Satya Nadella: Microsoft doesn't define mobile by market share but by mobility and people

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated this week that, in terms of their plans for the mobile technology industry, he doesn't want to define its success by market share percentages but by mobility and by the individual using mobile devices, rather than the device itself.

Nadella made those remarks on Monday at a luncheon meeting of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. GeekWire reports that, when asked by Seattle Chamber President and CEO Maud Daudon, "How do you see yourself positioning Microsoft to increase its market share to become an even stronger competitor?, he replied:

"When we define mobile in the marketplace, we don't think of it by today's market share positions on a given form factor. Devices and device sizes will come and go, even within a single year, you will be changing multiple phones. It's more about the mobility. In fact, if there's anything central to our vision, it's don't think of the device at the center, think of the individual, the people at the center. And then have the platforms and productivity experiences get built with that at the center."

Nadella added that while mobile hardware devices, including some that have not yet been created, will come and go, the one constant for users will be "your digital memories, your productivity experiences across all of those devices. That's really the center of how we think about innovating today and into the future." He also pointed out that Microsoft has software and services on mobile devices that are not just on Windows Phone such as Skype, Office and now Minecraft.

While Nadella's answer was a bit vague, it is in keeping with his overall vision of "mobile first, cloud first" for Microsoft. Do you think that the hardware market share numbers is less important for Microsoft than its plans for offering its services and software?

Source: GeekWire

John Callaham
  • That's what I want. It's better that I use the phone that many other people don't. Innovative life is better not like many people who seek to use the trending things.
  • Actually it was difference that made me go for windows phone. It was difference that made people go for the iPhone in the beginning. Android has always copied. Surprisingly I'm seeing more WP everywhere I go, and I think they'll grow more. When that happens and people get tired of the modern UI, I hope MS will have something new for us, or else I'll look for the latest difference.
  • Android is a IOS like ui just with 2d icons with awful flow of interface. Looking at google made such thing they only wanted market share their becoming very mean and they consider avg consumers as fools.
  • This is exactly the reason I went to windows phone, and why I had an iPhone before iti! You hit the nail on the head! If windows phone gets stagnant the way iPhone has, I'll switch to the next differnt thing as well.
  • Same here... I see window phone more and more. People have always asked me about my phone. I had a fried who had her iPhone or Android phone stolen... So I recommended the 520 and got it for her... 2 days later she thanked me and said it was the best phone she has had... It was different, but easy. It had all she wanted and needed. I hearing about apps... There aren't any apps I need on my windows phone... If there is a function I dont have or can't do on my phone, believe me, I dont want to do it on my phone... That's where a real computer comes in or in my case he dell venue pro 8.
  • Man, 520 isn't the best phone but you can say WP is the better OS (I can't dare to say it's the best OS).
  • Well, the best phone experience for a budget phone. Not soon after, she was looking for a windows phone flagship and asking me which one to ultimately get... She had researched windows phone when originally never though about the platform. Many people are actually coming to windows this way... Break there phone... Need a new one off contract... Buy windows and if they like it, they consider it for the next upgrade.
  • Hi I love Windows Phone. I think its the best mobile OS with the slickest UI. (I must admit however Google's Android L's smooth UI looks to compete). Like many of you here one of the primary reasons I loved Windows Phone was that with deep social network integration and hubs, the phone itself was like a "portal" to connect me to the people I care about and seamlessly allowed me to communicate with them in various ways from a single point.
    I still love Windows Phone, strongly advocate for the platform, own both the 1020 and 1520 but lament the loss of some of those strong PEOPLE-CENTRIC features and Hubs that were yielded in favor of the more APP-CENTRIC approach. I understand the REASONS regarding pulling functionality from the OS level to facilitate more efficient and more frequent updates.Trust me I do. :-) But still wish there was a way we could have had our cake and ate it too.
    Hey but it is what it is and 8.1 Update one is awesome with all it's Cortana glory!
    A Winphans Lament(and Praise) of Windows Phone
  • Totally agree. I don't see why they can't keep the old people hub functionality for consolidated social streams and basic interaction (eg. Likes and comments) combined with dedicated apps for more advanced functionality. I was perfectly happy with the old basic social streaming functionality - it didn't need updating. This is the biggest backward step for WP8.1 in my view and has really put me off WP which I've been using since the WM days.
  • Dude, you guys seriously need to stop blaming MS for this when its the social network sthemselves that didn't want to play ball. Go yell at Facebook, go yell at twitter. They wanted to control the experience, they wanted their own apps, they put the nail in the hub coffin, not MS.
  • lol...we are kinda same. And yeah, I'm seeing more and more yougsters with Lumia nowadays also some of my android buddies who have their phone broken is fishing me for my 525 when i buy the 730.. :D The modern ui is supposed to be timeless, if microsoft can successfully keep innovating on the ui, like the new folder features on start screen, i don't think people would mind about it.
  • I still doubt that MS make the quality of apps rather than the quantity but why many apps still lag and have bugs? Why don't they remove them from the store because they're not high quality apps? I just realized that IMDB shall be removed from the store.
  • Speaking of IMDB if you have Cortana who cares. Just say "imdb ______"
    Personally I hate having apps that only do one function that's why I love MS apps like people and Cortana and functions like the share charm. More quick multi functionality less uni taking!
  • Exactly! How can you say you're about the people when we get sub par apps, if we even get them. And Microsoft is just as guilty as any other dev out there. Nadella is such a politician and he's got a lot of you eating out of the palm of his hand, right before he crushes you with a closed fist.
  • Did you miss the part where he said the platform is not about what matters? They are doing exactly what they should be, windows is nto the most popular, and certainly remaining "exclusive" didn't help them any. What matters is being on everything, so you always see a Microsoft icon on your phone, and your stuff is there. People are fickle, and change with the wind. When everyone mass-switched to iPhones/Macs, did it still make sense to maintain exclusivity, or to port your  best stuff to iOS, android, etc?
  • In the UK I see windows phones more and more. To be fair, we notice them more, but it's not like only a very small minority use them, as it is in the US. In fact, it's similar to the number of people who have iPhones
  • I used to think like that then Windows 8 came and almost no one accepted the change.
  • I believe that your correct in every sense.
  • +520
  • Exactly my reason to use a Windows Phone. Remember the first time I saw a Windows Phone - the Lumia 920, I was totally impressed... Live tiles instead of icons, flat design instead of complex design like iOS... Yep, that's when I decided to stick with Windows Phone - against the trend, out of the crowd.
  • Yeah but WP slow on features that people actually use. Apple just added landscape on their home screen. Why Joe Billiforde can't do this on WP a long time ago!!!!!! You know how annoying it is to twist and turn your phone!
  • Instructions unclear, phone broken in half.
  • Who the hell uses their phone's home sideways it's the most unproductive thing ever outside of an app. And really? Annoying to do? I swear in the next few years some people are going to become lazy lifeless potatoes who can't even pick up their phone next to them because it's annoying.
  • U misunderstand. Don't be quick to defend. Take a look at iPhone 6 and the ability to use home screen landscape. Very good for phablets.
  • Windows 9/Threshold. ;)
    Windows and Windows Phone will have 100% common API at that point.
    Today, with 8.1 it's "just" 90%
  • Soooo, the iPhone finally gets landscape at version EIGHT of the OS, and now WP is slow? Give me a break... I'm not trying to be mean here, but this type of thing is really lame. Apple does a lot of shit things too...
