Nokia reportedly shopping its HERE Maps division to Apple, others

Nokia is reportedly shopping its maps division to Apple, among other tech companies. According to a new report, Apple is one among many companies, including Amazon and Alibaba, that Nokia is targeting for a potential sale of its HERE Maps division.

Bloomberg reports:

"Nokia Oyj, the Finnish company selling its money-losing maps business, is trying to drum up interest from some of the biggest names in technology including Apple Inc., Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Inc., people with knowledge of the matter said."

The report goes on to state that Nokia is targeting other companies as well, including Facebook, Baidu, and Sirius XM.

It was reported earlier this month that Nokia may be looking to offload its HERE Maps division amid financial troubles. According to today's report, the company is seeking to get $3.2 billion in any potential deal—much less than the $8.1 billion Nokia paid for the mapping assets in 2008.

While there's no guarantee that Apple will be the one to snatch up Nokia's mapping assets—it is just one of several companies Nokia is reported to be targeting—it could be a interesting acquisition that would bolster Apple's current mapping efforts.

Source: Bloomberg

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Nokia is the biggest delusion of the IT histoty. To Apple ???????
  • No one gets them.
    "Why Microsoft..?" Comments below.
  • It's a no brainer for MS to scoop Here up... If Apple, or Google, gets Here,,,,,, Well, we'll just have to rely on Bing maps.
  • Bing Maps is built on Here technology.  
  • Bing maps is great I saw the preview and has better look and feel than Here on my Lumia 625, however Bing maps is missing offline maps/downloadable countries feature, which is the main reason I will keep using Here Maps.  If Bing Maps gets offline navigation, Here Maps can be sold to Apple, I won't care.
  • Yeah, the new maps do seem nice... And, MS did mention that Here would need only one app.. I wonder if they are going to rebrand these here maps..... IDK.. They're sneaky, and they have something up their sleeves for Build next week.
  • windows 10 technical preview allow you download maps, I download NYC, I could of download the whole USA but no need 
  • Pretty sure that offline maps will be available in Windows 10. At least that's what I read in this article on Microsoft's Windows Blog
  • Here's hoping MS is able to sees the potential threat this could possess should Apple decide to snatch it up.
  • Man, these guys see things way before we do..... Sometimes... Sometimes...
  • Haha sometimes indeed =) ...and here's hoping this is one of those times
  • Yep.
  • Microsoft and Apple have a pretty good relationship going. So I wouldn't worry if they bought it.
  • Yes they do but mainly for patent infringements, not use of Apples specific features and apps.
    While there's always a possibility, I find it hard to believe Apple will "share" Here, especially since they would want their own exclusive mapping features. They might license the map but that's about it.
  • why apple has cold hard cash and it would only improve apple maps
  • You are so right, in that a seller is smart to look at cash holding parties. I'd prefer this to be a Rockstar Consortium like deal, remember the Nortel patent portfolio,  including MS, just for the sake of continuity of Here within windows.
  • Why can't Microsoft just buy the dawn thing already? Apple would cripple Windows phone
  • Why does Microsoft need/want to run a mapping company?  It can simply buy map data from any number of companies as it always has done. Data in part comes from HERE today, but there are several sources available. The HERE navigation app requirement has already gone in WP10 in that the built in maps app includes full voice navigation with offline maps.
  • Any number? Bow many have comprehensive, up to date and global maps?
  • You do realise that Microsoft initially wanted to buy it with the devices division?
  • What is the default app map in Windows 10?
  • BING MAPS.... Sure it uses Here maps.. Heck, it looks exactly like it, now.
  • WP10 in that the built in maps app includes full voice navigation with offline maps.
    Wait really? I have to check that out then! 
  • There are only four mapping data companies out there really (not including country specific small mapping data providers). Google and Waze are two of them, I doubt Google will work with Microsoft so those are out. The third is Here/Navteq and the fourth is Tom Tom (which Apple uses for their mapping).  Apple buying Here doesn't mean they won't still sell mapping data to Microsoft (they did a deal for Bing/Siri integration, so why not a mapping data deal going the other way?). However, it will mean 3 out of the big 4 mapping providers are owned by competing platforms and that's bad news. Microsoft wanted to get Here Maps as well when they bought Nokia's device division. Nokia wanted too much for it. Mainly because they paid a lot. They are now willing to let it go for 3 billion, that might make sense for Microsot (the Waze pricing makes that sounds like too much to me, but might be worth it to own one of the core elements of a mobile platform).  The funny thing, Microsoft could have probably bought Waze for 750 million long before Google bought them, but Ballmer and Bardin got into a shouting match and Microsoft never made an offer
  • Waze uses openstreetmap
  • Waze built their own mapping data. I was in Israel when they got started and it took a while to get quality mapping data. The same thing happened in the US. In other parts of the world they made deals with local mapping companies to speed up their initial map generation. That might be where the openstreemap misinformation is coming from. Waze has their own mapping data, it's a big part of what they do (being able to update their maps as things change, like road work, is one of their biggest advantages vs. their competition)
  • You forgot Telenav.
