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Microsoft accidentally teases browser extensions for Edge with RES and Pinterest

Looks like Microsoft is inching closer to releasing the Microsoft Edge browser with extensions to Insiders. In a web page captured and tweeted by @h0x0d aka WalkingCat you can see the early mockups of the extensions including two that look to be available immediately including one for Pinterest and RES or 'Reddit Enhancement Suite' that greatly improves the usage of the Reddit website.

Microsoft originally planned to have browser extensions for the November update, but they were pushed back until 'early 2016'. Windows Insiders will be the first to get the new feature to put it through its paces before going wide to the general public.

Although Windows Phone is not currently slated for extensions, the Microsoft team is reportedly exploring the idea as a "long-term goal."

The extensions for Edge can be natively written or ported over from Chrome using some simple tools. Eventually, the extensions should be featured in the Windows Store too for easy installation, although initially it looks like a manual job for Insiders. More details about the extensions and rollout are expected in the coming weeks.

WalkingCat evidently compared the Edge extensions with the Chrome ones and found that the only difference was " basically substitute "chrome" with "msBrowser", add few minor changes, done." That suggests there should be little problem with getting Edge up to speed with Chrome in terms of extension support across the board.

Currently, the original page where the images were hosted is now reporting back a 403 Error.

Source: msedgeissuetracker; via @h0x0d

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Does Microsoft even TPL anymore?
  • Gah? Adblock, Ghoshtery, and something to wipe out flash cookies are what I'm looking for.
  • Exactly...
  • Well they have to launch with something "pretty". With all the whining these days from the content producers about how unfair adblockers are, do you really think they'd launch with it? The real news is great though, just port an existing extension over and it's done.
  • Hostile Imo better than adblock and I don't have to use a browser I don't want to block ads through my entire os
  • What is hostile?
  • adblock is not high on list. I just uses it for those sites with way to mine ads. Plus edge block 3 party app from open i.e. ads that didn't load with the site
  • Adblock is especially necessary for Windows Central.
  • I agree 100%. Browsing windows central without adblocker is a very cumbersome experience - way to many repeating and in your face ad placements. Worst part is that none of those ads were ever of interest to me. Darn google ads!
  • While I agree that ads can be really annoying, the irony is that if you don't look at them, then the site goes down because nothing's being paid for. But yeah, I agree that if ads are slowing things down then the site needs some tech-savvy people to fix that.
  • That's the stupid part
  • Yeah...almost unusable on my Lumia 640...  Would be so nice if the extensions made it to the phones.,
  • Adblock is paid off by google to let some ads through, and it doesn't ever block google tracking. uBlock Origin actually blocks everything.
  • Even better, use a hosts file. All ad blocks do is hide the ad, a hosts file doesn't even download the ad saving bandwidth. Even better, it is an OS tweak so you don't need to wait for an extension. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's incorrect. Large HOSTS files will slow your browsing experience since the HOSTS file is a non-indexed text file, meaning that when your web browser accesses websites, it will scan line by line records in your HOSTS file. So, it's not the best method of blocking access to websites.
  • Extensions are good for those who use them alot(besides ad blockers), but what about performance and stability improvements? Edge almost crawls to a stop if I have more than a few tabs
  • Edge is plenty fast with ads blocked ( via hosts file method ). I have dozens of tabs open most of the time with no slow down.
  • How powerful is your PC/device?
  • Hope to see uBlock and Stylish.
  • I hope it supports Windows Central.
  • Yes it is mostly ads he he
  • stop whining about the ads... if the ads weren't there, you probably wouldn't be reading windowscentral at all... Don't think you have any idea how much a website costs.
  • I don't care. I hate ads.
  • Missedthejoke.jpg
  • I don't mind ads. I don't link ad overkill.
  • Other websites do fine using less intrusive ads. If they want to be all obnoxious about it they deserve to be blocked.
  • It's happening! Lack of extensions is the only thing holding me back from using Edge as my primary browser right now.
  • Well that and maybe full screen mode. Chrome's full screen mode on Windows is bad, but it's better than nothing. And support for pen gestures. Pen swipe left right to switch tabs, pen swipe down to close a tab, pen swipe up-right for a new tab, once it's set up it's pretty nice. Odd how Edge (and IE before it) ignores Windows pen gesture settings. 