  • If I'm using my phone in landscape and go back to the start screen for whatever reason, it would be nice not to have to adjust my phone to portrait then back to landscape. Just have the tiles do a 90 degree turn when in landscape (except for large tiles).
  • Exactly!
  • Or you could just read the clear and easily readable tiles at a 90 degree angle. It is not like you are reading 1000 words or looking at the tiles for an hour and a half. If I am in landscape in an app, hit the home button. I can scan all the needed tile data and easily click on the tiles to launch the next landscape app without ever tilting my phone. In fact the large clear tiles make icon flipping redundant and unnecessary. The iPhone landscape looks good in practice, but in functionality the flipping of the icon is anoying as it tries to keep up with your movements. Most the time it stays in the opposite mode of what I am looking at. Land scape for vertical and vertical when landscaped. At some point automating some things becomes silly.
  • Who knows, it may come with WP9. It's rumored that it will have split screen abilities, so maybe landscape can be squeezed in. I'm sure I would come to love the feature, if it were there. Either way, I will still love WP. I'm more curious about new hardware innovations for WP in the future.
  • I love to watch YouTube videos in landscape which I'm sure we all do. But when I go to home screen, I have to rotate phone to portrait then rotate back to watch video. I shouldn't have to do all that twist and turn you know. Apple did it right.
  • Yup apple did it right, 7 years after the first iPhone.
  • Well if you consider the fact the Apple took 7 treats to do that and Windows is on its 4 th year I think they're doing a hell of a job. My only complaint would be the lack of high-end phones from Nokia aka MS Mobile.
  • True that but coming from a newborn OS, one would think to incorporate a feature like that not found on the others (The catchup game). But I'm glad to hear dual screen/windows/multitasking maybe coming to phablets, feature i longed for on my 1520.
  • They have had many features that the others don't and vice versa. And also, which way should the start screen scroll when you rotate? People will bitch about that too!
  • WE use APPS in mobile phones. We, as consumers,  always want to be offered with great apps. GReat in terms of quality and quantity. Here, Nadella or Balmer or whoever in Microsoft have failed to deliver. This is it.
  • Without the people there wont be apps.  Without apps people will be less likely to adopt a particular OS.  Without a high end device there is zero buzz about a particular OS. Just imagine the buzz if Microsoft had annouced the 1525 with its rumored QHD display, 3GB ram, and Snapdragon 805 when compared to the Apple 6 plus and its meager 1080p and 1GB ram.  But once again there are zero new high end phones released here in the US for almost a year.  How does Microsoft expect to compete in the mobile market where the top players refresh or have different high end phones repleased every 6 months which generates lots of coverage and excitement. I'm waiting until the Note 4 gets released if Microsoft doesn't at least annouce the 1525 I'm going to pick the iPhone 6 plus or Note 4 (Probably the iPhone because I avoid that Ad companys """"Free"""" products like the plague) and they will have lost a costomer for a year.
  • MS's strategy, backwards domino effect, hoping that one cheap WP will lift all dominos straight up. Unlike Apple and Samsung, they made a big hit with one high end phone that set the domino affect moving forward. That's why no other OEM so far can stop them. Is MS smart to go backwards?
  • Possibly. But what's the harm in a two-pronged approach? Why not go for the low AND high end? Of course, it'll cost more but this is Microsoft. If it were a company like HTC or LG, I'd sympathize as the lack of resources forces their hands but Microsoft? It has a lot of money to throw at Windows Phone and make it successful. Isn't that the whole point of buying Nokia? They should be on the forefront and getting out the very best in their flagships. Gotta create mindshare before you go for market share.
  • Excellent analysis! Apple had a head start. Samsung actual started small and later built one high-end phone to set the domino effect forward- the galaxy S. HTC did it right initially but eventually was choked on by too many devices with different names. If they built upon the evo line, with continued support and upgrades like the galaxy S, I bet they wouldn't be where they are today!
  • Speaking from the perspective of an employee of a company that went through a major acquisiton in 2010-- we are only just NOW seeing the fuits of that merging. It amazes me how people think that jsut because MS bought nokia that all of a sudden they snap their fingers and have new product, perfect integration, and perfect synergy. My company was only 900 people globally, microsoft is literally ten times that size, and nokia as well. This. Will. Take. Time. Also in what way does the 1520 not stand tow to toe with the iPhone 6 just released? As far as I can tell the 1520 has a better camera, better screen, similar CPU, more RAM. I actually thought the 1520 was really forward leaning for the time, and it still holds up amazingly well today. The only real issue to me is probably 64 bit, but I don't think we're seeing any real benefit to that (yet). Even other manufacturers are only jsut now going 64 bit in a few phones. Apple can be a head of the curve a bit on that I think since they create their own chips.
  • whoops, and by ten i meant one hundred
  • The best comment
  • True
  • That is exactly what Daniel post days ago, about Apple users :P
  • This is exactly what I thought.
  • Me too! Funny coincidence. Or Satya is reading WPcentral :D
  • Hope he comes he will enjoy here.
  • With some of the spite and hate some of our users spout I doubt he reads many comments
  • If he did regularly, maybe there wouldn't be any hateful comments!
  • Daniel is Satya! :O
  • LOL! Fact!
  • Same thought here as well.
  • Windows Phone users synchronized. Cools guys!
  • Not really.... if you read it a bit more carefully.. What he means is irrespective of the device you hold MS services reaching out to more users across all platforms is the main goal... Like Skype, Office etc. So MS makes money on those services. Plus the licensing fees that Android brings in.. The end game is not just having large market share of WP, since the entry barrier for OEMs have lowered and its not a big money making machine, its the services that surround you and your interaction with data that will ultimately bring in the dollars. So if you have an iPhone or Android or Firefox or Windows data arbitrage will define the earnings per share for any player in the smartphone space..
  • I concur! Well said Sridhar V!!
  • This is what is known as a fallback strategy. He would be whisteling a much different tune if MS hadn't screwed WP up so badly.
  • I totally agree with you. This comes first to my mind after reading just the headline. Lol Daniel must be smiling right now. :D
  • I think it means he wants to abandon Windows Phone...
  • That would piss me off, but it would not surprise me.
  • I completely disagree.   What he is saying is that actual physical devices will change constantly.  Where the Lumia 1020 was once the beast in the room, now it's the 1520.  Where the 928 was cutting edge on Verizon, now it's the Icon.  As more and more features become available on devices, individuals will always want "the next big thing."  However Microsoft believes that there should be a "commonality" to these devices and that commonality should be Windows, hence the "One Windows" idea.  One OS on all devices, regardless of what device you are using, and that will still include the Windows phones.   Android and iOS concentrate on their "devices," thereby losing functionality on other devices.  iOS is a good platform that works on the iPhone and iPads, but what good does that do on the MacBook?  How can a user continue working within an app on a MacBook when MacBooks can't utilize iOS apps?  Whereas the goal Microsoft has is that it won't matter what device you are using.  The Windows OS will be centralized around the user's account being able to be utilized on all devices and available from the cloud.  So when you are working on a project, no matter what device you are on, you can always pick up right where you left off be it on a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or any future device that hasn't even been invented yet.
