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Microsoft wants you to show your distain for Google – starts selling Scroogled products

If you are a true Microsoft fan, then you're probably aware of the company’s Scroogled campaign. The advertising strategy, which has been considered as dirty by some, is now taking a step up to launch a variety of products for anti-Googlers to show their support for Microsoft.

The campaign has been based upon the premise that Google is stealing data from innocent users by monitoring their activities within the company’s web browser, Chrome, as well as services including Gmail and Search. Microsoft has also pointed out that Google imbeds ads within their own search results and even attempts to disguise advertisements in your inbox as ordinary emails.

If you are a fan of the campaign, you can show your support by grabbing the variety of new products being offered on Microsoft’s website including tee shirts, hoodies, and mugs. Some of the items simply display the Scroogled logo, while others spot fancy taglines such as “Keep Calm while we steal your data”.

Check out the full range of Scroogled products, by clicking here (opens in new tab).

What do you think about the campaign – dirty tactics or fair play?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); via The Verge

  • Nope
  • I sense that this is the wrong direction... Stepping to their level❔
  • I think you mean stooping...  And yeah, this is pathetic.
  • Yep, that's what I meant, and I agree.. MS needs to humble itself.. This isn't the right way.. All bark and no bite,, and it's just a buch of talk they can't backup at the time. It's like that bully back in junior high who didn't experience the growth spurt with the other kids, and now he's in high school getting his ass licked, I mean kicked, because he's still talking $hit.. Lol.. Right❔
    MS better be quiet before we wakeup tomorrow and Waze is missing from the store... Lol❕
  • If you use Outlook instead of Gmail, you know its more than a bite. Beautiful, bold, simple, seamless, not a thief.
  • Yeah, and I believe that WP has all those advantages that you mentioned over the competition, but compared to the others market share WP has little bite.. Let's consider bite awareness, and popularity.. You can be great all day long but if nobody knows,, nobody cares... Just because we're WP fans doesn't mean that we have to be as naive as some iDroid fans..
  • Hey kid, you seemingly still are in school. MS were openly discussing its findings (might have even been published here on WPC) of a survey showing that 50% of a sample survey of GMail users would recommend the service to their friends. When MS showed them the Scroogled video, that dropped to like 2%. Negative advertising does work. In the UK they are running TV adverts and Radio adverts telling people to speak in Pig Latin, or if they want their email private switch to Outlook.Com. This might make people think that Google isn't really free. Its you giving up your personal info and connections. As an ex-Google Apps paying subscriber thats one of the reasons I left. MS are in a dog fight with Apple and Google, and the gloves are off. Good for them. About time they came out fighting. People talking so much sh*t about Apple and Google like they are giving away free gold. Well Android is ugly, Apple is great but 2x expensive and all the new Win8, WP8 and XboxOne, Outlook.Com look and feel is really "sharp" I love it. When I go back to my OSX Mac or see a Samsung Galaxy tab with Skewmorphic ugliness I hug my Win 8 or WP when I get back to it. It _is_ better, but brand loyalty makes people mouths flap.
  • People need to quit being so uptight. A little jabbing back and forth is nothing new and to some extent fun. Being contrite and not speaking up is EXACTLY what a competitor wants.
  • Who said there was anything wrong with speaking up❔ Were just saying that on MS's position they should be choosing their words more tactically..
  • I'll agree...In Song: B-I-G, Gee, I'm not sure who's thinking this up, M-I-S. Especially after recent events; T-A-K-E-S - Big Mistakes! Say it loud, Big Mistakes, Say it proud! The thing is, Microsoft's a big company, Google's a big company. But Google's a big company where MS is a small company in this space. And fact of the matter is, you don't have to be best buds, but on some level your customers are the ones who'll end up hurting. And many are still very much so plugged in to Google Services, or apps that require their API. Google hasn't overtly bounced back at the scroogled stuff in way of ads, but they have been passive aggressive like crazy with stuff like Gmail to Youtube to API access. Playing the attack game instead of the "show my own stuff" game is only going to hurt MS in the long run.  Which teams or marketing group is thinking this is an overall smart way to go??
  • The title of the article read "Disdain" rather than "Distain" ?
  • I don't know. I wouldn't wear it.
  • I would!
  • I actually want that Mug lol....I know a lot of people are always talking about how they dislike this Scroogled campaign but to be honest, I actually find it amusing and what not(Simply because i hate google :P). But yep...I am getting that mug :P
  • I agree - I find the campaign a bit dirty also, but I want that mug for some reason. Irony: I am saying that as I type this comment from Google Chrome.
  • There is nothing dirty about telling the consumers the TRUTH. The only way the campaign would be dirty is if it was telling lies or overly exaggerating the facts, but so far I found it to be rather spot on on exposing Google's dirty secrets to those who were not aware of them already.
  • "There is nothing dirty about telling the consumers the TRUTH. The only way the campaign would be dirty is if it was telling lies or overly exaggerating the facts" Then prove that Google is stealing. You're gonna have to do a whole lot to prove that Google is accessing data that I haven't given them the right to when I've agreed to their terms. Steal is a big, strong, dirty word without proof. Consumers have a right to know the truth, if the truth is being told. Earlier Scroogled pushes did tell a lot of truth... not that it wasn't already available for anyone willing to read instead of scrolling to the bottom of a page as fast as possible. I think the real campaign here should be teaching people to read licensing agreements properly; after all, it's your rights you are giving away when you don't read. I read my whole Windows 8 agreement before activating.
