Photos taken with Lumia 930 beat iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 in blind test

A recent blind test of photos taken by various recent smartphones has resulted in a win for the Lumia 930 and its 20MP PureView camera beating out images taken by the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, among others.

The Phone Arena site took images of a number of locations in different lighting conditions with six smartphones that at the time were unidentified and asked its readership to vote on which photos were the best. The Lumia 930 was the overall winner with 6032 votes, beating out the Galaxy Note 4 by less than 100 votes. Considering that the Lumia 930 is basically the same smartphone as the Lumia Icon that Verizon released over a year ago, that's a pretty good achievement over a smartphone that's been out for less than half of that time.

The iPhone 6 Plus was a distant third in this smartphone camera battle with 4344 votes, with Google's Nexus 6 in fourth place, the Galaxy S5 in fifth place and the newly announced HTC One M9 in sixth place, even with its own 20MP rear camera.

Source: Phone Arena

John Callaham
  • Nothing new...
  • Yeah. Boring test. We know the winner long ago
  • Yeah..
  • Lumia win not because of quality of the photos but by popularity. *face palm*
  • It was a blind test, people voted on quality without knowing which phone took it. And Lumias aren't exactly popular.  
  • Oops sorry. I know it is a blind test. I should have say won by more votes instead of popularity. I mean Lumia only top 1 out of the 6 test scence (I expect more from Lumia PureView). And that watch test. It's safe to say Lumia users who vote knows it is a Lumia auto white balance gone wrong (I don't know whether to laugh or cry). Same goes with Scene 3. Lumia user know it's a Lumia camera when the night sky lits up like that.
  • You are an idiot. When will you just get off of this comments section...
  • butthurt much?
  • The icon is a great phone, somehow someway lumias or WP are just not enticing to Tom, Dick and Harry
  • That someway is still a lack of software on the platform. Too many things are missing for the masses to be enticed by a photo taken in bad lighting. Plus, when you're as embedded in a platform (particularly when you're spent money on apps you care about), changing becomes harder and harder the longer you wait to make that switch. There is also the issue that Microsoft's hardware releases have been less than stellar since they took over, with nothing launching with an SoC better than a Snapdragon 400. The 930 is a year-old now, and people have been thrown promises of new hardware, software, and firmware, making them not want to commit to a phone that's about to be replaced.
  • I don't know what it is with this mentality of a flagship. Sure I want one, and I'll wait for one, the thing is that flagships do NOT make phone sales. They're a very small percentage of the market. Don't believe me? Look at the sales statistics for Windows Phone devices and current marketshare held by flagships versus low end phones. It's not how you gain marketshare, get over yourself. Also the common person doesn't even know what a snapdragon is let alone that  a S400 is 'bad'. So do us all a favor and don't make a comment until a flagship is announced or released see you in 1 to 6 months.
  • true! i have two wp phones, both are budgets phones, and never owned a flagship. its not that I don't want one, can't afford one! So yah u r ryt
  • Haha, what kind of defense is that? Flagships don't matter? I guess that's why annual lines form so people can get the newest iPhone, and it's why the newest Galaxy devices (both the S and the Note) sell like hotcakes. The budget Lumias do well becasue they're in markets where the flagships aren't affordable. Look at the marketshare in the U.S. and Europe for a good indication of where flagships sit in the minds of those who can afford them (which is more than you'll probably want to admit). Your suggested reserach is poor anyway, simply because it involves devices released at different times and supported for different periods. There have only been two true flagship launches in the 2.5 years of WP8, the 920 (with after-the-fact 925 and 928 variants and the niche 1020) and the 930 (with the niche 1520 and awkward Icon). The devices with the highest marketshare also carry the lowest profit margins, and they don't sit well in the minds of developers. If you're trying to sell an app, then the fact that the vast majority of WP users are buying budget devices because they either can't afford, or don't want to pay for, apps is a negative to you. You can look at a number of people who haven't upgraded from their 920s on AT&T (myself included) as proof that flagships matter, and the other side of that coin is the 920 users who left the platform because nothing is being done. Microsoft's promary issue is still software offerings in their store, but you're sorely mistaken if you think that flagships are irrelevant, becuase Apple and Samsung have all the proof you need to combat that claim. Those small percentages held by the WP flagships represents their age and lack of widespread availability. That, and the fact that the Icon was the only WP flagship to release in a good window. Everything else was near the end of its SoC's life cycle (920, 925, 928, 1020, 1520) or after the preferred competition had its offerings on the market (930, 1520).
  • Okay >Mentions iPhone flagship >iPhones didn't have a flagship just new iterations until the 5C and notice there's no 6C
    >iPhones are just a phone that is offered a yearly update in specs, the latest one isn't so much a flagship as it just the newst phone since the relase one version and there's no other released models for it to be compared to as a flagship. (You'll probably mention the 6+ and 6 in a vain attempt at stating one is a flagship over another but the fact is one is a phablet and one is not). As for the Galaxy series, they're supposed to be the premium flagship line for Samsung and it wasn't until the SIII until they sold well compared to the iPhone.
    You can look at a number of people who haven't upgraded from their 920s on AT&T (myself included) as proof that flagships matter, and the other side of that coin is the 920 users who left the platform because nothing is being done.
    Okay so here we have a comment that states that 920 users were a significant base for the WP marketshare. It wasn't and those people are an extremely small number. You're part of  a small percentage of people that understands (somewhat) about mobile technology, which is why you're holding on to the 920 (I still have mine as well). The general populace or the people that make marketshare happen don't want a windows phone because of the 'App Gap' not because there isn't a super powered phone. Developers don't want to make apps because of low marketshare. If  you think an iris scanner, intel or S810 CPU powered, 20-40 MP camera, with a 5 - 10 MP FFC, all the sensors on the Band and then some, with 4 GB of RAM, expandable storage with either 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128GB starting memory, will magically turn around the marketshare problem you're completely delusional. I honestly don't know how Daniel can stand reading the comments and not have drank himself into cirrhosis yet.
  • +830.
    Owned him. XD
  • Not sure who that was directed at, but the 830 is a bad device either way. At least it briefly got to a price point that made sense ($200).
  • 830 is a bad device???  That's news to me.  I have the 830 and I absolutely love it!!!
  • Is that the one that when you picked it up it sounded like it had ball bearings rolling around in it? (idk), but my friend had one..the numbering system of Lumia phones I find extremely confusing!