  • It's happening!!! XD For me though, it's not the extensions that prevents me to use Edge as my primary web browser. It is the general stability, reliability and few features that are small but are very useful and keeps me using other web browsers (even IE is much better). Features like Tab Syncing (gone when you are using W10M, bummer), History+Auto-Complete syncing, Dragging web objects to the Tab area to create new Tab, menu to switch Search Engines within the Addressbar, Jumplist actions, Reopen Closed Tabs and Sessions List/Menu, Navigation history when right-clicking (holding-down for touchscreen) the Navigation Arrow buttons, Mute Tab, Full-screen mode, Immersive Mode (Windows 8.1-like), Swipe gestures for touch with Smart Forward from Modern IE, Basically all Modern IE tablet UX, etc. Not to mention about missing features, even the current Tab Tearing implementation on Microsoft Edge is bad. It's too easy to drag-out the tabs but tricky to put it back, not a good experience at all. Performance is actually slow and some other sites (especially Windows Central) causes tab to crash when typing comments here. Some sites even make Edge crash or simply bogged down the browser especially on flash heavy sites.
  • I couldn't think what it was or how to explain in word's, but you have described it beautifully, well executed. It's an absolute pleasure to read alot of the these posts, answered explained in detail, on all verity of subjects covered in this WPC, & the majority of what alot of people put forward,is good to read, thanks all for what contributes to making WPC, what it is to me & probably others to.
  • Thanks! I just happened to have free time today to comment about in detail. XD
  • @aXross, wondering if using Edge kicks up any fans when launched? It's been making my laptop fan mental lately lol. Firefox on the other hand no issues.
  • Nope, my laptop fan ran just fine if I just opened Edge normally. Though when I'm browsing to some heavy websites, Edge sometimes kicks up the fan but most likely I will experience lagging and "Not Responding" tabs instead. Other web browsers including Firefox also runs fine, even the freaking hungry Chrome (which is more of a RAM issue than CPU). I have encountered different issues though like my GPU tends to crash when using Edge for a long time with at least 10+ tabs opened. This GPU issue of mine is actually little more consistent and I'm still looking for solutions if there's any. Just guessing but maybe try updating your GPU drivers since Edge is quite sensitive about it, which reminds me of earlier issues about Edge on Radeon users during early Pre-RTM Insider Builds. Unfortunately I don't use Edge extensively, at least I don't use it when I'm doing more important task. The occasional freezing and GPU crashing prevents me from using Edge extensively. I will give time to use Edge more just for the sake of testing and feedback, but only casually as I hate dealing issues when working.
  • Yep, can't wait to give up chrome.  It's become so bloated. I'd like the ability to change the path I save files to as well.  I like them going straight to my desktop.
  • If it's a big deal, use a hosts file, that method works now, and works regardless of your browser. Just requires occasional updates on your end, but is worth it imo. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I find it intentionall somehow.
  • Accidental my assss. Bring it on!!!
  • I just need Adblock and Xmarks and I'll betray Firefox in a heartbeat.
  • I don't even care about extensions, but I'm excited for them for everybody who needs them! One less "con" for MS Edge :)
  • Same:)
  • Yeah, I don't use extension either, but it's a really nice plus for everyone whining about Edge.
  • Good news. But who needs AdBlock when you can just mod your hosts file?
  • Some websites don't work properly if you edit hosts file. I am using that but I had to un-edit it a few times. Further, the WindowsCentral links don't work with edited hosts file, not sure about adblock though.
  • That sounds nerdy and selfish. What about all the people who just navigate the internet and just want to use the computer in the easiest way possible without "show hidden files" "open hosts file" etc? Who needs to mod hosts file when you have AdBlock?
  • I know it's not for amatuers but it uses less system resources which is always for for pro audio and video users.
  • Host file though it works, it's not that practical and easy to do for many users. You have to manually modify or replace it every time you need to change something. People wants easier and more obvious implementation that does the same job. 
  • I don't want to block all websites. Just some...
  • It doesnt block all websites. Just the ads you want.
  • When you use the host thing, it block ads from all websites. I don't want that. :(
  • What you do is leave a copy of the original, then just rename it as hosts.bkp and switch the two files when you want to enable ads. You can make it faster with a batch script so you just run one script to enable ads and one to disable. A little more complex than an ad block, but more efficient resource wise. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Edge works great with Hosts file updated but then BS spam ad links like the ones windows central promotes are broken. Better than spamware like the BS google promotes!!
  • Best be careful when modifying the hosts file.
  • Adblock is the first extension I want!!!!
  • Why does everyone want the extension paid off by Google to let their tracking through regardless?
  • If you want to block tracking use a dedicated extension like donottrackme (I think that's the name lol). It has additional features for blocking trackers and uses a proxy based method to avoid tracks based on searches. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • most people don't care, we just dont want ads