  • Humancetipad - South Park :)
  • 99% of consumers never read license agreements, that is a reality that is never going to change, (and companies like Google know that) that is why if you want to be open with consumers about their data privacy a company should disclose key privacy issues and how it uses user data in an open easy to understand manner, and not hiding it in a 20 page policy that is updated every few months using legal language that few people understand.    
  • And they do just that by putting it in the license agreement where it belongs. It's not Google's fault that no one reads those things. It's where they belong too. They can't dictate everything in their general privacy policy because somone will go "b-but loop hole!" since it's written in genreal terms. Serving the lowest common denominator doesn't fix things, and Microsoft knows that. That's why they're doing the Scroogled campain, the lead people into believing Microsoft doesn't do that when, in fact, everyone from them to Google to Facebook has a lot of access to stuff you never dreamed about. Maybe we wouldn't need the Scroogled campaign if people would take a couple minutes to read what the heck they're agreeing to.
  • If you really did type that from Chrome then Google already knows you want that mug. Be careful.
  • HAAA HAAA HEEE HEEE. He is gonna get spammed so bad now!!!!
  • Truth about the world...never believe anyone. It's dirty business, everywhere. Money and Power.
  • I was going to get the mug for the office and the darn thing is OUT OF STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A little hypocritical maybe, maybe not. Either way a bit amusing. The fact of the matter is before IE11, Chrome was flat out a much more superior product. Now hat IE11 is out though, I'd say they are fairly even. Chrome might be a hair faster, but IE scrolls smoother. Chrome does have better compatibility though. With the rate IE has improved lately though, IE12 is going to be awesome. They just need to fix their damn js performance.
  • use Firefox - best browser ever / end of story :|
  • You are aware that (last time I looked) nearly 30% of the code in Firefox was done by Microsoft, right? Just a thing I like to point out to Firefox fans.
  • I don't think it's dirty play if it's the truth. It's not like Google made an effort to let users know about all of these changes, and why should anyone there get mad if and when they get called out on it?
  • +1. It is only dirty if it is lies or half-truths. If the allegations are true then it is Google that is dirty.
  • This is incredibly stupid.
  • +1  It doesn't make good business sense, regardless of how bad the MS/Google relationship is at the moment. They are not doing themselves any favors to help Google provide their apps to WP.  You attract more bees with honey than vinegar.
  • Actually it makes great business sense, by showing consumers that Microsoft is more committed to their data being private and as written in past articles it has helped Microsoft gain market share.
  • No body cares about google apps. I mean if you are a microsoft fan. I personally use bing, outlook, bing translate,etc. Google needs microsoft but microsoft does not.
  • MS is in no way small beans compared to Scroogle, but you clearly have no idea how much of a footprint Scroogle leaves. Their services, PARTNERSHIPS, and aquisitions impact MS and all of us in more ways than one.  It's a stupid move by MS and if you had a grasp on everything Scroogle touches you would agree.
  • Totally agree.
    Stupidest move ever by MS
  • Microsoft always sucks advertising...
  • @archambault Disdain. Not distain.
  • I'm not a big fan of google (the YouTube thing.) but I don't think I would buy any of it except that mug.
  • Ehh they all work with the NSA including MS.  They schould give the Scroogled campaign up if they wont take their strong arm (like only MS, Apple or Google can do) and lead the charge to truly keep their customers data THEIR data.
  • Hellz to the yeah pookie woody
  • There is still a difference about the government having your data and a private company data mining you just to sell you ads.
    The government might have a legitimate purpose (at least sometimes) to want that data, whereas Goggles only purpose is to sell it and make money of of you; big difference.
  • Actually, I think it's the exact opposite.  I'd much rather have something as trivial as ads served up to me than having the government knowing *everything I do*.  The government can do much more to harm me than Google ever could.  
  • this is assuming microsoft, google, or apple had a choice in working with the government. microsoft is not the only company handing data over to the government and your a fool if you think so. I feel this ads weight to the whole campaign considering that microsoft then chooses to use what power it can to not spam you with crap, since its already being forced by the government to give the info it wants. as far as im concerned you'r just getting a double edged sword with google, with microsoft you get one, and its an edge they didnt wanna sharpen.
  • Except it's disingenous.  Microsoft does serve up ads on many of its web properties, and possibly now within Windows itself.  You can bet it uses your personal information.   And for the record, I'm sure that all major companies (Facebook, Apple, Google, et al) are forced to hand over data to the NSA, not just Microsoft.  
  • The difference is that the ads Microsoft serve up aren't targeted by data mining you, unlike Scroogle who scan your email for keywords to deliver you more spam, sorry, adverts!!
  • Actually, the ads Microsoft servers *are* targeted by data mining you.
  • Those are hero ads based on what you search for using the built in search, of course you'd know this if you read the article instead of just posting it. Nice try though! I have to disagree, none of the ads I've seen are targeted at me specifically since they don't scan my email for keywords and DNT is enabled by default in my web browser!!
  • There is a huge difference, in Windows 8.1 on initial setup (or later in settings) you can very easily opt out of sending Microsoft you search history or using other advertising features like location or ad ID. On the other hand there is absolutely no opt out of Googles data collection and targeted advertising.  
  • I'd wear that shirt and use the mug. Google deserves far worse treatment. :)
  • +1, but shame the t-shirts are not 100% cotton, would like to see a black t-shirt with a simple logo on front like the hoodie has.
  • That is awesome.
  • All I want is CalDAV for my Windows 8.1 RT Calendar app.  Can't sync with Google Calendar.  Don't care who's fault it is.
  • Switch to Outlook calendar already. Google calendar is overrated
  • Out of mugs! I was going to get one... :(
  • They probably severally underestimated the demand, hope they make more soon.
    I like the fact that they are selling it at reasonable prices, not like other sponsored products by artists or sports teams where a simple t-shirt can set you back $30.