  • Hah, I literally snorted at this, becuase it's so ignorant of what the iPhone is, apparently. The iPhone doesn't have the same manner of releasing devices as other companies, and that you're choosing the argument you are makes me question if you actually know how their phone selling model works. Each year, Apple releases a phone based on its custom SoCs, which are known to be high-quality chips. They're not running with the budget Snapdragons, they're upper-tier silicon. This affords them the ability to carry the custom chips over to the next year, and instead of a whole new device, they turn the previous year's flagship into a budget device, then put out something new. The iPhone 5C wasn't even a new device, it was just a 5 with a different chassis, for lower costs. With the 6, they upped it to a two-device system, due to interest in bigger devices, and the 5S became mid-range, while they even still sell the 5C as their free-on-contract budget phone. The 6 Plus is the niche flagship, the 6 is the flagship, the 5S is the mid-range, and the 5C is the low-end. Apple's worked with that business model for years now. Meanwhile, you seem to also not realize how the 920 launched. Instead of the Apple/Samsung/HTC path of launching everywhere together, Nokia cornered itself in the U.S. market (a big source of flagship sales), by limiting itself to AT&T. On top of that, the 920 was launched at an awful time. It came after the iPhone 5, meaning a massive number of potential suitors had just upgraded. The November launch also meant it was a 2012 flagship that released closer to the SD 800 (in the GS4) than the SD S4 (in the GS III). Nokia launched its flagship in a stupid dead spot for upgrades, IMO. The Apple people would have upgraded in September, and the Android people wouldn't be ready to upgrade until March/April (when Samsung and HTC launched their 920-topping flagships). WP8 came out when many had just upgraded, and it had faded from many minds by the time the rest could upgrade. If Microsoft can get the W10 stuff out in June or so, it could be different. I'm pretty far gone, as far as trusting Microsoft to make sound decisions, so I'm still expecting an August launch. That'll be WAY too late to compete with the Android offerings, and that's the group Microsoft has the best chance of getting the attention of. Not a single WP flagship launch has been handled intelligently to this day, and that's a big factor in why devices like the 920 and 930 perform so poorly.
  • I just commented something... And that wasn't meant to be the reply of this post of yours, but the one where you said about the lack of flagship at the moment.
  • When the 920 launched the phone with the best soc came in march and were the galaxy s4 and the HTC one m7, and it was the SD 600 which was ok. The xperia z1 I think was the first device to use the 800 chip (I'm not counting the Korean galaxy s4) the others who followed were the note 3 and the Lumia 1520.
  • My mistake, thought they carried the vanilla 800 (as opposed to the 805, which the S5 carried), not the 600 (which should have been in the 830--I might have gotten it if it was). My point still stands that the 920 launched in November with an SoC that was put out by Android OEMs 7-8 months prior, and it was topped with something better in 4-5 months after that. It launched when iOS users had just upgraded, and it was late into that siicon's life cycle, as the follow-up stuff was nearing for the Android OEMs.
  • Honestly speaking specs don't matter just have a look at iphone even the latest offerings have specs which were launched in 2012 if outperforms Android & windows phone in fluidity because of their software optimizations.Windows phone on the other side is really a shame to Microsoft by launching it when it wasn't able to give all the software offerings the other platforms gave like file manager,app closing,sharing options which made windowsphone8 underdeveloped. Specs don't matter unless you have to power a phone with 41mp which even Microsoft fucked up by their stupid hardware limitations back in the day.
  • Thank you! Very well put. Apple keeps it simple. I also would like to point out that Apple and Microsoft are friends and have been for more than 15 years. Microsoft is such a minority in the smartphone business so it is not a competitor to be afraid of, and their Office is still a good Mac companion. Google is a common enemy so that is a good foundation to build upon right now. Bing results in Siri searches is the most significant, currently.
  • Flagships might not matter to 95-99% of the populus, however they matter to us tech fans. We're leave WP because there is nothing new and exiting (bought a OnePlus One yesterday). And although some argue we're trendsetters and needed for future succes, I'm bot going to argue that. What I will say is that high-end is where the profit is. Market share to get developers interested is the number one priority but meanwhile MS is also losing techfan support while no gaining their precious market share.
  • True that is.Sometimes i think why the fuck did Microsoft launched wp8 when they cant even make a decent software with latest offerings & remove stupid hardware limitations.Which in term makes us users suffer I'll too be switching doon.
  • "The general populace or the people that make marketshare happen don't want a windows phone because of the 'App Gap' " Again, I don't believe this to be true.  I think if you asked the general populace person "Do you not want a Windows Phone becuase of the 'app gap'?" they're response would be "What's a Windows Phone?" They don't know the 'app gap' is a thing becuase they don't even know Windows Phone is a thing.  If they were all given a WP device to use and explore for a week, despite the app gap I belive you would see a dramatic uptick of a couple dozen points in market share.  Which, of course, would result in the a significant decrease in the app gap.
  • I don't believe what you're saying is true, either. A big reason people don't know what Windows Phone is comes back to the app gap. You have a lack of developers interested in the platform, so the app selection stays minimal, so the carrier employees try and dislike the devices. If you worked at a carrier, and someone came in asking about a new smartphone, it would be very unlikely that you'd find someone with a use case to steep that person towards a Windows Phone, especially with the limited hardware availability. If you handed most people a Windows Phone for a week, the likely result would be complaints that there isn't Snapchat or MLB or banking or Clash of Clans or the latest updates in other things, like with Trivia Crack. You might see an increase of a few points in market share, if you were to do what you say, but certainly not 25%+. You're basically saying that if people tried WP, the user base would quickly outnumber the iOS user base, and that's just not true. You might see it climb to 7%, and that'd be nearly doubling the number of users right now.
  • Btw, you have any idea when windows 10 for phones coming?
    Well, I guess, its hardly a month or two away. Now, just tell me, if Microsoft released a flagship phone at this point of time, people would be crying and cribbing about it coz it would be a flagship, that too without the 'just about to launch' windows 10 for phones!
    People, as you know, will feel cheated. That even after buying a flagship, there is no windows ten originally in it, while when others will buy normal budget phones with windows ten inbuilt. So its a very wise decision by Microsoft to wait till windows ten is released officially, and then launch a flagship.
    Just imagine how you will feel if you buy a flagship now, and just after a month, another flagship with almost similar price is released, with way better facilities.