  • I was hoping that Edge would perform better than IE but it's about the same and worse for cpu utilization. Almost 4 months since release and little improvement since.
  • I only use ie, I cant seem to use or even like edge to be truthful.
  • You both are magikarps
  • Love to see extension support for W10M sooner. that would really help make up for the lack of (some) apps. 
  • RObR what are you smoking?
  • Nothing at the moment. Was on my Dell XPS 12 earlier on the Windows Central site using Edge. Two tabs open and almost 50% cpu with nothing else running, often less but not very consistent. My SP3 starts heating up and blowing the fan with a few tabs open in Edge, takes about 15 tabs on IE to do the same. Crazy stuff.
  • Dude, same bug here! I'm with Dell Venue 11 (Core M version) and some times Edge use 100% of CPU. It gets very hot. I need to restart Edge several times to go back to normal... Flash is turned off...
  • Well I run a ASUS X Series with Intel icore, & I haven't felt it get warm yet,
  • Your fan was normal? Core M doesn't have fan, so...
  • Lastpass! Until HELLO does most websites & Pocket + ad block
  • KC3Kai, just that.. for now.
  • My hopes: uBlock, FoxyProxy, Stylish, Ghostery, BetterPrivacy. Until then I will probably remain with Firefox.   Firebug would be nice for me since I could never got used to any browser's built in dev tools but I don't think that one would happen.
  • I'd double check ghostery. There's some suspicion as to if they are trustworthy. It may be taking you and selling that data to other companies. Not confirmed but I'd still suggest looking into it to be sure. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft Edge is coming to Windows Phone?
  • Edge is the browser in Windows 10 mobile
  • LOL!
  • Adblock plus, please and thank you. All I need and I mighjt actually be using Edge.
  • I wouldn't use/trust any ad blocker that gets money from Google.
  • Possibly firtst extension-supporting browser for tablets (excluding desktop browsers on x86 tablets)
  • Firefox on Android tablets uses extensions.
  • Dont extensions compromise security? Iremember once, i installed an add-on to my internet explorer by mistake (it was not really that harmfull, but it kepts chaning my homepage to some stupid site), then, it started changing prevliges on my pc, slowly gaining more prevliges with each mistake that i do while fighting to take control over some settings with the hopes to just change the homepage, but couldn't, until it reached a point where i had to re install windows.....   I consider my self very good at these things, imagine someone who just uses his computer to open facebook. he will be doomed.
  • They could come through the Windows Store so that could help with security Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Edge already have these adware :/
  • OMG. Maybe a year or 2 more and we have a fully working browser. Well done Nadella!
  • 4 more years then i buy Windows10 No way i give up Windows 8.1 until then :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The only thing that keeps me from ditching chrome all together are extensions...I hope this will come soon.
  • Swipe navigation is a biggy too.
  • Metro Internet Explorer
  • Ugh, hate swipe nav. It only ever worked in the most inconvenient times, like loading the 4k albums/etc. :P
  • Still can not import bookmarks from Firefox. The only option I have is IE. They should fix that first.
  • Export Firefox to IE and then IE to Edge...
  • That's a silly workaround that your average user would think to do. The proper solution is to add something that should be considered basic functionality of any modern browser.
  • Long term goal... Does it mean 2 or 4 years for W10M users?
  • It means that you should not need extensions on a phone since the phone should be much more app dependant. If things go like they hope....
  • Rocking extensions on Firefox on my android. An ad blocker stops all those auto playing video ads, thus saving me data. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good for you. I for one do not care about extensions even on a PC and 99% of users do not even know what they are. But anyway good for people like you if they actually implement them. I use 500MB monthly out of 2GB. I could upgrade to 4GB for 5€ a month. Maybe this would be useful in zones with low data plans.
  • "99% of users do not even know what they are." Why do people always pull statistics out of their *** to make a simple argument? Just say you don't use it. Some people don't bother and some can't browse without them. 
  • Why you have to nitpick about numbers? I know some hundreds of people and like 5 of them uses or even knows what an extension is (and I think I know people that are into tech world then you should mix it with the majority of people which barely knows what a browser is but uses it everyday). You know, we "people" are able to take our everyday experience mix it with some common sense, a grain of salt and make an opinion. To which you may disagree and try and give yours in the same polite manner. Your "Some people don't bother and some can't browse without them", while true, doesn't say much, while my opinion was a general resoning about how much this is needed.
  • You really consider it "common sense" and "general reasoning" to throw out that 99% of users don't even "know" what extensions are based simply on your personal experince of knowing "some hundreds of people?"   Reasoning: you're using the word wrong.
