Microsoft: manufacturers sold over 1.5 million phones in the first six weeks

Microsoft has finally gone on the record regarding sales of Windows Phone 7. Guess what? They weren't telling us before because they were embarrassed by the numbers (or rather, they should not be). In an official press release and interview with Achim Berg, vice president of business and marketing for Windows Phones, Berg goes on record about sales figures, expectations and other aspects of Windows Phone 7. The big part of the interview, though, is where Berg discusses those numbers:

News Center: Windows Phone 7 has been in market for almost two months now worldwide, how are sales going?Berg: Sales are ramping well as our reputation is growing for offering users a unique experience and are in line with our expectations – especially when compared to other new platform introductions......Another is phone manufacturer sales – phones being bought and stocked by mobile operators and retailers on their way to customers. We are pleased that phone manufacturers sold over 1.5 million phones in the first six weeks, which helps build customer momentum and retail presence.

Of course, Microsoft has famously launched Windows Phone 7 "worldwide" on nine different devices, so making a direct comparison to the iPhone or Android not exactly accurate. Clearly, Apple had more momentum on launch even when severely hampered by supply shortages and a U.S. only launch. Still, 1.5 million is not too bad for a company many had written off in the mobile space and combined with their 18,000 developers (and growing), we think Microsoft is certainly in a good position in the end of 2010. Coming in 2011 we have "wave 2" of devices, Chassis 2 designs, numerous major updates and further roll-out of new product synergies (Xbox, Zune, Windows 8, etc.). Sounds good to us because Microsoft is ready to fight.

Speaking of updates, Berg said this, which we'll leave you with: "...We are on a path to begin releasing the first of several updates in the next couple of months".

Source: Microsoft, PressPass; Thanks, ericesque, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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