    Also, launching these kind of flagship phones at two different timings is a bad idea coz it would also affect the sales of the newer flagship with windows 10 inbuilt. Coz why would I buy a new phone if I just bought one which is upgradeable to windows 10!
    And you may say that what about the people who left this platform coz of no flagship recently... Well, it's gonna be a small compared to the number of new users joining this platform coz of the exclusive windows 10 flagship.
    You gotta see how it will attract people!
    That's a strategy. All this is not a sprint. It's a long relay race, where you have to maintain performance throughout, and give your best in the end.
    You'll see what I mean when windows 10 flagship is announced.
  • I don't disagree that the masses would react this way. We've seen the incessant flow of tears over Denim's delays, as budget with it and higher-enes have to wait for the feet-dragging carriers to get themselves together. To me, I wouldn't care. I want new hardware more than new software right now, as my 920's starting to show signs of it age. The solution wouldn't be to release a flagship now, then release another with W10 in a few months. Instead, it would be something akin to the 920/1020 launch, but with W10 on the back-end. They could have put out a 940 now, then when W10 launches, put out an upgrade for the 940 and release a 1540/1040/940 XL or whatever. It's not what the masses would prefer, I'm sure, but it wouldn't be the awkward mess you're suggesting, because the way you suggested it wouldn't make sense. Oh, and that ending statement, I have to laugh at it. he way this has gone, it's liek Microsoft showed up late to the relay, then dropped the baton and had to find a new one for each and every hand-off. This is the FOURTH Windows mobile OS. 2010 took us from the failed Windows Mobile to WP7. 2012 brought us the kernel change to WP8. Now, in 2015, we're watching Microsoft re-re-re-boot the platform, and they've done it SO slowly that we've been watching developers and publishers pull support of apps because this version of the OS is dead, and there isn't a replacement in-sight. It might not be until late-August, or even mid-September, before we see those W10 flagships that are basically coming out to replace devices released in late-2012 (920), early-2013 (1020), late-2013 (1520), and early-2014 (930/Icon). This is because Microsoft and Nokia have bungled every launch thus far, and it's why I'm assuming that W10 is coming in the tail-end of the summer, and that Microsoft is going to drop yet another baton.
  • There's only one fly in your ointment...carriers. They control the updates, unfortunately.  I'm on AT&T and neither my 920 or 1020 has Denim.  Also, I have a GS5 and it doesn't have Lollipop. 
  • Couldn't have said it any better. All you're arguments and assessments are correct.
  • Umm... the 1520 came before the 930, so the 930 is a variant of it.  And the Icon came before the 930, so it's the original variant, to use your phrasing.
  • Not so. The 1520 is a different device. Saying the 930 is a 1520 variant is like calling the 820 a 920 variant (they're basically as close to each other as the 1520 and 930 are). Just because they're both Nokia device doesn't mean they're variants of each other. I mean, from a hardware standpoint, they're pretty close, but they released at different times and weren't really marketed as variants (one went to AT&T, one went to Verizon as the Icon). Not really sure the point you're going for, though.
  • I believe flagships do help sell the brand. If given a choice, do you buy a cheap phone from a company who is known to make high quality phones or cheap phones?
  • Preach!
  • What possible evidence of this clearly questionable statement can you offer any of us. Surely you must be ignoring the reality that Apple is tge number 1 selling smartphone in North America and they only sell a Flagship device (now 2 Flagship devices). It may be more accurate if you apply your comment to countries like India, several South American nations and large swaths of Asia and Africa. But otherwise if you wish to be taken seriously by the Masses in North America and several European countries then you must release top tier devices. It's not just important for driving sales of high-end devices but it acts as a lure to hundreds of thousands of buyers who perhaps cannot yet afford a flagship product as they purchase a lower priced device due to the belief that this manufacturer/OS has proven its technical and design engineering prowess by the respect their friends and/or families who bought the Flagship have for their purchase.
  • Tl;dr
  • yeah... TAKE THAT BIT*HES :D
  • Congratulations on admitting you don't have interest in intelligent conversation, but would rather get a poorly worded, uninformative tweet to fill your mind.
  • I'm increasingly excited about the 640XL. It should offer enough power for Windows 10, but less expensive and better battery life. Most people with flagships just check their email and play Candy Crush, from what I can see. They get flagships due to carrier subsidies in places where that's common. They don't need them, and they don't use them to their fullest potential. And I say this as a long-time Windows Phone flagship owner (Samsung Focus -> Lumia 920 -> Lumia 1020 -> Lumia 1520). Because it's dual-SIM, supports more LTE frequencies, and offers the possibility of better battery life due to its weaker (yet still more than sufficient for me) SoC, I may side-grade from the 1520 to the 640XL.
  • The 640 XL is far from a sidegrade though, it's an outright downgrade. The horsepower in the XL is far below what is in the 1520, and while that might not matter to many, it's still a fact. The camera tech in the 1520 is also far superior, as I don't think that the 640 XL has any OIS in it. I'm pretty sure the 640 XL lacks wireless chargough so does the AT&T 1520). The 640 XL's base storage is only 8 GB, or 25-50% of the 1520's (depending on which model you get). The 640 XL is a supersized Lumia 920, but with a better display and camera. It basically runs on parts not much (if any) better than the 2012 Lumia 920 I'm carrying now. There would be no real reason to pick up a 640 XL to replace a 1520, unless you NEED that dual-SIM support and are dying for SensorCore (which even Microsoft seems to be iffy on supporting well).
  • 1520 has SensorCore though doesn't it?
  • It doesn't. What I just looked at said the 930 does, but the Icon and 1520 missed out, and nothing in my searching found metion that SensorCore is in the 1520.
  • Please search the web.
  • Odd... My sister's got an Icon, didn't think it had it in there. I should see her tomorrow and will check out her device manual to see if I can get a firm answer. I never thought about it with my cousin's 1520 either, but he since broke it and got a replacement, so IDK if he has the box anymore.
  • hardware wise, all Snapdragon 800s are sensorcore enabled, which includes Lumia Icon, 930, and 1520. Software wise, you need Nokia firmware Cyan or newer, and then have an app that can tap into it, like MSN Health and Fitness. The reason why you may think that the Lumia Icon does not have it is because it was stuck on firmware Black for what seemed like forever, but with the recent Denim firmware update (which is newer than Cyan) its there. Source: I have both the Lumia 1520 and Icon on Denim firmware, and sensorcore is enabled for both.