  • Re: eshy,
    Thank you for stating the facts. There is so much misinformation, passed out on these forums, about this topic. HERE (formally Navteq) and Tom Tom (purchased TeleAtlas) are the long time sources of map data used by many. BING uses Navteq (now HERE). Google and Waze are relatively new.
    Re: Brmiller1976,
    I believe Telenav is a software company that writes location based software based on maps from TeleAtlas (now owned by Tom Tom) like Garman uses HERE maps.
  • You are correct about Telenav
  • Location services are strategic. It is not just about the content, it is about the technology. No Here patents, no Bing Maps.
  • Uhh because its probably one of the most important feature of a smartphone. Youre either in the smartphone game or not...if you are then you HAVE to good maps and navigation to compete.
  • Well, if I am correct, there are only 3-4 mapping companies in the world. HERE, Google, and one crowd sourced based company and maybe one more. HERE is a top leading company which meets the car navigation standards and every 3 out of 4 car has HERE maps.  Others simply use HERE's data and put their own user interface layer on top of that.  When it comes to global scale mapping, google is the only competitor that I know of. HERE is the only company which provides full offline navigation for FREE which they don't have to as they no longer have to sell windows phone.  Offline maps are expensive, try buying one and you will end up paying about $20-50 depending on country. Bing maps doesn't have its own data, it heavily relies on HERE maps.  So does Yahoo, Amazon, Mapquest, Facebook (desktop), Baidu, and bunch of offline PDA map devices which are still sold. I am surprised why they want to sell HERE. A smartphone is useless unless you have location service inbuilt into it.  I think Nokia is more like a holding company (buying and selling assets). Nokia CEO says, they are not a forced seller which is a key.
  • Microsoft and Apple share cross licensing deals. They would more than likely do the same with this. Don't know if Apple still purchase itb because most users don't complain about the current maps
  • "Would" cripple? Apple had Micosoft's mobile OS crippled as soon as iOS released.
  • It already is..MS spent billions on Nokia. What do they have to show for it..low end devices
  • I don't think that's Nokia's fault.
  • Apple left Beats music on WP. I'm sure HERE maps would stay.
  • Waiting for DJCBS to comment! But seriously has Nokia gone of the rocker?
  • Does one have to be off their rocker to sell something they're losing money on? Sounds to me that they'd be off their rocker to keep it.
  • What do you wish me to comment on? If they get a good price for it, go ahead and sell it. Specially if they use the money to further fund Nokia Technologies. I don't care much for Nokia, the Mapping Corporation. Nokia is about mobile tech more than maps really. And if HERE can put more money into Nokia Technologies, great. 2016 is coming...;P lol (By the way, funding of Nokia Technologies, even with Nokia back on the phone business, would also benefit Microsoft as it would provide Nokia with even more cash to develop new tech that Microsoft could potentialy license.).   I think Windows Phone users are the ones who should be more concerned about a HERE sale, honestly. Because if Apple buys it, you can sure as hell kiss the WP app goodbye. And I'll probably have to kiss it goodbye too on Android, but while I have Google Maps and Google's Waze as an alternative, WP will be left in the dust (as one doesn't really know for how long will Apple continue to provide maps to Bing).   HERE isn't making Nokia buckets of money but it has severely cut losses compared to previous years. And has just scored major deals with European car manufactures (the newest Jaguar is already coming with HERE as its nagivation system from factory). So I hope if they sell it, it will be for a good price. And preferably to a consortium of car makers. It would be better served on car makers than in the hands of the likes of Apple ;)
  • I could see the sale being blocked
  • Exactly! If that happens, windoes phone is screwed!! Maybe is time to go back to android. Having a windoes phone has never been a safe sail so far. Apps being pulled, sales figures like crap, official apps never come or never get updated, and now possible lost of Here maps. I had enough of all these BS.
  • Why, so you can argue❓ Bet you won't even reply to him..
  • what language is this?
  • Apple does have plenty of cash to throw away. This is really chump change to them. Not sure about this financial trouble mentioned about Nokia. Didn't they just buy Lucent for $16 Bil?
  • Y don't Microsoft buy it?
  • Exactly!
  • Maybe because of Bing Maps?
  • Bing maps is currently using data from HERE
  • Go to Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing using Bing Maps. Then do the same in Maps on WP now try and tell me they use the same data. Here is garbage.
  • Yup. Here maps is rubbish for Japan. On the other hand, Bing maps is very good for Japan.
  • Japan... LOl.. Last summer I went there for intern and when I showed my colleauges my L720, they were wondering what was it!! They don't know any other thing than iphone.. Yeah some people use android.. But every 2nd person was with iphone.
  • Think though, here maps are more accurate and there's an actual app for navigation vs MS web version from Cortana that doesn't have voice turn by turn navigation neither does it work as well. MS should've just bought Nokia all out. Also if MS doesn't and some other company does then say goodbye to windows support.
