Microsoft wants you to show your distain for Google – starts selling Scroogled products

If you are a true Microsoft fan, then you're probably aware of the company’s Scroogled campaign. The advertising strategy, which has been considered as dirty by some, is now taking a step up to launch a variety of products for anti-Googlers to show their support for Microsoft.

The campaign has been based upon the premise that Google is stealing data from innocent users by monitoring their activities within the company’s web browser, Chrome, as well as services including Gmail and Search. Microsoft has also pointed out that Google imbeds ads within their own search results and even attempts to disguise advertisements in your inbox as ordinary emails.

If you are a fan of the campaign, you can show your support by grabbing the variety of new products being offered on Microsoft’s website including tee shirts, hoodies, and mugs. Some of the items simply display the Scroogled logo, while others spot fancy taglines such as “Keep Calm while we steal your data”.

Check out the full range of Scroogled products, by clicking here.

What do you think about the campaign – dirty tactics or fair play?

Source: Microsoft; via The Verge

Michael Archambault