  • I agree with your interpretation of Nadella's philosphy. I would compare it closely to the AOL model in the 80's if you all remember AOL was the dominant force and highly dependant on their dialup internet access revenue. Well as well all know dialup became obsolete and AOL had to rapidly shift to a content and service company. The almost didn't survive and were eventually acquired by Time Warner only to later be spun off. Microsoft is building a platform that is very resistant to becoming obsolete. Unlike Apple who needs to constantly look forward to come up with the next Great looking innovative device, Microsoft is building itself around services for users and corporations. People aren't really paying a lot of attention but Intel is make HUGE strides in mobile processors and have spent the last 3 generations of chips focusing more on power efficiency than computational ability. What this means is your tablets will soon be running full Windows 9 and be able to do everything your PC could do just a few years ago. Tablets will no longer jus tbe running simple Aps but will be running full versions of the apps you have at the office or home. You can walk out the door and have eveyrthing you had when you were working on the bigger screen. At this point Ipads and Iphones will be more of a toy then a device more refined people would use. Then Apple will have to invent their next innovative product just to maintain their revenue.
  • Totally agree. :)
  • If you can read between the lines, then yes. He can't yet, but he will if he's given the chance. Only thing holding him back is justifying shutting down the WP division when they just spent billions acquiring Nokia.
  • Nadella will end up writing down the Nokia acquisition as a loss in a future quarterly report, thereby giving a short boost in the stock price. You heard it here first. And they're getting rid of Windows Phone branding, so it makes it easier later to scuttle that whole division, when it's all just 'Windows'.
  • I highly doubt WP will be abandoned. It may still lag behind Android and iPhone, but it I still a growing platform, and I believe as MS continues to work on the one OS for all platforms mentality, WP will still be around for years to come. When you consider the features that are continuously being added to WP, the growth will continue to grow. AND...if Windows 9 can grab more people who love Windows 7, more will be willing to wade in WP waters. It's a great platform. All it needs is more developers to bring quality apps to WP, instead of some of the half-baked official apps that rarely or ever get updated. MESSAGE TO DEVELOPERS, if you aren't going to put time into making and maintaining a quality app, I'd rather you not make one at all. It does the platform more harm than good.
  • I read that the exact same way...
  • Yeah my experience is no official apps for my interests.
  • So true. But still, I found the other two platforms too boring.
  • You're not the average consumer.
  • Can someone please tell me what's the big deal about Skype?! I mean come on I see it in the store I use it why people say we need it on WP!!! Wtf!
  • And we have office too!!! Is satya on drugs!!!!???
  • He means that it is on more devices then WP. So the market share is higher on that.
  • Oh right minecraft is for Microsoft now,well yesterday,and now he is proud that its on other devices than WP!hahahahahahaha we don't even have minecraft on WP!satya wtf!
  • What are you talking about?
  • Omg I think I'm high too! Dude.....
  • Because the main use of Skype is group chatting and video/audio group calling but on WP those main features suck as hell! I'm using skype everyday and really frustrated about how it suck on my WP device. Skype for iOS and Android are really better.
  • Oh I am really confused,maybe because of my bad English,pardon me but English isn't my mother language
  • Use Oovoo. It's so much better than Skype.
  • This articles temps to lead you one direction. You will see by the comments.
  • And Justin Bieber
  • Nice. Ha.
  • I think he makes an excellent point.  Regardless of the device, you can sync your world to it.  I have customers who like the IPhone, but everything else is Windows and they like it that way.  So on the backend Windows wins and monetizes the opportunity.  I am having success moving people across to WP’s as they realize that they are even better connected across devices.  I think the strategy can work effectively.
  • I love my MacBook Air due to programming and computing need, by still use a windows phone. No particular complain.
  • claps for this man
  • I think Satya been reading WP Central lately 
  • Well, MS in general reads WPC religiously... A MS employee posted that comment, and chatted with us, in the comment section one day... I wish I could remember what article that was so I could post a link..
  • My thing is if you want to focus on services do that but not at the expense of your company's reputation...bottom line is...and I know its been discussed to needs to step its own apps up on the platform...there is no reason I should get a better Microsoft experience any where else than on my Microsoft device...push your services...sure...but give 100% to everything or not at all
  • You'd think this would be common sense. Especially in the tech industry where you'd hope your CEO would be intelligent enough to do this. We aren't so lucky with Nadella. He has a limited tunnel vision. He seems like a forward thinker to the uneducated, but he's definitely not.
  • Maybe it's important for developers and people who rely on app availability, but personally I think it's the right direction they're going. Nothing is future proof, but also the future changes every second. I am fine with my WP device, and would love to combine it with a SP3 and XBONE to perfect the computing habits Microsoft is enabling through these products.
  • be different
  • That is what pwople say when your marketshare is only 3%
  • Exactly. The comments here are as embarrassing as MS's failure to deliver when it comes to WP.
  • You could say the same thing about Apple: same position, same embarrassment market share. %15 ain't that great compared to Android's %80. Is Apple embarrased? Nope. Nor should Microsoft.
  • Apple has 15% market with high end devices, MS has 2.5% with with low end devices. Little big difference..
  • Not really, not that big. In a world where each quarter platforms can shift anywhere from 0 to 4 points of marketshare, that´s not a big difference at all. If apple went down to 11 and MS (at 3.6 right now, not 2.5, not that that is a big difference) went up to 7.5, they'd be extemely close. This can happen due to universal software that's incoming and an onslaught of cheap Windows phones that's coming this fall VS Apple's insistence on high-en devices, which most of the population cannot afford.  However, my point was that if Apples doesn't have to be embarrassed about failing, there's no single good reason MS should be. They could both do much better and are trying to fight the Android mammoth. Nothing wrong with that. The rethoric for WP users has to change to what Satya said, which is the same Apple does: we care about quality, not market share. Which we know is absolute bullcrap, both from MS and Apple, but setting a tone is important in this business.
  • Damn straight!!!!! This is the kind of candy ass nonsense that gets sucked up by the blind. Google and Apple will be laughing their asses off again. Hey Satella can u tell me why the major motorsport publications and motorsport bodies ignore WP???
  • The same goes for that shitty chromebook . Microsoft is laughing
  • LMAO! Exactly, rdubmu!
  • You're right. Not everyone can be a market leader, some need to be followers, niche players and even some drop-outs. ack in the day when Apple was nearly a drop out in the PC world, they held on to small but significant market segments. Today they still have strong presence in everything that related to music and design. Microsoft might grab a nice chunk of the mobile market (well, the PC market after it's been reconfigured to include other devices) only because it's a pie that is growing like mad and not all territories will be divided 80% Android, 15% Apple, 5% Misc. They must be doing something right with the current strategy, because the whining about the number of apps will need to subside. The top 100 apps on the Apple, Android and Windows stores  will tend to be the same, no matter the overall quantity and price that makes up the total worth of the market.
  • Just give us cyan with DP for those who can't afford a laptop... Pls... Simple customer care!!!!
  • What does cyan and dp have to do with a laptop.
  • Ehm .... Downgrading???
  • I think he means he uses his phone as a main device cos he can't buy a laptop, so he wants Cyan. What on Earth Cyan might bring to make his life better, I have no idea. There's zero improvement to the user productivity, so I don't get it either.
  • No noobs he mean he can't downgrade cuz no laptop,noobs
  • Lol.... My battery is dying pretty fast na.... Then wat is d firmware update for na.... I bought a WP cant I at least get an update on its rollout for DP users
  • It has nothing to do with DP users. It's restricted by your own carrier's network testing, this has nothing to do with MS. Cyan was released 2 months ago by MS. ATT just finally released it for my 920, so I restored the device and then updated everything and re-opted in to DP. As easy as that. If your battery is giving you problems, a full reset is your best option. That usually gives any battery a new lease on life. New firmware doesn't magically give better battery life, and it's been proven that the DP versions usually have worse battery life compared to the consumer releases of WP.