  • Now that is what I am talking about! Microsoft is finally taking a stand against Google for all Google has done to Microsoft. Keep it up Microsoft! Don't let Google take you down! Just keep your heads up high and you will do fine.
  • *disdain
  • Yep
  • This is stupid and counterproductive, Microsoft will gain nothing from this, it's a distraction and a waste of money, i'm not sure who they are hurting more with this campaign themselves or google.
  • ⬆⬆This⬆⬆
  • Except it's working and getting people moving over to Microsoft products!!
  • News flash: the word is disdain. BTW, it is also the word that defines my feeling regarding people who can't bother to even spell check their headline....
  • Let he who has never committed a spelling typo hurl the first keyboard.
  • LOL
  • It must be nice to have never made a grammatical error in your entire life. Oh master of the English language, will you please show us the path to enlightenment and grammar perfection?
  • There doing they're best, oh perfect one!
  • 8)
  • Heh heh well done :D
  • "I'm a big fan, of correct punctuation and it's correct usage;" - Neil Patrick Harris (
  • I dont understand why people get upset about campaigns. Its a damn campaign. If you dont like it, don't watch it! I, for one, quite like what Microsoft is doing. Its engaging, entertaining and IMO drives the message they want to drive.
  • They might have been better if they were less lame looking
  • I can see these selling well. Great timing with the YouTubes problem
  • This!
  • I say fair play as Google refuses to even compromise on an official YouTube app.
  • Actually this is why their is no official YouTube App
  • An official YouTube app that includes Scroogle's data mining "service" would only benefit the purveyors of openness. It would only give them more people to Scroogle.
  • This campaign started after Google had many times refused, stated no, and consistantly made 3rd parties life a pain on Windows Phone. So with that in mind, I would say with almost 100% certainty, no this is not the reason.
  • nope ,
    MS doing this for very long time.
    Tell me what Sony did that they are now bullying PS4 too. Well, you have to accept it , bullying someone else product is MS favorite way. and scroogle is not not for that Google had many times refused, stated no, and consistantly made 3rd parties life a pain on Windows Phone.
    It is for Bing which doesn't stand in front of Google search.
  • Yes, you can say nope but the facts are there. Look at when the Scroogled campaign started,  it was at least a year after Google actively started messing with 3rd party YouTube apps, and said no multiple times. You incorrectly stated with a 100% certainty that Google has refused to release YouTube due to this campaign. This was what I was replying to.
  • Just saw your post history... Not going to bother replying more. :/
  • But...but...there is one on the Xbox 1... So why the beef??
  • I think this is cool... Microsoft is finally taking off the gloves and fighting back... About time thy advertise and fight back...
  • I gotta get that mug! :P
  • + XBox 1
  • Oh, yeah. Keep being hostile towards Google. That'll help you a lot, I'm sure. This will certainly make YouTube debute next week in the Store. Also...the use of the Chrome logo and the "keep calm while we steal your data"...if I were Google I would sue the arse out of Microsoft. The people in charge of these Microsoft campaigns must be complete idiots.
  • Because playing nice and supporting Google products on their platforms has gotten them SO much good will from Google.
  • This ^^^ Google aren't Instagram. We're not going to get their support, in other words, by being super duper nice to them. We will get their support when they see it as making financial sense to them. The fact is, we could be the nastiest group of people to google, but when they look at their books and it makes sense to, they will support us. Simple as.
  • Sue them for what? It surely isn't slander, nor is it libel as both imply making false accusations and diminishing one's reputation. Since when has any lawsuit been won against a party that merely was speaking/printing the truth? A lawsuit would only bring Scoogle's bad & misleading business practices more into the light.
  • 1 - Illegal use of a trademarked logo
    2 - Making false accusations (even if it's true, Microsoft would be forced to prove that in Court). No action from Google can also bring Google itself a bad image which would hurt them as it would raise doubts among its users (although, with 80% marketshare in the mobile business and the dominance of Google's search engine and YouTube...I don't think it would be *that* catastrophic. On the other hand, this campaign also screams "desperation" loud and clear. Which makes such an old company as Microsoft look pathetic.
  • I guess.att.and Verizon better stop using each other logos on their commercial.... Get real
  • Parody is a protected class of speech. Calling it illegal use of a trademarked logo is patently ridiculous. SWIDT?
  • @DJCBS it's the best comment
    I don't think after reading your comment any fanboy have answer to counter this.(except for nonsense comment.)
  • Haha!!
  • Google has relentlessly attempted to diminish Microsoft, Windows Phone and Windows 8 with their blatantly illegal anti-trust actions. Microsoft is retaliating by going after Google's "Brand" in a perfectly legitimate way. I have no problems with them fighting back against Google.
  • Microsoft... illegal...antitrust... hummm Yeah I know this is old. Just couldn't help it. I love Microsoft products by the way ;)
  • I feel exactly the same, I just wish they did better than these T-Shirts...
  • I think it's all in good fun by Microsoft. I would buy the mug, but I would feel guilty because I still can't break myself free from Chrome even though I hate Google. I wish Microsoft would build in password/bookmark sync natively, and add multiple browser profiles so I could finally be free of Google. :)
  • Password and bookmark sync is already available (Windows 8/8.1). Tab sync across devices is available with Windows 8.1. Multiple profiles, well I don't see why that's needed at a browser level :/ when you just have multiple users, but to each his own I suppose.
