol, for real even if it's good or not you cant judge. I think it's fake or something like that. I see a lot of people near me using Windows phones. And I live in Greece. We can't have that much of a decline! *fake* *cough* *cough*
  • I am also a little weary of the Kantar reports...I mean for example...We know that IPHONE6 was released so Apple sold a lot more phones....BUT if WP sold as many phones or more in the November time period than say they did the previous quarter or the same time last year....would you say it is a decrease in market share?? I mean the only way WP would increase is if they are selling more WP Phones during the same time Than apple  would be selling IPHONES ..but we all know that would not have happened. I dont believe it signal's doom and gloom for WP ...just shows what happens when a hot new product is released. Does Kantar put out a report every week??? it seems I just heard from them  the day before Yesterday  about WP Market share in october...
  • Gotta believe the big iPhones must have put a dent in the WP and android market share. My guess is a of people went Android for the bigger screens and now they're flocking back for the big iPhones...
  • Lololol!
  • XD
  • I've never considered them a trustworthy source.
  • Well said!
  • They really aren't. And especially not NetApplications.
  • I have never considered life as a trustworthy source, its full of lies and mean people. 
  • He is just a sore loser.
  • Oh dear. This is not the news we wanted to hear. Its odd though, I feel like im seeing more and more wp on the tube!
  • It is, I see more in the wild than ever before.
  • It's the new trend, I think kantars report is fake and trying to mislead people
  • @ Theo. Are you 12? Seriously.
  • @jbestman, maybe YOU are a 10yo? Seriously mate, your post was really.....constructive! Lol
  • if was just Kantar... But all reports say the same.
  • the problem is that WP is growing, but Android and iOS is growing more!
  • This is on MS and their superb sales strategy. I'm sure their corporate Starbucks account gets a lot more money than the WPs' marketing team....and of course not having a McLaren type flagship to flaunt doesn't help either. And lets not forget our new and more powerful music app that I guess somehow convinced MS at being better than Zune......and then the carrier problem....support/exclusive partnerships and lack of availability outside the US which is where these phones have the most supporters.
  • Doesn't surprise me in the US. There are no modern flagship devices. Closest thing was Icon. It was specific to Verizon and is no longer available. Still waiting for a successor to my aging 920 or the 1020.
  • Its a predictable dip, it will be back up next report just like last time, but there wont be stories about it.
  • This^^^
  • Of Course ios market has gone up with all the spot on tv from apple in october and november
    Less from MS and only one about 830 MS is not doing a good marketing campaign.. Anyway let's see what happens for december
  • This too :)
  • It's just that there was no true flagship WP this year where as iPhone 6 was a huge success. That's why the decline in the market share. But overall it's been a great year for WP ecosystem as a whole. We got numerous apps that were not there before. Just wait until windows 10 gets released... This year will be even better.
  • ​Huge succes? I just saw one in the wild. Android all over the place and more and more Lumia's. Must be a US thing where a lot of people have credit debts anyway. Want to look rich but the country almost went bankrupt a couple of times. The irony.
  • Screw you. "a lot" of people don't go into debt for a phone...
  • I've seen more too. That is, I've actually