  • I see, thanks for that clarity on the matter. My guess is that the chart I looked at disagreed there because the 930 launched later than the Icon and 1520, and I think it came with Cyan on-board.
  • As I thought. Thanks for confirming what I that.
  • You call it an "outright downgrade", yet admit that it has advantages. By your own definition, it's not an outright downgrade. :-) Yes, dual-SIM is an important feature for some. A less powerful CPU may offer battery life improvements for others who don't need the extra horsepower. It supports *far* more frequencies than the 1520, making it better in that category for many people (especially people on T-Mobile). It's far from an outright downgrade, even by your own admission. The 1520's advantages speak to you. The 640XL's advantages will speak to others. You're making the mistake of assuming your priorities are the same as everyone else's. :-)
  • You're also mistaking the term "downgrade" to mean a situational one, as opposed to an actual hardware one. The 640 XL has inferior hardware. That's not a debatable matter.
  • The 640XL supports twice as many SIMs simultaneously, thanks to it's hardware. It supports more LTE frequencies, thanks to it's hardware. It absolutely is a debateable point as to which had the better hardware. A better SoC is not the only measure of hardware superiority. If I'm a T-Mobile customer in an area where T-Mobile has deployed Band 12 LTE, I'm likely to get superior LTE performance out of the 640XL. If I need dual-SIM, I'm likely going to deem the hardware better on the 640XL. Keep in mind that I have a 1520, and I also have a 635 which has a similar SoC to the 640XL. I believe I have a pretty good idea of the ways in which the Lumia 1520 hardware is better, and I think I have a pretty good idea of the ways in which the hardware is better on the 640XL.
  • The SIM thing isn't a major problem, and it can be overcome by carrying 2 SIMs. The LTE bands, I wouldn't know how much, if at all that hurts people. However, that's still one unfixable issue that would affect phone performance. An improved SoC, on the other hand, affects the CPU, GPU, and RAM. All are superior components with the 1520. The storage offerings favor the 1520. Wireless charging favors the 1520 (haven't seen it mentioned as present in the 640 XL, at least). You mentioned improved battery life, but there's no proof of that. While the SoC in the 640 XL is a slower and cooler chip, the 1520's battery is larger, which can counter it (or even trump it). The 1520's better on the camer resolution and OIS front as well. Regardless of all of that, the ridiculousness of it is how you get on me about how I call the 1520's hardware superior, you say it's opinion, then call me wrong and call the 640 XL better. I'm beyond caring though, and am 100% convinced that the faster device with superior internals in everything but LTE availability (which is much easier to overcome than pure speed, thanks to alternative wireless connectivity) is the winner.
  • Feel free to agree or disagree with me, but please don't misrepresent me. I said each had advantages over the other. And they do. And some people are going to prefer the advantages of one over the other, and that's going to work both ways. I indicated that battery life *may* be better on the 640 XL, because its battery is only marginal smaller (3000 vs 3400 mAh) and it will ask less from it. I've acknowledged it has a weaker SoC the entire time. Don't get me wrong, I have a Lumia 1520, and I love it. BTW, carrying two SIMs (and something to open the 1520's SIM tray) is not functionality equivalent nor as convenient as a dual-SIM setup. I've carried two-SIMs, and its distinctly not as good. :-)
  • Yeah, because god knows how many fart apps we need
  • I would say more than the lack of software, it's the lack of visibility.  Go into any Verizon, Sprint, T-mo, or Best Buy store and try to find the Windows Phones without wading through a sea of Adroid phones first.  The typical consumer (in the U.S. at any rate) does not even know to look for a Windows Phone, much less have the patience or determination to stubbornly insist on seeing them to a clerk who is aggressively selling them on a Galaxy. Things are a little better at AT&T, but that just depends on which store you walk into.
  • Bingo.... Lack of visibility both at stores and in the media. Posted from my HTC M8
  • Not clear why MS canceled McLaren, but my Lumia 1020 still runs runs around the best FruitPhone and Hemorrhoid when taking pictures.
    Their new flagship this summer should leave then all in the dust, but Apps, Baby, Apps! Be interesting whether Adios written to appeal to laptop users are actually appealing to smartphone users, and priced correctly.
  • Considering the reaction from this community whenever an App dies or the lack thereof, I belief the App situation to play a major factor in this lack of interest. Oh that and the fact that Verizon never promoted it the least and dragged their feet to get WP8.1 released.
  • @Kabo......That is very Tom, Dick and Harryist! My name is Tom and had the 930 from day one lol
  • Well done! Now if you have a Dick and are Hairy the future for Windows Phone is great!
  • The app gap is still the main issue. Really hoping w10 will at the very least attract popular apps that way it would be easy for people to switch
  • And resuming too, they have to do something about it.
  • I have a 920 the camera is fine. But yes why the iphone 6 was called the best camera was not because of its camera. But its software and i think wp should also work on that. Making 20 & 41 mp cameras wont to the trick.
  • What camera software?? We have tons, not to mention the Lumia camera apps are amazing and the best around, and not one iPhone has beat a pureview device in pic quality since like ever lol please know the FACTs before you open your mouth, u sound real stupid
  • Have you ever seen howmuch time it takes to take a photo on an iPhone and on the 920. Compare and you'll understand.
  • The new update on Lumia 930/ICON and Lumia 1520 just increase the speed tremendously. Look it up.
  • Well, you could've just said that politely too you know. Its what i heard from an iphone 6 user so i said that. Im not that geeky to know everything. Thanks for letting me know though. But please try to be a bit more civilized. Last Espada or whatever the f your stupid name is.
  • True, Nothing new, If they only offered their phones on all carriers in the US, others would see this as well. Instead, they concentrate on the race to the bottom.
  • Some reassurance and more recognition for the Lumia brand is always need to be so negative.
    Aside from the Windows community, the Lumia 930/1520 are such undervalued and underrated phones. The technology in them is innovation at its best and definitely needs more praise than what they've been given. We may know that it's the best but the world is still blinded by other over-hyped options on the market.
    I'm glad they put out this article, personally. Just goes to show hardware upgrades don't do much more for you than people may think.
  • You know what would be interesting? Just to know which app they used for the photo. Was it Lumia camera 5.0, or the Lumia camera classic or the default Microsoft camera... Anyone has any idea?
  • If it was 930 it will be Lumia Camera 5.0 on Denim firmware.