  • 1) bing maps has merged with here in windows 10 2) microsoft has cross licensing agreements with apple, if apple buys it, then microsoft gets to keep using it with out paying a dime (it was one of the conditions of microsoft bailing apple out back in the day)  
  • Number two is fascinating! I did not know that.
  • Bing map has perfectly working turn by turn navigation in Windows 10.
  • Hmmm you merge it with HERE maps..
  • Its main functionality has already been merged into the default Maps app in Windows 10. Technically HERE maps or HERE drive are not needed in windows 10. They just have to keep paying for the data access to which ever company buys the HERE suite.
  • +920
  • No!!! Damn you Apple!
  • Bad Apple! Get back to "innovating"
  • Reinventing
  • Marketing ;)
  • Fu**ing (consumers)
  • This comment thread is bad and you all should feel bad.
  • Bad? I thought it was brilliant until the F-bomb got dropped ;). Its still pretty good =). 
  • And you kiss your mother with that mouth!
  • If Apple buys HERE Maps I'll finally be able to ditch Google Maps on my iPhone 5s.. I own a. Lumia 535. So don't hate on me for owning an iPhone.
  • Microsoft, please get it!
  • Microsoft doesnt need them. They have bing maps. I also thought here maps used bing for the actual maps anyway.
  • Bing actually uses HERE data, along with other sources.  But whoever owns HERE will want to sell data, and Microsoft can always buy data from someone, even if not HERE.
  • I hope MS would buy Google's map data, that's the most complete and comprehensive. If, Google would ever sell it.
  • It's not; there is a reason major navigation companies like Garmin buy Navteq [HERE] map data and not Google data.
  • Re: Noersetiawan,
    Google fan?
  • Can't see that ever happening given the bad blood between Microsoft and Google.
  • I would think Garmin should be in the mix.  They use HERE for their devices, so why not own it all and make it what you want?
  • If not Microsoft, Garmin would be a good place to sell HERE to, at least it would prevent Google or Apple getting their hands on it and screwing WP users.    
  • Go to Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing using Bing Maps. Then do the same in Maps on WP now try and tell me they use the same data. Here is garbage.
  • It is. Its just not everything is indexed by bing just like here sometimes doesn't always indexes local businesses
  • Re: papanoogaku,
    Are you speaking about the quality of the maps, the quality of the routing, or the quality of the Points of Interest? Besides BING, what is another source that you think is good in that region? Just curious. Best Wishes
  • I know you're asking papanoogaku about his complaints about Here Maps in Japan.
    I live in Japan, rocking a SIM lock free 930 from Hong Kong, and I agree with him: The quality of the maps is crap, simply put because the maps used for the mobile platform is different from the desktop, there is no routing data for Here Maps in Japan since the maps are utterly garbage and also there are no points of interest because, once again, there are no good maps.
  • It's the other way around. Bing maps currently uses HERE
  • Other way round buddy, Bing uses Here maps data, i.e. Navteq.  
  • Microsoft really only needed Here for out of the US. MS has tons of US data. They have been collecting mapping data for a very very long time. I remember buying MapPoint with a GPS receiver about 10/12 years ago.
  • So Microsoft needed here for "only" the rest of the world. Plus don't forget the markets where Windows Phone actually sells.
  • Yeah, poor choice of words on my part.
  • Re: Xsled,
    Wikipedia has alot to say about MapPoint, Streets & Trips, and many other iterations. It does mention "... allowing direct map correction feedback to maps provider Navteq..."
    Very confusing, but you are correct in saying that Microsoft has been buying companies and making these and similar products for a long time. Best Wishes
  • As long as it still works on WP, I don't give a damn who owns it. Their maps work and the offline capabilities are great. Keep it that way and I'm happy.
  • True, but unfortunately it will probably only stay on WP if MS buys it
  • Then u don't know how new MS works. They provide their services on every profitable OS.
  • Yes, but HERE Maps isn't a MS service. It's still with Nokia.
  • Not just profitable, significant market share. Their tactics are aimed at conversion when possible, support customer alternate platform otherwise. They are pushing MS apps to show people their wares... Some of that will translate into more business for the ecosystem. Some not. Its a clever, important, and confident posture to have.
  • I don't think so.  Modern Microsoft just gave iWatch a shot in the arm by putting out apps to let you control Powerpoints, etc. from it.  That's one example of all kinds of ways they are getting their stuff on other platforms.  I think if Here is bought by Microsoft, they'll continue to put it everywhere they can.  If they want to be a mobile company, they need a maps solution.  
  • But that's not at all what I've said. Please read my comments or please don't comment on them...
  • You don't get to dictate who does or does not make comments around here. 
  • I said please, didn't I? So I really wasn't dictating anyone anything, was I? No... What I did ask for was that if you want to comment a comment, then please read the comments first. Not really a big thing to ask for, is it?
  • You forgot one thing its called competition laws
  • I don't think HERE maps will continue to exist on Windows phone and android if apples acquires it.
  • I feel this way but considering Nokia isn't making money from it, and Apple killed the beats app from Windows phone...
    Yes, that beats which practically prints money... And they couldn't keep it on Windows phone?
    Why would they maintain Here Maps alive at all?
