Microsoft wants you to show your distain for Google – starts selling Scroogled products

If you are a true Microsoft fan, then you're probably aware of the company’s Scroogled campaign. The advertising strategy, which has been considered as dirty by some, is now taking a step up to launch a variety of products for anti-Googlers to show their support for Microsoft.

The campaign has been based upon the premise that Google is stealing data from innocent users by monitoring their activities within the company’s web browser, Chrome, as well as services including Gmail and Search. Microsoft has also pointed out that Google imbeds ads within their own search results and even attempts to disguise advertisements in your inbox as ordinary emails.

If you are a fan of the campaign, you can show your support by grabbing the variety of new products being offered on Microsoft’s website including tee shirts, hoodies, and mugs. Some of the items simply display the Scroogled logo, while others spot fancy taglines such as “Keep Calm while we steal your data”.

Check out the full range of Scroogled products, by clicking here (opens in new tab).

What do you think about the campaign – dirty tactics or fair play?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); via The Verge

  • Nope
  • I sense that this is the wrong direction... Stepping to their level❔
  • I think you mean stooping...  And yeah, this is pathetic.
  • Yep, that's what I meant, and I agree.. MS needs to humble itself.. This isn't the right way.. All bark and no bite,, and it's just a buch of talk they can't backup at the time. It's like that bully back in junior high who didn't experience the growth spurt with the other kids, and now he's in high school getting his ass licked, I mean kicked, because he's still talking $hit.. Lol.. Right❔
    MS better be quiet before we wakeup tomorrow and Waze is missing from the store... Lol❕
  • If you use Outlook instead of Gmail, you know its more than a bite. Beautiful, bold, simple, seamless, not a thief.
  • Yeah, and I believe that WP has all those advantages that you mentioned over the competition, but compared to the others market share WP has little bite.. Let's consider bite awareness, and popularity.. You can be great all day long but if nobody knows,, nobody cares... Just because we're WP fans doesn't mean that we have to be as naive as some iDroid fans..
  • Hey kid, you seemingly still are in school. MS were openly discussing its findings (might have even been published here on WPC) of a survey showing that 50% of a sample survey of GMail users would recommend the service to their friends. When MS showed them the Scroogled video, that dropped to like 2%. Negative advertising does work. In the UK they are running TV adverts and Radio adverts telling people to speak in Pig Latin, or if they want their email private switch to Outlook.Com. This might make people think that Google isn't really free. Its you giving up your personal info and connections. As an ex-Google Apps paying subscriber thats one of the reasons I left. MS are in a dog fight with Apple and Google, and the gloves are off. Good for them. About time they came out fighting. People talking so much sh*t about Apple and Google like they are giving away free gold. Well Android is ugly, Apple is great but 2x expensive and all the new Win8, WP8 and XboxOne, Outlook.Com look and feel is really "sharp" I love it. When I go back to my OSX Mac or see a Samsung Galaxy tab with Skewmorphic ugliness I hug my Win 8 or WP when I get back to it. It _is_ better, but brand loyalty makes people mouths flap.
  • People need to quit being so uptight. A little jabbing back and forth is nothing new and to some extent fun. Being contrite and not speaking up is EXACTLY what a competitor wants.
  • Who said there was anything wrong with speaking up❔ Were just saying that on MS's position they should be choosing their words more tactically..
  • I'll agree...In Song: B-I-G, Gee, I'm not sure who's thinking this up, M-I-S. Especially after recent events; T-A-K-E-S - Big Mistakes! Say it loud, Big Mistakes, Say it proud! The thing is, Microsoft's a big company, Google's a big company. But Google's a big company where MS is a small company in this space. And fact of the matter is, you don't have to be best buds, but on some level your customers are the ones who'll end up hurting. And many are still very much so plugged in to Google Services, or apps that require their API. Google hasn't overtly bounced back at the scroogled stuff in way of ads, but they have been passive aggressive like crazy with stuff like Gmail to Youtube to API access. Playing the attack game instead of the "show my own stuff" game is only going to hurt MS in the long run.  Which teams or marketing group is thinking this is an overall smart way to go??