  • They put up a new test without the lumia
  • Nothing is better than Lumia camera
  • True.. But still I want Lumia camera 5.0 for my L730.. To make things Little bit faster
  • Then we should wait for Windows 10
  • Lumia denim might be faster but quality went down big time, which is why some of us actually went back to using Lumia Camera classic seems like MS sacrificed quality for speed.
    So basically dont worry about not having camera 5.0
  • Actually.
  • It's improved drastically with the updates.
  • Thanks, just tried it and it actually has improved but lumia camera classic is still giving sharper close-ups and less grainy shots
  • I use 830. And many a times, I find Lumia camera classic a better option for taking normal pictures at normal times. Of course Lumia camera 5.0 a couple of more features, but to be honest, if you are looking for normal photography, then Lumia camera classic is amazing. No need for camera 5.0.
    I use it for intense photography. So trust me, Lumia camera classic is better many a times, or mostly as good. So, you don't have to be sad.
  • They should have included the Sony Z3 it probably would have been Nokia's closest competitor
  • The Z3 has a horrible camera (once you look past the marketing!)
  • Specially when you're inept to use it. Otherwise it beats the 930 in low light. And I know this for a fact as I happen to have both the 930 and a Z3Compact. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I believe not. As stated in the article: "In case you haven't been following our blind camera comparisons, the Note 4 has proven its capabilities over and over again, winning against flagships like the iPhone 6, the LG G3, the Xperia Z3, and even against a DSLR camera." So, as of now, the Note 4 IS Nokia's closest competitor (if not better at times!). And the S6 looks to be going exactly the same path...
  • Here's a proof to what I'm saying (see on PC/Tablet):
  • Run this test again, this time let the judges know which phones they are voting for and you'll get a very different result. I bet iphone will lead. There must be some kind of radiation from the iphone that is messing with people's frontal lobes
  • My 1520 can beat all of them and have proof to show it.
  • Yeah our 1520s+Denim+Lumia Camera5 = photography from the future ...which phone wants to me smoked by the above combination!
  • Except my Canon DSLR cameras. :) Speaking of...whatever happened to the Canon + Microsoft patent sharing and joint research agreement.  I was hoping that we'd have Digic processing in Lumia. 
  • How surprising.
  • It's not surprising... It's obvious.
  • Lumia is the best
  • My l730's 6.7mp photos once beat my friend's z3 20mp photos. He couldn't believe it
  • Seems Legit ;)
  • Its not just about the pixels count but how those pixels are used, combined with sensor size, aperture, lens, algorithms etc etc.
  • Ms sure knows how to optimize those pixels
  • *Nokia
  • Totally! L730 is dang awesome! Just FFC is not as good as I expected.
  • It's awesome, just that WP's "resuming" is a bit annoying.
    Same here, it's a bit disappointing
  • Another reason to release a flagship
  • Yes. But like I said above:
    You have any idea when windows 10 for phones coming?
    Well, I guess, its hardly a month or two away.
    Now, just tell me, if Microsoft released a flagship phone at this point of time, people would be crying and cribbing about it coz it would be a flagship, that too without the 'just about to launch' windows 10 for phones!
    People, as you know, will feel cheated. That even after buying a flagship, there is no windows ten originally in it, while when others will buy normal budget phones with windows ten inbuilt. So its a very wise decision by Microsoft to wait till windows ten is released officially, and then launch a flagship.
    Just imagine how you will feel if you buy a flagship now, and just after a month, another flagship with almost similar price is released, with way better facilities.
    Also, launching these kind of flagship phones at two different timings is a bad idea coz it would also affect the sales of the newer flagship with windows 10 inbuilt. Coz why would I buy a new phone if I just bought one which is upgradeable to windows 10!
    And you may say that what about the people who left this platform coz of no flagship recently... Well, it's gonna be a small compared to the number of new users joining this platform coz of the exclusive windows 10 flagship.
    You gotta see how it will attract people!
    That's a strategy.
    All this is not a sprint. It's a long relay race, where you have to maintain performance throughout, and give your best in the end.
    You'll see what I mean when windows 10 flagship is announced.
  • But I get your point. We need a flagship. ;)
  • It's Microsoft Lumia, formerly Nokia, what do you expect?
  • Nothing but excellence :D
  • Actually I feel Nokia cut corners a lot on their phones. The camera tech is great though :). But since Microsoft took over Nokia and made their version of phones the features have increased and the price decreased. And the build quality is the same. The Nokia Lumia phones were good, but the Microsoft Lumia phones are great :).
  • I love the 920's body, its very durable. (its nokia)
  • I agree. Since Microsoft took over there is a better value for money in their phones. Seems like the lack of sensors,ffc and flash will be a thing of the past. I'm really eager on what will be presented in Microsoft's flagship.
  • That's great! Just as I wondered if the iphone 6 plus and note 4 have better cameras than the best Lumias, this post proved me wrong!
  • Is the 1520 the same as the Lumia 930? My pictures are usually kinda blurry
  • Yup.. My L1520 is amazing. Especially with the Lumia Camera 5.
  • did you install the last update? do it press rich capture and you'll see
  • I find the same with my 1520. Very unimpressed. Though I did have a 1020 previously, so maybe thats part of it.
  • The 1020 is still king, all these phones are imposters whose only advantage is speed with accurate picture quality an afterthought.
  • I had a Nokia 808, quality wise, the L1520 is nowhere as good as 808, but I'm very pleased with the quality. It also focus better than Nokia 808/L1020 in macro shots.
  • Yea lol I have a 1020 and a 830, and sold my 920 and 1520. I feel like everything is crap compared to the 1020 no matter how fast and good they look lol
  • I have a 1520 (previously had 930 too) and have very few issues with blurred photos. You're likely not using it correctly.
  • There are certain situations that no camera, regardless of how good, can overcome.  For example, lots of people I know love to take pictues in the dark while moving the camera around like they are having a seizure.  Their pictures are always a blurry mess, but they still don't get it.  Anyway, if you are getting blurry results in good lighting, holding the camera steady, wiping fingerprints off the lens first, and making an effort to get good focus then I would agree that your pictures should be nice and sharp.  It's possible you have a defect in the lens assembly in your camera.
  • Thanks, appreciate it.
  • Awsome!!
  • Nothing to see here people. Move along.
  • where do I remember this line?
  • From the "nothing to do here" meme;)
  • any animation movie?
  • Officer Barbrady from southpark!
  • i don't know that one. Maybe it's the meme. thanks ol
  • Its all about the 20mp camera and the software behind it. A decent combination will beat out pure hardware or software each time.