  • MS stopped it's release for DP users because of some Bitlocker issue which is body is perfect but d issue has been resolved.... Even a laptop needs firmware update.... If MS cares and feeling my pain they should know d risk of not having firmware update on a phone
  • MS doesn't care about your pain. You don't have any pain. Your phone won't be better with Cyan - I know, I have it and I see zero difference. MS cares about the device health of the majority of users, thus why Cyan is halted for DP users. If you want it so much, stop complaining and just get the Nokia software suite, restore your device with it, get cyan and then sign up for DP again. It takes not even 30 minutes and practically all your phone comes back if you're syncing it. I really don't see the problem. If you still cannot get cyan then that's your carrier's fault. If you SO need cyan, just do what I said. Couldn't be easier to fix and undo your pain, and if you don't do it when it's that easy then you really aren't in so much pain at all and are just whining. You have a solution. Use it or stop complaining.
  • I think I will just get an Android phone, an Lg g2 and leave d beta atmosphere
  • Whatever works best for you! Just FYI, the DP is not a beta. It's final software.
  • Thank you man for ur patience with me@xabier I wish u were Microsoft
  • And I don't have a PC to run Nokia recovery tool...
  • I think for Microsoft marketshare is of course the number one priority.That has always been the same. The way of achieving it hasn't.
    This too is a quite drastic change if he keeps his word.
    A drastic change to get a bigger marketshare.
    Because by delivering good services and soft/hardware they WILL get a bigger marketshare.
    This is the way to go!
    Listen to the people!
  • Agreed, this is almost the same thing as Daniel's post, and I applaud the attitude. However I would still like to see premium devices from Microsoft or their OEM partners. Saying that the devices are not important is a bit of an overstatement. Sure, they're not as important as the experience but still a deciding factor. IMHO at least.
  • Yeap more high end stuff would be nice.cause right now ? All the new devices from other OEMs have the same hardware and stuff. Same size . They just producing better 625s
  • Due for an upgrade on my 920 very soon.... And state side.... I'm not seeing a good upgrade path. M8 looks like a possibility, but lack of a camera button, as stupidly simple as that sounds is a total buzz kill for me.....
  • I love the idea of giving out 2.5$ billion in free Windows phone devices, that would uhh bump the market share :)
  • Way to put an Apple's "We don't care about marketshare" spin on the thing.
  • Meanwhile Apple just sold 4 million super high end smartphones in 24 hours. Probalby on track to sell 75 million high-end phones in a quarter. Probably will post a $16-17 billion EBITA for the holiday quarter.
  • I just ordered the iPhone 6 because Microsoft is just to slow with apps coming, OS updates and new phone flagship to replace my Lumia 925.....and now if they will make OneDrive, and office...i really don't need a windows phone so in a way he is right but I don't know if they will money that way....
  • Dude you have every app there is . Every app you need you have . And don't fu***** say you switching is because of the apps . It's about the os, the phone and customization. Windowsphones are the best phones . And you actually have every app u need for your entire life. And I think its good that winphone has no million of million useless apps .
  • HAHAHAHAHA, oh please you don't even believe that. You bought an iPhone 6 because MS is slow with apps... get outta here. Os updates, I've had like 6+ in the past half year. You have the 930 flagship to upgrade your 925. Seriously, just get outta here.
  • And one thing - there's the 830 coming , the 1520 and the 930 . Dude there are 3 phones which you can get as new flagship . And just for good measure: Microsoft provides great services and the phones are coming like 2 times a year .
  • Just because you are happy and have all the apps you want doesn't mean that's the case for everyone. I LOVE my 925 and am In no rush to change but the lack of a nationwide banking app, lack of a good food tracking/ww app and lack of a few medical apps I had on my iphone 4 do frustrate me on a daily basis. There is still a significant gap in apps, especially in the medical field. As I said, there is no "best ultimate phone ever" its a user by user thing and if Geva Bar wants to switch, fair play, I get it, I wont be joining in switching but at least im realistic enough to understand why theyre switching!
  • How about you email your Bank and tell them? thats what I did with my local Bank, my citys Underground/Metro, etc. They will all be releasing Apps for WP at the end of the year. You are a -paying- customer don't forget that.
  • Exactly. I didn't have all the apps that MY life needed. No banking app for my bank (and yes I emailed them about it but they said they had no plans to release an app on WP). No blackboard app for school, saw there was possibly one in the making but it is no where near completed. Something with the OS wouldn't allow me to open certain websites that I needed, regardless of what browser I used, I was always borrowing a friend's non WP phone so I could access the website. I contacted Microsoft about the issue and they said there would be an update for it, but two updates later and the problem still existed and I got tired of waiting. I felt like that's all I ever did on WP was wait. I didn't want to leave WP but I had no choice. I'll come back once things get better.
  • This is exactly why I use an iPhone as my productive phone. My 1520, the elegant beast, is now just a toy. Not nearly as productive or useful in everyday life as my iPhone, but I'll still keep my 1520 as a media device aka big Zune, lol. Once the apps are on par (and updated with the latest features, like iOS), then I'll drop my iPhone like a hot potato. But realistically my WP isn't even in the same league when it comes to productivity.
  • Unfortunately, Microsoft has shit all over the media side and dealing withe music, TV Shows, and Movies is a train wreck unless you purchased them all from Microsoft.
  • iOS is completely superior for media consumption. Just ditch the 1520. If it's the larger screen you want then just get the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • In other words, WP is not pretty, but it has a great personality...
  • That's not going to help one diddly in this superficial world. MS talking BS once again
  • Am I being a pessimist or does it seem like Nadella isn't really invested in WP going by what he said?
  • Windows phone isn't easy handle for every avg consumer. It's jot,like he's not interested but he wants to make his products real productive in emerging markets. Int his smartphones industry what android and special IOS has done is hype marketing. Smart phones are a hit but not productive to an extent what he thinks.
  • I think Jolla is poised to become #3 by 2016 due to superior UX.
  • No, you're hearing him right.
  • Of course he's is right . Lumia flagships for example are the best phones on the market after HTC one and the xperia Z1. The only problem is why so many people say - nobody has winphone is not because of that wps are bad or useless . But because of android and ios control the market. Just like - people have never learned how much better and easier a winphone is. And that Leads to very basic and simplistic UI. Fast phones and stuff . Because he is right . Not like Samsung or HTC bringing mini versions of their flagships which wont even get the support those mini version need, the Lumia series has products for everyone and will continue to offer that big family of winphones. He is completely right
  • Yes that's the way to think and market share will eventually grow. Remembering Microsoft is considered as a enterprise software company. We also have more other areas to succeed in. We earned a lot from android and Microsoft spent that royalty money on Minecraft instead of their equity funds.
  • Mobility-Productivity-Software only success in good hardware. Software and hardware complement each other, they can't coexist one without the other...
  • How can they define mobile by market share?
    They haven't got it yet. It's like a student who failed in exam telling that I do not define my success through marks.
  • Your sooo dumb! Take time to read and ponder about it before makin a comment! They do care about market share of course but they focus more on the people! Thats the center of their goal! Satisfaction!
  • isn't this everyone goal? Satishfaction Market share increase when users are satishfied otherwise it will decrease later .(even if it increase at begining)  & the thing is MS is very very slow in adding new feature to OS and implementing new strategy. Recent example of the strategy They are taking 12-18 months .LOL!   & This not dumb but smart.    
  • No, Nadella is just blowing smoke up people... He's trying to distract people from the fact that WP has utterly been demolished in the market.