    I agree that Microsoft should buy it for all of their data and integrate it further into Bing Maps.
  • Apple has not killed Beats Music for Windows Phone. Yet. (No telling what they'll do in the future, obviously, but it's still available today, and still works.)
  • Right. I think Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon play along well enough that they'd continue to license out the Here Maps data to Microsoft (like Nokia is currently doing for them). Also, Nokia is just trying to create a bidding war here to maximize their returns but don't assume that means all these big name companies are definitely buyers. I can't see Amazon really wanting to buy it (most of their devices don't even have GPS tracking) and Apple has already poured a TON of money into their Maps solutions. They may not really want what Nokia's selling. I guess we'll see in time...
  • Microsoft, please. Buy this do not let Apple get this. Do not let Google above all this get it. Because then there's another app that we won't get. Give Google the middle finger.
  • LoL +1520
  • +730
  • They should add some publicity on Here Maps when you start the App.. So they can make some money... It is a great app with offline maps and nobody will bother to have a 3 second Ad at the beginning or something like this so they don't lose money.
  • Stfu
  • Thanks for telling him that.
  • I would rather give a dollar or more than to get ads. The service was likely paid for in the device cost.
  • All companies need a recurring/continuing source of income in order to continue operating and provide continuing services. It isn't magic.
  • Y not msft!?!?!
  • APPLE???!!!!! NOT ACCEPTABLE! Give it to Microsoft Nokia! You are making one of the worst mistakes you will ever make!
  • Still better than Facebook!
  • They will give it to the one who pays more. That's how those things work.
  • Microsoft should have just bought it... Although I'm guessing they didn't see enough value in it... Even though all the apps provide a better experience than anything else my friends have experienced on other platforms!
  • Ballmer wanted HERE Maps, too, but Nokia didn't agree to sell it...
  • Precisely...MS wanted it...but Nokia said no...the maps ownership was one of the major reasons that delayed the acquisition...
  • It might have been a coy to get more money out of the deal, who knows..
  • It can still work out, I don't think HERE is worth as much as it used to be.  Hopefully now is the right time to buy.
  • In fact, it is worth more. Because now it is multiplatform. If they had sold it to Microsoft back then, they would have got much less than thay will get now.
  • It was worth $8.1 Billion about 7 years or so ago. Now Here hopes to get $3.1 Billion. No, it's value has actually dropped a LOT. If Microsoft wants it now, it would be like getting it on a fire sale. Still, Microsoft could always start supporting the OpenStreetMap project. ;)
  • I'm afraid if Apple gets this then it may mean an eventual dropping of WP support.... Nooooooooooo!!!
  • Bing Maps has always had maps.  Whether the road data comes from HERE or elsewhere, it will always have maps. Windows 10 (phone + desktop) has a new Universal Maps app which uses Bing data (currently sourced in part from HERE).  So this is far from the end of the world.
  • True, except for the fact that Bing Maps sucks, and is virtually non-existant outside of the continental U.S. But, sure, they have a mapping solution.....
  • have you ever used Here, Bing, or any map service? do you have any idea what you're talking about?
  • Openstreet is getting pretty good in most areas. Worst case Microsoft can fall back to it like Apple did.
  • Well, if Maps on Win10 is using Here Maps for Navigation, then we can be almost be certain we won't have that once the agreement expires and/or Apple buys HERE services. I guess we can say the same if Google buys as well. 
  • It isn't.  It is using HERE data, but is its own new mapping app...
  • Good to know. 
  • MS should acquire apple should not, apple is **** they will end support for other devices
  • Why is it worth 5 billion less than 7 years ago?
  • Because it was never worth $8B to begin with. Nokia paid too much. And it's probably not worth $3.2B either. It makes no money, so anyone buying it is just buying the cost of gathering all that data, they aren't buying a profitable business.
  • Yup, was surprised they paid that much in the beginning. I guess they thought they could capitalise on licensing the data to sat nav co's and the like.
  • Looks like we'll be losing yet another good app here soon if they sell it to Apple or Google.
  • Maybe not. MSFT might have a better solution.
  • Bing Maps hasn't been good since, well, ever.  I don't see how that changes when W10 releases. Magic, maybe?
  • Wtf Microsoft.
  • What is wrong with all the people begging Microsoft to buy it? Yawn.
  • Please MS buy it
  • I don't see the point in Microsoft acquiring another dying Nokia product. They can just license their Navteq data if need be. Maps for Windows 10 TP is already better than HERE.
  • That will get over after 4 yrs. Then what?
  • Renew the license.
  • You mean W10TP for desktop or mobile? Interesting. In what ways is Maps better than HERE?
  • I prefere maps than here maps
    Anyway they use the same source
  • Better search capabilities for one as it's using Bing. Secondly, there's an icon kinda like local scout, if you know what that is, that lets you see what to do or eat around you. Besides of course having the same offline mapping capability of HERE. I was referring to TP for phones.
