Sony Ericsson still has cold feet about Windows Phone 7

Sony Ericsson, once named as a key partner for Windows Phone 7 and who even had a prototype in the works, still does not have any immediate plans to use Redmond's latest OS in their phones. The one caveat is this: if the OS become big, they will jump in the game.

Speaking at Sony Ericsson’s annual Business Innovations Forum at Stanford recently, Jan Uddenfeldt, chief technology officer and head of Sony Ericsson Silicon Valley gave his latest remarks on Android and Windows Phone. According to Venture Beat:

While Android is the main focus of the company, it will still have a door open for Windows Phone 7. But it won’t be making any products if the operating system doesn’t take off, Uddenfeldt said. (It did previously manufacture phones with Windows Mobile OS.

Should we be upset? In theory, it'd be nice to have another OEM at the table, bringing some innovation and unique designs forward. However, the company to do that is not Sony Ericsson, who is doing so badly in smartphones these days, we really have nothing else to say on the matter except "good luck with Android!".

Source: Venture Beat; via MobileTechWorld

Daniel Rubino

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  • "However, the company to do that is not Sony Ericsson, who is doing so badly in smartphones these days, we really have nothing else to say on the matter except "good luck with Android!"."I've been thinking this every time I see an article discussing Sony Ericsson and Windows Phone. We don't need 'em, they bring nothing to the table except laggy interfaces and poor design.
  • Dumb. Sony Ericsson was very late to the game with Android and now nobody cares about the phones they are heavily promoting. Why not try to be the best Windows Phone early on when there is less competition? Sony Ericsson could put themselves on the map again and elevate their brand by making one of the premiere Windows Phones. Instead they're going to sit back and wait for other phone manufacturers like Nokia and HTC to establish the platform and make their brands stronger.
  • Daniel my man, you are keeping it real. What company puts all its eggs in one basket? "Good Luck with Android" HA!!
  • Honestly, I wonder who still cares about Sony-Ericsson? With their laggy interfaces and low-quality hardware?I wonder if this company is still managed by someone.Also, the quality of all Sony products has decreased dramatically over the past years. It's a brand from the 90s' that I do not trust anymore. Game is over.
  • I'd welcome them, but they're not really missed. The X1 and X2 were great pieces of hardware marred buy Sony's interfaces. With those relegated to software we could uninstall easily, we could finally get both good software and great hardware, much like with Nokia.
  • The elephant in the room: Sony has the Playstation phone out, MS bundles XBOX Live into the WP7 OS. Slight problem? You bet.I don't think it really matters to the success of WP7. HTC and Samsung make terrifically better hardware than Sony anyway, and LG's products aren't too shabby either. Once Nokia rolls on board, do we really need yet another OEM with another set of quirks?iOS does just fine with ONE hardware spec. WP7 will do fine without Sony.
  • There's always the potential for MS to do something similar themselves down the road. Microsoft always said that this was, and probably always will be, their portable Xbox. And that's fine. I think it's actually smarter than creating a dedicated handheld considering the changing market trends.The Xperia Play shouldn't make much of a dent in MS's progress.
  • I would like to have Sony Ericsson on board. Their hardware is fantastic. The problem is they continually ship products with outdated software on them and announce they will never be upgraded. Of course, knowing SE, they might ship a phone with pre-NODO installed on it. ;)
  • I don't think that SE bringing out a WP7 model or not bring one out will make much of difference. There are WP7 devices on many networks world wide, in the US the only major network to not have one is Verizon and it's coming. My biggest fear is that it isn't the devices, or the number that's holding down sales. Metro is new, it's different, it's not what people are used to seeing on a smartphone. There's a difference between cool and cool enough to buy. I think that many are going device shopping, seeing Windows Phones, thinking they are cool and going to what they know or what everyone else has. And I honestly think sales people in wireless stores are more likely to pitch what they know as well. If asked about a WP7 device and they aren't sure, that hesitation on the part of the sales person can make a customer think maybe it's not that good. So I think more devices can help, but I think more will have to happen to make WP7 really gain popularity.
  • I was going to point out that you have a typo and wrote Ericsson wrong but that burn at the end was fantastic.
  • It doesn't really matter here in the US, because for the most part Sonyphones are not selling with Android on them. They are junk here. Maybe they are better over seas, because they are entry or medium level phones. There are no high end phones here as of yet, their better phones are sold in Europe. It is the same thing as LG, they sell entry level phones here until the X2. Then they blame WP7 for the Quantum for not selling, even though it is a cheap looking phone. LG has let their quality drop in their phones here, and it has ruined their name here. Sony has left all it's hopes on the PSP phone, but it is a niche phone that will appeal to small percentage of buyers. Until Sony brings out phones here that beat HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. They won't sell a phone with either WP7 or Android.
  • One thing is sure, we need a SonyEricsson WP7 in Sweden. I'd estimate that their Android models sells at least as good as iPhones do, to people that doesn't care what lies underneath anyway...Also, They can't mess WP7 up with **** software ;)