  • Password and bookmark sync is at the OS level, I don't want that, I want it at the browser level. When I log into IE at work, I can't sync, because I don't have Windows 8, and even if I did, I wouldn't want to use my personal Microsoft Account on my work computer, unless it was just browser level. My wife and I use one login at home, so multiple user profiles in IE would be very helpful. Also, I use a different Microsoft Account to login to my computer than my actual Outlook email account, because it keeps Skydrive and Windows seperated from my email. I find that to be much more secure, and also allow for my wife and I to have one Skydrive account, but two seperate email accounts, as that works well for us with uploading photos.
  • Gotcha, but if you don't want to use your personal account on a work computer, why would you want to sync your browser stuff at all? I do understand where you're coming from, because I am in a similar situation but I just simply keep my personal stuff separate out of habit. While I'm at work if I need to do anything not work related I turn on my Surface :/. And I see what you mean from the one login - but I guess I don't get why people are still sharing logins on personal electronic devices at all in the day and age. The account you are logged in as now is so much more than just a login. I will never share a login on my computer with anyone, wife or otherwise. Either way, it would be better to have the option than not. I just personally think browser-level profiles is silly. The only reason chrome has it is because they have to (that can't sync at an os level when almost no one has their os)
  • Using your personal account at the OS level is much more dangerous to me on the browser, because I can set a browser to delete history and temp files on closing, not so simple to do at the OS level, though not impossible. My work isn't going to hunt me down either way, but I don't want to tie my domain account with a personal microsoft account on my work machine. A tablet screen is not as big as the three 20 inch monitors at my desk at work, so I would prefer to use those when possible. I trust my wife with my keys, my home alarm code, and as a joint account holder on every financial account we have, so why would I not trust her with a login account? I still believe that a marriage is a partnership, but I know that thought is quickly fading. I guess I am old school, even though I'm not old. :) 
  • Oh, ha it has nothing to do with trust at all. I just want stuff on my computer to act, look, and be exactly where I expect them to be every time I use the device. And I see what you mean about the is account vs a browser you sign in on, I just think its a small number of users that would affect which is probably why they haven't done it yet :/, they probably will eventually though. Oh, and I have my surface docked and switch inputs on my monitors when I need to :)
  • Firefox is so much better: sync-ing, boat load of useful plugins, and fast
  • Too many people here thinking with their feelings instead of with their brain.  This is not good from a business and PR perspective, especially considering MS past experience with data mining (and recent XBOne Kinect back-peddling) and anti-trust suits. It's very adolescent.
  • After all of this I'm sure google won't think of making a youtube app for windows phone. Microsoft i dislike that ur digging ur own grave
  • The problem is that regardless of what Microsoft does, they don't want them to make a descent YouTube app. Microsoft has been trying since the launch of wp7, yet google simply doesn't wanna comply
  • the funny thing is they made an xbox app? wTF?
  • Scroogled is just a bad move on Microsoft's part. I love Windows Phone but I also love Google Services. I'd love to see a legitimate Google Hangouts app - and YouTube of course - on my Lumia. (And yes, Google SHOULD want to provide us we these services since they're so "open.") But it's not going to happen when Microsoft acts like this. It's just going to push Google further away from wanting to work with Microsoft to benefit us.
  • Instead of offering better service rest of world other USA MS is bullying Google.
    Too bad it's epic fail strategy.
    MS how much more low you can get.
    Always bully competitors services.
    One little piece suggestion to MS
    Instead of wasting money on this lame campaign better use those money to improve own services. It will give you better result
  • Everybody bully's their competitors.
  • not like Microsoft. their bully is way too unprofessional and lame.
    This is not accepted from a giant company like MS.
    Even the Samsung is better than MS in this,
  • In some respects, MS is simply performing a public service by attempting to drop a little knowledge on the oh so uneducated masses. Most people just don't know how the wool has been pulled over their eyes. I do not like, no I abhor how their business model and practices changed to what they are now. I tell people about getting Scroogled. They should change the spelling to Screwgled though.. First time I saw it, for some reason I thought of Ebenezer and Tiny Tim.. Just sayin
  • Its a fair play to show user how they are getting scroogled
  • It's harmless enough, although not particularly classy (which I suppose is part of the MS MO).  Maybe they feel like they need to lash out after being pretty comprehensively pummelled in the Xbox One vs PS4 PR face-off that's been going on this year.    
  • It sounds to me like a lot of people aren't down with Scroogled campaign because Microsoft's hurting their chances of getting Google apps even more. See, that makes me think a lot of you believe there was even a chance. Before Microsoft started getting "dirty" Google was already fucking MS over. As far as I'm concerned this isn't so much fighting dirty as it is fighting fire with fire. Google's been a little bitch for some time now. I'd rather see Microsoft's gloves come off than them bend over and take it up the bum from Google
  • You know it!!
  • ooooh!
    If we(WP) don't have any services that mean it's bad services. is this what MS trying to prove with this thing? That's totally lame
  • I dislike Google for deliberately not wanting to support Windows Phone 8 (I've stopped using Chrome & my gmail account). However, I wish Microsoft would take the higher road. I don't want to be supporting thug like behaviour. Windows Phone 8 will keep growing without Google's support.  
  • IMO this isn't thuggish. Read my comment above.
  • Point taken ! If reform is needed, advocate that generally. I'd hate to see the good actions by Microsoft seem to be of an evil nature. Off Topic !! I'm glad to see people here in Jamaica just getting very conscious of The Nokia Lumia & WP8 presence ( From January I've shared articles everyday from WPCentral on my facebook ... Two unboxings off the NL920 & NL925 respectively).   
  • I will get everything!
  • I love this campaign. It's truthful and funny. And let's not pretend that Google doesn't hate Microsoft. It's been clear for a long time. It's two different philosophies. MS tries to sell products and services. Google sells customer data. As long as consumers are unaware of the different business models, it's going to be hard for MS to keep competing with Google. Consumers see Google as "free." They don't realize that they are really selling their data. It's all fine for consumers who so this knowing all the facts. It's kind of scary when informing people of these facts is seen as "dirty."