  • There are come concerns about extensions for mobile devices: performance and battery ussage. Non optimized extensions might make Edge very slow on some pages or they will drain battery very fast. In most cases users would blame Microsoft of "their slow devices/bad batteries" and not an extension developer.
  • Edge works great for me right now on desktop with Hosts file updated. My only complaint is typing in text field issues especially on windows central. And would like to be able to set default home page on mobile then auto clear history on exit. Back to Feedback to complain some more....
  • Edge program start up speed is absolutely great but they need to work on many sites mostly the banking sites used for payment and even with e commerce. That issue should be fixed first.
  • Bring me lastpass and ad blocker and I'll be happy
  • Can't come soon enough.
  • mouse gestures and adBlock please
  • Death to Firefox.
  • No, I need Firefox lol. I run 4 different operating systems and need sync. Linux, OS X, and BSD don't have edge. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • XMarks, assuming it comes to Edge (now owned by the LastPass company, so hopefully they'll port both). XMarks gives you full bookmark and even tab syncing across OSs and browsers. I love it.
  • Hopefully Edge extensions would come to mobile by 2020, but not holding my breath.
  • Ad block also please to block all annoying ads by google.
  • This looks great. Replicate some of the named extensions with universal apps and it'll be great. Onwards and upwards.
  • Switched to Chrome when windows 10 came, extentions are essential, from lastpass, ghostery, ad block, todoist..https everywhere, sooo many that edge is useless without it...i also like to manually choose cookies in ie11, no option in edge yet from what I've seen, extentions are certainly welcome.
  • I see a lot of people waiting for AddBlock, while other say it`s ok to show the adds because this is how you get free stuff... I`m all for that, but sadly there are some websites that go full retard (9GAG fans around ? :D) and for instance you want to see a news report, first you get to see 2 adds one on top of eachother and then you have to sit trough a 15 seconds video add .. and this while other adds with sound play around ... today`s pages are 85% adds the rest information in a little corner.
  • Reading mode. Works perfectly.
  • Adblock, Extension for video download from youtube. And fast browsing in low net speed.. If it happens then pack up for Firefox and chorme.
  • Just use this hosts file and Edge runs perfect.  I always have 10 tabs open and it's lightning fast.  
  • I've never used extensions before, never had the need really but a lot of my friends love extensions so it will be a very welcome addition to Edge. However, knowing my friends, it will still be a few years before they consider switching to Edge from Chrome. Windows 10 and Edge both have a long way to go, but the most positive thing to see is that Microsoft is steadily pushing updates to everything. In the eyes of my friends Microsoft is still largely hated, so it won't be enough for edge to be as good as or slightly better, it really needs to push miles forward before most people will switch, that's why I'm thinking a couple of years not a couple of months. For myself I'm only using Edge anyway since it does everything I need perfectly fine.
  • Extensions on Edge on W10M would be so awesome. Finally I could use KeePass directly from the browser, and not from a app.
  • Explore faster. With no love from Firefox we desperately need an ad blocker.
    Websites these days are worse than homer Simpsons webpage. This one for example had to reload three times for me to comment, but the ads were fast enough to appear each time. Personally I'd love to see something like Firefox's r.i.p. (remove it permanently) so we have a great control of what gets displayed. Show loyalty to the users not the advertisers.
    Lots of complaints about the poor website creators these days.
    But we went many many years with adless websites that worked well (in fact a page would load faster in the 90's on dialup than it does on a modern phone). Ads are a bonus..a luxury. They are not essential.
  • Whatever makes Edge stop revving the fan on my i7-SP3.........opening the same exact tabs open on IE11 and closing Edge make the fan turn off and the cpu stops throttling. Edge is basically useless for me currently. Modern IE 10 never flipped the fan on unless I was streaming video.
  • Any one else notice how the Hub, Web Notes and Share buttons have been relocated under "..." --- seems like a backwards change. Those icons are fine where they currently are.
  • Accidentally. Right.
  • I just wish the Edge browser dealt more effectively with pop-up ads on websites. Some websites are unusable on a mobile device like a Windows 10 phone because of super aggressive ads. Alternative desktop browsers handle those ads fine, just not Edge for Desktop or mobile.
  • Ad blocking is the first thing needed on edge.  it's horribly slow without it.  I am on IE 11 using ad blocking on there.  Works like a charm and every site is fast and efficent.
  • A Pinterest extension but no official app, hmmm
  • I'm hoping that Webnotes can be customised to show, I use them incessantly. Ad Block would be nice, but if it slows down Edge I'll stick with Hosts File.  
  • FINALLY. PERFECT NEWS and bye bye Firefox.