  • If Microsoft needs to scrap through the bones of former awesome Nokia, so be it.  Microsoft didn't need search either at first, but they need it to take the fight back to Google.  Then Bing became the backbone of everything, and will continue to, which is good.  Maps is the next thing.  Google will continue to attack Microsoft's core from multiple fronts, Google Docs, Chrome OS, etc.  Microsoft needs to answer just as strong.  Later on, Maps will continue to present opportunities like "where's my XBOX?" or whatever. (bad example, I know)
  • Except Microsoft Maps has no voice guided turn by turn routing function, and they suck, or simply just aren't available, outside of the U.S. But, yeah, it's better than Here.
  • Please Microsoft.... Don't let it go to Apple.....
  • Here maps will be the best asset for Microsoft. Microsoft buy it please.
  • Google buys it and removes it from Windows Store?
  • Google can only remove from the windows store that's what they can do nothing else. Future is windows 10.
  • My guess is that Google wouldn't be allowed to buy it given its current near monopoly in mapping.
  • Now it might be in better hands. Happy that they didn't even consider Microsoft as a buyer as it would mess up everything..
  • This move could be disastrous for we windowsphone users.
  • Nooooooo! Anyone else but Apple!
  • Anyone? Trust me, it would be much worse if Google bought it.
  • Maybe, maybe. Anyway I think MS doing a big mistake not buying Here. I use their maps everyday and in my opinion they are one of the best for Russia.
  • They should buy it, I agree.
  • +1520+830+532+820!
  • I hope this will be just  rumors.
  • Hashtag Lame...
  • If Nokia sell the maps and Microsoft loses the Here maps on WP that would be a huge blow and perhaps a final nail in the coffin of WP. If Nokia is really selling the HERE division, Microsoft has to be the one to buy it or they are screwed in yet another area.  
  • This is a crucial point: without HERE Maps, HERE Drive, and HERE Transit, Windows Phone cannot survive. A mobile platform can survive without stupid apps like Snapchat, but it absolutely cannot survive without proper mapping, navigation, and transportation apps.
  • Yup, they can license the data but without the apps it is not really that useful to consumers.
  • Damnit...I hope here maps continues to support WP...or at least MS gets to continue to use their data after the sale for a long time to come...
    Whatever happened to Nokia not selling maps to MS in the original deal cause they felt maps was an important asset for them????
  • The HERE web site promotes their mobile apps on Apple and Google, with logos, but no mention of Windows Phone!
  • I really need this app to stay with Windows phone I use it everyday to deliver parts to people ave here gets me there and is accurate with timing and traffic and timing...please please please
  • I know Windows 10 is supposed to have turn by turn, but Here maps is literally the best turn by turn directions worldwide. Offline maps, speed limit warnings, and downloadable voices are features that I don't think I could live without. I still am in wonder that Nokia was able to acquire the company that made this and improve on it so much while teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Apple will remove the app and license the data to Microsoft , which will in turn, give us a half-baked Bing maps app powered by Here in Beta that will come to us in final form Soon™
  • Here drive kind of sucks. The WP Maps app routed me around a bad traffic jam and Drive was like, "LOL you going to sit in traffic sucker." It isn't the best. It is the best for the price I got it for though.
  • While I wouldn't miss Here Maps, I would miss the related apps like Here Drive & Transit, if Apple gets it.
  • All that stuff is in the Windows 10 map app.
  • An equivalent to HERE Transit is in Windows 10's map app? That is a crucial app for me. I use HERE Transit all the time. It's excellent, with detailed instructions on train and bus times, detailed maps and walking instructions, etc.
  • Considering how many auto manufacturers license Here maps for navi, you'd think MS would snatch this up as well!
  • I'm in the camp of people that haven't used the new maps for W10 or WP10 (didn't even think about it to be honest) but in my own experience HERE Drive is way better than bing maps. The GPS is almost flawless, and when I took a road trip with my friends last summer (one had an iphone, the other an LG G2) they all preferred the HERE Drive on my L925 (may it rest in pieces now) and the HERE drive is much better on it than it was on the G2 (my sister has one) and than the google maps on my friends G2. Bing maps is a joke for turn by turn directions (at least it was two years ago on my 8X) and so I can't recommend using bing. If we lose HERE Drive it would be devastating to me and I'm sure millions of others on WP that rely on its offline maps capabilities, turn by turn directions, and great visuals for driving. This is why i want MS to buy it. Someone let me know however if the new W10 maps is better than HERE Drive.
  • HERE Drive+ 920
  • "at least it was two years ago on my 8X" “2 years ago” it’s a long time to have an opinion on a technology… ;) I'm using Here Drive often because I'm a WP user (fan), it's free and I'm too lazy to look for a better solution. Sadly, Nokia stops the development of Here app on WP. The integration could be way better. Too many steps to go from address book to Here Drive. Turn by turn cut the music; it should mix the voice with the music…Waze does it. I used waze a few time, the traffic info and the turn by turn is way better. But it’s a google app with a lot of bugs and will not be fix soon (ever). So I uninstalled it and I’m back to Here :( Waiting for a better solution. 