  • Funny thing is... I'm completely fine with Google's business model. It's a good way to make money while giving consumers a way of "buying" their services by exchanging their data for it. But consumers should really KNOW what they are exchanging foe these services.
  • Exactly, MS is just telling people how the model truly works.
  • Dirty as f*ck, I like both but how the Microsoft think they can say they're the better after last decade
  • Because past is past. Present is now. Microsoft is better today than Google. It can bravely say, "Do no evil" to Google.
  • Say who you?! I got a windows phone but I still use google even though we don't have an official YouTube app I say screw that I'll use Metrotube
  • I Want the mug.
  • What are they actually fighting here? Surely its none of one campany's business what another company is doing? This seems kinda spiteful and unprofessional. Its not that I don't agree, I just really feel there's not much point. This is all MS's ad campaigns seem to be recently, picking fights with larger and more successful companies in that field.
  • So one company's car ads that say they have better cars and better safety, mpg, resale ratings over another company's are bad then too??
  • Where in this campaign does MS claim they're better?
  • And yes, they are. Sell your product based on its own merits, not by slating others work. I fucking hate Google, but I wouldn't use those feelings to sell something of my own.
  • First off, I love the Scroogled campaign! Second, this is awesome!
  • And third thing it's totally. Lame
  • In your opinion.
  • I was just expressing my views, as the article is meant to provoke a sharing response from the reader. No need to use my comment to express your views, there by mocking my comment in a passive aggressive manner.
  • This is internet, grow up? edit: WP app messed up who I was replying to! This was to @dantekai14
  • I was replying to Dantekai14. I was referring to how they added to my list in a sarcastic fashion, expressing their views while diminishing mine. I actually agree with what ur saying word for word, if u look at some of my other replies to your comments.
  • NP
  • @rockstarzzz Learn to face the reality.
  • Who's reality? Yours or his? Its all relative, pal.
  • And MS fanboy complain why Google don't provide it's services.
    I guess this article give you answer
  • No, Google fanboys who came to use WP complain. MS fanboys don't give a shit about Google apps. They have got Bing, IE10, Xbox etc.
  • Lame answer.
    Tell me how many people uses bing over Google.
    You are calling more than 90% internet user Google fanboy.
    If it's true MS going to be doomed
  • +1
  • Not lame. I agree with him. I don't use Google. I'm not complaining. And yes I am a MS fanboy.
  • @Darkgift That's explain it.
    Well I am talking about the normal users not fanboys
  • "Normal"?
  • is it a new word for you? if yes then you can find the meaning here
  • Hardy har har. Its not the meaning that boggles me, its your usage. What pray tell makes one a normal user or an abnormal user. I think what you meant to say was average user in comparison to a power user. And even then it still has nothing to do what we're talking about...lmao.
  • Most people use Google search because that is all they know. They don't really give a crap what the search engine really is.
  • @Reflexx
    Actually the reality is bing sucks. It is a third class search engine. That's the reason most of people use Google.
  • I only use Bing. It blows Google Search out of the water. Go chill on Androidcentral, already.
  • you just made a joker of the day. I still don't know are you serious or just kidding. If Bing is so good then why Bing market share is less than 5% and Google have 90%?
    Clearly you are seeing thing the other way around.
  • Because most people go with what they know, and Google was the best for a long time. Mist people are afraid to try something new when they are comfortable with something. But like anything else, when the few brace ones do try and see, they will spread the word and all those statistics you spewed out will change.
  • Choose your product. Bing vs Google isn't same as Youtube vs Bing Videos. Most people use Youtube as there is no alternative out there. I still stick to my point, WP "fanboys" don't give a shit about Google services. If they did, they would be using Android and wont be "WP fanboys".
  • No you don't give a shit. You can't group people based on your opinion. Otherwise none of y'all would be bitching about YouTube
  • Not all of us are bitching. Mytube is just fine for me, as I mentioned YouTube usage is minimal. I'm of the mind that Google should pull their Search app. Get all things Google away from my platform,
  • it's not your platform,
    not every WP user is fanboy like you. Why don't you use Bing videos , since you are MS fanboy and hate Google.
    Reason MS can't provide the Google level of quality services.
    No matter how much you hate Google , you still use it's services.
  • Actually it is my platform. I bought it, I use it, I love it, I put it in my pocket. Its mine. And Bing video is ok. I use it sometimes, but have been using YouTube since before Google owned it. And for some things its a must use. I openly admit to liking YouTube. And 3rd party apps work for me. And besides YouTube/Bing Videos, all MS's other services blow Google's my opinion. And that's what it is. My opinion. And you have yours. Tho I think ur on the wrong forum from hearing ur views.
  • Google vs Bing ( Google totally blow MS)
    YouTube vs. Bing Video ( again Google totally blow MS)
    Android vs. WP ( again Google totally blow MS)
    Google Map vs. Bing map ( is their a bing map ?)
    Gmail vs. hotmail (Google win but very close only 2 millions more users that hot mail) So, in reality Google blow Microsoft services away.
    I don't know which universe you are living but except Windows in PC, MS survives sucks and market share reflect that how bad MS services is. actually you are at wrong forum. It's not trollers forum go and join
    a site specially for trollers like you even the admin and mods are bigger trollers than you. You'll be more happy there.