  • *You're. You may want to make sure your spelling and grammar are on point before you call someone else dumb. JS.
  • They have market share in terms of mobility, not the OS. The patents they hold allows them to collect money from every Android phone sold, as well as Apple. They have apps and services on all the platforms out there. They have a significant amount of mobile market penetration. In terms of the OS, not so much. Still.... Is a great OS. Imo. :)
  • My interpretation is that Satya is really talking about market share, not in terms of devices, but in terms of people operating within an ecosystem, regardless of which device that supports the ecosystem they are using at any given moment. That is very, very big picture thinking and it will require new datasets and retraining of marketers, financial types and pundits to leverage for growth. 
  • This is why other platforms get MS's attention. They see the whole experience as the end user being the customer, not the platform being the competitor. With that said, I don't know if I agree with him. What percentage of non-MS products actually use MS services like OneDrive, Skype, and OneNote as their "go to" service? I don't see it being that high.
  • I understand mr nadella's point! MSFT wants to focus on whats constant! Even if people change phones constantly or new hardwares come and go the most important thing is that people feel always at home! Thats what i like about MSFT! My Lumia 920 is 2 years old but it still feels like a high end smartphone by todays standards! Thanx to wp os!
  • The need of people in smart phone is features, stability and durability...
    If you give them that, you will definitely going to earn market share...
    Android gives features and stability on their phones so they are up...
    And windows phone is lack of features and stability so we are down...
  • Amen.
  • Stability? Android? You jokin? I used to be a long time android user but i didnt find stability. Only in wp! About the feature they can catch up. They even have more innpvative ideas than android! Android became stagnant now
  • Yeah I disagree with that Android stability part. That's not accurate at all
  • Android and stability!?! Stop joking.
  • thanks for joking. try even on android central talk about stability they will feeel so embarrassed.
  • I think that they need to add more, like utilize the left part on the home screen and make the app list better, let us add a background to that part if we want to, let us choose if we want our full screen home screen have a full background etc... This is what people want, more customization, at least all of the people I've asked about it. Make WP more prettier.
  • Thumbs up....
  • Has Microsoft made a wrong turn with their choice of CEO? He doesn't appear as positive and assuring as I would want in a leader. It's as if he's hedging.
  • He's *definitely* hedging.
  • True!
  • I agree with the productivity aspect of shaping windows phone , however Microsoft is not making much effort to improve productivity on windows phone they have succeeded with the surface pro 3, WP needs work, the Lumia 1520 should be the most productive phone with its large screen and Microsoft office instead that goes to the galaxy note, we need a new large screw windows phone with flexibility and productivity in mind, enhancements needs to be made for stylus input in wp8.1 or 9 I have word and excel but never use it whereas on the galaxy note as soon as you pull out they stylus you automatically get to choose which productivity tool to use its fine tuned with productivity in mind thats how WP needs to be
  • My dad is doing a great job
  • Microsoft is famous as software giant. The hardware, not so giant. But ms make some top quality hardware and software.
  • Though not a hardware giant but impressed with their sp3 quality.
  • These dialogues looks great on paper but have no value on real reel life.
    Suck SN
  • I bought a Nexus 5 last December from Google because Rogers nor Nokia would help me with known defects with the 920 (camera flash died, battery issues, spinning cogs when trying to restore) like a week after the warranty ran out and I loved that phone. It's had 2 major updates since I've had it and I'd definitely consider going back, but it scares me they might launch a flagship and suddenly abandon it 3 months later.
  • Isn't this statement pretty much the outlook that Daniel Rubino was proposing we undertake when asked about Windows Phone? The single most pretentious and highly strung way of not caring about market share! Turns out Nadella read your article Dan haha love it!
  • In other words, they're not going to be too bothered about low WP market share because its all about services. Nice, and the fact that WP suffers as a result of that low share obviously means nothing to Microsoft. Good one, Satya.
  • "... It's more about the mobility. In fact, if there's anything central to our vision, it's don't think of the device at the center, think of the individual, the people at the center. And then have the platforms and productivity experiences get built with that at the center...." Platforms: does this mean creating new platforms and/or improving upon the existing? If so, how would you go about doing that? a part of this.. I get it... but... my myopia occludes me from seeing any other in this direction..  Productivity experience: I know MS is great in giving productivity experiences.. but not so much needs to give forth "refined" experiences, rather than half-baked (read Xbox-music and others along the same line) experiences... And that a reasonable pace....
  • Oh fuck u do ppl go crazy for apps. Ur such a kid still that u want little kiddish apps when u can play big PC games. Really these apps have made the world so mad.
  • Can't agree to this. Apps are quite useful and convenient.
  • Exactly. I don't get the point of apps either. Just buy an old PC, it runs games with far better headphones than a mobile.
  • One thing is certain, if the situation was reversed, and Android had very little market share and Microsoft had lots, the Microsoft CEO would sure as heck use market share as a metric.
  • Well Mr. Nadella, Microsoft doesn't define mobile for your corporation, its major investors and shareholders do.  When profit margins aren't meeting expectations and that vote comes down, you will be forced to abandon underperforming products and that includes handsets and even the OS itself.  But you already knew that.
  • You just said the bloody fact in my mind! Thank you!
  • If he likes let him be encouraging himself with soothing words that does not hide the fact that Windows Phone as part of windows needs customization and optimization to soothe the taste and quality of the vast percentage of non-windows phone users!
  • great words
  • Not particularly fond of his answer, as it is rather dismissive of the company's own OS. Yes, services are important, but c'mon, at least throw us a bone and say something like "our premium experience will be on Windows devices (including Windows Phone)"... some kind of hint that people are 'missing out' by not being on Microsoft's own platform.
  • ^Many times this.
  • This sounds a little like Daniel's article right?   I think Satya is right on with this. People focused innovation. 
  • Wise statement
  • Yeah I pretty much prefer MS services on my Android tablet over Google's. Even better than on my WP. If he's saying about the services experience and not the OS, I get it. I even started to like it now. I'm a huge WP and MS fan, but come on.. Just being fair here.. I simply can do more on Android so I'm considering going back to it, but I'm definitely sticking to MS services :). And yes I'm only looking up to the high end phones.
  • Well, if you remember the reports, both Nadella and Bill Gates were very against Ballmer's Nokia acquisition. Nadella sounds like a guy who wants to get out of the low margin (except for Apple) mobile hardware business.
  • As long as people from iOS & Android enjoy our services, we don't care much about our own OS as it is something that comes & goes.
  • Microsoft is not even capable of delivering a plenty functional FACEBOOK user experience. the most used app in the world is a piece of garbage at a 4 years old WP OS. it´s unacceptable. it´s disrespectful to its clients. i have an iPhone 5s, an iPad air, a macbook air and decided, besides that, to buy a Lumia 930. i got very disappointed with the quality of the apps. Specially facebook, because of its relevance and penetration.
  • Sadly, you're right about the WP FB app.
  • With Apple and Android dominating this sector he don't have much choice but to redefine it making it much easier to swallow. We are talking billions of dollars here and Microsoft must earn it's way in. But they can and have all the partners to help make this realistic including their own product line. 
  • Soooo, no smart watch/band then? If hardware really doesn't matter that much to Nadella, I cannot see MSFT releasing anything wearable.
  • This would make me a sad sad man... 
  • I agree with what he is saying.  At the same time, this has always been the promise of Windows for people who bought into Windows Phone, Surface, Xbox, Windows 8 and Office 365.  To date, the integration provided has been bare bones at best (Xbox Music, Xbox Video).  MS needs to pay a lot more attention to the quality of these experiences and refining their operating system and apps to function quickly and flawlessly on various hardware.