  • It's why I added it as an aside haha. I know 2 years is a while and it's why I asked for outside opinions. I personally prefer that it cuts the music so that I dont miss any of the song because of interruptions. My sister used waze on her G2 and prefers the here drive she had on her L820. She eventually went out and purchased a Garmin GPS because she didn't think the other options compared with her old WP (she dumped WP ultimately because she needed snap chat).
  • +730
  • Windows 10 is actually not so great so far. The UI/UX is not going in the right direction (it's my opinion), plus if Apple buy HERE we all know that they will drop support for WP and delete the apps. I love what Microsoft is trying to set up since WP7. Windows 8.1 is sublime on my SP1, WP 8.1 on my L930 still amaze me month after I've bought it... but now... I'm not sure that my next phone will be a Windows Phone.
  • I just don't see anyone buying it for what Nokia wants to sell it for.
  • Coincidence or not, yesterday I saw near my house a here maps car updating their data. I had never seen it, including those cameras mapping around!
  • I was waiting for this article to show up so I can read the comments lol
  • Same here lol
  • But the comments are repeating. People must just post blindly without reading what came before to know what has already been said. I'll continue to read on from here, looking for people who don't know the BING uses HERE maps and need to be told.
  • Honestly I don't see why Microsoft wont just add google maps and here apps features and eventually make separate apps for things like transit, so forth. Then they wont need to buy apps like here
  • If they bought HERE maps system MS would hit the ground running with a proven system instead of having to start at the bottom.  They could improve Bing Maps on mobile, but why take the time?  Combine the 2 HERE apps on WP and rebrand it as Bing Maps for Windows 10.
  • Unfortunately, Nokia will refuse to sell HERE to Microsoft, no matter what happens. Cash-wise, Apple is the most likely to win the negotiations.
  • Is it just me, or do Nokias current management seem to be dubious?
  • OH NO...Apple buys it and they will just absorb the technology into their products and eliminate the app from other platforms.  To be honest, HERE has kind of gone lax on Windows Phone.  They've left us with a disjointed experience while on Android, at least, it's all in one app. 
  • I agree that HERE Maps and Drive should be one app, but otherwise I don't have any other complaint.  Except for when it takes me through a ghetto when I couyld've stayed on the highway.
  • Watch Apple or Google will buy it and then close shop to wp.users. Then there will be noises in here about why Microsoft didn't take the leap when they had the chance.
  • Apple won't bite. They spent millions to acquire and optimize their own navigation department and app. Now they want to start over again? Why pay money and time in the form of an acquisition merger when people will use whatever they release? If anything, Apple would purchase Navteq portion only or TeleAtlas so they could keep control of map data in house instead of paying license fees.
  • HERE is B2B. Apps are just clients for HERE services. And HERE services will be at the core of autonomous cars. Who ever owns HERE owns the future of autos. Nokia will be happy to keep HERE but as it is a bit oddball in Nokia portfolio they are willing to let the gem go if price is right.
  • Pretty broad statements about the future that I will disagree with you since no one can tell the future.
  • Somebody said that to tell the future one need to make it. And HERE is busy making it.
  • And with this news, Nokia is not making a future with HERE.
  • Depends if HERE is sold or not. Nokia will anyway be making future of networks.
  • Glad we agree that the point of this article is concerning whether HERE will be with Nokia. Whatever Nokia decides to do with future business does not include HERE.
  • One more thing to add. Future HERE services need ultra low latency wireless networks. Nokia will be major provider of those (among some other smaller players).
  • If we're talking about self driving cars then scroogle will probably be a big bidder.
  • There goes Windows development. Sheesh MS, you can't catch a break.
  • HERE is dead to me if it goes to anyone but MS. Doubt I'll miss it.
  • There is also always the possiblity that several companies will buy it together like they did with the Nortel patents but it is only going to be Navteq map data they want.
  • HERE just signed a deal with Jaguar Land Rover. I'm sure there are many others. These deals are valuable.
  • HERE apps is the only reason I chose the Nokia Lumia , because HERE Drive + is my favorite application . Perhaps I must turn , if later HERE APPS will not be available again for WP . Unless Microsoft Maps already have features like those in HERE Drive + , can be used offline , and certainly should be better than HERE Drive + .
  • Everyone needs to chill out. Even if Apple buys it im pretty sure MSFT already has cross licensing in place with APPL. So I dont see it going anywhere
  • This, and it isn't too likely Apple will buy HERE. They have already spent tons of money internally improving their own system.
  • Do not sell to Microsoft! MS will just cripple the apps on WP, then make them better for ios & adroid
  • Wrong
  • Didn't Microsoft try to buy HERE maps in their deal with Nokia? I would imagine they would be a contender too.
  • Steve Ballmer was trying to get them to buy it but the board was like, "Why? and not for that price."
  • According to the news articles at the time, Nokia was willing to sell it to Microsoft, but Ballmer objected at the price, so they just bought Nokia's Devices division without mapping.  