  • Glad I got a 930 :-)
  • Except the note 4 apparently.
  • The Note series has always been very impressive with night shots. I remember seeing a friend take pics at night with his Note 2 long ago and it reminded me of my 925. Surprised Samsung hasn't replicated its results for their galaxy S flagship
  • The Note 4 is very good. Not as good in low light as the 1520 as far as my comparisons go. This just about confirmed that. Still extremely good though and very quick while having a much better ffc.
  • All hail PureView
  • +830.
  • Was this test taken with the Lumia Camera 5.0 update & Denim? If that's the case, the Lumia camera will be ahead of the competition. I hope the new flagship with Windows 10 for phones will be a game changer with an even better camera than the 930.
  • No phone can beat a Lumia in camera. Everyone knows it.
  • A good old Nokia 808 actually can.
  • Yes, but that camera hump was beyond ugly.
  • It depends from where you look at it. Almost always, I think that the ceramyc hump is the best solution possible (far better than a huge and pointless circle).
  • The hump on the 808 was gigantic and ugly. The 1020 hump doesn't stick out nearly as far.
  • It also has a bigger sensor, built in ND filter and a xenon flash that twice as bright as the one on the L1020.
  • Maybe because the circle area is bigger, the 1020 sensor is smaller and doesn't have ND filter, and in general the 808 is smaller. Nokia 808's hump is big, that's a fact, but it's not ugly. I won't say that it's wonderful, but I find that the hump is nice done, protects the camera, is ergonomic, and funny (i don't know why, but the rear of the phone -mine is white- remind me a stormtrooper).
  • To each their own. I know that the sensor is better on the 808, but IMHO the 1020 is overall the better phone.
  • A better smartphone, of course (regarding the OS and apps). I had a 1020 and enjoyed it (except fot the heating issue). But I stopped using apps in a phone, so my opinion may be different from yours (for me, the "better phone" factors are size, battery duration, sound quality, sunlight legibility, sd slot, removable rear cover and old fashioned features: call/drop-call buttons, FM transmitter, USB OTG, HDMI port, and the hability to turn on the flashlight with a switch).
  • This.. Miss my Nokia 808. :(
  • I liked N8 too. It took the sharpest pictures I've ever seen.
  • That's my baby winning there... :')
  • WOW nothing new
  • Lumia 930
  • Not a surprise!
  • How is the IPhone 6 continuing to come up short in the photography department? Maybe their apps library makes it a low priority for them.
  • iPhone has two things going for it. Apps is one but the"image" is the major part. If you tagged the names in it iPhone wins hands down. If you poll people on anything the best in phones, iPhone wins. But it doesn't have the best much of anything except brand name. :/
  • I think they are prioritizing "thin" over camera quality.  They probably know that the average person won't be able to tell the difference once they get to the "good enough" level.  Also, they can just use their marketing power to tell people that the camera is "revolutionary" and most people will assume it's the best. 
  • Well, MS needs to be mindful of that.
  • I don't want to be a troll or anything but I had an iPhone last year and it can take amazing photos. Of course tests are ok, but they don't reflect day to day usage. It's also a very fast shooter, which I cannot say about any Lumia. Ms wants you to have a Dslr in your pocket, Apple a point-and-shoot. 90% of the people don't know how to set up a camera according the situation, take that into account. I just want to say that sometimes simple works better. I use a Lumia, but I hate the time it takes to open app, take a shot and preview it. Also if you let it on Auto, pics don't come out that great. I hope to see improvements on w10.
  • Sir, which phone have you been using?
    Just curious.
    Coz my older Lumia 720 which have DP installed takes 5 seconds to open Lumia camera app, and two seconds to open normal camera app.
    But my newer Lumia 830 opens Lumia camera in less than a second. Right away as I click it.
    It takes almost a second to open Lumia camera classic app.
    And to open default camera app, it takes no time. Press it and its open already before a blink of the eyes.
  • Cause valencia!!
  • Great PR for windows phone period.
  • Does any of these camera has CMOS sensors?
  • Been using the 1520 for a month. Never going back to a smaller phone in both camera MP and screen size. Perfection.
  • Agreed.
  • Mighty pure view
  • I'm a big fan of lumia,but please,there's a lot of another thing that they can beat us,who cares about the quality photo if you uploaded on instagram,facebook,twitter? If we want make a war,make it sure that we already have everything for our weapons..
  • Quality and resolution are not the same thing. Even when a photo is put on instagram or facebook clarity and color still matter.
  • Very true.  I was at a Christmas party about a year ago with freinds.  We took a group picture with an iPhone 5s and a Galaxy S3.  Both owners uploaded the pics to Facebook and tagged the group in it so people were able to see the results on their own phones within minutes.  The rest of the party everyone was talking about how bad the iPhone pictures were compared to the S3.  It was astonishing how bad the iPhone pictures were in the low lighting.  You couldn't even recognize most of the people.  The S3 pics looked very normal and clear.  Unfortunately, I only had a Lumia 520 at the time.  I really wished I had a better lumia so I could have compared the results.
  • But still iPhone 6's camera is considered as bst, I don't know why, when 930's is way better than iPhone's........
  • Cause of its software. Hardware aint everything.
  • You think the iPhone software is better, then?  Well, they still lost the comparison, so the hardware/software combo of the Lumia seems like it performed better.  iPhone is considered best because tech journalists carry iPhone. 
  • cos you're reading reviews and opinions wrongly!!!!!
  • It's nice but we knew. Too bad they still have the better apps. And I don't mean just availability, I mean the quality for the apps that we manage to have is so far below.
  • It would disagree (in quality) but whatever...
  • They are think that we just playing the camera all the time ..
  • Oh no! Didn't see that one coming! (insert sarcastic smiley here)
  • Lumia 930 rocks !
  • they really should have used a 1020...
  • That would have been too embarrassing for the so called modern flagships.
  • phone arena's comment section made me laugh very hard :P
  • What about Lumia 930 vs Lumia 1520?
  • why the hell do that?
  • Lol
  • Wanna know if my Lumia 1520 stand a chance to win there
  • I knew this way before the article was even posted,when it comes to cameras on smartphones, Nokia/Microsoft got edge over all other competitors
  • Carl Zeiss the best
  • But according to Photo professionals the iphone 6 takes the best pictures ever!!!! Lol
  • Who need camera quality...user need only bug free and user friendly OS
  • Exactly...