  • User experience and productivity are indeed very important but I think market share and user base are also important. You cannot achieve full potential of the platform and the whole ecosystem if the numbers are not there. The platform and ecosystem are defined not just by microsoft alone but should also include developers, OEMs, accessories makers, big enough userbase, etc. I think the tipping point will come when userbase of WP and other mobile devices reach 10%.
  • Whoah, that's Apple-level BS. :D
  • He's right devices will come and go. How much u will get aggressive day be day to fight and capture emerging markets. I like what he explained in his lines. Ppl don't accept it but it's very true.
  • With Nadella's mamby pamby attitude, it is going to be Windows Phone devices that go.
  • What a complete and utter bullshit executive's answer. "How do you position the company to be a bigger competitor?" Cutting through the shite, "We think of people and build around them". That's not an answer. Where is the strategy in that? Utter toshwoggle.
  • Microsoft knows that the late investment in windows phone will not pay off at least not anytime soon. People are sheep. They chosen their investment; aka Android or iPhones. Those who are open to other products like mu self are open to different tech, but unlike sheep, there are very little of us.
  • The "mobile first, cloud first" idea focused around people's experiences is the idea here. Connected data and experiences wherever you are is the answer I think he is trying to convey.
  • Sounds to me like he wants to take Microsoft back to it's roots as a software company but realized that now a days if you want people to stick to your software/services you have to bring it to all their different hardware and make work the same way across competing platforms often with walled gardens
  • This has got to be Nadella's Tim Cook moment. :P
  • Very well statement!!!
  • People are sheep
  • "Build it and they will come."
    What he says makes sense. If you focus on market shares now, you might as well give up and do something else. Nay Sayers have been telling us all that WP is crap and isn't going anywhere.
    These are the same people who try to make their point by noting Windows 8 for PC and complain that they made it geared for touchscreen / mobile platforms. Yet they contradict themselves by saying this because if the above was true then wouldn't their mobile version (WP 8.1) be a great choice?
    They don't want to try it to know what they're talking about and stick to their crappy iPhones and Androids because they have more apps than they know what to do with.
    I like the PC Win8.1 because it simply runs better and still does what I need. And I love my WP8.1.
    His mentally is correct. More and more people are getting WP devices. I am on my second one (Lumia 800 to Lumia 925).... My wife switched from the Galaxy S3 to a 1320, her aunt has a 1320, her mom has a 625, my mom has an HTC something or other, my co worker has a 1020 and I swayed my boss to get a 630 for his son.
    The market shares follow.
  • "Build it and they will come" is crap, especially when you are starting in distant 3rd place in a market with overwhelming network effects.  You have to build it, and then you have to market the living crap out of it to convince people that they should believe what you are saying and *disbelieve* what all their friends are saying and the media is saying and give your product a chance.  Microsoft has no idea how to market products in the consumer space.  Absolutely no freakin' idea.
  • a seamless experience and integration of Microsoft products across all landscapes is whats most important, not the name on the hardware. With that said, Microsoft has shown little interest to dominate the hardware market...they definitely want to be software centric and thats why their marketshare wont grow to a drastic number. 
  • Wow sounds like a fancy way of saying "Yeah we lost in this sector"
    Can I take over as CEO?
    At least I'll be 100% towards the One theme instead of being half-assed
  • Satya is correct. Microsoft has been known, and should always BE known, as a services company. It does well at software. And it knows how to bring together a person's life through interconnectedness. That's the thing: I have a Mac, an Android tablet, two Windows machines, Xbox 360, and a Windows Phone. I can sync EVERYTHING between every device using Microsoft apps and products like Skype, OneDrive,, and MSN/Bing. I really think that's Satya's main purpose: Make Microsoft sync on ANY device or setting you have...that eventually pushes you over to having everything on Microsoft's platform. (BTW, I'll take a Surface Pro 3 and Xbox One any day. Any love for this poor, starving college student?)
  • I always love reading the glass half full/empty comments on this site. It's the same article for everyone. Yet, folks extract from it whatever they feel supports their position
  • are you a glass half full or empty kinda guy?
  • I see your point.. But...Come on...dont make excuses about why you are leaving to justify leaving... For instance if Wp didn't have banking apps to begin with and thats your reasoning for leaving...why did you cone in the first place... You would have already known this..if you are a windows phone fan ..not just someone who is starting out....and stating that you have been waiting around for a flagship phone... Its pointless to use the app gap as a real reason to leave when you already knew the situation from the beginning.. To top it off..blaming MS for the lack of Apps... MS can only do so much.....Some companies will come with apps when they want...or matter how much MS nay bait them...if you are going to jump it already...but don't act like 4 or 5 apps are the breaking point for you and all of a sudden...NOW you gotta go.. Lolol you were gonna go anyway... So just go (and I don't mean you.. I am talking about geve bar)
  • I choose windows for its difference compared to other ecosystems, affordability, likeness with the operating system on my computer. I just could not have a windows PC but an Apple or android phone. I always hoped that my phone and PC would work on sync and I can see it happen a little on windows phone 8.1 and windows 8.1 but I'm expecting that windows in the future will make this happen in a much better way. Till then... I agree with Satya Nadela and I'm sticking with windows phone...
  • True!
  • I am pleased with the inclusive person centered vision of Microsoft. I own my devices for productivity and portability, and the function of it matters more than the hardware. I like good hardware as much as anyone, but I don't buy it only because it is elegant. Can I do with it what I want is the final decision maker for me. Once I have found devices that get me where I want to go, then the hardware quality and elegance comes into play. But as he said, new hardware comes out very often and we will want our device to stay functional regardless of the generation of hardware.
  • Anyone complaining about app gap should review the store and look for essential apps. Essential apps are available. No arguing about that. The rest will make its way to windows in time. As for gimmicks like what Apple demonstrated recently I suggest you look into the history of mobile banking, nfc, mobile payment and others. Many other devices and OS had all that and more since a long time... Apple when are you going to include wireless charging? In the next 4 years maybe... Lol
  • That's the best thing losers(Microsoft) can say especially looking at the market share!! Coming to software experience the bitlocker issue comes to mind. I wonder when it will be fixed, and they are releasing one preview update after another. And innovation!! good joke there, if action centre drop down menu, file manager, background picture on start and a laggy lock screen app are innovation then its fine...
  • Yeah, I agree to Microsoft's CEO about his perception. The basic difference between platforms are the overall experience those have to offer to users, and no less important, the interaction between those platforms, allowing users of Windows to share content to users from different platforms. That's the point where Companies like Microsoft adopt a global thinking to make global the offer of its main products, services and applications. Hardware deserves attention too, but I think Microsoft is doing well keeping and increasing partners and giving people a wide range of devices to choose for, according to the profile, preferences and budget of each one, but maintaining good performance and overall experience. I also congratulate Microsoft for its new devices, allowing users more local storage with the addition of external memory, bigger screens without the capacitive buttons, and dual SIM. Although they have left out some good features such as NFC, better camera resolution, front facing camera, flash, among others in low range devices such as Lumia 530 and 630. I suggested in a previous comment about a good addition omited in every handset, and is the lack of protection for the camera's lenses. It would be nice to see an automatic cover to open when device unlocked and close when device locked.
  • Laaaav windowss phone
  • so, why don't you sell that to Wallstreet sir, we're #1 in mobility and people. Or why don't you sell that to developers who ignore you. no sir, marketshare is king.