  • First off I said "in my opinion". I'm entitled to it. Second, market share doesn't necessarily mean the product is better, just that at the very least more people know of it. And if Android blows WP away (which it doesn't) what are you doing here? And I'm not a troller, been here since 2011. It seems more that you are. And as for wmpoweruser, I've visited it, and yes they get little enthusiastic over there, but to be fair to them it is in the name "poweruser". You know what your in for. Now, for the record, I was fun watching you freak out and TRY to prove me wrong, and fail miserably. Watching you get angry and lash out was worth the giggles, but now I'm bored. Reply if you want but I've made my points, I've voiced MY OPINION, which I don't have to defend, and more importantly I've pissed off a Google/Android fanboy (which is always a plus), so now I am done with you. I won't be replying anymore as I said ,you've become to bore me. Later.
  • +100. The only Google service I use is YouTube, and not that often. Otherwise its IE, Bing and Outlook for me.
  • You make it seem like google was ever going to try with WP before this. Google has been the one who has been acting childish from the beginning.
  • Child 1 (Microsoft) -- Google is bad. Don't use it's services Child 2 (Google) -- I am not giving you my services. Now tell me who is behaving like a child.
    Don't behave like a fanboy. Think straight
  • ^^This.  They are also the people who famously put out the meme, "don't be evil". But clearly it was yet another advertising gimmick and as it turns out,  they are the most evil tech advertising fake tech company on the planet.
  • Maybe its just me but I don't feel compelled to use any google service and my computing life is as smooth as you can imagine. What is it that is so good that so many are missing that makes them ignore the fact that google is taking your data and selling it and are so desperate to use google?
  • +1
  • Everything is fair in love and war. Don't care if Google wont give me YouTube apps. I don't want it to give me anything really. The anti-trust stunt it pulled on MSFT will soon come back to bite in the ass. What goes around comes around.
  • I agree
  • At first I thought this campaign was stupid and asinine, but then I remembered how effective the mac vs. PC commercials were that constantly portrayed windows as slow, buggy, and just plain unusable- and how they were instrumental in growing mindshare for apple in the personal PC space. tldr: I no longer see anything wrong with this, besides, its not like google is innocent and hasn't been screwing with windows users.
  • I'll admit it isn't slander of any kind, but how else will google make so much money? Google has always used ads as its primary source of funds. Anyway, this is kinda funny. I love Microsoft but I won't let go of google. Btw, I see what everyone's points are, but they quite fallacious.
  • Ads are one thing. My personal info and data are another.
  • Which you happily give them permission to use after undoubtedly reading the TOS before clicking the 'Ok' box.
  • That's why the campaign. Don't get scrolled you aren't just using email service, you are agreeing to sell your info.
  • That's why I don't use their services. I don't check ok. Hell, I don't even know what the sign up page looks like.
  • I want the KEEP CALM WHILE I STEAL YOUR DATA Cup and t-shirt.
  • Wow. Really? SMH
    MS says don't get scroogled... Supports Google search app.
  • I hate Google!
  • I think this is getting too childish
  • At least the mug seems to be successful judging from the comments.
  • I don't like Google but this is lame .
  • I find it hilarious that people seem to think being nice to Google will get us apps! This is a smart campaign to get people to use outlook and Bing vs Gmail and google search. I'm personally not a fan of seeing ads of something I was just searching for a second before I open my inbox inside of it! People will argue that it's not a big deal or its helpful and I get that. But they are the same people who see nothing wrong with Google withholding apps from a platform for no particular reason. Microsoft scroogle campaign will get more notice then the fact that Google's campaign not to give us apps actually exist.
  • MoU ? Memorandum of Understanding ? Please guys , its so hard for us to climb the market . Don't make it even worst with this campaign .
  • I mean are we assuming microsoft isnt doing the exact same thing?   that being said i want that mug, and i dont drink hot beverages lol.
  • Shhh, the fanboys can't hear that over the FUD. That's the biggest problem I have with the Scroogled campaign: it presents Microsoft in a "holier than thou" light and basically is lying by omission since they do probably at least half of the same things. At this point I think they're both acting dumb and no one wins in the end.
  • Lol the mug is awesome!
  • The cap is priced at $15 and the Tee is priced at $12??? Doesn't make sense.. the cap should be cheaper than the tee..
  • "Distain" um, editors?  Spellcheck? Disdain.
  • Unfortunately, distain is also a word (but the wrong one) so it passes spell check. There's also 'imbeds' in the second paragraph. Passes spell check but it should 'embeds'.
  • That mug should say " Keep Calm & make free Google apps for W8 Phones". Make love, not war.
  • Or it could say something funny? Like it does now.
  • I want to show 'distain' for this comment.
  • One word.....HATE doesnt sells...only haters buy it. I'm not a fan of Google but i do not wanna HATE it, u get nothing out of it.
  • This is a terrible idea. And we wonder why google is in no rush to give windows quality google apps.
  • Who needs 'em? We're getting closer to the day where it's not a service or product we're buying or using, but a platform. I'd like to think most WP users are fine with Microsft's services. I know I'm all in with them. I think there are other apps ot there we could be crying out for other than Google's. Any app they put out, even if it were high quality and fully featured, would just be a second rate alternative to what's baked into the OS. And for YouTube, if it's a must, there are amazing third party apps. I say screw em.
  • good google deserve more  google playing dirty toward windows phone users i think google deserve the worst treatment from Microsoft   
  • MS shows so much weakness with this Scroogled campain, it is just ridiculous. It is like they are saying "join us, because they are bad", while they should say "join us because we are better at this or that". But apperently they think they have nothing to offer. Also, I believe MS scans stuff too, also Skydrive stuff. It's even in the privacy statements. And not to forget NSA. So they are also lying. Terrible.
  • They are saying they are better by telling you that others sell your data, we don't ie better.