  • The title of the article read "Disdain" rather than "Distain" ?
  • I don't know. I wouldn't wear it.
  • I would!
  • I actually want that Mug lol....I know a lot of people are always talking about how they dislike this Scroogled campaign but to be honest, I actually find it amusing and what not(Simply because i hate google :P). But yep...I am getting that mug :P
  • I agree - I find the campaign a bit dirty also, but I want that mug for some reason. Irony: I am saying that as I type this comment from Google Chrome.
  • There is nothing dirty about telling the consumers the TRUTH. The only way the campaign would be dirty is if it was telling lies or overly exaggerating the facts, but so far I found it to be rather spot on on exposing Google's dirty secrets to those who were not aware of them already.
  • "There is nothing dirty about telling the consumers the TRUTH. The only way the campaign would be dirty is if it was telling lies or overly exaggerating the facts" Then prove that Google is stealing. You're gonna have to do a whole lot to prove that Google is accessing data that I haven't given them the right to when I've agreed to their terms. Steal is a big, strong, dirty word without proof. Consumers have a right to know the truth, if the truth is being told. Earlier Scroogled pushes did tell a lot of truth... not that it wasn't already available for anyone willing to read instead of scrolling to the bottom of a page as fast as possible. I think the real campaign here should be teaching people to read licensing agreements properly; after all, it's your rights you are giving away when you don't read. I read my whole Windows 8 agreement before activating.
  • Humancetipad - South Park :)
  • 99% of consumers never read license agreements, that is a reality that is never going to change, (and companies like Google know that) that is why if you want to be open with consumers about their data privacy a company should disclose key privacy issues and how it uses user data in an open easy to understand manner, and not hiding it in a 20 page policy that is updated every few months using legal language that few people understand.    
  • And they do just that by putting it in the license agreement where it belongs. It's not Google's fault that no one reads those things. It's where they belong too. They can't dictate everything in their general privacy policy because somone will go "b-but loop hole!" since it's written in genreal terms. Serving the lowest common denominator doesn't fix things, and Microsoft knows that. That's why they're doing the Scroogled campain, the lead people into believing Microsoft doesn't do that when, in fact, everyone from them to Google to Facebook has a lot of access to stuff you never dreamed about. Maybe we wouldn't need the Scroogled campaign if people would take a couple minutes to read what the heck they're agreeing to.
  • If you really did type that from Chrome then Google already knows you want that mug. Be careful.
  • HAAA HAAA HEEE HEEE. He is gonna get spammed so bad now!!!!
  • Truth about the world...never believe anyone. It's dirty business, everywhere. Money and Power.
  • I was going to get the mug for the office and the darn thing is OUT OF STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A little hypocritical maybe, maybe not. Either way a bit amusing. The fact of the matter is before IE11, Chrome was flat out a much more superior product. Now hat IE11 is out though, I'd say they are fairly even. Chrome might be a hair faster, but IE scrolls smoother. Chrome does have better compatibility though. With the rate IE has improved lately though, IE12 is going to be awesome. They just need to fix their damn js performance.
  • use Firefox - best browser ever / end of story :|
  • You are aware that (last time I looked) nearly 30% of the code in Firefox was done by Microsoft, right? Just a thing I like to point out to Firefox fans.
  • I don't think it's dirty play if it's the truth. It's not like Google made an effort to let users know about all of these changes, and why should anyone there get mad if and when they get called out on it?
  • +1. It is only dirty if it is lies or half-truths. If the allegations are true then it is Google that is dirty.
  • This is incredibly stupid.
  • +1  It doesn't make good business sense, regardless of how bad the MS/Google relationship is at the moment. They are not doing themselves any favors to help Google provide their apps to WP.  You attract more bees with honey than vinegar.
  • Actually it makes great business sense, by showing consumers that Microsoft is more committed to their data being private and as written in past articles it has helped Microsoft gain market share.
  • No body cares about google apps. I mean if you are a microsoft fan. I personally use bing, outlook, bing translate,etc. Google needs microsoft but microsoft does not.
