Microsoft has announced a new partnership with the Markle foundation in an effort to help American workers gain digital skills in response to the evolving labor market. Specifically, Microsoft is boosting Markle's Skillful initiative with a $25.8 million investment over the three-year partnetship.

From Microsoft:

Starting by expanding throughout Colorado and then moving to additional states, the partnership aims to create a skills-based labor market model that can be replicated across the U.S. to help millions of Americans overcome barriers to obtaining better-paying jobs. In addition to its $25.8 million investment, Microsoft Philanthropies brings to the partnership decades of experience in providing digital skills training for individuals, as well as learning tools for coaches, educators and employers.

The hope is, Microsoft explains, that proper training can help to fill the estimated 6 million jobs that go unfilled because of a shortage of skilled workers. In addition to monetary support from Microsoft, Markle's Skillful initiative is also using LinkedIn's training finder to help workers obtain the training they need.

Be sure to check out Microsoft's announcement for more on its joint efforts with Markle.

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