Microsoft Hyperlapse

Back in Summer 2014 Microsoft Research pulled the wraps off its Hyperlapse project, a video algorithm to smooth out shaky video footage and generate first-person timelapses. It's been all quiet since then, but now an internal beta has surfaced for an app to bring Hyperlapse to Windows Phone.

The app isn't usable by anyone outside of Microsoft's internal testing group right now, but with Build a month away it's not inconceivable that we could see a launch around that time. On Windows Hyperlapse could be used to stabilize footage from action cameras such as a Go Pro, but the possibility of a mobile version is definitely exciting.

For an example we can look toward Instagram's own app of the same name, albeit currently exclusive to the iPhone. It offers a similar end result to Microsoft's Hyperlapse project, smoothing out footage by using information from the phones gyroscope to apply the shake reduction. It works incredibly well and so far we've no reason to believe Microsoft's efforts could be any less rewarding.

But for now, we sit and wait. But we're going to be following this one very closely indeed.

Update: The folks at WindowsBlogItalia have managed to score some screenshots of the app in action.

Source: Microsoft Insider