  • I'm just curious how they were able to conduct a picture evaluation poll with blind people. Are they going to add deaf judges to the voice next. I'm confused by their methodology but agree with the results. Maybe the title of the results should be changed to something like "Even blind people can tell the 930 takes the best pictures..." Just sayin.
  • See the nexus pic. Its dark and easily distinguishable...
  • What a suprise
  • After looking at the source's photos, I'm not sure I agree with the results. The 930 ran away with the watch comparisons, despite the fact the thing threw a disgusting blue tint on the photos. It honestly seemed like the day shots favored both Samsung devices, and close-ups fared well with the 6 Plus. I'd like to see the reasoning behind the voting, because it just seems off. I'd probably have it close between the 930, 6 Plus, and Note 4, but I'd need a better look at just those 3 for a really good comparison.
  • Surprisingly and unfortunately, still millions of people buy iPhone assuming that it has the best camera ! 
  • Too bad you can't get it in the US with a carrier
  • Lumia Pureview FTW. My friends with new Android and iDevices still drool over photos and video taken with the 920. Even late night party shots one doesn't remember taking are clear.
  • Take a blink lights from 2km away, I bet iPhone 6 plus beat 930.
  • Couple of things that make me discredit these results:
    - Total absence of any Sony phone there. In a photography competition it's like a World Cup where Germany isn't even invited.
    - The Nexus 6 beating the S5. Yeah not now nor ever. Motorola has the worse cameras on flagship Android devices. As for the 930 winning, it's not a surprise. But then again, the only real competition is the IPhone 6 given the absence of the S6 or any Xperia Z phone... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have committed photos taken in numerous situations and light between my 930 and Experia 3 and they vary in winners. Overall the 930 wins from so many photos taken, just. And that is a fair day to day usage assessment. So exclusion of the Sony phone probably makes no difference to the winner, especially with that dull screen that Sony uses.
  • Well I haven't had a single time when the 930 wins in low light over the Xperia Z3 EXCEPT if you fiddle with the shutter speed. The Z3 in automatic mode takes better low light photos than the 930. And yes, I'm sure the inclusion of the Z3 would influence the results. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nexsus cam is the worst. Sorry look at the pic. Its the worst amongst the devices.
  • I really need to learn how to take good photos with my Lumia 1520. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, but I do appreciate a good picture. And I travel so much that I take thousands of photos on my trips.
    The problem is that I can't help but feel that my 1520 takes "so so" pics. I compare the same shots to my wife's GNote 4, and her images seem to be clearer and even pop a little more. We both just use "auto", and don't tweak anything prior to taking the shot.
    Maybe I just need to find a good tutorial lol. Anyways...nice to know that Lumia is coming out ahead...
  • Are you comparing the photos by looking at them on the individual devices? I've noticed that Samsung screens are brighter but move both photos to a PC and see how they compare on the same screen. Just a thought.
  • Good point. I'll try that....
  • I have been using the new Lumia Photos app on my 1520 with no tweaks and its awesome. Especially video.
  • Yup...the 4k video is great....i use it to take video of site surveys when I travel abroad on business..
  • I have to disagree as I own both phones. The Note 4 has a great camera no doubts but overall the 1520 edges it for me. That's even with more dated hardware compared to the Note 4.
  • Nice just picked up a brand new 1520 from ebay.
  • Great phone. I use it for work and play. Great phone...only limited by the unfortunate "stigma" of windows phone...i been using WP since the Samsung Focus....and i am still hoping for some awesome innovation...
  • Duh
  • Of course, but sadly under promoted and under reported, you see so many reviewers talking phone cameras and not even mentioning a Lumia, so frustrating.
  • Hi guys. Any Lumia 930 owners? Can you, please, describe how to get the high resolution (19mp 4:3 mode) photos on my PC? I always seem to sync only the 5MP samples. In addition, is viewing of the large files possible only in Lumia Camera or is it possible in Album or Proshot (3rd party) app as well? Apologize in advance for hijacking this thread...tnx ;)
  • I sync to OneDrive over WiFi, after selecting high quality. That works for me.
  • Thanks mate! I will try it tonight =)
  • i don't think most of you actually read the article on phone arena.. i have a 930 and apart from the camera, everything else is pretty much bad. however, if you read the comparison on phone arena, you'll notice that the 930 came 1st only twice and was third most of the time... the 930 came third on the watch shot even if the pic is actually disgusting with a blue hue... 930 came 5th in broad daylight. the only scene that the 930 did better is scene 5. so, it's not like the 930 killed the comparison, it actually didn't. it won by a handful of votes and got trashed in broad daylight...yes i have a 930 but i stay objective.
  • Thanks for the reality check!
  • Are they using the 5 mp .jpeg from the 930 or are they using the 19 mp .dng?
  • You know what would be interesting? Just to know which app they used for the photo. Was it Lumia camera 5.0, or the Lumia camera classic or the default Microsoft camera... Anyone has any idea??
  • brother recently bought the M9...i feel sorry for him....he genuinely thought their 20mpx camera was good enough to compete against the 930......
  • I loved the quality of the photos that my Lumia Icon took, incredible. I switched to an iPhone 6 Plus due to the preceived lack of 3rd party app support for Windows Phone (mostly banks adn airlines), but I still follow it closely and can't wait to put the next Windows 10 preview on the Icon. I really do hope that Universal apps fix the 3rd party support issues and make the Windows Store at parity with iOS and Android.
  • No surprise here, but it's always good to have proof for back up when explaining to iSheep why crapple products are inferior
  • Impressive especially with older hardware.
  • What did you mean by older hardware ??
  • It has an older chipset etc than the other devices.
  • Ohh ok, well i guess the 20mp Carl Zeiss purview do nearly all th work, but against the Iphone 6 the hardware of the 930 is maybe older but a lot more powerful !!
  • It better its a 20MP CZ
  • Grt..!
  • This would be great... if the 930 was available in the US. I'm so sick of peopole complaining saying there is no need for a Microsoft flagship phone. Its great that you don't want or can't afford a high end phone but for us Windows enthusiasts in developed nations, we want a high end phone. I never hear people trying to impress their friends with their Lumia 520, which is a great device by the way. My parents each have one. The point being, I love making my iDiot and lagdroid friends jealous with the amazing picture quality from my 1520, or the two day battery life, or the great build quality, or the high quality screen. Fact of the matter is, enthusiasts spread the word of Windows on phones and enthusiats buy flagships. I think this whole lack of a flagship could have been avoided in the US with the release of the 930 when it was available for the rest of the world. It would atleast keep me happy until a new high end phone launches later this year.