  • MS is in no way small beans compared to Scroogle, but you clearly have no idea how much of a footprint Scroogle leaves. Their services, PARTNERSHIPS, and aquisitions impact MS and all of us in more ways than one.  It's a stupid move by MS and if you had a grasp on everything Scroogle touches you would agree.
  • Totally agree.
    Stupidest move ever by MS
  • Microsoft always sucks advertising...
  • @archambault Disdain. Not distain.
  • I'm not a big fan of google (the YouTube thing.) but I don't think I would buy any of it except that mug.
  • Ehh they all work with the NSA including MS.  They schould give the Scroogled campaign up if they wont take their strong arm (like only MS, Apple or Google can do) and lead the charge to truly keep their customers data THEIR data.
  • Hellz to the yeah pookie woody
  • There is still a difference about the government having your data and a private company data mining you just to sell you ads.
    The government might have a legitimate purpose (at least sometimes) to want that data, whereas Goggles only purpose is to sell it and make money of of you; big difference.
  • Actually, I think it's the exact opposite.  I'd much rather have something as trivial as ads served up to me than having the government knowing *everything I do*.  The government can do much more to harm me than Google ever could.  
  • this is assuming microsoft, google, or apple had a choice in working with the government. microsoft is not the only company handing data over to the government and your a fool if you think so. I feel this ads weight to the whole campaign considering that microsoft then chooses to use what power it can to not spam you with crap, since its already being forced by the government to give the info it wants. as far as im concerned you'r just getting a double edged sword with google, with microsoft you get one, and its an edge they didnt wanna sharpen.
  • Except it's disingenous.  Microsoft does serve up ads on many of its web properties, and possibly now within Windows itself.  You can bet it uses your personal information.   And for the record, I'm sure that all major companies (Facebook, Apple, Google, et al) are forced to hand over data to the NSA, not just Microsoft.  
  • The difference is that the ads Microsoft serve up aren't targeted by data mining you, unlike Scroogle who scan your email for keywords to deliver you more spam, sorry, adverts!!
  • Actually, the ads Microsoft servers *are* targeted by data mining you.
  • Those are hero ads based on what you search for using the built in search, of course you'd know this if you read the article instead of just posting it. Nice try though! I have to disagree, none of the ads I've seen are targeted at me specifically since they don't scan my email for keywords and DNT is enabled by default in my web browser!!
  • There is a huge difference, in Windows 8.1 on initial setup (or later in settings) you can very easily opt out of sending Microsoft you search history or using other advertising features like location or ad ID. On the other hand there is absolutely no opt out of Googles data collection and targeted advertising.  
  • I'd wear that shirt and use the mug. Google deserves far worse treatment. :)
  • +1, but shame the t-shirts are not 100% cotton, would like to see a black t-shirt with a simple logo on front like the hoodie has.
  • That is awesome.
  • All I want is CalDAV for my Windows 8.1 RT Calendar app.  Can't sync with Google Calendar.  Don't care who's fault it is.
  • Switch to Outlook calendar already. Google calendar is overrated
  • Out of mugs! I was going to get one... :(
  • They probably severally underestimated the demand, hope they make more soon.
    I like the fact that they are selling it at reasonable prices, not like other sponsored products by artists or sports teams where a simple t-shirt can set you back $30.
  • Now that is what I am talking about! Microsoft is finally taking a stand against Google for all Google has done to Microsoft. Keep it up Microsoft! Don't let Google take you down! Just keep your heads up high and you will do fine.
  • *disdain
  • Yep
  • This is stupid and counterproductive, Microsoft will gain nothing from this, it's a distraction and a waste of money, i'm not sure who they are hurting more with this campaign themselves or google.
  • ⬆⬆This⬆⬆
  • Except it's working and getting people moving over to Microsoft products!!
  • News flash: the word is disdain. BTW, it is also the word that defines my feeling regarding people who can't bother to even spell check their headline....
  • Let he who has never committed a spelling typo hurl the first keyboard.
  • LOL
  • It must be nice to have never made a grammatical error in your entire life. Oh master of the English language, will you please show us the path to enlightenment and grammar perfection?