  • Windows phone is different. When one wants an OS they can customize to their liking; when one wants an OS they can speak to and get the best answer or assistance to (Cortana); when one wants an OS, with the best in-app experience I mean look at the sports app from Bing, I customize the team I like, have a live tile for them and even have updates direct about my team, all stats about the team without having to go to the web; when one wants an OS with features of a high end device, but the price of an average one...i mean the ability to have Cortana on the Lumia 530??...and not forgetting app experience across lower and and higher end devices almost phone is the best platform with an all round, all people can use approach! Period.
  • Nice article, But looks like Nadella tends to forget that with a big chunk of market share, we get more apps?with a big chunk of market share for windows we get more OEM's to consider releasing windows phones bcz they can reach more customers?Market share shouldn't not be neglected because it opens doors for more opportunities for app developers, OEM's and us customers. If it was not about market share, the windows OS wouldn't be anywhere.
  • ...said the CEO of the company with only 3.6% market share..... :)
  • So that's why they don't want to sell globally devices like the Surface
  • For IOS/Android users- We got CORTANA bitches !!!!! :D :D
  • That's why apple fans will continue to buy their new iPhone 6 even though there is no new innovations. It's the software user experience that keep their customers. I think Microsoft have a great opportunity with the new one windows concept. I totally agree with what Satya said and Apple did it. I believe Microsoft can do it better.
  • Well said :)
  • yes windows phone is vey diffent os from apple  & android because this  two platform very popular on asia  
  • yes i agree andriod & apple no cortana app
  • Thats a lot of mumbo-jumbo to essentially say they're counting ecosystem adoption in terms of users of our services, not OS licenses or device sales.   Revolutionary....    
  • next windows phone 9 os  will be interesting
  • The question posed by John seems to miss the point that Nadella is making. He isn't necessarily saying that software and services is more important than device and platform market share. He is saying that device market share is always in flux. Focusing strategic resources on increasing device market share isn't sustainable. It is an important but subtle shift that will make all the difference. Right now, tech culture is device or endpoint centric that are segmented by walled gardens. Those, "ecosystems" are specifically designed to favor endpoints platforms and services to retain customers with one notable exception - Android has a big presence on iOS. When an iOS user wants to switch to Android, the barrier to entry is very low. More than likely, many of those who would consider Google's Android already use many of Google's services. Conversely, when or if a user is considering a switch to iOS from Android, it is still possible but the barrier to entry is higher because many of Apple's services are not available on Android. Microsoft is using the same model to encourage all Microsoft services and platform adoption. By lowering the barrier to entry, they are encouraging an increase in market share for Microsoft platforms INCLUDING but not limited to Windows Phone. If you already have an iPhone but it doesn't work well with Microsoft platforms, you may consider switching to an alternative. An iPhone user who is also using a Surface Pro 3 with an Office 365 subscription is going to benefit from a cohesive experience using all of Microsoft's services and platforms. The more that they use them, the more likely they are to consider additional Microsoft services and platforms. The level of engagement is directly correlated to the viability for all of your platforms. I have two friends who were effortlessly able to switch from an Android and an iPhone to Windows Phone specifically because of Microsoft services and both of them now have a Surface Pro and an Office 365 subscription. Microsoft services are a Trojan horse that Google and Apple have accepted as a gift within their city walls. It's nothing short of brilliant.
  • Well stated and spot-on InlineV!
  • You're missing the point of the iOS revolution. Most people on the platform are doing just fine without using any MS software and that just kills you.
  • Am I? Microsoft services and apps are heavily in use on iOS particularly in enterprise markets. But I suspect that this is filtering down into SMB and individuals as well. From the very beginning, iOS and Android have relied on other Microsoft platforms including Exchange ActiveSync for mobile device policy and Exchange system management. More recently, Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite has been employed by Apple and Samsung Knox to further extend mobile device management policies, multifactor authentication and user token content segregation. The use of Bing, Skype, OneDrive and and Office 365 is on the rise. They are pulling in around 1 million Office 365 subscribers per quarter to the Home services offerings. That includes any and every device. And all of them are a Trojan horse that uses a Microsoft Account as the central access mechanism.
  • My interpretation of Satya Nadella's comments is that he's suggesting the consumer should embrace the useage rather than the enclosure w/re to devices. In other words don't be possessed...or obsessed by your possessions. Enjoy and utilize them for the quality of improvements they bring to your life. Losing the 'bling' addiction will set you free.  This development approach would seem to suggest that a long term view will pay off better both for the investor as well as the consumer, than the current industry-wide short term view approach (eg "the next big thing"). This would seem to apply both in monetary terms for Microsoft as well as in satisfaction for the consumer. So 'Market Share'?...Satya Nadella just redefined it. Now that's inovation. Refreshing.
  • Maybe this IS the next big thing?
  • It's great to look at his such positive attitude towards market share. And it's also great to hear some good rumours. There's a rumour that windows phone 9 would be supported by all the current devices running windows phone 8. Let's hope it's true.
  • It's already running the same kernel so an in-place upgrade is viable. Previously, they were still using CE with Windows Phone 7. That requires a wipe and load methodology. Doing that on x86 is one thing but it would need extensive firmware optimizations and a decent amount of on-board storage to go from an OS running FAT to one that uses NTFS on a mobile ARM device. I would be really surprised if Threshold doesn't support an in-place upgrade for the vast majority of Windows Phone 8 devices. Some firmware updates may be required for some devices so it may depend upon the OEM and age of the device as to how well they support this.
  • I accidently ended up with WP after I dropped my Nexus earlier this summer and felt like a change. I now love Cortana (better than GoogleNow), Maps (Faster than any other) OneNote, OneDrive, Alphabetical App List and a lag free OS compared to even stock Android. WP has hugely impressed me, though if the 830 camera isn't impressive than I don't know where I'll be at Christmas. Though I agree that I use & love these Microsoft services more than I thought I would.
  • There is pros and cons to every OS, so windows phone is just fine. It can do all the most important stuff smartphones do.
  • Microsoft should stop catching up with market and define things, with futuristic phones.. Like 2k or 4k screen, latest processor with good gpu, 3 or 4 gb ram, WiFi charging and a 50 mp camera... Come on Microsoft.. Give us the 1020 successor already..
  • I am prettry sure that Satya Nadella has already ordered either  the new iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus. Many in Microsoft themselves are not satisfied with the Windows phone and the OS. Many of them use iphones and macs and ipads. And this is true. Also it should be noted that under Microsofts control, Minecraft will be ruined. This guy, like Balmer, will fail Microsoft. Eventually, Micrsoft is failing itself.
  • The problem with redefining what is market share is when the rest of the world disagrees and is a major tell of things to come Phones come and go people don't... That's funny because what he is trying to do is to have everyone stop focusing on the phones and focus on the entire ecosystem instead, but that will never happen. There aren't enough different mobile phone devices running Windows to satisfy the demand that the world has. People like different things, different looks, different designs, and they don't all want to be the same. Apple has been holding on to this philosophy and is struggling to do this very same thing, and are racing to unify their own ecosystem. They took the high-end catering to the affluent, and did so purposely knowing that segment of the market will remain theirs. Windows cannot do this because if it did would have to reduce the number of oems and the amount of different devices to ensure that they were as solid as Apples. They're hoping that the public won't care if all they offer is low-end phones or devices because Windows will run on it. What they don't understand is people will always gravitate to a higher quality higher performance device when they are able to or need a new device . It's a grand idea of mobile first cloud first, but until the entire world has acceptable data connections it's only a pipe dream, and will never completely do away with having hard copies of programs, music, videos and games even though that is the ultimate goal of all of this. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • This is a stark contrast to the devices and services approach Balmer wanted to take. Nadella is conceding what we already know. Microsoft platforms are dying, and in mobile they have practically no penetration.  This can change, but it's not likely to happen anytime soon.  The best they can do know is get their software and services on as many other platforms as possible while continuing to plug away on their platforms.