  • I bought this phone for Christmas. It's the absolute best phone I have ever had. Super upgrade from the Moto g. This is confirmation that I made a great choice.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ t
  • Just switched to an 830 from HTC one m8 windows. Already amazed with this phone! Snapdragon whatever! Love the feel and love the camera. Also have a 1520.
  • Well i guess that those test are the same if these pictures was taken with the 1520 !!
  • I love my 930 it takes great pictures :)
  • Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 camera are far better than any other phone far far better...
  • Its a shame the Lumina camera is stuck on a neglected platform
  • Yeah well at least 'Lumia' Camera is great and on the right platform...
  • Neglected by you perhaps. Not me. Neglecting your comment would be the best thing to do, too bad I couldn't help myself.
  • Lumia is bug fixer with its Camera
  • Okay, excuse me: I am entering this discussion after the original points were lost and arguments about flagships and Windows 10 had begun. The 930 has basically the same Camera functionality as the 1520, so it's a very good camera for a phone. The 930 and 1520 are the closest thing WP has to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ except that iPhones are desirable because they're premium/luxury products (and from Apple) while the two top Lumias are not desirable as premium/luxury products. I've had a photo-shoot-out with an iPhone 6 owner (I have a 1520) and once you put those images onto a big screen you really do see the difference...but most people don't care because they look at photos on phones and tablets where screen quality becomes a great leveller.  A flagship WP is massively important for Windows 10, if it's desirable by the masses and not just the few of us who've stuck with WP despite the mess Microsoft have made of taking on the iPhone. If the flagship ticks the right boxes, has the right current apps (or new, better ones than the other platforms have) then people will get on-board. If Windows 10 really is universal and it launches with some big hitters and, more importantly, proves in its early days that new apps will launch on the Windows platform at the same time as iOS and Android then for he first time it'll be a fair fight and the tech journalists won't be able to say what they usually do. MS also have to be aggressive with a "Thought you couldn't do XXXXXXXXX on a WP? WRONG!" style campaign. Finally, in my opinion, it's time to forget about trying to attract iPhone owners; Apple don't do budget phones and iPhone owners are all premium product owners. Android has the bigger marketshare because it, like WP, has a range of devices for all budgets. Windows 10 needs to go up against Android at all pricepoints. The iPhone is too established and too iconic and their owners are quite content to stay put so until WP is taking a bite out of the Android marketshare on phones and tablets there's no reason for iPhone owners to see what all the fuss is about. I'm sticking with WP for now because it actually has the vast majority of apps I want to use, takes great photos (very average video, though) and plays nicely with my other devices. If I was looking to move into the platform I'd want to know it has most, if not all, of what I already have, newer and better options (I think MS have missed a trick not getting the massive and already-established XBOX customer base onboard with closer integration) and devices that are desirable and work better than anything else out there. If that's a big ask then MS should just give up on WP as it really is all or nothing this time around and if they're not prepared to put the effort in from launch day, then WP will be finished by this time next year.  Once Windows 10 arrives, it simply has to be the case that when there's an advert ANYWHERE for ANY product that has a "download the app from" at the end of it, the Windows Store icon is there. I look at the adverts on the London Underground; maybe one in ten of them has a Windows option next to the ubiquitous Apple and Android icons.   
  • I also like pineapples
  • Microsoft should use this in their advertising. Forwarding this to all my iSheep friends.
  • How do one blind test photos? ;-)
  • Nothing can touch the Lumia pure view phones.
  •    Nokia has the best camera available on smartphones. Is anyone surprised? No. Didn't think so.
  • The Galaxy S5 picture actually looks the best to me.
  • I want one.... Oh wait you can't officially buy it in the US.
  • Honestly I think the galaxy s5 took a more balanced picture color wise. Blind test is one thing, but I wonder what photographers and editors would rate these. I say this because of that ridiculous dress fiasco. Most people saw white and gold or black and blue, but the picture was really bronze and light blue at face value.
  • If you're going to run a test on a 1520 using antutu, you will find yourself unsatisfied with the result. It is way behind samsung galaxy s6 or note. Can microsoft do something about it?
  • Also when you're launching Facebook and your data connection isn't H or H+ or even higher than that, the app will fail to refresh. Is there something wrong with the app or the windows itself?
  • This is the main reason why i bought a lumia - the top notch camera. It's my no. 1 requirement in a phone.
  • They just did a new one without the lumia 930
  • No duhh.... IPhones only take half decent images with its 8MP camera because their software enhances the photos. They increase the contrast of the photos in the greens and yellows which make them visually appealing to the average crowd. To anybody who actually tell what a professional photo should look like they would be able to tell a Nokias photo will always be closer than an iPhone or Samsung device. In a blind test I'm not surprised anyways just because Nokia has always been the leader in cellphone camera tech since the Nokia N8 (or even earlier) and beyond.
  • For me the 925 remains a steadfast companion providing reliable communication, above average image and video capture, good (if managed) battery life pleasant ergonomics and an excellent keyboard. Apps suck. As the only windows phone in the house my only redeeming quality is the "old" camera that just keeps working (better) and the sleek look that everyone says copies the iPhone 6.... LOL.
  • For me the 925 remains a steadfast companion providing reliable communication, above average image and video capture, good (if managed) battery life pleasant ergonomics and an excellent keyboard. Apps suck. As the only windows phone in the house my only redeeming quality is the "old" camera that just keeps working (better) and the sleek look that everyone says copies the iPhone 6.... LOL.... Edit I will keep my NOKIA until Microsoft produces a worthy successor. This phone was not built to be replaced soon. 920 owners surely can relate. (I'm a T-Mobile customer 14 yrs. With a penchant for hardware. Still have a 6110 and C-07 as "backups".
  • Double post ..error
  • I'm just waiting for Windows 10.
  • 希望以后中国用户能用汉语交流
  • Lol at Phonearena immediately rerunning their survey and ditching the Lumia so someone else can win :D
  • I would rank the Lumia 930 photo third behind the 6 Plus & Note 4 myself. But those are just my photo preferences. To me the Lumia 930 image has an orange hue the other images do not. The license plate is most easiest to read (sharpness wise) & I feel has the more realistic silver/gray color in the iPhone 6 Plus shot. But the Note 4 image is more smooth overall, but I do not like what it did to the headlight & license plate coloring.