  • There doing they're best, oh perfect one!
  • 8)
  • Heh heh well done :D
  • "I'm a big fan, of correct punctuation and it's correct usage;" - Neil Patrick Harris (
  • I dont understand why people get upset about campaigns. Its a damn campaign. If you dont like it, don't watch it! I, for one, quite like what Microsoft is doing. Its engaging, entertaining and IMO drives the message they want to drive.
  • They might have been better if they were less lame looking
  • I can see these selling well. Great timing with the YouTubes problem
  • This!
  • I say fair play as Google refuses to even compromise on an official YouTube app.
  • Actually this is why their is no official YouTube App
  • An official YouTube app that includes Scroogle's data mining "service" would only benefit the purveyors of openness. It would only give them more people to Scroogle.
  • This campaign started after Google had many times refused, stated no, and consistantly made 3rd parties life a pain on Windows Phone. So with that in mind, I would say with almost 100% certainty, no this is not the reason.
  • nope ,
    MS doing this for very long time.
    Tell me what Sony did that they are now bullying PS4 too. Well, you have to accept it , bullying someone else product is MS favorite way. and scroogle is not not for that Google had many times refused, stated no, and consistantly made 3rd parties life a pain on Windows Phone.
    It is for Bing which doesn't stand in front of Google search.
  • Yes, you can say nope but the facts are there. Look at when the Scroogled campaign started,  it was at least a year after Google actively started messing with 3rd party YouTube apps, and said no multiple times. You incorrectly stated with a 100% certainty that Google has refused to release YouTube due to this campaign. This was what I was replying to.
  • Just saw your post history... Not going to bother replying more. :/
  • But...but...there is one on the Xbox 1... So why the beef??
  • I think this is cool... Microsoft is finally taking off the gloves and fighting back... About time thy advertise and fight back...
  • I gotta get that mug! :P
  • + XBox 1
  • Oh, yeah. Keep being hostile towards Google. That'll help you a lot, I'm sure. This will certainly make YouTube debute next week in the Store. Also...the use of the Chrome logo and the "keep calm while we steal your data"...if I were Google I would sue the arse out of Microsoft. The people in charge of these Microsoft campaigns must be complete idiots.
  • Because playing nice and supporting Google products on their platforms has gotten them SO much good will from Google.
  • This ^^^ Google aren't Instagram. We're not going to get their support, in other words, by being super duper nice to them. We will get their support when they see it as making financial sense to them. The fact is, we could be the nastiest group of people to google, but when they look at their books and it makes sense to, they will support us. Simple as.
  • Sue them for what? It surely isn't slander, nor is it libel as both imply making false accusations and diminishing one's reputation. Since when has any lawsuit been won against a party that merely was speaking/printing the truth? A lawsuit would only bring Scoogle's bad & misleading business practices more into the light.
  • 1 - Illegal use of a trademarked logo
    2 - Making false accusations (even if it's true, Microsoft would be forced to prove that in Court). No action from Google can also bring Google itself a bad image which would hurt them as it would raise doubts among its users (although, with 80% marketshare in the mobile business and the dominance of Google's search engine and YouTube...I don't think it would be *that* catastrophic. On the other hand, this campaign also screams "desperation" loud and clear. Which makes such an old company as Microsoft look pathetic.
  • I guess.att.and Verizon better stop using each other logos on their commercial.... Get real
  • Parody is a protected class of speech. Calling it illegal use of a trademarked logo is patently ridiculous. SWIDT?
  • @DJCBS it's the best comment
    I don't think after reading your comment any fanboy have answer to counter this.(except for nonsense comment.)
  • Haha!!
  • Google has relentlessly attempted to diminish Microsoft, Windows Phone and Windows 8 with their blatantly illegal anti-trust actions. Microsoft is retaliating by going after Google's "Brand" in a perfectly legitimate way. I have no problems with them fighting back against Google.
  • Microsoft... illegal...antitrust... hummm Yeah I know this is old. Just couldn't help it. I love Microsoft products by the way ;)