  • If Apple buys it then 'Bye Bye HERE Maps for Windows'
  • Forget Apple.  Microsoft needs to buy HERE maps now.  The stock Bing maps in Windows Phone aren't enjoyable.  I've used them 10 times in 2+ years and only because the contacts app defaults to the Bing maps.  Microsoft should've bought the maps divvision when they bought the hardware division.
  • If that's the case, kiss those maps good bye
  • NONONONO! It should be Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  • microsoft should buy !!!
  • Microsoft give them the 5Billion. And everything should be good.
  • Typical propaganda piece of 'news'. Nokia will never sell HERE that cheap. They don't really need money but if price is right they are willing to sell.
  • Anyone insisting that Microsoft's own mapping solution in W10 is better than Here Maps/Drive/Transit and offline capabilities is smoking some really good stuff, and should pass it along.
  • After extensive personal testing I've concluded that Google Maps routes are much better. I've used WP for 3 years. In the US.
  • U disappoint me nokia. Sell here maps to microsoft.period.
  • MS don't get it, Google is paying every body to drop their app support on Windows phone, if google it apple or any other company buys Here Google will pay them to drop Windows Phone, Microsoft should be #1 bidder here. Even apple is more honorable than Google
  • Google is not paying companies to drop support for Windows Phone. You're delusional if you think that's something that is happening. 
  • End effect is the same anyway, they are single-handedly preventing WP from gaining market share.
  • APPLE!? Seriously Nokia?
    You're just after the money now aren't you?
    Disappointing, I'm glad Microsoft bought a large chunk of your company before you brought it to a new low yourselves.
  • I loved Nokia phones, but now, nothing of Nokia is left!
    I loved these phones for real innovation (for example my Lumia 920: First phone with OIS, wireless charging, one of the first phones with nfc, a screen you can use with any pair of gloves, preview technology, one of the first phones with a 60hz display with puremotion HD technology, rich audio recording (this is still awesome I think compared to other phones!!), and many more features...!)
    I loved Nokia phones for the exclusive maps (even my first phone (Nokia e72) had offline maps in 2007!!)
    I loved Nokia phones for the build quality (this is one of the things that hasn't become really bad, yet)
    I loved Nokia phones for being European, (I think it was good to have a strong competitor against US's big manufacturers)
    I loved Nokia phones for not being build in China, the flagships were European build quality! I loved Nokia for innovative software like Mixradio, Lumia Camera,...
    I think Nokia is dead, completely, all these good things and strategies are gone.
    So i think its really bad for selling one of the best Nokia innovations ever to Crapple, but any company is still better than Google...
  • I have the same feeling, holding the mighty Lumia 1020 with the best camera in the world. Nokia's build quality beat everyone. And its suite of apps was the best on Windows Phone. Good bye Nokia. R.I.P Nokia
  • Except many Nokia phones WERE built in China. 
  • Nokia is dead? They just bought Alcatel-Lucent to increase their network division footprint and capabilities. Do your homework...
  • Buy it Microsoft. Then keep it as cross-platform. Use it in cars too, which you NEED a leg up on in that race. Isn't Here a big choice with car manufacturers? Is that trend increasing /decreasing. And how much of your resources can you combine to make Here even better to also be used with the number one operating system - Windows. Again, buy it!
  • Soon Nokia will not exist. Selling Division by division. From the biggest company of cell phones to what it is now. R.I.P Nokia
  • They just bought Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6B. They are a $30B company. They're not dead and they're not going anywhere soon. They will be focused on networking which you probably didn't realize they are the #2 company in that space.
  • Nice bonus included in Alcatel-Lucent deal:
  • Cue *WHY MICROSOFT!* cry and drumroll!
  • Unexpected. Anyway, I don't care as long as I've access to HERE maps on my WP. But if Apple pulls it out, that would really hurt me. I'm a big HERE maps fan and use it offline, like a lot!
  • Such a fishy deal microsoft made it should have bought everything now nokia next year is back to making smartphone...and here maps was only for wp now its for everyone if its sold to apple we wont have any here apps they will shut down support for wp...
  • Bad news.
  • Smart move by Apple with Apple maps an abysmal failure.
  • Don't sell it to Apple. They will change all the directions to false and kill all of us when we drive 500 miles off course and off cliffs while navigating to local supermarket. And this time not only Apple fanboys but WP and Android users too...
  • Lolz. +730
  • Nokia don't f with me. Not to apple and not to google. Keep it yourself or give it to Microsoft. Nokia is just a sell out company. Shame on them. Will never buy anything from them again even if they return to the phones business.
  • As Nokia makes and manages most of the networks (including wired with Alcatel-Lucent acquisition) you need to go off the grid if you want to boycott Nokia.
  • Oh, please no... If Apple buys HERE, then it'll disappear from WP, Bing and Android forever.
  • Strange, I don't get Nokia's direction.
  • Microsoft needs to get this. They essentially have no mapping once their licensing is done. Then again they can I guess barter and tell apple "we'll power Siri you power Cortana's maps".
  • There are just three global making companies. The technically most advanced may be Here built on the Navteq asset of Nokia. Google is the biggest and then there is TomTom. All others are not nearly there. If I'm not wrong, Apple uses TomTom data.