  • The Mug is awesome :)
  • Microsoft is just using your hate to get some money you stupid fanatics -.-
  • no Google has admitted to selling your information to third parties for advertisement revenue. any person in their right mind wouldnt use a product that does such. our hatred of google does not stem from this campaign but that we are informed and have experienced first hand the lack of support google has given our platform of choice. Fanatic, nah we are just tired of them.
  • Exactly how I feel. I'll leave this here as well:
  • Every company in the world does that (sells info) they just don't admit it -.-
  • You all guys have to buy an android phone to support google and shut the fuck off.
  • +1
  • No body cares about google apps. I mean if you are a microsoft fan. I personally use bing, outlook, bing translate,etc. Google needs microsoft but microsoft does not.
  • I beg to differ..
  • Ditto... I buy Microsoft products... but sync my contacts with Google, get my email with google... and what's life without YouTube? Google's perfectly capable of runing themselves, Microsoft needs to spend that money on ad campaigns that help cut down on Windows 8 hatred and/or correct the misconception that the Windows Store app selection is poor.
  • Easy bro, just buy an android phone. You gonna have your YouTube app and all the shit that google provides.
  • Ok...scenerio. Microsoft grows a set, and doesn't allow Google access to IE api's, essential blocking all things Google. And they even block them from submitting apps to either store. Dies Google stand a chance of surviving? No. (Mind you, I know that's all practically illegal and would get MS in a bunch of hot water. Just making a point)
  •     The last time MS tried something half that bold, they ended up nearly being dismantled by the SEC after they were sued by Netscape.  
  • Well if you like to be observed then its fine.
  • Exactly my point!
  • I was honestly just considering this morning buying a Windows Phone, then I see smear campaigns like this and it just totally sours it ... Instead of bashing your competitors, show what you do well!  This sort of advertising never ends up being successful (except 1 case I can think of.. The Apple vs PC commercials)..  This is just petty bottom feeder marketing.. 
  • So Apple does it and its a success and this is bottom feeder? Yeah sure.
  • I'm a MS fanboy and I agree with slash. If I was considering moving to iOS or Android and saw them advertising against their competitors like this, I'd steer well clear.
  • They do run ads showing off products and features and style. And they also run these. And they are frickin hilarious! They are aiming at a certain demographic.
  • I have disdain for the fact that no one noticed the misspelling of 'distain' in this article's headline...
  • They did. You didn't pick up earlier comments.
  • ...this isn't the move Microsoft needs to make with the PR hell they're going through with Windows 8 and the Xbox One. Fact of the matter is that a lot of people wrongly believe Windows 8 is a step down from Windows 7/XP/etc when it's really the best version of Windows there is... and the resources used to attack Google could be better spent flaunting the successes in app availability that the Windows Store has so that the public opinion of "it has no apps" will cease. Pour those resources into fixing their grapevine reputation. The only people that this will appeal to are the same "tinfoil cap" morons who get passionately afraid of government spies, NSA and honestly believe always-on Kinect plays into some big conspiracy theory to watch them. Hear that Microsoft? You're trying to appeal to a crowd who has the cognitive aptitude of a lawn're better than that. Yeah, Google's gone back on their "don't be evil" policy... let them catch the backlash for that as they will.
  • To be fair Microsoft would have to pay off a lot of tech sites to fix the Windows 8 PR. The universally bad reviews basically condemned Windows 8 to death, since consumers won't do more thinking than what the review tells them. I've had a hard time convincing people to actually try it and form an opinion for themselves. While I don't think the money should be spent on fixing their PR, it could definitely be put into improving Bing and Outlook. I still have trouble signing into Outlook regularly.
  • It's funny that this post mentions "stealing data from innocent users by monitoring their activities within the company’s web browser, Chrome".  Years ago, people proved that Microsoft monitors Google searches done in IE in an effort to make Bing suck less, effectively using users to copy Google's search results.  Microsoft tried to spin it as a good thing, of course.  So, Microsoft fanboys, is it ok for Microsoft to monetize your browser activity but not Google? SOURCE:
  • Add to that the fact that Google collected SSIDs of public and private wireless networks, scanning your email for keywords to deliver adverts to your inbox and not paying the full amount of tax here in the UK. The things you say Microsoft have done pale in comparison!!
  • I like the scroogled ad campaign and I agree with the message Microsoft is sending. However, with the XBone, I see Microsoft as just as invasive as Google, if not moreso.
  • I want that mud!
  • The irony... it burns.
  • I don't like that Google isn't giving me native services on Windows 8.1 as much as the next guy but if you buy any of this you're a total tool. This is just Microsoft turning the FUD and fanboyism into a money grab... Aren't you better than that Microsoft? Can't you beat Google on quality of services alone instead of pouring money into this campaign?
  • You know, actually flat out stating that Google is stealing data is probably going to bite Microsoft in the ass with a lawsuit. They're making a huge claim based on no info. It was one thing when they were making people aware that Google reads people's "private" data (even though you give them that right when you agree to the T&C) but saying that my data is being stolen is a whole different story.
  • Freedom of speech who cares what google has to say about it
  • Freedom of speech isn't freedom to say anything. You can't make false claims about persons (entites, such as Google, I'm no sure about). There's some laws pertaining to some things we like to call slander and libel (in general: defamation). Maybe you should familiarize yourself with more than just the first ammendment in its most condensed form.
  • Sue them
  • Only the one being defamed can initiate a suit, if I recall correctly. Good effort to put me in my place though.
  • What about when I send you an email from my outlook account to your gmail account? did I also agree to the EULA?