  • That was very 'jobs' like, I love it, this guy is streets ahead of Tim c!
  • Current owner of Lumia 920 and battery life is terrible, so no matter how good or better windows phone apps might become they'll be worthless.
    In my current setting I have Netflix and Whatsapp other than that I uninstalled all the other apps even Here Drive and Skype. Still I need to charge my phone twice and I barely use WhatsApp and Netflix.
    In a typical day, after overnight charge my phone drops to 70% by noon with zero activity and all background jobs closed. Not to mention this is the 3rd battery replacement I have gone through in last 6 months.
  • Ung. This reeks of idealistic corporate-speak. He's essentially said nothing while dismissing Windows [Phone's] distant third place to Android and iOS. You want success? You want more profits and better market penetration for the mobile OS from Microsoft? Here is how you do it: 1) Respond to the many requests from users for fixes and improvements found here (many with tens of thousands of people requesting them): 2) End carrier exclusives. Even Apple and Samsung (best selling Android) no longer continue this practice. With the small percentage of the market that WP commands, Microsoft cannot afford to further split that into yet a smaller percentage of the available carriers. For argument's sake, let's say WP has 5% of the market, and there are 5 carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Other) each with 20% of the WP market. If a phone is released for all carriers, that means it will be available to 100% of the market, and 5% of people will shop that phone. Now if it is only released on, say AT&T, only 1% of the market will shop the same phone. Microsoft is essentially killing 80% of their phone sales with these market-exclusives. Put another way, ending carrier exclusives = 400% more sales. It hurts Microsoft, it's frustrating for customers, it needs to stop. 3) Focus on a select range of core phones. 1 entry level, 1 midrange, 1 flagship...and probably a phablet after that. The most successful competitors have focused on doing a core product as well as possible, then branched out from there. We don't need 15 different phones that are versions of the same products with various combinations of features where no one phone has what you want in it. I suspect and hope that Microsoft is in the process of doing exactly this with their move to bring Lumia in-house. The 830 is a fantastic mid-range phone to launch the above range. The holes in the above lineup could still be filled by other manufacturers of Windows Phones, but a strong core product is needed to attract attention and sales.
  • nice!
  • I think that having the same services on multiple platforms at the end of the day works to the advantage of Microsoft. You see every Android. and iOS user using Microsoft's services will be exposed to them and use them. This makes them potential Windows Phone customers when they come and renew their smartphones. Back in the early 2000s Apple used this same playbook by making the iPod and iTunes available for Windows and getting customers to experience Apple's services and some of these customers eventually became Mac users in their next PC purchase. The iPhone too worked under the same playbook that the iPod used when it was released in 2007.
  • Yes! Its true.... Its uniqueness attracts..... However, these days I see more and more windows phone users wherever I go..... And think its really growing.....
  • That's exactly the kind of thing CEOs of lower market share say!
  • It's 4% :|!
  • I guess he read Daniel's editorial from a few days ago and decided to respond
  • I have to say that i've changed 5 times my cell phone in a year, one lumia 620 (broken), two lumia 720 (broken screen, and touch panel in the other), an lg flagship, dont remember the model, that i use ONE day, just because Android is soooooooooooo hard and complicated ( and ugly! it's so 90's) And now i have a Lumia 925, and i just want to say that the ecosystem that microsoft made with all the cloud services, it's just great, of course needs more work, but i'm really happy to say that i've used all major ecosystem (IOS, ANDROID, and BLACKBERRY) and nothing is compare to Windows Phone... well, maybe IOS but that's because i use a Macbook pro. Greetings!
  • Daniel's article reborn!
  • windows phone market will grow and grow everyday. but we need some kickass device soon to replace 1020. i know that mid-low level market is good. but hey, what about the flagship?
  • i laud the attitude, but that outlook has low chance to survive the competitive landscape of mobile tech. well, if they have the resources to sustain it... why not.
    but i think they need that marketshare, reality wise. we need numbers! are they ok being a 3rd placer? wtf msft. we know this platform has so much to offer! also, the app list is still a concern. gap may be less now, but still far behind compared to apple and android.
  • If that was the case, we should have proper and functional Skype, feature parity and same time release date for all Microsoft apps.
    We have Microsoft apps on iOS and Android functioning better and with more features than on Windows Phone. That's not thinking about the individual rather than thinking on devices and market share.
    I can't switch to whatever device I want and have this flow of content and features like he said.
    I am a very passionate Microsoft advocate, but this kind of things are getting me on my nerves.
    No one's asking them stop developing for other platforms, but Microsoft should work harder for its own platform to catch up and have a very unified release!
  • Am I uselessly reading between lines or does he really mean that Microsoft is a software as a service company and they can do so on android and IOS so, windows for phones/tablets might not be that important to them?
  • Nadella's statement is disappointing on many levels.  First, it's just sour grapes.  Media: "Mr. Nadella, your mobile market share is a distant 3rd place." 
    Nadella: "Yeah, well, we don't care about market share." Second, it's a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  "Moble isn't about the devices, its about the mobility."  Huh?  Talk about a circular definition.  "It's about the people, and the platforms, and the productivity experiences." Well, if it's not about the devices, why didn't Microsoft tell Nokia to go out of business or switch to Android last year instead of dropping $7 billion for the Nokia devices unit?  Is it not important to you that the people have their productivity experiences on devices running the Windows Phone platform? Market share advances do not come easily, especially in a market with significant network effects where you are in distant 3rd place.  You have to be absolutely committed to changing people's minds and doing everything you need to do to aggressively market your product.  Statements like this tell me you are not so committed. Finally, if Microsoft is not absolutely committed to driving Windows Phone to a market share that matters, which to me is 20%, why the Hell am I carrying a Windows Phone?  I carry a Windows Phone because I love the platform and because I am willing to do without many apps I would like but can't get in order to help Microsoft drive market share.  I have bought apps on this platform despite maybe not loving them but thinking, "Well, at least I am supporting the Windows Phone app dev community."  Why am I this committed to Windows Phone if Microsoft isn't? What Mr. Nadella should have done in response to the question was grow himself a pair and say something like:  "Microsoft is absolutely committed to the Windows Phone platform.  Over the next 18 months, we plan to make everyone who carries a phone running on a different platform question that decision, and we will consider it a failure if we have not driven Windows Phone market share to 20% in every major market in that amount of time." If that is not the goal, fold up your freakin' tent.
  • The reality is that the vast majority of the mobile world is /not/ represented by Windows. The reputation among those users is bad, a lot just because they aren't big in mobile. Improving reputation in the demographic means delivering on the value proposition of the Windows ecosystem among those users. Windows for phones has got to be a part of the ecosystem. Nokia wasn't just a talent, patent, and brand deal. Personally, I'm anxiously awaiting a Surface phone/phablet more than ever on the horizon, maybe sooner. With the reports about WOA /for phones/ preview in Jan '15, we could be seeing the final step of unification of the platforms (WP/RT). I would be surprised if the new Windows for your phone is more like RT than WP, and perhaps this return to older WOA signals that may be true?