  • I hope MS doesn't buy it they would sell it away like they did Nokia Music and someone else who can retain and develop it and not kill it like MS. MS has been trying to fix OS with help of visionary like ELOP (pun intended) let them first get that right and do good mrktg to compete with AOS and IOS... otherwise someone will have to write Burning platform memo for Windows phone or ELOP is expert in doing that he can help..  
  • "Here map" data here in Toronto Canada(on of the largest city in NA) are so off it is not even funny, I am talking about 5-6 years off.  There was a Sam's Club in the area closed 6-7yrs ago that still showing in Here map and bing map, a major highway open an extension last year and it is still not showing. I hope MS only buy if it is partner w/ Apple, it is a $ pit.  But if they don't buy it then where they get mapping from?
  • The buyer should change the name to WHERE? maps and not disclose their true name.
  • I feel a great disturbance in the force @_@
  • HERE maps is one of reasons i own L930. Not sure if I'll keep up with WP if we lose HERE...
  • Target every company.
  • Let's hope that Microsoft has the First Right of Refusal. I'm afraid that unless Microsoft has something up their sleeve in regards to mapping, it would be game, set, match for Windows phone.
  • Totally
  • Hasn't anyone here tried CoPilot? Damn good navigation alternative that works on all three platforms now.
  • Apple needs to beef up their map so they can dump google. Google needs some manners.
  • We're running out of good reasons to buy windows phones.over the competition with the loss of great service like Here maps and Cortana that wont be exclusive anymore :/
  • ^exactly. i'm jst waiting for apple to have a camera at par with MS/nokia, then i'll switch. still not impressed with iphone 6 cam. zeiss/pureview tech, ftw!
  • FFS
  • I think Microsoft has a priority for the deal.
  • Apple may buy it for their Apple car which is under making and they may give a caption 'wherever you go I'm there, ICar'.
  • Alibaba seems like a strong contender. If Chinese phone makers want to conquer the world this could be important. Even their car, boating and airplane industry can use this. Also mapping companies are a great asset to a state. See what google did with wifi. And last but not least it can be used in a future China OS.
  • Nooooooooooo! Not Apple! Please
  • Fuck Bing Maps, use HERE!
  • Oh,shit,how could Nokia do thing like this
  • WTH. If that happens, windoes phone is screwed!! Maybe is time to go back to android. Having a windoes phone has never been a safe sail so far. Apps being pulled, sales figures like crap, official apps never come or never get updated, and now possible lost of Here maps. I had enough of all these BS.
  • We live in a world where when 8.1 Million phones are sold in the last 3 months, and it is as you say "sales figures like crap". We don't care about those people, because they are only 8.1 Million people! Right?
  • HERE is only good for EU. Gmaps is good for global... Like here in Cambodia, there is nothing onn HERE maps... So I'm using gmaps... Not much like Google...
  • Gmaps is google, right?
  • It's a third party app for Google Maps. It can also use here maps. It is sort of the best of both worlds....i guess. I tried it. Looks good. You can use here maps data or google maps data based on your choose in the same app.
  • Great... There goes another great app. You know of anyone other than Microsoft buys it, then the app will disappear from the store.
  • I think it's in Microsoft best interests to keep Nokia's mapping tech off the hands of competitors like Apple and the like, even if Microsoft doesn't need it themselves in-house. I really hope all these "leaks" of Nokia considering and approaching basically every company except Microsoft means that Microsoft is somehow involved.
  • Microsoft should buy Nokia entirely
  • if this thing goes into google's hand Microsoft could have a problem here, lets hope google is happy with its in-house mapping tech, apple seems like the one needing it the most after their apple maps fiasco
  • nnnooooooooooo! i can see it happen now. apple buys here. wp here apps pulled out of store.....
  • Common MS...
  • As I've been using the HERE/NokiaMap services since 2008, I'll go where they go.
  • Nokia is not seeking two billion euros. The book value of Here is two billion.
  • I don't like to buy Apple Here Maps, the best thing is to MS buy Here Maps..
  • I fear the loss of offline maps....
  • All these comments are omitting a fact: That MS's mapping solutions are too US centric. Take a look at other countries, specially in Asia: The native mapping solutions offered by Microsoft simply suck camel's balls. If Microsoft would listen to many of their customers that DO NOT live in the US, Canada or the UK. Their music and video store also suck outside of those countries, making buying music or movies a karma. And now this ....
  • If Microsoft doesn't pick this up they are stupider than I thought. Here maps is amazing, I used tom tom Garmin waze and I find here maps just perfect. And on windows phone, I find more people trust my GPS than the ones they use on their iPhones and androids. So Microsoft needs to get here maps on this fire sale and officially integrate it into the OS. Glorious.
  •     Microsoft has worked with Here/Nokia maps for a long time so they should know by now whether or not it's worth it to actually buy them or if they can rely on the improvements made in Bing Maps in Windows 10 to keep them going. Otherwise, it would make sense for Apple to acquire them considering how bad their own Maps application is, it would improve one of their biggest flaws and potentially weaken two rivals all in one move.