  • No, but you don't "own" that copy of the email that was sent. Once it reaches a Gmail account, that account "owns" it and Google is permitted to read it all they want. The technicality is Google doesn't read emails you send; rather, they read emails that your recipient recieves. The EULA doesn't have to cover your situation, nor is it lying about the contents being read. The answer is not to send your emails to a Gmail account or at least nothing private. I'm not condoning it but you shouldn't be surprised. It's all right there for anyone to read, whether one agrees to it or not. That's the point I'm trying to make. Google isn't lying or stealing. Are they being entirely ethical by invading privacy who technically did not agree to it, that's your own opnion to form. I actually keep a separate Outlook account for people such as yourself that are conecrned about privacy. I just prefer using Gmail.
  • So that's the answer then is it, "not to send your emails to a Gmail account or at least nothing private." Google have no right to scan any email for keywords that hits their servers, regardless of the provider it comes from. It's a complete invasion of privacy not just for the person who "owns" the email they sent but for the recipient as well. Still, if you love targeted ads...
  • But they do have that right. They own the servers and the service. Just like Microsoft can look into your Outlook (maybe not for ads but I'm sure they've complied with the NSA) And it's just like your ISP can track your traffic if they felt like it. They're entitled to that course of action. Is it right? That's a personal decision. Just don't go saying inane things. The Scroogled campaign actually made me take a long hard look at what Google and these companies do. I don't think that I lose anything by sticking with google (after all, I block ads). You don't have to agree with me but you're going to want to research this on your own. Why not Bing it. ;-)
  • Ur post actually justifies the campaign. It did what it set out to do. It made you think. It made you research. And you made an informative choice. If tour cool with it, awesome. Some of us aren't. I dint know why there's such a heated debate about it.
  • Im getting the keep calm shirt lol and the mug :P
  • There's a simple reason why this is silly. This kind of thing is only for fanboi's. Ironically, however, the fanboi buyers of these items will be paying Microsoft so they can wear/display the logo of Google - regardless of what the words say. No one really knows what the Hell a scroogle is but lots of people will know Google's logo. Plus the spider one is actually kind of cool looking. I might wear that as a fanboi of Google... if I got it for free at a trade show or something.   Good thinking Microsoft!  
  • Exactly. They'll recognize it, wonder why it says Scroogled and read all the other print or ask. Boom! Now the message is passed on. Hey, ur right...great idea Microsoft! Lol
  • We ought to get the respective dads of the CEOs of Microsoft and Google to fight it out bare knuckle outside a pub. Like wot real men do!
    Then the winner can run the ad campaign "My dad is bigger than your dad"
  • But this is only in USA where people hate Microsoft. In Poland there is more Microsoft fans then Apple fans and Microsoft should sell these gadgets here as well.
  • Wrong turn there MS.
  • Microsoft should take out chrome from their operating system.
  • Last time MS tried that, the FTC split their company into pieces and Gates left the BOD. This was in 1998. Here's the Wiki.
  • I wanted a mug! Its sold out, damn it!
  • Wowwwwww
  • We all know Google is a dick, especially over the YouTube issue, but Microsoft isn't doing itself any favors with this campaign, especially since all the ads are horrible.
  • Microsoft is one thousand time stronger than google.
  • I cant buy it but I want to
  • Am a fan... Of Google! I have a lumia 920, Xbox 360 and a Windows 8 computer, but still! Google is better!
  • Mug sold out, dam, I was going to buy it to screw with some google fans here at work :)
  • Embarassing, and an unwise move. Go on alienating potential future Microsoft (XBox, Windows Phone, PC...) customers who happen to like Google... This is bad press and not a clever stunt.
  • Anything that knocks Google down a peg is a good thing.  The only downside is you have a mug or a t-shirt with a fugly Google Chrome logo.  Would much rather have some Windows swag.
  • Same here, hopefully they will start selling MS gear as well.  
  • If someone actually wears these attired in public they will just look stupid, like who doesn't use google for anything at all? Bing even links to YouTube(Google), I like the phone not all the anti google stuff. I have used Google since I was 5 years old (almost 15 years old now, so for 10 years) I have used Google and most people around me have too. So go with scroogles gear if you want but you will look foolish. People wonder why we can't get Youtube and other Google apps, well here is the reason. Microsoft is scroogling their google fanned customers.
  • This is so stupid how else is Google suppose to make money with Microsoft patenting everything. 
  • Google are an advertising company first and foremost so they always have that!! Unless you think that Microsoft patented adverts
  • My company dropped MS Exchange for Gmail this year and guess what? Immediately began getting spam emails. Google immediately sold off our company email to spammers. NEVER got one spam email in 15 years when we were on Exchange. So to me in exchange for their "free" services we get our email addresses sent to spammers and who knows what else. Fuck google.
  • This campaign will not benefit consumers. Both companies should be in good terms. Google should allow youtube app for WP8. 
  • I went to buy two mugs and its sold out.  REUP!!!!
  • Not cool at all Microsoft. I am a huge fan, but this is not doing anything to help your image. (WPCentral, please convey our sentiments to them!)
  • Its opponents' battle
  • Id wear that in a heartbeat. Love it but cant afford. Would love to advertise this, but bills keep me from buying.
  • This is why I now hate Microsoft. They're acting like little babies. Feuding companies only hurt the consumer.
  • Well yeah Gmail is kinda sucking now as well as Chrome too!Every now and then i open a web page and it opens another window with all the Shit ads and it is hell irritating as also the fake emails i get on gmail!I'm Kinda liking MS day by day.Well i hope Google does look at these probs else there will be a day when MS will crush you.But anyways i enjoy these fights between the two Giants!Keep it up!
  • Didn't Microsoft allow the NSA access to Skype, Skydrive and Outlook?